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Viagra alternative merck It would be a boon to SNY’s Mets coverage to add Bobby Valentine to the pre and post game show. Viagra alternative merck IN fact I hope SNY takes it further and adds Bobby V to the broadcast booth when either Keith Hernandez or Ron Darling are not scheduled. Viagra alternative merck Talk about must see TV. Viagra alternative merck

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Cialis dosagem I’m about fried with this Walter Reed no show debate but it just shows how badly the Mets need a PR firm to come in and do a much needed makeover on how this organization does things and how to get a POSITIVE message not turn into a negative one . Cialis dosagem When an event like a trip to meet with injured soldier’s turns into a frenzy of negativity something is definitely wrong and it’s time refocus and reinvent how your franchise is viewed by your fans and throughout baseball.

Cialis dosagem One way would to bottle or just promote the folks running the Brooklyn Cyclones who do a great job on Coney Island year after year with game day promotions and making the overall atmosphere at MCU Park very enjoyable. Cialis dosagem It doesn’t hurt to put a talented, cialis dosagem hustling team on the field either.

Cialis dosagem The Cyclones took game 3 of the NY-PENN League Semi-Finals and will now move on to meet the Tri-City Valley Cats, cialis dosagem a Houston Astros farm team, cialis dosagem in the Championship best of 3 series. Cialis dosagem Darrell Ceciliani has bounced back from knee injury to get back to his hitting ways and C Blake Forsythe (who has not impressed me at all at bat and most definitely behind the plate) had a big 2run HR over the center field wall that is 412 ft from home plate and has not been cleared too often.     

Cialis dosagem Who’s on second for the Mets in 2011? My guess? Daniel Murphy and a defensive infielder (Joaquin Arias or Luis Hernandez) start the season. Cialis dosagem Reese Havens if we can stay healthy, cialis dosagem gets about 200 AB’s in the minors, cialis dosagem and takes over the position, cialis dosagem moving Murph to a super sub role.   

Cialis dosagem I’ll watch Mets-Phillies tonight because Jenry Mejia is getting another start in a match up with Roy Halladay but come 9PM I’m switching over to what has become must see TV, cialis dosagem the NL West pennant race. Cialis dosagem The Rockies are on a roll with 7 straight in the win column and then at 10PM it’s Giants-Padres from Petco Pk. Cialis dosagem The only way this night gets screwed up is if the game is not on CSN Bay Area and I don’t get to here my second favorite announcers Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow. Cialis dosagem The way the Mets are going, cialis dosagem I’m starting to sway back to my roots with the Giants since I have the MLB Extra Innings, cialis dosagem I’ve enjoyed these late night romps with Kruk & Kuip .

Cialis dosagem  Check out my NFL WEEK 1 picks at NY Football Blog and don’t forget I will be joining Frankie Maniscalco on NY Football Blog LIVE on Blog Tak Radio Sunday Night at 9PM ET to talk Giants-Jets and the Buffalo Bills football  

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Buy pfizer viagra online The Klapper has a nice profile on Bobby O and a look at his new job as pre and post game analyst on SNY. Buy pfizer viagra online Like I said the other day Ojeda is going got be a star and the post game banter between him and Mex will be must see TV

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I guess you can say I’m suffering from spring training burn out as I can not wait for the season to start in 9 days. Viagra cheap prescription


A must read is Matt Cerrone’s piece on his tour of $iti Field and it looks as if after all the bitching and moaning over the name and price of tickets and all the other minutia that myself and others have spewed all winter we can enjoy the fact that we have a first class ballpark to call our own that will be very different for our Shea experience. Viagra cheap prescription


I’m curious to know where you guys stand on the new studio team of Chris Carlin and Bobby Ojeda?. Viagra cheap prescription For me I’d say it’s a huge upgrade over Snoozeoff and Boardwalk Lee. Viagra cheap prescription I like Carlin. Viagra cheap prescription I always thought he was a good listen on WFAN and he did a good job covering the New York Football Giants as he has a jolly good personality. Viagra cheap prescription As for Bobby-O , viagra cheap prescription he has star potential. Viagra cheap prescription I met Ojeda a few years ago when he was the pitching coach in Brooklyn and he knows baseball, viagra cheap prescription is very opinionated and is funny as hell. Viagra cheap prescription The post game banter between Ojeda and Mex will be Must See TV mark my words.


Speaking of Keith Hernandez, viagra cheap prescription he and Ron Darling will be handling the play by play for tonight’s Mets-Nats game on SNY. Viagra cheap prescription No Gary and no Burkhardt. Viagra cheap prescription I hope someone has their finger on the dump button.


And speaking of Gary Cohen, viagra cheap prescription he has advanced to the Mets Greatest Announcers Championship Round at Amazin’ Avenue’ against Bob Murphy. Viagra cheap prescription Talk about your tough decisions. Viagra cheap prescription I had to put a lot of thought into whom I was voting for. Viagra cheap prescription So I went and did what I always do when I have a big decision to make, viagra cheap prescription I went for a slice of pizza and a Manhattan Special. Viagra cheap prescription When I got back to my office, viagra cheap prescription I went to my keyboard and made my choice. Viagra cheap prescription I am proud to announce that The Eddie Kranepool Society has backed Gary Cohen and will vote for him as the greatest announcer in Mets history. Viagra cheap prescription I think what swayed me was the fact I’m wearing my “It’s Outta Here” t-shirt today.




