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Cialis philippines First time I’m putting up a post using my iPad so there may be more mistakes than usual, cialis philippines which I know is hard to believe

Cialis philippines I had no problem with the Mets not making any deals at the trade deadline. Cialis philippines Seems some fans mistake Marlon Byrd for Carlos Beltran, cialis philippines no one was giving the Mets an A prospect for Byrd and to deal Byrd  just for the sake of making a deal really made no sense

Cialis philippines I idea of using Zack Wheeler in the bullpen as a way to cut down his innings is ridiculous . Cialis philippines Put an innings limit on him, cialis philippines that’s fine but don’t take him out of the starting rotation.

Cialis philippines The more Bud Selig and MLB string out this Biogenisis mess and the A-Rod fiasco the worse Selig and baseball look and for Bill Madden to compare Rodriguez to a killer like Whitey Bulger is beyond. Cialis philippines Ignorant

Cialis philippines off to Epcot and more nasty European tourists

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Listen to internet radio with Kranepool Society Podcast on BlogTalkRadio

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Cheap viagra online Joe DeMayo of St Lucie to Flushing joined me on the Kranepool Society Podcast to talk about tomorrows MLB First Year Entry Draft and to discuss the Mets Minor Leagues system

Cheap viagra online Note: I had a little technical hick up in the beginning  of the podcast so give it a bit to get going

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Female viagra alternative A few Opening Day notes form the NY Mets:

Female viagra alternative Last Met to hit a leadoff home run on opening day was Kaz Matsui on 4-6-04 at Turner Field

Female viagra alternative In the history of MLB the NY Mets have the best opening day winning percentage of all time at .647 (33-18)

Female viagra alternative David Wright has had at least one hit in every opening day game he’s played in for the Mets since his debut in 2005

Female viagra alternative There has been only one Mets Grand Slam hit on opening day and that was by Todd Hundley in Colorado on 4-26-1995

Female viagra alternative Happy Birthday to Daniel Murphy (#Imwith28 who turns 28) and Rusty Staub (Le Grand Orange) who turns 69 years old and will throw out the first pitch of today’s game.

Female viagra alternative The Mets will honor the first responders who did outstanding work during Hurricane Sandy.

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Viagra sale So it seems Sandy Alderson and John Ricco took a trip to Houston to have a bite with Michael Bourn and Scott Boras over the weekend. Viagra sale I’m sure Alderson let Bourn and Agent Orange know that, viagra sale yes I’m interested in making you a Met. Viagra sale No I do not want to lose my spot in line to pick the Next Great Baseball Prospect but if I were to give that pick up I want you on my team at my price and my terms.

Viagra sale Sherman of the Post claims that the Mets could work a deal with BournBoras on multiyear deal with an out clause after one year. Viagra sale Interesting concept and imaginative as well but why would BourneBoras take the risk? Is it because the market for Bourn is more of a gas station mini mart with the Mets and Mariners the only teams mentioned in the running for Bourn’s services rather than the big box store teams like the Highlanders, viagra sale Red Sox , viagra sale Cubs or the new and biggest high end store the Rodeo Drive Dodgers?

Viagra sale I’m trying to see where BournBoras have any leverage, viagra sale we are a mere two weeks from pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training and here’s Michael Bourn still on the free agent ho’ stroll. Viagra sale  It seems the only hold up in the Mets making an offer and signing Bourn is the elusive 11th pick in the entry draft. Viagra sale MLB it seems will not help the Metropolitans out with a favorable ruling of allowing the Mets to receive the 10th and protected pick in the draft over the Pittsburgh Pirates who are being rewarded for their incompetent handling of Stanford RHP Mark Appel in last year’s draft. Viagra sale  

Viagra sale I go back and forth on the value of the 11th pick over signing a better than average CF’er. Viagra sale Seems Alderson feels the same way. Viagra sale The shame of it is Bourn and the Mets are a perfect fit both need each other in the worst way but the obstacles in front of them may derail this match made in baseball heaven.

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5 mg original brand cialis Today we are giving away two (2) copies of the New York Mets 50 Greatest Players DVD courtesy of A & E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions. The DVD is set in a documentary style highlighting the 50 best players in the history of the NY Mets.

5 mg original brand cialis As I said I have two copies of the DVD to give away so, 5 mg original brand cialis the first two people to tweet me at @kranepool with the correct answer to this question will be declared today’s winners:

5 mg original brand cialis How many games did Mike Piazza play as a member of the New York Mets ?

