Trying viagra First off congratualtions to the St Lousi Cardinals for winning their 11th World Series in franchise history. Trying viagra Some folks on Twitter can’t understand why I was rooting for the Cards to win this Series. Trying viagra With the exception of 2008 and 2009 when I just couldn’t bring myself to rally for the Phuck Phaces (in 2009 I abstained from rooting as much as I hate the Phuck Phaces, trying viagra rooting for the Bronx Bastards would be a mortal sin) I always support the NL and I’ll say this the Senior Circuit has won the last 4 of 6 World Series.

Trying viagra Now that the World Series is over and we are getting out our snow shovels (WHAT?) it’s time for the Hot Stove to rev up and of course the first order of business will be the signing or non-signing of Jose Reyes. Trying viagra Sandy Alderson will handle the negotiation with the team coming first and the fan base second. Trying viagra For those of you who clamor for Reyes back at any price, trying viagra haven’t we gone down that road of destruction too many times in Flushing ? The days of winning the tabloid back pages in the winter are over. Trying viagra Of course I want to see Reyes back as the Mets shortstop but not at a ridiculous price. Trying viagra I’m more concerned about the years than I am the money. Trying viagra Four years, trying viagra I’m fine with five would have to be an option with incentives; six would be thank you for your years of service Jose.

Trying viagra The Highlanders were smart to sign a 1 year extension with WCBS 880 for the rights to broadcast their games on radio. Trying viagra The Met deal on WFAN is up after this season and I’d bet anything that WFAN wants those Highlander games badly. Trying viagra  That’s fine by me as that would then conclude me from being a WFAN listener ever again. Trying viagra As it is now, trying viagra I turn on the station out of boredom or just tired of listening to music at work.

Trying viagra If I were the owner of a MLB team I’d be pissed with Bud Selig today as he stated the deadbeat Skill Sets have not paid off their $25 mil loan to MLB. Trying viagra I wonder what Frank McCourt has to say about that. Trying viagra Call it BuddyCare.

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Cialis brand name A blog called Phillies Nation (how original? a better name should have been “We Have A MLB Team in Philly? Who Knew?) is trying to organize a trip to $iti Field for the Aug 21-23 Amazin’s and the Scrapple eaters. Cialis brand name They have hit a bit of a stumbling block as the tickets are hard to come by and it seems the citizens of Philadelphia are upset that they can’t use their WIC cards to make the purchase:

Cialis brand name In talking with Mets ticket representatives, cialis brand name it appears that they will be unlikely to accommodate most group ticket requests because there are so many. Cialis brand name The only tickets that are definitely available are about $100 (bottom bowl, cialis brand name along foul line) and renting a bus to NYC is more expensive than to DC; therefore if we run a trip, cialis brand name it will be close $140 per person. Cialis brand name

Cialis brand name Since that is more expensive than our previous trips, cialis brand name I wanted to see if fans are interested in shelling out that kind of money to see the Phillies humiliate the Mets. Cialis brand name There are only enough tickets for one bus, cialis brand name so only about 50 people could attend. Cialis brand name If you or your friends are interested in going, cialis brand name please fill out the form below and when the details are finalized, cialis brand name you will be among the first contacted to reserve spots.

Cialis brand name $140 bucks is expensive? Bunch of fucking brokesters. Cialis brand name I spend more than that on bottled water. Cialis brand name Keep your busted ass’ home besides if you all go out a rob a couple of convenience stores  to make money and you do make the trip don’t come through Staten Island as I’ll have the Kranepool Society posse on high alert as every port of entry will be covered you Tasty Kake eating blow hards

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Here I was all set to write about Brad Penny signing with the Red Sox and how it looks like the Mets stand alone in the Derek Lowe sweepstakes when I hear over the radio that Jets head coach Eric Mangini has been given the well deserved ax;  oh and welcome Jets fans to the TEAMS THAT GAG CLUB as your team takes a seat at the table with the 2007 NY Mets. Viagra deaths The firing of Man-Gina is not only justified but if anyone deserves to get his ass kicked it’s this rat. Viagra deaths I have no use for rats and Man-gina is as big a rat as the inflatable ones at no-union job sites.


One more Jets note. Viagra deaths Brett Farve may be a future Hall of Famer but if I had to win one game and my choice of QB is either Farve or Ken Stabler, viagra deaths I’m taking The Snake in a heartbeat. Viagra deaths The fact that Stabler is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a fucking joke and any one who thinks differently either never saw The Snake play or just goes by numbers. Viagra deaths


Now that Man-gina is out the next NY coach that needs to get the pink slip is Tom Renney. Viagra deaths The collapse of the Rangers is not all Renney’s fault as the team is run in the front office by a cadaver named Slats but Renney rules the bench and he controls the playing time and the fact that Aaron Voros and Freddie Sjostrom play every game while Peter Pruchca sits in the stands night after night is a disgrace as are the countless bench penalties the team takes and that is on the coach. Viagra deaths Mark Messier was at the Garden for the loss to Devils on Saturday; hopefully he put in a call to Clueless Jimmy Dolan and made his pitch to takeover the organization.


Omar Minaya would like Johan Santana to sit out the World Baseball Championships and hopefully Santana will abide by this request. Viagra deaths Is there a bigger waste of time and work hours that the WBC? Who gives a shit? I understand that the Latin players have tremendous pride in playing for their countries and that is commendable but when the MLB team you play for is putting a roof over your head and food on your table your alliance is to the MLB team period. Viagra deaths


I keep reading about Ken Takahashi the lefty out of Japan and how the Mets are looking at him as the replacement for Scott Schoenewiese and all I can do is ask why? What jumps out at the Mets that says this guy is worth bringing to the U.S. Viagra deaths NPA Tracker has a nice write up on Takahashi and the array of pitchers in his arsenal but the guy is 40 years old and his BB/KK splits don’t thrill me so I’m sure there is someone (Brian Shouse?) who fits the LOOGY bill better than Takahashi.


Interesting post on NY Baseball Digest that suggested the Highlanders could deal X-Nady to the Red Legs for either Bronson Arroyo (Mike Francesa’s Man –Crush) or Aaron Harang.


Got to go listen to Joe (Bada-Bing) Benigino kill the Jets. 


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