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Cialis no rx Congratulations to R.A. Cialis no rx Dickey on his winning the 2012 NL Cy Young Award. Cialis no rx Here is a clip from the film Knuckleballwhere Dickey shows his craft

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Cialis no rx In a perfect world, cialis no rx R.A. Cialis no rx Dickey would be a Met 4 Life. Cialis no rx For an organization run as bad as a Guy Fieri restaurant that also suffers from public mocking like no other team in town that doesn’t have a bench warming Christian QB, cialis no rx through all that muck and mire there has been one beacon of enlightenment for Mets fans. Cialis no rx His name is Robert Allen Dickey.

Cialis no rx Dickey’s rough road traveled in his life and baseball career has been rewarded with his being named the 2012 recipient of the NL Cy Young Award. Cialis no rx This award does not just legitimize the pitch that made him a star, cialis no rx the knuckleball, cialis no rx but it goes to show how sweat equity in a craft and a belief in one’s self pay off.

Cialis no rx You would think the announcement of Dickey winning the Cy Young would set off a huge celebration in the Land of Orange and Blue. Cialis no rx Mets fans should be making sure they secure a ticket for April 1st 2013, cialis no rx opening day of the baseball season at Citi Field. Cialis no rx Mets fans should have a smile and warm feeling during this off season just thinking about hearing Mets P.A. Cialis no rx announcer Alex Anthony make the following proclamation:

Cialis no rx “Ladies and Gentlemen….boys and girls ….please direct your attention to the area in front of the pitchers mound where Commissioner Bud Selig has special presentation…..”

Cialis no rx At that point the sellout crowd rises as one with a ghost of Shea Stadium roar as Selig with Cy Young plaque in hand presents it to today’s starting pitcher, cialis no rx R.A. Cialis no rx Dickey. Cialis no rx Dickey tries to say a few words to the fans, cialis no rx a fan base that has fallen in love with not just the pitcher but the man and his life story and his rebirth as a husband, cialis no rx father and baseball player, cialis no rx but he can’t as the crowd of 40, cialis no rx000 Mets fans are serenading him with chants of “R.A DICK-EY, cialis no rx clap clap…clap, cialis no rx clap..clap R.A. Cialis no rx DICK-EY, cialis no rx clap, cialis no rx clap….clap, cialis no rx clap, cialis no rx clap…… “What a scene….what pride in being a Mets fan….what…..may…..never….happen…..

Cialis no rx I understand that discussing trading Dickey is an option. Cialis no rx As you and I think with our hearts, cialis no rx Sandy Alderson thinks with his head and is trying to obtain players who will help turn this team around but who would you get back in trade that would push the Mets to that level and is better than having R.A. Cialis no rx Dickey on this team? It’s not like Dickey is looking for a big time deal either, cialis no rx a 3yr/$25-$27 mil deal would be more than suffice for him. Cialis no rx  Instead of dealing away a guy like Dickey the Mets need more players like Dickey.

Cialis no rx Here is a player who in 2010 played with a plantar fasciitis injury and took pain killer injections on his day to pitch. Cialis no rx Last season he played with a torn stomach muscle that he waited until the season was over to get surgery on. Cialis no rx  You can’t put a price tag on a will like that.

Cialis no rx The Mets love to monitor social media and I’m sure they were all over Twitter and Facebook last night so that means they saw the reaction of the fan base to the announcement of Dickey winning the Cy Young. Cialis no rx The Mets brass was in attendance for the last game of the 2011 season at Citi Field when Mets fans skipped school and work and any other responsibilities they had in life to come see a second division team close out another lack luster season that featured the now annual second half collapse only because R.A. Cialis no rx Dickey was pitching for his 20th win. Cialis no rx Those new to the organization BS (Before Shea) were stunned by the support and the atmosphere Mets fan displayed that day. Cialis no rx If the organization wants to keep that fan feeling and want to give as David Howard calls them “the dormant Mets fan” a reason to buy a ticket to a game at Citi Field, cialis no rx they will extend Dickey’s deal and reap the benefits. Cialis no rx  Unless Alderson can get back Mike Trout the best move is to not move R.A. Cialis no rx Dickey. Cialis no rx  

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