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Getting viagra Seems the Mets can’t even get through a choose up game without controversy. Getting viagra  It was reported that Scott Hairston has re-aggravated the left oblique muscle that knock him out for the last month of last  season. Getting viagra We also found out that David Wright will be held out of spring games until Wednesday the earliest with a tweak of his left rib cage, getting viagra LHP Robert Carson had an injection to ease the pain of an injury to his intercostal muscle and then the news broke that Ike Davis has/hasn’t Valley Fever. Getting viagra Whew! I need two Tylenol just typing that out.

Getting viagra The reaction to Ike’s illness was a bit over the top as the blood test he took in Manhattan last week showed no sign of the disease but a Mets doctor felt he had the symptoms of Valley Fever. Getting viagra Ike says he feels great and doesn’t think this is a big deal, getting viagra if he feels fatigued he will let Terry Collins know and take a day off if he needs it. Getting viagra Right now he says he doesn’t so we move on. Getting viagra One thing though, getting viagra Sandy Alderson has to be a wee bit concerned if Ike has to take a day or two off a week if this illness is more than we think and having Justin Turner as Ike’s caddy at first base just won’t cut it.

Getting viagra Whenever I hear of a Mets players going down with a muscle pull or tightness, getting viagra I get very Jerry Seinfled-ian and clinch my face and fist and yell out “RAMIREZ”!!!! as in Ray Ramirez, getting viagra the Mets head trainer.

Getting viagra Three players, getting viagra three muscle strains one of which was suffered last year, getting viagra has to bring up a red flag about this training staff and it’s head guy Ray Ramirez. Getting viagra  I have no idea why the three have suffered muscle problems this early in spring but if I were the GM, getting viagra I’d have my head trainer in my office first thing in the morning and he better have a damn good explanation for why this happened.

Getting viagra Mets single game tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10AM and this season it seems the Mets will have a Concert Series after some games.

Getting viagra The first of the series kicks off June 15th with REO Speedwagon. Getting viagra Back in the day we referred to bands like this as “milk and cookie” bands just too sweet and safe for our musical taste and quite frankly they are still too sweet for my taste.

Getting viagra Now the second concert will feature Cheap Trick who I did like way back when. Getting viagra They always put on a good show as Rick Nielsen was very entertaining with his various axes and Robin Zander’ vocals were just near borderline milk and cookies but my favorite band member was Bun E. Getting viagra Carlos on drums. Getting viagra Carlos always had a Charlie Watts vibe about him I thought. Getting viagra  It is kind of sad to see that they have become post game entertainment in the twilight of their careers but its work I guess. Getting viagra This one I will make an effort to attend.

Getting viagra Mercy Me is the name of the third band and they will play on August 10th after the Mets-Braves game. Getting viagra I had never heard of this band and when I found out they are a Christian Rock band I knew why I had never heard of them.

Getting viagra You don’t really need Newsday to tell us that the Mets stadium revenues have been sliding every year since Citi Field opened in 2009. Getting viagra All you had to do was go to a game in July and August to see it up close and personal. Getting viagra Many games last year the parking lots there were so many spots that you could take up four of them and no one would complain. Getting viagra Many games I went to in that time span and sat in the Promenade and saw the only food concession open were the ones in the Promenade food court. Getting viagra Even if you didn’t come out to Citi Field and just watched on TV you saw all the seats behind home plate from dugout to dugout lacking ass’ in them.

Getting viagra But don’t worry Freddy and his Fins say, getting viagra it’s all good.

Getting viagra  

Getting viagra  

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Generic omnigen viagra I’ve got a ton of work to get to today and if the rain holds off a baseball game to manage tonight so just a few quickies before my nose meets the old grind stone:

Generic omnigen viagra Good medical news finally as Davis Wright will head to Port St. Generic omnigen viagra Lonesome and engage in baseball activities that hopefully gets him back to the Mets by the All Star break. Generic omnigen viagra I love Jose Reyes telling Wright to “Have fun in St. Generic omnigen viagra Lucie” then laughing to reporters “There is nothing to do there”

Generic omnigen viagra Hopefully all Chris Capuano is suffering from is a cramp in his abdomen from not being sufficiently hydrated and not some oblique-intercostal bullshit muscle pull thingy.

Generic omnigen viagra The whole back page of the NY Daily News today is just bunch of sensational bullshit, generic omnigen viagra in fact I just spent more time on it than I should have.