5 mg original brand cialis First two correct answers win the New York Mets 50 Greatest Players DVD courtesy of A & E Home entertainment/MLB Productions.

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Viagra online without a prescription How would you like to win a New York Mets 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition DVD Set form A & E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions? Well if you are the first person to correctly answer the following question; this beautiful DVD collection will be all yours compliments of our friends at A & E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions:

Viagra online without a prescription In 1965 NY Mets manager Casey Stengel stepped down as manager of the team due to suffering a broken hip, viagra online without a prescription who replaced Stengel as Mets manager?

Viagra online without a prescription The first person to Tweet me the correct answer at @kranepool will win this exquisite DVD collection compliments of A & E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions

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Free viagra sample Every year we brace ourselves here in NYC when September 11th shows up on our calendar. Free viagra sample For many of us the events of that day never leave our minds and for some it’s a reminder of how that day has changed the way we live our lives , free viagra sample it’s also the day that we have to argue should the Mets wear first responders caps during the game or not. Free viagra sample To tell you the truth, free viagra sample I’m tired of the argument in fact it just goes to show you what a mess the Mets organization is that they can’t even figure out how to do something so simple and admirable  as wearing the caps of the FDNY, free viagra sample NYPD and PAPD  could be and how beholden they are to the Commissioner for keeping the Wilpon’s in business that they won’t make waves and not dare MLB to punish them for wearing the caps. Free viagra sample What is even sadder is that I expect this from the Mets as they are good at rolling over and playing dead. Free viagra sample It’s a sad commentary on this organization that by not showing any defiance’s over this issue is just business as usual in Flushing.

Free viagra sample My friend and podcasting colleague Mike Silva, free viagra sample made a bet with Highlander windbag announcer Michael Kay that the Mets would win 60+ games this season. Free viagra sample Kay said the Mets were so bad that 60 wins would be a stretch. Free viagra sample So Silva bet Kay that if the Mets win 60 games, free viagra sample Kay would have to wear and be photographed in a Mets jersey. Free viagra sample If Sliva were to lose the wager, free viagra sample he would have to write a column on how great an announcer/talk show host Kay is, free viagra sample which by the way is like trying to write a column on how classy the Kardashian’s are. Free viagra sample So the Mets have gone above and beyond the 60 win mark which means Kay must pay his debt but wait it seems that Kay is ready to add to his impressive character traits of insufferable, free viagra sample incompetent, free viagra sample uniformed and downright annoying to listen to with tag of being a welsher , free viagra sample in fact Mike Silva has reached out to Kay to be a guest on our Sunday night podcast, free viagra sample so far Kay has not responded to the request. Free viagra sample My advice to Kay is honor your bet or as soon as Silva gives the word, free viagra sample I’ll go Dog The Bounty Hunter on your ass.

Free viagra sample The NY Times has published an editorial on R.A. Free viagra sample Dickey and his amazing 2012 season.

Free viagra sample Andy McCullough has a piece about the possibility of trading Jon Niese over the winter. Free viagra sample Now before you overreact, free viagra sample read the article then think for a moment……….it’s not a bad idea.

Free viagra sample Chipper Jones reflects on playing in NYC and the high level of respect he has for the town. Free viagra sample He also mentions some of his favorite moments here as well, free viagra sample quite surprising. Free viagra sample Sorry I can’t be a Chipper hater.

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This is the lovely Coco Rocha modeling the latest in Mets apparel at Citi Field yesterday for more on Coco and the CFDA check out their website. Buy discount viagra online

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Buy discount viagra online My day at Citi Field started out with listening to Terry Collins spin the latest in what is now becoming the Mets annual swirly into the irrelevant baseball teams in MLB. Buy discount viagra online I like Collins but this “we’re a good team playing badly” mantra has got to stop as he is close to getting to the Rich Kottie/Art Howe territory of his Mets managerial reign where “we’re a good team playing badly” or “we battled out there” becomes manager speak for “we really suck but I can’t say we really suck”

Buy discount viagra online Collins then spoke about demoting Lucas Duda. Buy discount viagra online When asked how Duda took the news he was headed upstate New York, buy discount viagra online Collins answered the question with a question, buy discount viagra online another thing you shouldn’t do, buy discount viagra online but he expanded his explanation that Duda was upset, buy discount viagra online my question is “how can you tell”?

