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Adviser finance order viagra Well, adviser finance order viagra Freddy Skill Sets came pretty close to being truthful with the fan base when he was interviewed by Brain Costa of the WSJ. Adviser finance order viagra Fred was in Arizona (wow Bolt goes to Phoenix?) for the quarterly owners meeting.  When asked about his financial struggle and the toll it is taking on him, adviser finance order viagra the Mets organization and its fan base, adviser finance order viagra Freddy Sez:

Adviser finance order viagra “How could anybody deny that it’s been a challenging time?” Wilpon said. Adviser finance order viagra “But I came from nothing. Adviser finance order viagra I meet the challenges. Adviser finance order viagra So does Saul and Jeff and our whole family. Adviser finance order viagra We’re meeting the challenges and I think we’ll be fine.”

Adviser finance order viagra “I think we’ll be fine”? Really?  How so Freddy ? What’ch ya keepin’ on the down low from us? The new minority shares are a band aid on a gaping wound but you know what, adviser finance order viagra maybe the Skill Sets luck is changing as his Guardian Angel, adviser finance order viagra Bud Selig is staying on for 2 more years as baseball czar and Wilpon enabler and as always has Freddy’s back:

Adviser finance order viagra “He’s been a great owner, adviser finance order viagra” Selig said. Adviser finance order viagra “Loves his team. Adviser finance order viagra He’s everything you’d want in a local owner. Adviser finance order viagra He’s had some economic problems, adviser finance order viagra not caused by himself, adviser finance order viagra and I have a lot of faith in him that he’s working his way through them.”

Adviser finance order viagra And he’s oh, adviser finance order viagra so good, adviser finance order viagra

Adviser finance order viagra And he’s oh, adviser finance order viagra so fine, adviser finance order viagra

Adviser finance order viagra And he’s oh, adviser finance order viagra so healthy, adviser finance order viagra

Adviser finance order viagra In his body and his mind.

Adviser finance order viagra He’s a well respected man about town, adviser finance order viagra

Adviser finance order viagra Doing the best things so conservatively.

Adviser finance order viagra Then Freddy was asked about Jose Reyes and his thoughts on Reyes:

Adviser finance order viagra “Reyes was 17 years old when I met him, adviser finance order viagra” Wilpon said. Adviser finance order viagra “He spoke pretty good English at that time, adviser finance order viagra too. Adviser finance order viagra He said to me, adviser finance order viagra ‘Can you give me some advice?’ I said, adviser finance order viagra ‘Yeah, adviser finance order viagra never wipe that smile off your face.'”

Adviser finance order viagra Humm, adviser finance order viagra “never wipe that smile off your face” looks like Freddy eats at Wo Hop like I do. Adviser finance order viagra Thankfully for Reyes’ sake Freddy didn’t hit him up with “Kid, adviser finance order viagra I know a guy who can make you rich beyond belief”

Adviser finance order viagra Here is a nice picture on a rainy, adviser finance order viagra windy, adviser finance order viagra cold New York afternoon

Adviser finance order viagra Years before we would get to the 50th Anniversary of the NY Mets, adviser finance order viagra Dana Brand was all pumped up about putting together a symposium at Hofstra University where he taught, adviser finance order viagra on the history of the Mets. Adviser finance order viagra As you all know Dana passed away last year but his dream of having a conference at Hofstra will become a reality on April 26-28. Please check out all the details here and hopefully we can all meet up at Hofstra that weekend and celebrate not just the legacy of the NY Mets but of Dana Brand as well.

Adviser finance order viagra Steve Popper, adviser finance order viagra the Mets beat writer for the Bergen Record is leaving the Mets beat and will become the Records man at MSG following the NY Knickerbockers. Not only is this a big loss for Mets fans but a huge loss for Mets bloggers like myself and other bloggers who have had the privilege of meeting Steve at various team functions. Adviser finance order viagra Many of the beat writers and media folk won’t even give us a response to a hello but Popper (as well as Adam Rubin and Kevin Kernan ) has always been friendly to us and has been gracious in sharing his thoughts with us about the Mets. Adviser finance order viagra Good luck Steve and thanks.

Adviser finance order viagra  

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Mexico viagra  

Mexico viagra I had a thought this morning while I was reading two interesting sports stories the fish wraps , mexico viagra which organization was in worse shape, mexico viagra the NY Mets or the NY Jets? In my estimation, mexico viagra it’s the Jets.

