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Viagra pill splitter As we wait for Sandy Alderson and his Front Office Posse to check  into the Motel 6 Hilton Anatole in Dallas so they can get some much needed work done to reshape the 2012 Mets, viagra pill splitter let’s look at a few news items from that last few days:


Viagra pill splitter I would love to hear the conversations between Reyes and his agent on their free agency game plan. Viagra pill splitter So far all we’ve heard is a rumor of an imminent deal with the Fish and nothing more, viagra pill splitter just a lot of speculation, viagra pill splitter in fact we’ve heard about this deal for about three weeks now. Viagra pill splitter  As I’ve mentioned before, viagra pill splitter I love how Alderson is playing is hand here, viagra pill splitter especially how he told the Mets beat writers all he knows about Reyes right now is what he reads in the papers. Viagra pill splitter This guy is good, viagra pill splitter very good. Viagra pill splitter If by some chance Reyes comes back to the Mets he may end up paying them to play here.

Viagra pill splitter By the way check out this post from Coop on the Reyes free agent saga at Kiner’s Korner a well worthy read.


Viagra pill splitter Congrats to Omar as he was named the SR. Viagra pill splitter VP of Baseball Ops for the San Diego Padres. Viagra pill splitter As a GM and the front office face of a franchise, viagra pill splitter Minaya was miscast, viagra pill splitter his perfect role is that of scout and amateur talent evaluator. Viagra pill splitter Safe to say Minaya will never be a big league GM again same as Willie Randolph will never be a big league manager again, viagra pill splitter the jobs were just too big for both of them.


Viagra pill splitter And you want to know why the Dodgers are bankrupt? Thank the baseball gods that Nick Colletti is not the Mets GM.


Viagra pill splitter No doubt about it, viagra pill splitter Pedro is a first ballot Hall Of Famer. Viagra pill splitter I’ve never hide my man crush for Pedro and who could forget his first start with the Mets, viagra pill splitter Opening Day April 4, viagra pill splitter 2005 in Cincinnati where he gave up 3 runs in the first inning then settled down to K 12 Red Legs before giving way to the bullpen and suckitude closer Braden Looper losing the game. Viagra pill splitter Then a week later at opening day at Shea Stadium, viagra pill splitter the fans cheering every time Pedro was shown on the Jumbotron or walked on the field, viagra pill splitter talk about electric. Viagra pill splitter It’s sad his Mets career wasn’t very fruitful but still Pedro was the man.

Viagra pill splitter  

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Keeping a hardon So it just happens that Jeffey Wilpon en route to St Lonesome to watch some of his prized farm hands with GM in training John Ricco in tow, keeping a hardon makes a pit stop in Atlanta maybe to watch his team play but most likely to buy a pair of high class kicks, keeping a hardon but anyway while he was in town taking in the ball game, keeping a hardon his manager for the next month, keeping a hardon Jerry Manuel felt this was as good as time as ever to show Jeffey Skill Sets where is daddy’s hard earn cash is going. Keeping a hardon First J-Man inserted Luis Castillo and Jeff Francoeur in the lineup, keeping a hardon because I don’t know if you’ve heard (come closer to the screen because this info needs to be kept on the downlow) the Mets still think they are in contention for the post season shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t let the rest of the NL know shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Keeping a hardon Pat Misch made every Mets fan who wondered why he wasn’t given the call up earlier the answer to that query by getting pounded harder than an British Heavyweight . Keeping a hardon But just as Jeffey Skill Sets and Executive in Training Ricco were ready to leave, keeping a hardon Manuel sent a note to them to hang in for another inning or two as he had a really big surprise for them. Keeping a hardon So Jeffey grabbed another cotton candy and went back to his seat.

Keeping a hardon So now it’s the bottom of the seventh inning and the Mets down five runs and Jeffey on his eighth Coca-Cola is getting antsy as he’s seen enough of this listless team and all he can think about is watching Nickelodeon on the TV of the St. Keeping a hardon Lonesome Motel 6 when all of a sudden the visitor’s bullpen gate opens and on the big screen at the Ted this video appears and the crowd let’s out a collective gasp:

Keeping a hardon “One singular sensation, keeping a hardon every little step he takes……………….

Keeping a hardon IT’S…..IT’S……OLLIE PEREZ…………………

Keeping a hardon Welllllllll Jeffey drops his Coke, keeping a hardon Cotton Candy and his Mets Build A Bear. Keeping a hardon Ricco drops his Baseball General Managing for Dummies book and both men stare at the Mets manager as he stands on the top step of the dugout laughing his lame duck ass off.

Keeping a hardon For the first time in a month Ollie Perez takes off his Mets Snuggie to enter a game and throw live pitches. Keeping a hardon Oh and did Ollie ever throw a live pitch to Brian McCann. Keeping a hardon McCann just missed the first offering by OP, keeping a hardon I guess he was still startled by the Resurrection but he made sure he got a hold of the next pitch and launched it over the right field wall for a home run. Keeping a hardon Ahhhhh so good to see Ollie hasn’t lost a step in his month layoff; if he’s anything, keeping a hardon he is consistent. Keeping a hardon Of Perez’ 29 pitches 14 were K’s not bad. Keeping a hardon With only 17 home games left in this scintillating Mets season we can only hope that J-Man uses OP in a few of those games as Perez is such a fan fave we all want to express our feeling for him.           

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