Buy discount viagra online Collins then went on a bit of a rant on how when he was a minor league manager the way he handled guys getting sent down after they have had led a major league lifestyle was “you have 24 hours to pout” and but after that you got go out and play. Buy discount viagra online The biggest surprise was when Collins said Duda will play left field and some first base in Buffalo as Collins, buy discount viagra online took responsibility for putting Duda in right field and made it seem like Duda is done as a right fielder

Buy discount viagra online To listen to the whole pre game presser click here.

Buy discount viagra online A definite required read to day is from The Bitter Bill who is 100 % spot on in his post.

Buy discount viagra online While myself and my fellow Mets bloggers were watching batting practice and taking in the whole pre-game scene at Citi Field, buy discount viagra online there was a lot of commotion as folks from the Council of Fashion Designers of America were showing off their line of Mets apparel which was modeled by a lovely young model named Coco Rocha. Coco came over to the group of Mets bloggers and we were requested to ask some questions about the fashion line and any quires for madam Coco. Buy discount viagra online  Now the extent of my fashion knowledge comes from shopping at Modells and Old Navy and I know every married man reading this knows anything that you look well in was picked out by your wife. Buy discount viagra online I’m not ashamed to admit that any suit, buy discount viagra online sport coat or pair of dress shoes I have ever owned was either picked out by my wife or my mother. Buy discount viagra online  So here I am standing next to this fashion metrosexual guy who is eying me up and down checking out my shirt from Khol’s , buy discount viagra online jeans and Converse All-Stars and we both kinda gave each other a look like “let’s just make the best of this” The Mets clothing line is available at the Mets Team store at Citi Field (check out these pics from Mets Police) and at on the web.

Buy discount viagra online One more thing about Coco Rocha, buy discount viagra online she is a beautiful young lady but way to skinny for my taste. Buy discount viagra online There were a couple of the Mets main stream press corps checking out Miss Rocha after myself and the bloggers were done talking to her. Buy discount viagra online I had some fun with Coco as I racked my mind to figure out what can I ask her I mean can ask her how she trains for modeling “So Coco what do you tip the Toledo’s at 90-92 lbs how do you maintain that”? Or “how many hours a day to you work on your runway walk? Do you feel you’re stronger as left foot or right foot first model”? So I asked the only thing I could think of “So Coco (as you can see I am infatuated with the name Coco, buy discount viagra online it is quite a cool name) what about this Mets bullpen what do you think is needed to straighten it out” Everyone laughed and I think Coco gave me a little wink (or maybe some of the infield dirt got in her eye) that’s when the Metrosexual felt it was time to break this up. Buy discount viagra online Best move all day.

Buy discount viagra online Back to the writers, buy discount viagra online one writer who shall remain nameless was asking about Coco, buy discount viagra online wanting to know who she was, buy discount viagra online what’s her name etc. Buy discount viagra online etc. Buy discount viagra online I said to him, buy discount viagra online “why don’t you go over and talk to her”? He gave me a look like we were back at a high school dance. Buy discount viagra online Look Miss Coco is not my type I mean if I took her out for dinner it would be so awkward me having a T-Bone steak with a baked potato and Coco with three peas and some bean sprouts. Buy discount viagra online Talk about awkward. Buy discount viagra online Again I chided the writer to go over and introduce yourself, buy discount viagra online hell, buy discount viagra online just make believe your writing something, buy discount viagra online don’t be intimidated Geez. Buy discount viagra online  He never went to talk to Coco. Buy discount viagra online So sad. Buy discount viagra online Why are some guys intimidated by beautiful women?  What is the worst thing in the world that could happen, buy discount viagra online she tells you to get lost? Big deal. Buy discount viagra online So the writer just stood there never getting a shot at sweeping Coco off her feet, buy discount viagra online all I could do was shake my head.

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Buy discount viagra online  

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Brand viagra Trying to get back into blogger mode after a week on Cape Cod and the cold reality that 5AM wakeup call awaits me tomorrow morning so  without much rhyme or reason here are some Mets thoughts:

Brand viagra The next three days with the All Star break should feature a whirlwind of Mets trade rumors in fact some are starting already. Brand viagra This team for all the hustle and flow it’s shown this season needs some big time renovation if they are going to go hard after a post season berth.