Mexico viagra I put the question out there in Twitter-land and no one in my time line agreed with me, mexico viagra in fact I got a lot of “The Islanders are worst of all” which may be true (see DiPietro, mexico viagra Rick franchise wrecking contract) but with the stories today that the Jets players feel that QB Mark Sanchez is a lazy piece of shit and has a sense of entitlement and the Wilpon’s look to be getting a cash infusion of $100mil with the sale of minority shares in the club, mexico viagra it made we wonder which team is worse shape?

Mexico viagra The responses I received all dealt with money, mexico viagra Woody Johnson’s got it and Fred Wilpon doesn’t, mexico viagra I can’t argue with that. Mexico viagra  While the Jets are definitely the more monetarily rich team the Mets are wealthier organizationally.

Mexico viagra As much as Mets fans focus (obsess?) over the financial failures of the Skill Sets, mexico viagra the situation would be much worse if the Mets had a Mike Tannenbaum/Rex Ryan first line of management than the stronger Sandy Alderson/Terry Collins front line.

Mexico viagra How Mike Tannenbaum escapes the Jets fans wrath is beyond me. Mexico viagra Tannenbaum’ highlight in his resume is that he is a capologist , mexico viagra which means he’s an expert on the NFL salary cap as a GM in charge of putting a team together he’s not a good mixoligist, mexico viagra and please spare me the two AFC Championship games the Jets have gone to, mexico viagra let’s look at the big picture, mexico viagra after this season as a Jets fan can you truly feel your team is headed in the right direction? I didn’t think so.

Mexico viagra We Mets fans know this sale of minority shares is just a blip on the Skill Set financial failure radar. Mexico viagra If anything, mexico viagra it buys them some time to pay off some loans that are due or past due such as the loan from MLB with a little leftover capital to bring in a pitcher or two. Mexico viagra If you are going to have a payroll that keeps dropping like the temperature on a February night, mexico viagra you would want to have a guy running your team that not only has the experience with this kind of situation but has been successful at it like Sandy Alderson.

Mexico viagra See the Jets were the team with the high expectations and the head coach who spends more time bloviating than getting a handle on the pulse of his locker room. Mexico viagra Terry Collins learned from his past failures as a field boss and last season did as good a job with a team that was hit by injury and without strong reinforcement from the minor league system than anyone could have hoped for. Mexico viagra Ryan could take a lesson from Collins on how to reign in a clubhouse. Mexico viagra  Ryan has always been looked at as the ultimate players coach but what he truly is, mexico viagra is a coach who doesn’t know how to instill discipline or to be the adult in the room.

Mexico viagra Woody Johnson seems to be suffering from the same malaise that the Skill Sets suffered from during the Madoff halcyon days when the cash flowed like water; he and his Jets brain trust have no clue on how to spend it. Mexico viagra Just as the Mets were awful at building their organization the right way, mexico viagra through player development, mexico viagra the Jets operate the same way, mexico viagra when you bring in guys like Santonio Holmes for big money that you can’t get rid of and Plaxico Burress another bad attitude and team wrecker as we Giants fans saw  when he refused to work with Eli Manning during the off season at OTA’s and is not a franchise receiver, mexico viagra you find yourself in a deep hole just like the Mets used be in when they would reward players with big money for long terms for performances they achieved with other teams.

Mexico viagra That’s why the Skill Sets not having money to spend may turn out to be a blessing for the Mets organization as the philosophy of the team has gone back to what had made the Mets good in the 60’s and 80’s, mexico viagra player development. Mexico viagra I know many Mets fans don’t have the patience for a rebuilding program but quite frankly it’s been overdue.

Mexico viagra  

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Viagra for cheap  

Viagra for cheap When it comes to the Skill Sets financial situation it seems we Mets fans are better off ignoring what they say and instead focus on what they do. Viagra for cheap From the outstanding reporting of Eno Sarris of Amazin’ Avenue, viagra for cheap  we discovered that the Skill Sets have hired  CRG Partners , viagra for cheap a firm that works with businesses swimming in red ink and tries to either help them turnaround their business or it they are too far gone, viagra for cheap file for bankruptcy. Viagra for cheap From reading the story, viagra for cheap it looks like the Skill Sets are ready to be made comfortable for the inevitable, viagra for cheap their loss of the Mets.

