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Cialis and ketoconazole It’s time like these where I like to sit back and watch Mets fans devour each other and the organization. Cialis and ketoconazole Mets fans can go from JOSE-JOSE-JOSE to YOU SUCK REYES! In a bi-polar second.  These are the same Mets fans who told us all winter that the Mets were not going to any good this season and would avoid Citi Field like it was a Japanese nuclear plant. Cialis and ketoconazole That’s fine and I don’t blame you but what I don’t get is how some fans are killing Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson and his baseball operations for this horrendous start. Cialis and ketoconazole What exactly would you like them to do?

Cialis and ketoconazole Every report that came out of St Lonesome was how Collins was working this team hard on the fundamentals of the game  and how there will be no spectators on the field when the ball is put in play. Cialis and ketoconazole Not one story came out negative of Collins camp, cialis and ketoconazole all you heard from players, cialis and ketoconazole media and fans was “it’s about time” The impression portrayed to Mets fans was this team will be ready, cialis and ketoconazole willing and able to play solid baseball, cialis and ketoconazole they seem ready and willing but the able to play solid baseball part still needs work. Cialis and ketoconazole    

Cialis and ketoconazole If you think the shitty play of this team is bothering you just think how Collins feels. Cialis and ketoconazole Same for Alderson, cialis and ketoconazole you think he wants any part of failure or ridicule this team is going through? He has never settled and has never sat back and let shit like this fester. Cialis and ketoconazole  Let’s not forget one tiny little fact here, cialis and ketoconazole he inherited a total mess and if you want to criticize him for anything it’s that maybe he underestimated what a mess this organization is. Cialis and ketoconazole  

Cialis and ketoconazole You could tell from listening to Terry Collins in his post game presser when asked about worrying about Bobby Parnell, cialis and ketoconazole he made it known he’s not concerned about Bobby Parnell his concern is the NY Mets and that should be music to Mets fans ears. Cialis and ketoconazole  Parnell I’m sure is a fine young man but if he can’t handle the bullpen role then see ya later. Cialis and ketoconazole  All the work he put into his drills with the players have gone for naught. Cialis and ketoconazole It’s one thing for pitchers to be ineffective but when you can’t execute a 1-2-3 double play, cialis and ketoconazole you’ll pay a price.

Cialis and ketoconazole Bobby Ojeda sees it as well. Cialis and ketoconazole He has become a must watch on the post-game show. Cialis and ketoconazole  Ojeda laid out the same scenario as Collins it’s time to take the diapers off some of these players such as Pelfrey and Parnell. Cialis and ketoconazole It’s not about their feelings or their mental wellbeing; it’s about wins and loses. Cialis and ketoconazole  Players have been coddled enough in Flushing it’s time to put up or pack a bag for Buffalo or other destinations. Cialis and ketoconazole   

Cialis and ketoconazole Big Pelf wasn’t great but he was better than the last two starts.  He showed more velocity but he still gave up more fly balls than ground balls and that’s not his game. Cialis and ketoconazole His command was lacking as well. Cialis and ketoconazole What gets me is the fans and media who ordained Pelfrey as the Ace of the Staff are the same folks who now kill him for being ineffective and not Ace worthiness.

Cialis and ketoconazole Me and Mike Ganci of The Daily Stache  used the photo of Willie Harris on scoreboard on opening day to amuse ourselves on Twitter last night during the latest Mets meltdown.  #WILLIEHARRISFACE will scare you straight.

Cialis and ketoconazole The one bright spot in the pen was the work of Jason Isringhausen making his return to Flushing. Cialis and ketoconazole His curveball was working very well so maybe this is the light at the end of the Cliff Floyd Tunnel.

Cialis and ketoconazole Please Jon Niese gives 7 innings tonight please!

Cialis and ketoconazole I’m not crazy about this year’s model of Angel Pagan.

Cialis and ketoconazole I’m shocked that the bullpen failures have not been pinned on Carlos Beltran.

Cialis and ketoconazole Dear R.A. Cialis and ketoconazole Dickey, cialis and ketoconazole

Cialis and ketoconazole I will be at the game tomorrow night and I have a request, cialis and ketoconazole could you please throw strikes as I cannot endure a three hour plus game as I have to go to Philadelphia on Thursday morning and I have leave very early. Cialis and ketoconazole Thank you in advance.

Cialis and ketoconazole All the best, cialis and ketoconazole

Cialis and ketoconazole Steve

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