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Fun with viagra While I have some quiet time, fun with viagra I figured let me sit down and knock out a post because the next few days will be quite hectic. Fun with viagra So in no particular order rhyme or reason here are some of my Mets Musings:

Fun with viagra Seriously, fun with viagra how do you put out a holiday video of the best moments of your season and not included R.A. Fun with viagra Dickey in it? This beyond petty and stupid it’s indefensible. Fun with viagra  No mention of his winning the Cy Young Award, fun with viagra no mention of his back to back 1 hitters (6/13 vs. Fun with viagra Tampa and6/18 vs. Fun with viagra Baltimore) where he K’s 25 batters in 18 innings, fun with viagra no mention of the great atmosphere at Citi Field on the final home game for his 20th win??????  And you want to know way the vast majority of the Mets fan base scream SELL THE TEAM!!!!!!  Are the Skill Sets this clueless and numb to public perception that they signed off on this video?????

Fun with viagra If Sandy Alderson wants to look at Grady Anderson on a minor league or a make good major league deal, fun with viagra I have no problem with that. Fun with viagra It’s a low risk/high reward move. Fun with viagra Now as for some of the pitchers we hear they are looking at well, fun with viagra that’s another story.

Fun with viagra We can scratch Francisco Liriano off the list as he signed a 2yr/$14 mil deal with the Pirates which looks to be a year and about $11mil more than I thought he’d get.  Carl Pavano’s name has been mentioned as well and you could probably get him very cheap and for a guy who would be a 5th starter and place holder for Zack Wheeler he wouldn’t be a bad choice at the right price. Fun with viagra Of course we all remember Pavono as a major bust with the Bronx Bastards but he would be coming to the Mets not as a top of the rotation pitcher but as journeyman seat filler. Fun with viagra  Pavano is also coming off missing most of last season with a bruised bone in his shoulder that did not require surgery, fun with viagra so I could see offering Pavano a minimum ML contract loaded with tons of incentives. Fun with viagra  Aaron Harang makes $7mil for 2013, fun with viagra unless the Dodgers are ready to eat $6 mil of that then he’s a thought but if the Mets can get Chris Capuano back that would be the move. Fun with viagra What would it cost player wise in trade is the question and Capuano makes $6mil for the coming season so maybe a B level pitcher and the Dodgers eating at least half the contract would be a nice little re-acquisition by the Mets.

Fun with viagra If you have a Hall of Fame vote and you don’t cast a vote for Mike Piazza and then try to write a column where you attempt to justify your non-vote, fun with viagra all you do is prove to your readership that you’re a self-important jerk and you have violated the first rule of reporting, fun with viagra never make yourself the story.

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Generic pack viagra WAKE UP THE ECHOS!!!!!!  Look who is number 1 in the nation!!!! Two more wins and the FIGHTIN’ IRISH will be National Champions!!!!! Hail Hail to Ol’ Notre Dame………………….  

Generic pack viagra I was set to put up a post on Saturday but got caught up with tons of chores. Generic pack viagra Same thing yesterday so I’ve had to save up all kinds on Mets minutia until today. Generic pack viagra So without further ado:

Generic pack viagra Belated happy birthday to The Franchise, generic pack viagra Tom Seaver who turned 68 years old this past Saturday.  As I thought about Seaver when reminded it was his birthday, generic pack viagra I thought what would be a great birthday gift for someone like Seaver who has just about everything a man could ask for a great family, generic pack viagra a fabulous legacy as a New York sports icon, generic pack viagra and a successful wine vineyard what else does he need? There is only one thing that Seaver doesn’t have that he richly deserves a statue outside of Citi Field.