Brand viagra The biggest need is in the bullpen which posted its best ERA of the season at 3.77 but still sports the worst team ERA in MLB at 4.99.  It seems Terry Collins is relying on the arms of Tim Byrdak, brand viagra Bobby Parnell and Miguel Batista in the late innings of games while Jon Rauch and Ramon Ramirez have the tag of “one or two batters only” attached to their names. Brand viagra Pedro Beato is back up and one would hope he would replace Batista in the late inning order, brand viagra moving Batista back to the long man role he’s better at. Brand viagra Of course all will change once Frankie Frisco comes back from oblique rehab but where will he fit? Has Bobby Parnell turned a corner in his career where he’s figured out how to get his curve over for strikes and have the confidence to throw it in a tough situation? Seems the Mets brass is not 100 % sold on Parnell and Frisco as they have let the word out they would like to obtain a closer or a pitcher who has had closer experience, brand viagra that doesn’t mean Parnell and Frisco are a concern but as we’ve seen so far this half of the season a strong back end of the pen is the difference between 4.5 games back of the Nats instead of 4.5 games ahead of the Nats and first place in the NL East.

Brand viagra Lots of talk of the Mets getting involved in dealing for a catcher, brand viagra which Sandy Alderson has made known is a priority to upgrade in the Mets system, brand viagra hence the drafting of Kevin Plawecki with a supplemental pick in this year’s draft, brand viagra and while myself and many Mets fans would be happy if the Mets were to upgrade the position at the trade deadline, brand viagra I’m not sure if it will happen or should it. Brand viagra As much as Mike Nickeas makes Mets fans groan, brand viagra when it comes to the pitching staff and Terry Collins and Dan Warthen, brand viagra Nickeas is a valuable piece to this team. Brand viagra Nickeas is kind of a player/coach on this Mets team and I know there is a segment of Mets fans and bloggers who feel team chemistry is overrated, brand viagra it’s hard to watch this team day in and day out and not see that the camaraderie in the clubhouse has played a major role in the success of the team in the first half. Brand viagra  You may not believe it but the front office, brand viagra coaching staff and the players do. Brand viagra I would be a bit surprised if the Mets dealt for a catcher in season, brand viagra best bet is the team will go hard to upgrade the backstop spot in the winter.

Brand viagra Much has been made about Reggie Jackson dissing the late Gary Carter saying the Kid was not Hall of Fame worthy, brand viagra if you know anything about Reggie Jackson you know he loves to say things just to get his name mentioned in the papers or TV/sports talk radio. Brand viagra We all know the stories of Reggie’s turbulent Highlander years as a self-promoting blowhard, brand viagra who always felt he was above everything and anything. Brand viagra I have a Reggie story that was told to me by someone who worked for the Highlanders and is now deceased and it shows the true Reggie

Brand viagra When Jackson retired he was hired by George Steinbrenner to work in the front office with Gene Michael. Brand viagra On his first day as a front office employee, brand viagra Reggie went into Steinbrenner’s office which doubled as his suite at Highlander Stadium and asked to be served a turkey sandwich and an iced tea. Brand viagra  Jackson was told by the gentleman who ran the suite that since he was now a front office employee of the Highlanders, brand viagra he could not come into the office/suite whenever he felt like it and he could not eat there either, brand viagra Reggie was told he had to eat in the cafeteria with the rest of the office staff. Brand viagra Jackson exploded when he heard this and said “Do you know who the fuck I am? Get me that fucking sandwich and drink”. Brand viagra To avoid further confrontation the attendant went and got Jackson his lunch. Brand viagra As Reggie sat and enjoyed his turkey sandwich, brand viagra Boss George entered the suite. Brand viagra “Who’s that down there”? “Reggie, brand viagra Boss” was the workers reply. Brand viagra “What the fuck is he doing here”? Asked Steinbrenner. Brand viagra “Eating his lunch” the worker said. Brand viagra “Eating his lunch” doesn’t he know he has to eat in the staff cafeteria”? said Big Stein. Brand viagra “I told him that Boss but he told me he’s Reggie Jackson and basically told me to go fuck myself” relayed the worker.

Brand viagra With that Boss George erupted and starting screaming at Jackson and grabbed the plate the sandwich was on and flung it at the wall, brand viagra Steinbrenner then asked Jackson if he knew “Who the fuck he was”? Steinbrenner then told Jackson if he pulls a stunt like that again, brand viagra he’ll fire him but before he made him leave Steinbrenner had two more things for Reggie to do, brand viagra one, brand viagra apologize to the suite attendant who Steinbrenner informed him was more valuable to the organization than Jackson and two, brand viagra get a broom and clean up this mess. Brand viagra Jackson performed both tasks.

Brand viagra  

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