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Alternative search viagra It looks like John Franco wants to get back in uniform with the Mets, alternative search viagra no not as a player but as a coach. Alternative search viagra Franco said in today’s NY Post, alternative search viagra that he would love to join the club as a mentor to Bobby Parnell, alternative search viagra which I feel would help Parnell immensely and if Franco is sincere as I’m sure he is, alternative search viagra instead of telling this to a newspaper reporter, alternative search viagra why not approach Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins with this idea.

Alternative search viagra When Collins was told of Franco’s wish he said “I’ll try and set that up”. Alternative search viagra One of the things Collins told me during the winter was he told his coaching staff if you see something that you thing in a player or in a way the club is going about it’s business the needs fixing, alternative search viagra you should speak up and let’s look at it as a staff. Alternative search viagra So if John Franco feels he can help Bobby Parnell get his mindset right to be a closer and help him develop an off speed pitch to go with his supersonic fastball, alternative search viagra Collins would definitely be on board for that.

Alternative search viagra I love Howard Johnson, alternative search viagra his combination of speed and power makes him one of the best players to wear a Mets uniform, alternative search viagra but really HoJo it’s time to shut the fuck up. Alternative search viagra As Mike Silva tells us, alternative search viagra Johnson has taken to Twitter to bash Mets management claiming they are anti-86 Mets. Alternative search viagra   As Silva points out there are a number of ex-86ers that work for the team, alternative search viagra and the Mets gave HoJo a shot at being a manager and he failed and they handed him the job as the big league batting coach and many feel he’s ruined David Wright with his tinkering of his swing. Alternative search viagra So really HoJo stop the whining you’re starting to sound like a bitter ex-wife.

Alternative search viagra The Skill Sets are confident they will find at least 20 investors in their Ponzi scheme effort to raise some capital and to keep ownership of the Mets. Alternative search viagra I’m sure Mortimer and Randolph Duke Freddy and Uncle Saul know what they’re doing, alternative search viagra I mean what could go wrong? (BIG EYE ROLL!!!!!!!)

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Cialis angioplasty I have no idea what kind of scheme Mortimer and Randolph Duke Freddy Skill Sets and Uncle Saul have up their sleeve but I’m sure it’s destined to fail. Cialis angioplasty  I don’t know if it’s some boost of confidence that the Madoff fiasco won’t hurt them as much as first thought, cialis angioplasty or they sold off some real estate from their Sterling Equities properties, cialis angioplasty or they finally realized that David Einhorn was ready to pay them $200 mil to be a minority owner but read the fine print that tilted everything in favor of Einhorn taking total control of the franchise, cialis angioplasty but something has stopped the Skill Sets from checking that box that says I agree to the terms of this contract.

Cialis angioplasty What does this all mean? I have no clue and we won’t have a clue until the season ends and Sandy Alderson sits down with Jose Reyes’ representatives to talk contract. Cialis angioplasty Just when I thought the Mets had the upper hand in the Reyes negotiations, cialis angioplasty the advantage has swayed back to Team Jose. Cialis angioplasty  All the talk of finding more investors at a $15-$20 mil price tag to make up for the money the Skill Sets told Einhorn to put back in his pocket, cialis angioplasty better be used in part to re-sign Reyes or it won’t matter which uncle, cialis angioplasty aunt or next door neighbor ponies up the dough, cialis angioplasty the Skill Sets have put the bulls eye right between their eyes with the fan base. Cialis angioplasty  If the Jose Reyes signs with another team at a price and contract terms that are not outlandish, cialis angioplasty you might as well as turn Citi Field into a permanent soccer pitch.

Cialis angioplasty I have ZERO faith that Freddy and Uncle Saul have a plan to save the franchise, cialis angioplasty this latest scheme of selling more shares in the team has FAIL written all over it, cialis angioplasty especially when the say they will sell to “friends and family” isn’t that how they got into this mess in the first place?

Cialis angioplasty The clandestine ways of this ownership is why there is such a disconnect with them and the fan base.  I believe nothing that comes out of the mouth of Freddy Skill Sets and his incompetent son. Cialis angioplasty  I’m sure I’m not alone.

Cialis angioplasty What really sucks about this whole ownership in an uproar news, cialis angioplasty is the focus had finally shifted from the owner’s box to the dugout. Cialis angioplasty  The recent winning streak after such a poor showing against the Phuck Phaces shows that Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins have changed the culture of the clubhouse. Cialis angioplasty The malcontents and slackers who Omar Minaya protected instead of eradicating are gone and players who are committed to winning have been replaced. Cialis angioplasty Sure the record is not pretty but that will come, cialis angioplasty the biggest obstacle with this team was the acceptance of being lazy and just not being committed to winning baseball games that had been festering like an untreated infection, cialis angioplasty is gone and that is the biggest story of this season.

Cialis angioplasty Who wasn’t excited by Chris Capuano start last week? Who doesn’t enjoy watching R.A. Cialis angioplasty Dickey pitch and then hear his post game comments?  Who isn’t excited watching Lucas Duda and Ruben Tejada? Who can’t wait to see Matt Harvey, cialis angioplasty Jeurys Familia, cialis angioplasty and Zack Wheeler make their way to Citi Field? Let’s just hope that the Skill Sets, cialis angioplasty as is their way, cialis angioplasty don’t fuck this up.

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