Generic pack viagra Every team has a venue to celebrate its past and its legendary players, generic pack viagra unlike those teams who knew that a team museum was a necessary part of any new stadium project; the Mets had to be shamed into building a Mets Hall of Fame and Museum.   Let’s not dwell on the past inefficiencies of Citi Field as management, generic pack viagra with plenty of prodding, generic pack viagra have made some necessary changes to Citi Field to where it is starting to feel like a real home. Generic pack viagra There is one piece though that is missing and it really is a terrible oversight that this hasn’t happen yet, generic pack viagra a statue of Tom Seaver in his legendary pitching delivery, generic pack viagra right knee with a dirt smudge, generic pack viagra left leg extended, generic pack viagra right hand cocked and ready and the ballet like follow through, generic pack viagra the diagram for the perfect pitching mechanic. It wouldn’t just be a statue; it would be an exquisite work of baseball art.  The Seaver statue would look very nice just outside the Seaver Entrance to Citi Field but a more perfect place would be in the exact spot of “Seaver’s office” where the old Shea Stadium pitchers mound used to be.  

Generic pack viagra The Mets will put a limited number of single game tickets on sale today starting at 10 AM along with special Holiday Pack ticket packages.

Generic pack viagra Tomorrow starting at 11:30 AM Mets pitcher Matt Harvey will be joining other folks from the Mets organization in handing out hot meals to those residents of the Rockaways still devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Generic pack viagra Harvey and the Mets contingent will be at the United Methodist Church 1032 Beach 19 St in Far Rockaway.    

Generic pack viagra Memo to Sandy Alderson:

Generic pack viagra Just sign R.A. Generic pack viagra Dickey to a contract extension and put to rest all this trade talk. Generic pack viagra I understand you are just doing your due diligence by putting Dickey’s name out there and see what the response is from your fellow GM’s but I’ve come to the conclusion there is no deal you can make that will bring back the value that Dickey gives this organization both on and off the field.  The Mets need R.A. Generic pack viagra Dickey more than he needs the Mets as when his playing days are over there would be no better candidate to be the organization Czar of Pitching than Dickey. Generic pack viagra Let’s think outside the box here and make a move that will be beneficial to the Mets today and in years to come by cutting the bullshit and sign up R.A. Generic pack viagra Dickey to a contract extension by the end of this week.

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Female viagra alternative Every year we brace ourselves here in NYC when September 11th shows up on our calendar. Female viagra alternative For many of us the events of that day never leave our minds and for some it’s a reminder of how that day has changed the way we live our lives , female viagra alternative it’s also the day that we have to argue should the Mets wear first responders caps during the game or not. Female viagra alternative To tell you the truth, female viagra alternative I’m tired of the argument in fact it just goes to show you what a mess the Mets organization is that they can’t even figure out how to do something so simple and admirable  as wearing the caps of the FDNY, female viagra alternative NYPD and PAPD  could be and how beholden they are to the Commissioner for keeping the Wilpon’s in business that they won’t make waves and not dare MLB to punish them for wearing the caps. Female viagra alternative What is even sadder is that I expect this from the Mets as they are good at rolling over and playing dead. Female viagra alternative It’s a sad commentary on this organization that by not showing any defiance’s over this issue is just business as usual in Flushing.

Female viagra alternative My friend and podcasting colleague Mike Silva, female viagra alternative made a bet with Highlander windbag announcer Michael Kay that the Mets would win 60+ games this season. Female viagra alternative Kay said the Mets were so bad that 60 wins would be a stretch. Female viagra alternative So Silva bet Kay that if the Mets win 60 games, female viagra alternative Kay would have to wear and be photographed in a Mets jersey. Female viagra alternative If Sliva were to lose the wager, female viagra alternative he would have to write a column on how great an announcer/talk show host Kay is, female viagra alternative which by the way is like trying to write a column on how classy the Kardashian’s are. Female viagra alternative So the Mets have gone above and beyond the 60 win mark which means Kay must pay his debt but wait it seems that Kay is ready to add to his impressive character traits of insufferable, female viagra alternative incompetent, female viagra alternative uniformed and downright annoying to listen to with tag of being a welsher , female viagra alternative in fact Mike Silva has reached out to Kay to be a guest on our Sunday night podcast, female viagra alternative so far Kay has not responded to the request. Female viagra alternative My advice to Kay is honor your bet or as soon as Silva gives the word, female viagra alternative I’ll go Dog The Bounty Hunter on your ass.

Female viagra alternative The NY Times has published an editorial on R.A. Female viagra alternative Dickey and his amazing 2012 season.

