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Viagra forums Before we get on to anything here today, viagra forums I must convey my most heartfelt condolence to Sandy Alderson and his family on the passing of his father John, viagra forums who was killed by a car Saturday night in St. Viagra forums Petersburg while crossing a street. Viagra forums From all the stories I’ve read John Alderson was a ‘young” 87 years old and to be taken from his family like this is a tragedy. Viagra forums  

Viagra forums I guess Clint Hurdle went for the sure thing instead of playing the longshot by taking the Pirates job. Viagra forums Or maybe Hurdle knows something we don’t on who the next Mets manager will be. Viagra forums By the way, viagra forums if Wally Backman was such a slam dunk as a major league manager how come no other major league team looking for a manager requested Backman come in for an interview? I’m just asking?

Viagra forums (UPDATE: Now I see why Hurdle took the Bucs job and I think you’ll agree with me I hope he’s a success in the Steel City)

Viagra forums So it looks like a two man race between Terry Collins and Bob Melvin and I agree neither guy stirs my passions but I’m willing to let this play out and see if it works. Viagra forums It also looks as if Chip Hale and Tim Teufel  could get coaching spots with the Mets with Backman taking over the helm at Bingo or Buffalo.

Viagra forums Can we just trade F-Mart for a bunch of bats, viagra forums uniforms and helmets that seem to have gone missing the last few years in Flushing? The one time phenom  was to start yesterday in a Dominican League game but missed his start due to car troubles. Viagra forums No bullshit. Viagra forums CAR TROUBLES!!!! After the news got out about this the team and F-Mart tried to cover his ass by saying there was a miscommunication about his reporting date. Viagra forums Yeah right. Viagra forums I guess Omar Minaya has found a job in the DR running a team as this kind of cover up stinks of the Omar regime.

Viagra forums Speaking of Charlie Samuels, viagra forums as bad as it is for him to get fired by the Mets and to be looking at criminal charges being filed against him, viagra forums the worst part could be if convicted and sentenced to do time, viagra forums Charlie would have to wear orange every day. Viagra forums Maybe Samuels could share a cell with Bernie Madoff in the Crimes Against The Skill Sets wing of prison

Viagra forums Adam Rubin has a long Q & A with David Wright getting his take on the past and present of the club.

Viagra forums I wish the Mets had a guy like Amare Stoudemire the last few years who would call out his underachieving teammates like Amare did last night. Viagra forums Could be Stoudemire is pissed that LeBron and D-Wade picked Chris Bosh over him to a BFF?

Viagra forums NON-METS: I see where the Fishsticks have fired coach Scott Gordon as the team is doing a swirlie of their season with a 10 game losing streak. Viagra forums Gordon should be relieved to be relieved of his coaching duties. Viagra forums Isn’t it time Gary Betmann and the hierarchy of the NHL seriously think about contracting the Icelanders and a few other teams from the league? The Icelanders play in a dump of an arena (the place is filthy and many of the seats are broken and ripped) and only sell tickets when the regal Rangers come to Uniondale. Viagra forums Take the Isles, viagra forums Blue Jackets, viagra forums Panthers, viagra forums Coyotes, viagra forums Lighting, viagra forums Predators and Thrashers and either contract them or merge them a la the Minnesota North Stars/Cleveland Barrons in 1978 and make two teams and put one in Winnipeg and the other in Quebec City.

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Female ingestion of viagra  

Female ingestion of viagra

Female ingestion of viagra Still sifting through the fall out of the Beltran situation. Female ingestion of viagra I’m trying to figure out the who, female ingestion of viagra what and where of this recent shit storm to hit the Mets:

Female ingestion of viagra Carlos Beltran

Female ingestion of viagra Beltran will turn 33 years old by the second week of the 2010 season and he has what looks like chronic osteoarthritis in his right knee. Female ingestion of viagra Hopefully the arthroscopic surgery performed on him will alleviate the pain and clean out loose cartilage that was floating around his knee. Female ingestion of viagra The post op outlook is Beltran will be out 12 weeks and then resume baseball activity. Female ingestion of viagra So earliest we will see Beltran in a Mets uniform is May.  There is no replacement for Beltran as 25-30 HR 100+ RBI and his coverage in CF can not be replaced. Female ingestion of viagra As it stands now, female ingestion of viagra Angel Pagan will be the CF’er unless the Mets go out and sign Rick Ankiel or hope the Highlanders re-sign Johnny Damon and release Brett Gardner. Female ingestion of viagra In other words the Mets are fucked.

Female ingestion of viagra Mets Medical Staff

Female ingestion of viagra More embarrassment for this group. Female ingestion of viagra Obviously, female ingestion of viagra Beltran has no faith in them as he went to his own doctor to have the surgery done. Female ingestion of viagra Now the team is circling the wagons by releasing a statement that Dr Altcheck, female ingestion of viagra the Mets team doctor was consulted by Dr. Female ingestion of viagra Steadman, female ingestion of viagra Beltran’ surgeon of choice, female ingestion of viagra to show they are all on the same page, female ingestion of viagra which is of course bullshit. Female ingestion of viagra The medical staff of the Mets should have been addressed after last season but the club decided to bring back the whole staff. Female ingestion of viagra Mets players show what they think of that decision by going outside the organization for medical treatment. Female ingestion of viagra What an endorsement.

Female ingestion of viagra Mets Front Office

Female ingestion of viagra Who is in charge? It’s not Omar that’s for sure. Female ingestion of viagra I will bet a dollar that David Howard is the voice behind the conference call today to wipe the egg off the teams face after this miscommunication. Female ingestion of viagra One thing we do know is, female ingestion of viagrathe organization had its pants pulled down on them in public again and it again calls for Freddy Skill Sets to step up and take is incompetent son out of the baseball loop. Female ingestion of viagra Put aside the on field problem with no Beltran, female ingestion of viagra this episode again makes the Mets look like amateurs. Female ingestion of viagra Just when the fan base was feeling a tad optimistic with the signing of Jason Bay and the self control the front office has displayed with the overrated talent on the free agent front, female ingestion of viagra this just wipes away any goodwill. Female ingestion of viagra It’s SOM Same Old Mets.

Female ingestion of viagra Hey don’t worry, female ingestion of viagra Bengi Molina is on the way YAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Female ingestion of viagra

Female ingestion of viagra I will have much more on the Beltran saga and other Mets news tonight on Pro Baseball Central at 9PM ET on Blogtalk Radio. Female ingestion of viagra My guest will be Joe Fiorello of Disgruntled Mets fan and a fellow member of the BBA. Female ingestion of viagra You can join in the conversation as well by calling in at (646) 595-4462.

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