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If I’m ESPN and a producer of their BASEBALL TONIGHT show I’d be sweating a bit that after just five days MLBN’ Hot Stove Shove has become must see TV for all baseball fans. Discount lowest price viagra I really like Harold Reynolds and ESPN made a big mistake letting him go. Discount lowest price viagra What’s the problem with a little grab ass in Bristol? Hell if I worked there I’d be chasing Rachel Nichols all around the campus. Discount lowest price viagra HR loves baseball and he loves talking baseball and it comes through the TV in something stronger than HD, discount lowest price viagra PASSION. Discount lowest price viagra


Joe Magrane has the makings of a very strong game analyst. Discount lowest price viagra I always felt that he and Dewayne Staats while doing Rays games very vastly underrated. Discount lowest price viagra Victor Rojas runs a tight desk moving the discussions from chair to chair. Discount lowest price viagra Trenni Kusnierck will take time for me to warm up to because my girl Hazel Mae is the total package. Discount lowest price viagra And then there is Mitch Williams.


No good Phillie-ass kissing Mitch Williams. Discount lowest price viagra I can see where Williams is just going to piss me off all season with his Phillies loving ways. Discount lowest price viagra Last night HR, discount lowest price viagra Joe Magrane and Wild Thing were discussing the New Years resolutions for the NL East teams. Discount lowest price viagra When it got to the Mets, discount lowest price viagra Wild Thing wigged out big time with the same old Cheesesteak bullshit about Jose Reyes and his antics. Discount lowest price viagra Give props to HR for knocking Wild Thing down a peg while defending Jose, discount lowest price viagra Jose, discount lowest price viagra Jose. Discount lowest price viagra The voice of reason was Magrane who kind of poo-pooed the antics angle for the Collapse I & II and put the blame where we have been saying it should be in the clubhouse and the veteran leadership.


If that wasn’t enough for a Monday bonanza, discount lowest price viagra none other than Scott Boras took a trip to Secaucus to plead his case for his millionaires in waiting. Discount lowest price viagra HR, discount lowest price viagra questioned Boras on how he could be looking for #1 starter money for Kevin Lowe when he’s not an Ace? Boras did a little dance and jive and the best he could come with is the disgrace that is Barry Zito. Discount lowest price viagra If that’s his defense in getting Lowe the dough he wants, discount lowest price viagra then Omar has them both by the cajones.


I wish I could get in side the head of Lastings Milledge and rearrange some of the furniture in there and toss out the bassinette and changing table and put some big boy stuff in there. Discount lowest price viagra Milledge is going to be challenged by the Nationals and Elijah Dukes for the Nats centerfield job and I would guess a spot on the DC 25 man roster. Discount lowest price viagra If he fails he’ll either be dealt or released. Discount lowest price viagra I have told kids that have played for me in leagues that just when you think you’re all that, discount lowest price viagra remember there are 1, discount lowest price viagra000 guys out there better than you and just because you have some talent but your attitude sucks will be the difference of making a team and being cut. Discount lowest price viagra You have to be one outstanding ball player (Manny Ramirez) to have a piss poor attitude to make in the big leagues. Discount lowest price viagra I’ve never met Milledge or dealt with him but from folks I know who have told me he has been a big dick head. Discount lowest price viagra Time for LMillz to man up and grow up and be a big leaguer, discount lowest price viagra if not the Atlantic League ain’t so bad.


 Joe McDonald posts some pics of the dismantling of Shea. Discount lowest price viagra This is like watching a family member die a slow death just put us and Shea out of our misery already.


From a link at the BBTF site I found Tim Marchman’ new website so to Repoz and Marchman, discount lowest price viagra thank you!


So J.C Romero went into the local GNC bought some kind of supplement, discount lowest price viagra took it and is now banned from playing for the Phillies for 50 days. Discount lowest price viagra According to Romero, discount lowest price viagra he called the Union and told them what he was taking and they thought it was fine. Discount lowest price viagra He spoke with the Phillies training staff and they found nothing wrong with the supplement either. Discount lowest price viagra The one place Romero didn’t go for guidance was the Hot Line that is set up by MLB that is the be all end all of what’s approved and disapproved under the new and tougher baseball drug code. Discount lowest price viagra This is why when you have a tooth ache you don’t go to the chiropractor.   First, discount lowest price viagra Mets-killer Pat Burrell goes to Tampa and now Romero in lock up maybe the Philly worm is turning?


Saw this on the Sox & Dawgs site. Discount lowest price viagra There is a pettion out there to get Ted Williams’ likeness on a postage stamp. Discount lowest price viagra Go there and sign it as if there ever were a real American hero it’s the Splendid Splinter and he should be honored on a stamp.


Don’t forget to make a not to join me and Joe McDonald on Thursday at 9PM EST for Pro Baseball Central on Blog Talk Radio.






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