Female viagra alternative Andy McCullough has a piece about the possibility of trading Jon Niese over the winter. Female viagra alternative Now before you overreact, female viagra alternative read the article then think for a moment……….it’s not a bad idea.

Female viagra alternative Chipper Jones reflects on playing in NYC and the high level of respect he has for the town. Female viagra alternative He also mentions some of his favorite moments here as well, female viagra alternative quite surprising. Female viagra alternative Sorry I can’t be a Chipper hater.

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Get cialis While other teams add players and their fans converse in real baseball talk, get cialis we Mets fans are stuck in a Mets minutia malaise. Get cialis Such as the club sending R.A. Get cialis Dickey a cease and desist letter about his climb of Mt. Get cialis Kilimanjaro for charity. Get cialis  There is no doubt in my mind that Dickey’s reason for doing this is true and from the heart as he is raising money and awareness to teen sex slave trade in third world countries. Get cialis The problem the Mets have is they have to cover their ass and asset by informing Dickey that if he injures himself and cannot perform is pitching duties; the Mets will void his contract as they have every right to do. Get cialis It’s always easy to rip the Mets organization but in this case they are just doing this as protection. Get cialis I am sure they wish Dickey waited until he was retired to climb Kilimanjaro and R.A. Get cialis knows the consequences he will suffer if he’s injured or worse on this trip but he feels that the conviction of doing what’s right and that the plight of young people used as sex slaves against their will is worth the risk. Get cialis   

Get cialis I just hope all’s well that ends well with this venture, get cialis Dickey scales the mountain and his goal is met and that he returns home in one piece and ready to report to Pt. Get cialis St. Get cialis Lonesome on time.

Get cialis It’s just a matter of time that Citi Field turns into MLB’s version of Grey Gardens. Get cialis Bloomberg reports that Standard and Poor’s has dropped their rating of bonds issued for the building of Citi Field to negative. Get cialis  I have visions of walking the concourse of Citi Field next season and seeing Freddy Skill Sets and Uncle Saul in tattered blue blazers, get cialis shirts with frayed collars and power ties with soup stains on them stammering like Elmer Fudd saying “I’m Fred Wilpon I own a baseball team and a yacht”

Get cialis Hopefully by next week we can get back to analyzing bargain basement players signing with the Mets and try to convince ourselves that 2012 will be a really good season for the Mets.

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Canadian viagra 50mg  

Canadian viagra 50mg

Canadian viagra 50mg The regurgitation of Jose Reyes’  free agent news   reminds me of Benjamin “Bubba” Blue in the movie Forest Gump when he talks about all the ways you can prepare shrimp, canadian viagra 50mg you can fry ‘em, canadian viagra 50mg bake ‘em, canadian viagra 50mg sautee ‘em…………………..where only a simpleton like Gump would listen intently. 

Canadian viagra 50mg Speaking of simpletons, canadian viagra 50mg the Phily Phboy of the Daily News had an in depth report on the Mets choices for center field in 2012. Canadian viagra 50mg Here we see with why he thinks Coco Crisp should be the club’s next CF’er:

Canadian viagra 50mg Coco Crisp

Canadian viagra 50mg Upside: Would be a fun name to write and say.

Canadian viagra 50mg Go back to your coloring books now Andy.

Canadian viagra 50mg I do agree with Martino on Pagan, canadian viagra 50mg the rumblings around the team is Pagan and Ronnie Paulino have piss poor attitudes that both Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson want eradicated  from the clubhouse . Canadian viagra 50mg Omar would have given both players 5 year deals.

Canadian viagra 50mg No way do I want to see Rick Ankiel in CF in 2012, canadian viagra 50mg I could live with Crisp and his shitty OBP for a year I guess but I’d much rather have B.J. Canadian viagra 50mg Upton and make him perform for a contract. Canadian viagra 50mg As I’ve written before make a big deal of Upton and Ben Zorbrist for Pelfrey, canadian viagra 50mg Parnell, canadian viagra 50mg Murphy and a low level minor leaguer. Canadian viagra 50mg If that can’t be worked out then get creative with Grady Sizemore.

