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Online order url viagra I know, online order url viagra not another book about the Brooklyn Dodgers, online order url viagra there have been more book about them Bums than tomes on dieting, online order url viagra aging and becoming rich, online order url viagra put together, online order url viagra but “A Moment In Time by Ralph Branca with David Ritz” (published by Scribner) is a bit different, online order url viagra it’s a look at a man who has led a great life both on the baseball field and off but is still haunted by an event that happened 60 years ago.

Online order url viagra Branca tells the reader of the great upbringing he had and his love of his family comes through quite clearly. Online order url viagra A couple of subjects that Branca talks about that made me pause while reading was that his mother was born Jewish but converted to Catholicism’s and his wife is the granddaughter of Steve McKeever, online order url viagra a part owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Online order url viagra  Of the two, online order url viagra I wish Branca went into more detail on what it was like dating and then marrying the daughter of one of the team owners and what was their mind set during the upheaval of the team leaving Brooklyn. Online order url viagra  Branca does let us know that he puts most of the blame of on Robert Moses than O’Malley for the team’s departure to the West Coast.

Online order url viagra The strongest parts of this book are Branca’ frank talk about the managers he played for and of course, online order url viagra October 3, online order url viagra 1951. Online order url viagra When Leo Durocher was the Dodger manager Branca was one of Leo’s boys and Branca felt that he was a baseball savant. Online order url viagra When Durocher left and went to the hated cross town rivals, online order url viagra New York Giants, online order url viagra Durocher tried to deal for Branca by offering Bobby Thomson in return. Online order url viagra WOW! It wasn’t until Branca finds out about the elaborate sign stealing operation the Giants were using did he declare Durocher dead to him. Online order url viagra Branca had problems with the field bosses who followed Durocher in Brooklyn. Online order url viagra Burt Shotton, online order url viagra sat on the bench in street clothes, online order url viagra with a sharpened #2 pencil and kept a score card. Online order url viagra That was the extent of his tactical prowess. Online order url viagra Charlie Dressen had a bad case of Durocher envy which Branca doesn’t hold back his disdain for. Online order url viagra  Reading between the lines a bit, online order url viagra I got the sense that Branca/Dressen relationship was testy due to Branca’ involvement with the owner’s daughter, online order url viagra as Dressen comes off as a very insecure man, online order url viagra especially down the stretch in 1951.

Online order url viagra The final couple of chapters of the book deal with Branca hooking up with Bobby Thomson and hitting the card show circuit. Online order url viagra Both men made a very nice piece of change teaming up and signing autographs for a fee, online order url viagra but Branca always had the fact that the Giants were stealing signs and his feeling that Thompson got the sign of the 0-1 fastball he hit out the Polo Grounds for the most famous home run in baseball history, online order url viagra clearly on his mind whenever he and Thompson teamed up. Online order url viagra I got a chuckle when Branca writes about not wanting to be a “whiner” about the subject but continues to whine about the subject. Online order url viagra     

Online order url viagra Branca tells the reader up front that he is an old timer who is very opinionated and that comes through loud and clear. Online order url viagra This is the “one more Brooklyn Dodger book” that’s worth a read.

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