Viagra for cheap Sure, viagra for cheap as Mets fans we should be rejoicing that the end of the Wilpon/Katz reign of ownership is closer to a conclusion than ownership as led on, viagra for cheap and that has been the primary problem with the Skill Sets, viagra for cheap their inability to be truthful with their fan base. Viagra for cheap If there is one thing indisputable about the Mets fans base, viagra for cheap it is loyal and forgiving but it you take their kindness for weakness, viagra for cheap you will feel their wrath. Viagra for cheap I truly believe if Fred Wilpon came to Mets fans with honesty over  the  grave financial situation that has alter severely the way the Mets have done business, viagra for cheap instead of the “keep moving nothing to see here, viagra for cheap we’re doing great ” deny, viagra for cheap deny, viagra for cheap deny spin, viagra for cheap he would have had the backing of the fan base in trying to keep the team in his and his families stewardship, viagra for cheap instead the constant false reports of selling minority shares, viagra for cheap or tickets selling like “hot cakes” , viagra for cheap or reports of a payroll north of $100 mil with money left for taking on a big contract for a pennant run which in realty is a payroll struggling to reach $90m and the only players signing are non-descript bush leaguers grateful for employment. Viagra for cheap No one ever learns, viagra for cheap the cover up is always worse than the crime.

Viagra for cheap So due to the disrespect of the Mets fans intelligence, viagra for cheap we have a mob with pitch forks and torches at the ready to run the Skill Sets out of Queens. Viagra for cheap One silver lining in all this though is the emergence of the of writers like Sarris and Howard Megdal, viagra for cheap who dig and do the dirty work to bring Mets fans the truth behind the shell game being run at Citi Field. 

Viagra for cheap I wonder if the news that Bank of America has put notice on small businesses they lend money to that they are calling in the loans on those businesses they feel is a bad risk.  Mets have just taken out a $40 mil note from BOA, viagra for cheap what would happen if that loan was recalled?

Viagra for cheap As much as we all want the Skill Sets out of the way and a new owner with deep pockets to take over our beloved Mets, viagra for cheap how can we as a fan base be happy with all this financial bullshit that has had a negative effect on our beloved baseball team? My wanting the Wilpon’s out of the owner’s box at Citi Field is not due to personal malice, viagra for cheap it’s due to the destruction of the core of my favorite baseball team. Viagra for cheap I don’t want to care about the Wilpon’s financial straights but I have to as it has an adverse effect on something I love, viagra for cheap The New York Mets. Viagra for cheap That pisses me off to no end.

Viagra for cheap  

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How strong is 5 mg of cialis

How strong is 5 mg of cialis Just like Henry Hill, how strong is 5 mg of cialis Bud Selig needs to turn his back on the Skill Sets   

How strong is 5 mg of cialis At what point does Bud Selig say “enough” to the Skill Sets when it comes to giving permission to keep drowning the Mets in debt. How strong is 5 mg of cialis The Skill Sets have turned into baseball’s panhandlers with their running nose’s and tattered Brooks Brother suits, how strong is 5 mg of cialis running the NY National League’s franchise from hand to mouth.  Selig it seems, how strong is 5 mg of cialis needs another trip to Washington to get an understanding that when you keep adding up debt you’re headed for disaster. How strong is 5 mg of cialis Maybe it’s time Mets fans get some tents, how strong is 5 mg of cialis sleeping bags and drums and head to 245 Park Avenue to Occupy The Commissioner’s Office and order him to stop being the chief enabler to the Skill Sets. How strong is 5 mg of cialis  

How strong is 5 mg of cialis How do the other owners not get their suspenders in a bunch over not just the special treatment that Freddy and Uncle Saul get but question on how do they get such a sweetheart deal? If I was Stu Sternberg I’d be looking for my welfare money. How strong is 5 mg of cialis If I were Bob Nutting of the Pirates I’d ask for an increase in my revenue share money. How strong is 5 mg of cialis If I were Frank McCourt I’d beat the living shit out of Selig. How strong is 5 mg of cialis How is it the Skill Sets get such preferential treatment?

How strong is 5 mg of cialis According to the report in Forbes, how strong is 5 mg of cialis the Mets are over $400 mil in debt which in most cases would have MLB taking over the operations of a franchise but with Fred and Saul being FOB (friends of Bud) not only won’t that happen but Selig has given his blessing on this new scheme of infusing revenue into the team of selling minority shares of the club for a 3 % return on your investment each year for six years or you can keep your shares and brag to your friends and family that no matter how insignificant you are, how strong is 5 mg of cialis you are an owner of the Mets. How strong is 5 mg of cialis  Beach front property on Antarctica seems like a better investment.

How strong is 5 mg of cialis Last night I was a guest on Mike Sliva’s NY Baseball Digest radio show, how strong is 5 mg of cialis you can listen to the show by clicking on this link.

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