Canadian viagra 50mg Joel Sherman and his one note band has more Reyes Reruns. Canadian viagra 50mg Lather Rinse Repeat.

Canadian viagra 50mg The Mets lost their Director of Amateur Scouting, canadian viagra 50mg Chad MacDonald to the Padres where he will be new GM Josh Byrnes right hand man and as much as it’s sad that MacDonald, canadian viagra 50mg a force behind last year’s Mets draft that got high marks from those who follow amateur baseball, canadian viagra 50mg it is refreshing to see another team coveting a member of the Mets front office. Canadian viagra 50mg Really who ever wanted to steal Tony Bernazard away from the Mets? The UFC? The Mets will stay in house by promoting scout Tommy Tanous to MacDonald’s old post.

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Cialis kanada Taking a break from all the Mets minutia, cialis kanada I am proud to announce that I will joining Frankie “The Sports Guy” Maniscalco for another season of NY FOOTBALL BLOGS LIVE on Blog Talk Radio.

Cialis kanada Our first show tonight is live at 9PM with out guests Sports Agent J.R. Cialis kanada Rickert, cialis kanada Anthony DiMoro of and a segment on Fantasy Football.

Cialis kanada In between Frank and I will discuss the Jets, cialis kanada Giants and Bills after the first pre-season game and take a look at the weeks news concerning those teams.

Cialis kanada So with no Mets baseball tonight, cialis kanada how about listening on some football talk at NY FOOTBALL BLOGS LIVE on Blog Talk Radio.     

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Viagra cost How lucky are the NY Highlanders? If it weren’t for Ron Washington not going with his best relievers in Game 1, viagra cost we could be seeing the Bronx Bastards down 2 games to none and facing Cliff Lee with AJ Burnett  going in a do or die Game 4? Oh well, viagra cost I’ll be rooting hard for Cliff Lee to continue his magic and I’ll keep my Pete Broberg baseball card close by as well.

Viagra cost As the Phuck Phaces evened their series with the Giants, viagra cost Phuck Phace Phans celebrated by acting like assholes by beating the shit out of each other. Viagra cost The disturbing part of the video is not the front running drunks acting the way front running drunks do, viagra cost but check out the guy holding the little girl, viagra cost now that’s a royal asshole.

Viagra cost Sandy Alderson will be back at $iti Field for a second interview, viagra cost this time with Freddy Skill Sets and Uncle Saul. Viagra cost I guess Freddy wasn’t kidding about not having and office at $iti since Alderson was there last week and Freddy and Saul couldn’t meet with them then? Freddy and Uncle Saul should demand that Jeffey move all the beer cans and soda bottles he’s collected all season and cash in the nickels so they can have a bit of space for them to call home.

Viagra cost Ok, viagra cost can we wave the “must interview a minority” rule with the Mets ? The Tigers refused the Mets request to meet with Asst. Viagra cost GM  Al Avila, viagra cost who by the way has a good rep as a talent evaluator. Viagra cost If any team in baseball has gone above and beyond with minority hires it’s the NY Mets .

Viagra cost Looks as though the Mets and Francisco Rodriguez will avoid speaking to an arbitrator and will settle their contract differences between themselves.  Most likely outcome is Rodriguez will forfeit the cash owed while on restricted list for his full guaranteed contract and his back breaking team option in 2011. Viagra cost That option kicks in if Rodriguez finishes 55 games next season. Viagra cost Let’s see if the new man in charge has the stones tell K-Rod he’s not the closer anymore this way it will be easier to keep him above that 55 game landmark.

Viagra cost Oh I forget, viagra cost Freddy’s Dead, viagra cost not our Freddy but Freddy Sez of the Mall of the South Bronx fame. Viagra cost Freddy will be buried in a casket made by T-Fal and the Highlanders will wear frying pan patches on their uniforms. Viagra cost First the Voice of God, viagra cost then the Bronx Robber Baron and now Freddy, viagra cost will Freddy’s monument be made out of Teflon?

