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Types of viagra I had a thought this morning while I was reading two interesting sports stories the fish wraps , types of viagra which organization was in worse shape, types of viagra the NY Mets or the NY Jets? In my estimation, types of viagra it’s the Jets.

Types of viagra I put the question out there in Twitter-land and no one in my time line agreed with me, types of viagra in fact I got a lot of “The Islanders are worst of all” which may be true (see DiPietro, types of viagra Rick franchise wrecking contract) but with the stories today that the Jets players feel that QB Mark Sanchez is a lazy piece of shit and has a sense of entitlement and the Wilpon’s look to be getting a cash infusion of $100mil with the sale of minority shares in the club, types of viagra it made we wonder which team is worse shape?

Types of viagra The responses I received all dealt with money, types of viagra Woody Johnson’s got it and Fred Wilpon doesn’t, types of viagra I can’t argue with that. Types of viagra  While the Jets are definitely the more monetarily rich team the Mets are wealthier organizationally.

Types of viagra As much as Mets fans focus (obsess?) over the financial failures of the Skill Sets, types of viagra the situation would be much worse if the Mets had a Mike Tannenbaum/Rex Ryan first line of management than the stronger Sandy Alderson/Terry Collins front line.

Types of viagra How Mike Tannenbaum escapes the Jets fans wrath is beyond me. Types of viagra Tannenbaum’ highlight in his resume is that he is a capologist , types of viagra which means he’s an expert on the NFL salary cap as a GM in charge of putting a team together he’s not a good mixoligist, types of viagra and please spare me the two AFC Championship games the Jets have gone to, types of viagra let’s look at the big picture, types of viagra after this season as a Jets fan can you truly feel your team is headed in the right direction? I didn’t think so.

Types of viagra We Mets fans know this sale of minority shares is just a blip on the Skill Set financial failure radar. Types of viagra If anything, types of viagra it buys them some time to pay off some loans that are due or past due such as the loan from MLB with a little leftover capital to bring in a pitcher or two. Types of viagra If you are going to have a payroll that keeps dropping like the temperature on a February night, types of viagra you would want to have a guy running your team that not only has the experience with this kind of situation but has been successful at it like Sandy Alderson.

Types of viagra See the Jets were the team with the high expectations and the head coach who spends more time bloviating than getting a handle on the pulse of his locker room. Types of viagra Terry Collins learned from his past failures as a field boss and last season did as good a job with a team that was hit by injury and without strong reinforcement from the minor league system than anyone could have hoped for. Types of viagra Ryan could take a lesson from Collins on how to reign in a clubhouse. Types of viagra  Ryan has always been looked at as the ultimate players coach but what he truly is, types of viagra is a coach who doesn’t know how to instill discipline or to be the adult in the room.

Types of viagra Woody Johnson seems to be suffering from the same malaise that the Skill Sets suffered from during the Madoff halcyon days when the cash flowed like water; he and his Jets brain trust have no clue on how to spend it. Types of viagra Just as the Mets were awful at building their organization the right way, types of viagra through player development, types of viagra the Jets operate the same way, types of viagra when you bring in guys like Santonio Holmes for big money that you can’t get rid of and Plaxico Burress another bad attitude and team wrecker as we Giants fans saw  when he refused to work with Eli Manning during the off season at OTA’s and is not a franchise receiver, types of viagra you find yourself in a deep hole just like the Mets used be in when they would reward players with big money for long terms for performances they achieved with other teams.

Types of viagra That’s why the Skill Sets not having money to spend may turn out to be a blessing for the Mets organization as the philosophy of the team has gone back to what had made the Mets good in the 60’s and 80’s, types of viagra player development. Types of viagra I know many Mets fans don’t have the patience for a rebuilding program but quite frankly it’s been overdue.

Types of viagra  

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I’ve got a lot of real work to do today (since I actually get paid real money for doing this work it has to take precedent over blogging) and of course I am looking forward to the A-Rod and pony show from Tampa this afternoon so this will a quickie post (hey, vega viagra who doesn’t like a quickie once in a while right?)


Mets Geek has a fascinating column on lineups, vega viagra with different scenarios from different sabermetric sources. Vega viagra The only one missing was the one used by that great mixoligist Billy Martin, vega viagra where he puts 9 names in a hat and pulls them out 1-9. Vega viagra


If Gimp Castillo was trying win over Mets fans he’s not exactly going about it the right way. Vega viagra He is due in camp this evening and he is within all his rights as laid out in the Basic Agreement as it pertains to reporting date but you would think he would be a man on a mission and be one of the first guys in camp to prove Mets fans wrong that he doesn’t suck and is a thief just below Bernie Madoff stealing the Skill Sets money. Vega viagra J-Man says he will “work with” Gimp this spring sort of like a pet project. Vega viagra Can’t wait to see this.


I’ve been trying to get this post up for an hour with no luck due to my real work. Vega viagra Later y’all

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