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Viagra cookies I want to revel in the Mets victory last night in the South Bronx, viagra cookies as the Mets looked like the more confident and aggressive team but I’m still trying to get over the confusing nature of Jerry Manuel’ managing.

Viagra cookies Why would you have Jose Reyes sac bunt in the 8th with Tejada on 1st, viagra cookiesno outs?  Reyes is so uncomfortable bunting for a sacrifice to start with then you add in he is on fire with the bat, viagra cookies the move made no sense. Viagra cookies Reyes saved his managers ass by doubling down the RF line. Viagra cookies When Reyes got to second we saw the Jose of old, viagra cookies clapping those hands and that intense look on his face, viagra cookies pointing toward teammates, viagra cookies vintage Reyes. Viagra cookies  But in his post game press conference, viagra cookies Manuel expressed concern over Reyes getting over emotional, viagra cookies Hey Jerry, viagra cookies that’s when we know Jose is at his best when he jumping, viagra cookies clapping and going handshake wild. Viagra cookies The fans love it, viagra cookies his teammates love it so what’s the problem? Are you afraid of pissing off the opponent?  The Highlanders? Fuck them.

Viagra cookies Again the game of Jerry Manuel Roulette was played with the bullpen as no one, viagra cookies the relievers in particular can figure out how Manuel will use the pen. Viagra cookies Why would you use Ruben Valdes in the 9th inning of a 4-0 game, viagra cookies a game you said you wanted to make sure you won? Valdes is a mop up guy at best. Viagra cookies Even your pitchers are questioning your madding methods.

Viagra cookies Why is John Maine guaranteed a spot in the rotation when he comes back? I must have missed the years Maine won his Cy Young Awards. Viagra cookies The way Takahashi has pitched no way Maine gets that spot now. Viagra cookies Get ready for the Roulette wheel John .

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Herbal v viagra study Pitching a one hitter against the Mets right now is like going bass fishing and catching a minnow. Herbal v viagra study Sure you caught a fish but how much skill did it take to reel in that little fellow? Same with pitching to the Mets just don’t pitch to David Wright and throw fastballs down the middle to the est of the lineup and you should be fine. Herbal v viagra study End of scouting report.

Herbal v viagra study No problem here with Mark DeRosa going to the Cardinals for pitcher Chris Perez and a PTBNL. Herbal v viagra study Then Mets equivalent to Perez is Bobby Parnell and I wouldn’t trade Parnell for a 34 year old rental player. Herbal v viagra study The Mets problems are beyond adding DeRosa.

Herbal v viagra study With all due respect to some of my Highlander buddies (Ben Kabak, herbal v viagra study Alex Bleth, herbal v viagra study Rebecca Glass) just observing Highlander fans most of the young ones are clueless when it comes to not only the rules of baseball or the strategy of the game but have no idea at all about their teams history. Herbal v viagra study The older ones have a Pavlovian way about them as soon as you mention the name of the team they all bark out “26 Championships” I guess what I’m saying they’re a sad bunch. Herbal v viagra study Our team may not win much but we’re a better class of fan.

Herbal v viagra study A little bit of Tim Redding is good a lot of Tim Redding…..ahh…not so good. Herbal v viagra study If there is one pitcher on the Mets that is the picture of a mop up guy in the pen, herbal v viagra study it’s Tim Redding.

Herbal v viagra study Ol’ Cholly Manuel laced into his team after a another loss on Friday night and his club responded with a 10-0 win over the Blue Jays. Herbal v viagra study After losing two straight to the Highlanders, herbal v viagra study Jerry Manuel took his team to the Lemon Ice King of Corona and told them it’s not their fault we have a lot of injuries and “You’re all winners YEAH!!!!!” Maybe that’s why Ol’Cholly has a ring and J-Man doesn’t. Herbal v viagra study I’d love to see J-Man lace into his team and remind them this is the big leagues and they need to compte like big leaguers even if he doesn’t believe half of his roster belongs here.

Herbal v viagra study I hate to bring up this Michael Jackson is dead thing again but there are a few things bothering about this whole Jacko worship that’s on going. Herbal v viagra study As I stated the other day I was not a big fan of Jackson the man or the music. Herbal v viagra study Pop music is not what I listen to I’m a Garage/Punk kinda of guy plus all the folks who think that Jackson was the greatest showman alive obviously had never seen a Stones concert, herbal v viagra study a Queen concert or a Plasmatics concert but that is neither here nor there

Herbal v viagra study My biggest trouble with Jackson is the fact he slept with little boys, herbal v viagra study and that is fucking sick. Herbal v viagra study My feeling for this does not just lie with Jackson but with the Catholic church as well and it’s the reason why I have no respect for the clergy any more.

Herbal v viagra study Now if you bring up this part of Jackson’s life to a fan of his you get called al kind of names from a racist (which is funny as the guy went above and beyond to be white) or a heartless fuck. Herbal v viagra study And that is because the truth hurts. Herbal v viagra study But his fans and the media have given him a pass on his past crimes and have treated him like an American hero in his passing.

Herbal v viagra study Michael Vick didn’t sleep with little boys (as far as we know) but he did maim, herbal v viagra study torture and kill animals which is still despicable and I would love to see Vick tortured the same way he did to those dogs. Herbal v viagra study I’m not some crazy PETA zealot but I do own pets and I’ve been around dogs and just the thought that this scumbag gained the trust of the dogs then made them fight and the ones who weren’t fighters he killed makes my blood boil. Herbal v viagra study Again if you are anti Vick you’re a racist, herbal v viagra study and a heartless reactionary and the man severed his time and deserves another chance. Herbal v viagra study Not to me as Michael Vick is nothing but a fucking coward and also he wasn’t a very good QB either but he will get a chance some place and his past history of cruelty and murder of dogs will be replaced with cheering fans and enablers

Herbal v viagra study What I’m getting to in my long winded way is Alex Rodriguez, herbal v viagra study Roger Clemens, herbal v viagra study Manny Ramirez, herbal v viagra study Mark McGwire, herbal v viagra study Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds are just some of the biggest stars in baseball who have been found to use performance drugs to enhance their play on the field and to recover from injury to stay on the field. Herbal v viagra study Of course their actions were wrong as taking PED’s they way they did were unlawful but for the most part not against the laws of baseball well not until the jig was up and the Used Car Salesman acted with shock and horror that players were using PED’s, herbal v viagra study a performance worthy of an Oscar.

Herbal v viagra study In no way do I condone the actions of the players involved in what is now the Steroid Scandal Era (especially since I’m reading American Icon which will become the essential reading when people look back on this time in baseball) but what I don’t get is how these players are treated worse than a guy who slept with little boys and a guy who killed dogs?

Herbal v viagra study I just wish there was the outcry for the actions of Michael Jackson and Roger Vick like there is for Manny Ramirez who of the three committed the lesser crime.

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