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Add buy online url viagra What are the odds that the weather on opening day at $iti Field will be as fabulous as this past weekends? My son was ready to pack away his North Face jacket until next winter until I reminded him that we have tickets for opening day. Add buy online url viagra The vast majority of opening days in Flushing were celebrated in frigid conditions although once every five or six years or so we’ve enjoy excellent spring weather. Add buy online url viagra In fact I remember being at Shea for an opening day where it was down right hot, add buy online url viagra like mid 80’s hot, add buy online url viagra I’m thinking late 90’s it was. Add buy online url viagra Oh well, add buy online url viagra two weeks to go before opening day and I don’t know about you but I’ve hit the spring training wall.

Add buy online url viagra So let’s spin the Wheel of Minutia and see where it lands:

Add buy online url viagra I was in midtown Manhattan most of the day on Saturday and while enjoying the sun and warm temps I stopped off at the NBA Store. Add buy online url viagra While fighting the crowds of European Invaders (a/k/a tourists) I spotted this shirt and just could not resist buying it. Add buy online url viagra I almost feel Highlander-like wearing this pretentious piece of 100 % cotton.

Add buy online url viagra You know what’s wrong with this country (nope, add buy online url viagra I’m not going where you think I’m going)? There is more coverage over Tiger Woods banging porn stars and coming back to play in The Masters than the historic story being played out by the UCONN Women’s Basketball Team, add buy online url viagra who yesterday won their 73 Game in a row. Add buy online url viagra I read the game story this morning in the NY Daily News in a two inch space on page 64. Add buy online url viagra Jerry Bossert’s Kentucky Derby Rankings received about three inches on the top of the page and the results from some hayseed racetrack in East Cousinfuck received the rest of the page space. Add buy online url viagra On the opposite page (65) there is an ad for a super sex drug that will have you tapping tail like Tiger. Add buy online url viagra Some of the tag lines in the add are “will enhance your entire experience from beginning to toe curling end “ also it “reduces recovery time for your encore performance” ENCORE PERFORMANCE??????????? And the piece de resistance “Explosive results you’ll both enjoy” WHOA, add buy online url viagra is that a Roman Candle in your pocket, add buy online url viagra or are you just happy to see me”  

Add buy online url viagra How can you not root for Nelly Figs? With him being regulated to “B” game status his days as a Met look short, add buy online url viagra so he has his sights set on Japan if he can’t hook up with a big league team.

Add buy online url viagra It looks like Mike Jacobs will make the team as the25th man. Add buy online url viagra If you think he should be the everyday first baseman, add buy online url viagra you’re out of your mind. Add buy online url viagra In reading this great post by Patrick J Flood, add buy online url viagra he mentions the infield of Jacobs, add buy online url viagra Castillo and Cora in a recent spring training game. Add buy online url viagra If that trio plays together in a regular season game, add buy online url viagra I’ll place Jerry Manuel under citizen’s arrest.

Add buy online url viagra By the way Daniel Murphy, add buy online url viagra you are making my spring very difficult.

Add buy online url viagra Like Lisa Swan, add buy online url viagra I’m watching The Apprentice for the sole fact that Darryl Strawberry is a contestant (by the way Brett Michaels your balls called and would like you to take them back. Add buy online url viagra  Rock Star my ass! ) Last night the task for the two teams was to sell Kodak products. Add buy online url viagra My first question was, add buy online url viagra who the fuck uses Kodak cameras any more? I thought the days if the Instamatic with that ice cube flash were over? Anyway, add buy online url viagra the team that Straw is on decided to use the celebrities to pose for pictures with New Yorkers, add buy online url viagra now I know they filmed this like last spring/summer how come this wasn’t publicized any place or a release given to bloggers to promote it? What a dumb ass you are Mr. Add buy online url viagra Trump. Add buy online url viagra Any way (part II, add buy online url viagra) guess which uni top Strawberry wore for his picture taking? That’s right a snow white METS jersey with 18 STRAWBERRY !!!!!!! Kiss our ass Highlander fans! STRAW IS OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Add buy online url viagra If Woody Johnson isn’t careful, add buy online url viagra John Mara may place him under the Meadowlands next to Jimmy Hoffa. Add buy online url viagra Mara wants the Super Bowl badly and it looks like the Meadowlands will get it unless Woody keeps bitching and moaning about the G-Men wining the imaginary coin toss to play the first game at the new Giants Stadium. Add buy online url viagra Woody you asshat, add buy online url viagra you should have built your own place on Long Island, add buy online url viagra the Meadowlands is still belongs to the Giants then, add buy online url viagra now and forever.