Generic omnigen viagra The Jim Riggleman resignation is the talk of baseball today. Generic omnigen viagra After reading Ken Rosenthal’s article on Riggleman walking out on the Nats you can say there are two sides to the story and when you start hearing the manager and scouts all agree that GM Mike Rizzo has a problem with communicating with them, generic omnigen viagra you could see that Riggelman’ ultimatum that his contract option for 2012 be picked up or else was a cry to get the GM’s attention. Generic omnigen viagra Bottom line is Riggleman quit on his team and what makes it worse is his team is on a roll as they are just 4 ½ games off the Wild Card and they have been winning at home so Riggleman comes off as a real selfish prick with this move. Generic omnigen viagra I agree with Rosenthal as I definitely see Davey Johnson being the first choice to take over the Nats for at least the rest of the season as this is the perfect Davey Johnson situation.

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Viagra discussion board I think the current state of events sums up the Mets season well. Viagra discussion board The team has won three straight (yes it’s the Pirates I know they are Division III but a win is a win is a win) seven of ten and eight of the fourteen games they’ve played in the month of September. Viagra discussion board There is a glimmering light of hope as this years team at least competes to win while last years dogs lied down most of the summer. Viagra discussion board So we should all be singing a happy song but of this is Metsville where good news dissipates like a fart in the wind as bad news pulls the blanket over our heads.

Viagra discussion board Jenry Mejia, viagra discussion board he of the blazing fastball and youthful exuberance, viagra discussion board felt something in his back that had Henry Blanco, viagra discussion board Dan Werthen and Ray Ramirez doing the Flushing Two-Step to the mound. Viagra discussion board Meija was done for the night. Viagra discussion board As with the Johan Santana injury, viagra discussion board we heard from everyone but a medical school graduate. Viagra discussion board Jerry Manuel was still going with the muscle pull diagnosis which he uses for every ailment his players report to him. Viagra discussion board So as of this morning , viagra discussion boardall we know is a 20 year old neophyte pitcher who was rated as one of the top pitching prospects in the baseball, viagra discussion board was jerked around by a clueless management team will now go for an MRI on his back and shoulder today and you know the news will not be good. Viagra discussion board Does JetBlue have flights to Birmingham AL?  

Viagra discussion board When the list to fill the second base position for the Mets in 2011, viagra discussion board the guy I wanted to win that job was Reese Havens. Viagra discussion board Havens is a Dan Uggla type but with a better glove. Viagra discussion board I was hoping his oblique injury would heal fast so he could get back on the field and show the brass his stuff. Viagra discussion board Havens has not made it back and after a couple of months of inactivity it’s possible that Havens will need back surgery this winter. Viagra discussion board That sucks, viagra discussion board that really really sucks.

Viagra discussion board Listen I like Jose Reyes and I hope he’s a Met next year (unless of course there is a blockbuster deal for a front line pitcher then adios Jo-Jo) and Reyes has a loyal fan base but for me after watching a week of Colorado Rockies games and seeing Troy Tulowitzki (TULO to his fans and admirers) if he played for the Mets, viagra discussion board the best selling shirts at Citi Field would be Derek Who?

Viagra discussion board Just verifies what we’ve only known for years only thugs wear Highlander caps.

Viagra discussion board Why is it a shock that there are over 30, viagra discussion board000 empty seats at Citi Field for this past weeks games ? The team is out of playoff contention, viagra discussion board Mets fans have less than zero confidence in the front office as management for some reason has decided to wait until the Monday after the end of the regular season to tell us the inevitable that Omar will be reassigned and Jerry will be fired, viagra discussion board kids are back to school which means homework, viagra discussion board teams, viagra discussion board clubs which take up as much of mommy and daddy’s time the kids, viagra discussion board the of course there is the ticket prices. Viagra discussion board I gave away two tickets to Mets-Brewers for next Thursday night in the Caesars Club section. Viagra discussion board It’s just not worth taking two subway trains, viagra discussion board a ferry and another train to get home by maybe midnight and then to get up at 5AM the next day to go to work for two teams playing out the string ? Nah!!!!

Viagra discussion board It’s not just the Mets it’s all sports. Viagra discussion board Every team is feeling the pinch of the economy. Viagra discussion board That $500 bucks who were spending on tickets now goes to the utility bill. Viagra discussion board The greed of ownership has ruined the experience of being at a game. Viagra discussion board The majority of the people at sporting events are more concerned with the wine and cheese than with the hit and run and hitting to the opposite field. Viagra discussion board If these prop fans are not inside the private club sipping and texting, viagra discussion board they are sitting with in range of the centerfield camera on their cell phones waving like retards.

Viagra discussion board I like it better in my Man Cave with the remote in one hand and nacho in the other. Viagra discussion board Besides it’s nice to be the only retard in the house.

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