Add buy online url viagra Mike Tyson is beginning filming of a new realty show for the Animal Planet channel in Brooklyn about racing pigeons. Growing up in Brooklyn, add buy online url viagra people with pigeon coops on the roofs of apartment houses were as common as clotheslines. Add buy online url viagra It was fascinating watching trainers use a broom stick with an old white sheet attached to it and having the pigeons fly in the direction the trainer pointed to, add buy online url viagra in unison.  It seems PETA has a problem with the show and the racing of pigeons and are planning a protest. Add buy online url viagra It’s one thing to throw paint on some over Botox-ed hags in fur coats on the Upper East Side but the PETA zealots should take my advise and don’t fuck with Brooklyn and it’s pigeons.

Add buy online url viagra That’s right I have Cornell in the Sweet Sixteen in my brackets as Bill Raftery says “ONIONS!!!!!!” Also this website is PURE GOLD!!!! RISE AND FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Add buy online url viagra How wrong was I about John Torterella? What a failure, add buy online url viagra but not as big a failure as the Late Slats Sather. Add buy online url viagra The Rangers performance yesterday in Boston was a disgrace. Add buy online url viagra The worst part of the Rangers playing uninspired hockey and tanking down the stretch, add buy online url viagra is that  odds are the Late Slats Sather will not be relieved of his duties. Add buy online url viagra Ranger fans can only hope that the Late Slats Sather has an ounce of humility in his rigor mortis body and retires from running the Rangers. Add buy online url viagra By the way Don Maloney’s Phoenix Coyotes are tied with the Blackhawks for first overall in the Western Conference. Add buy online url viagra The same Coyotes who were bankrupt and looked to be headed back to Winipeg or Hamilton Ontario. Add buy online url viagra If that’s not enough to make you cry, add buy online url viagra the team with the best record in the NHL, add buy online url viagra the Washington Captials is run by former Ranger George McPhee. Add buy online url viagra Pass the Kleenex.

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Generic viagra pay pal Again it’s one of those days where the minutia in my head is overflowing so the floodgates are now open:

Generic viagra pay pal As any Mets fan I am concerned for the health of Jose Reyes but I’m trying to get a handled on the hysteria over the revelation of Reyes having an overactive thyroid . Generic viagra pay pal I guess it’s due to the fact that my wife has had problems with her thyroid for years and takes Synthroid for an under active thyroid and it hasn’t been a huge hindrance to her so that leads  me to think Reyes will be fine. Generic viagra pay pal You want something to worry about, generic viagra pay pal worry about the bullpen.

Generic viagra pay pal I’m getting worried that the manger and the front office are going to screw up on Jenry Mejia big time. Generic viagra pay pal Yesterday Mejia gave the team a dominant performance in relief and with the bunch of  JAG’s (just another guys) roaming the pen, generic viagra pay pal how much temptation is there for Jerry Manuel, generic viagra pay pal with April now a job/career saving month, generic viagra pay pal  to put pressure on the front office to bring the 20 year neophyte north at the end of spring training ?

Generic viagra pay pal Am I in the minority about this air traffic controller at Kennedy Airport letting his kid talk to the pilots? I know he just told the kid what to say and if this was little air field in the Midwest, generic viagra pay pal I wouldn’t give a shit but to do this at one of the busiest airport in world, generic viagra pay pal to me is the height of irresponsibility. Generic viagra pay pal I don’t want to see the controller lose his job but a suspension and fine seems to be in order here and maybe a rule like NO KIDS IN THE FUCKING TOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Generic viagra pay pal Sometime Marty Noble can come off as big fat windbag but in his Noble Thoughts column today he has some good nuggets like Frenchy breaking Ike Davis’ balls over an error he made at 1st base and then turning the tables on himself by proclaiming he will take three base on balls today and maybe win the leadoff spot in the bullpen. Generic viagra pay pal Also Frank Catalanotto and Jason Pridie are making heads turn early in camp.

Generic viagra pay pal Victor Rojas has been named as the TV play by play man for the Angels thus his leaving MLB Network. On his blog, generic viagra pay pal Rojas details his taking the Angels job, generic viagra pay pal it’s a great read and I wish Victor all the best with the Angels. Generic viagra pay pal Oh and a Happy Brithday to Victor’s dad Cookie

Generic viagra pay pal It’s hard to imagine how corrupt and out of control the sate government of New York is right now. Generic viagra pay pal It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat an Upstater or Downstater as tax payers and residents of the state, generic viagra pay pal the way we are treated by these bunch of bungling assholes in Albany is fucking disgrace. Generic viagra pay pal Should Governor Patterson resign? No, generic viagra pay pal he should thrown in jail! along with every fucking member of the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

Generic viagra pay pal I am a fan of Bill Simmons and have been from as far back as his days at AOL as the Boston Sports Guy but his take on Tiger Woods coming back to golf and comparing it to Muhammad Ali’s comeback after being banned from boxing for not joining the military is so ridiculous that there is no way in hell you could defend that opinion. Generic viagra pay pal But of course Keith Olberman not only has to make the point that Simmons’ opinion is so off base but he has to attack him personally. Generic viagra pay pal That’s what Olberman does. Generic viagra pay pal I know first hand. Generic viagra pay pal When I started doing Kranepool Society, generic viagra pay pal I had e mailed Olberman a few of my posts (I got his e-ail address for the SABR members list as I’m a member as well) just to see what he thought of my work. Generic viagra pay pal All I got back was a nasty e-mail from him stating how dare I send him these post and then commanded to never send him anything again. Generic viagra pay pal To say the least I was a bit upset. Generic viagra pay pal As time went on and I saw that Olberman has a problem in work and social settings so I didn’t feel so bad. Generic viagra pay pal So now that he ripped Simmons a new asshole, generic viagra pay pal I feel like a little camaraderie with The Sports Guy. Generic viagra pay pal Olberman is not the Worst Person in the World just the biggest douche bag.

Generic viagra pay pal Ooops I’m late for my anger management class!

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Is viagra legal Before we look at some Mets-Minutia and the fact that there are 24 days until pitchers and catchers, is viagra legal   a few football thoughts:

Is viagra legal I guess this is not a great revelation but Peyton Manning is not just a great QB but he is an immortal football player. Is viagra legal His dissection of the Jets secondary was surgeon like.

Is viagra legal Sorry Lito Shepard for the kiss of death yesterday.

Is viagra legal There is a fine line between confidence and assholeness and the Jets were heading to asshole-ness. Is viagra legal None other than Peyton Manning made that known in his post game interview when he said his team knew when to keep their mouth’s shut. Is viagra legal You know the rallying cry all week in Indy’s locker room was shutting up Sexy Rexy and his team, is viagra legal which is what Manning did.

Is viagra legal I’m not a fan of Brett Farve as I feel is a lot over exposed and a bit overrated but I have new found respect for after yesterday. Is viagra legal Farve is one tough sumnabitch.

Is viagra legal Get ready for two weeks of Archie Manning career retrospective with the Saints and stories of the son of New Orleans, is viagra legal Peyton going against his daddy’s team and the team he grew up with.

Is viagra legal 12 men in the huddle late in a Championship game is unacceptable. Is viagra legal Brad Childress is lucky he doesn’t coach in NYC, is viagra legal Philly or Boston  if he did he’d have to enter the witness protection program.

Is viagra legal Back to baseball

Is viagra legal Mets mini-camp opens today and Jerry Manuel will grace the club with his prescience. Is viagra legal Adam Rubin (of course!) is on the scene with the first dispatch.

Is viagra legal Mike Silva thinks that Ben Sheets is there for the taking for the Mets if they are creative.

Is viagra legal Last week there were two great columns about Mariners GM and former Mets Scouting Director Jack Zduriencik who has made his mark and his team a contender this off season.

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