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Buy cialis once daily For most people the holiday season is over but for baseball fans we are anticipating our holiday season, buy cialis once daily the day pitchers and catchers start stretching out hammys and arms in what is really (no offense to those who like to use rodents as weather prognosticators) the first sign that daylight will be longer and temperatures higher, buy cialis once daily spring training. Buy cialis once daily  As Mets fans we are entering a new era in the history of the franchise with Team Alderson running the Baseball Ops and I don’t know about you but I’m still trying to figure out the direction in which we’re headed.

Buy cialis once daily Alderson has a lot of Clint Eastwood movie role qualities, buy cialis once daily he seems to never get rattled or sweat. Buy cialis once daily In fact I bet if Alderson were advising Mayor MoneyBags during the worst snow removal operation, buy cialis once daily we would not have had the disaster, buy cialis once daily the likes of which we haven’t seen since the late 1970’s when John Lindsay forgot that Queens was not part of Nassau County. Buy cialis once daily The problem we have here though, buy cialis once daily the Mets fan base is the exact opposite of the front office.

Buy cialis once daily The NY Jets fan base has bought in to Rex Ryan’ bravado and bluster. Buy cialis once daily Knicks fans are starting to boast about having a top 10 NBA team. Buy cialis once daily NY Rangers fans are looking with admiration of their team as it has become a real blue collar bunch that works it’s ass off. Buy cialis once daily Even NY Giants fans are still believers in their head coach (some, buy cialis once daily not all I know. Buy cialis once daily Even though I’m not a big Coughlin fan I agree with John Mara bringing him back next season. Buy cialis once daily I bet he gets a one year extension and then retires)   I just wonder if Mets fans will ever take on the persona of Sandy Alderson ?

Buy cialis once daily Most of us Mets fans are feeling very antsy about the pitching staff, buy cialis once daily there are two starting spots open along with at least three spots in the bullpen, buy cialis once daily and just a few shekel’s available in the Skill Sets budget to fill the spots.  There are also six bench spots that have to be filled as well and all I keep thinking is “How is Sandy going to do this”? Not only how but how and make this team competitive?

Buy cialis once daily Adam Rubin did a whole roster breakdown and of the starting eight, buy cialis once daily only second base is an open competition. Buy cialis once daily The outfield is set with Bay, buy cialis once daily Beltran, buy cialis once daily Pagan so the only question here is who will play centerfield and who will be in right? Talking to Carlos Beltran, buy cialis once daily he feels fine and looks fit but the biggest obstacle I see is that big bulky brace he will have to wear for as long as he plays baseball. Buy cialis once daily  I got the impression from Terry Collins, buy cialis once daily that Beltran will be given every chance to win the CF job but if he and his staff feels he’s not up to it, buy cialis once daily he’ll be the RF’er with Pagan taking over CF. Buy cialis once daily What choice does Beltran have if this move is made? None.

Buy cialis once daily The second base quagmire is most compelling. Buy cialis once daily If Luis Castillo can’t beat out the competition he’ll be given his release. Buy cialis once daily The feeling I get is Alderson hopes he craps out so he can release him. Buy cialis once daily Castillo fits on this team about as well as a eunuch in whorehouse. Buy cialis once daily  I’m very interested in seeing Brad Emaus play as I think he’s the guy the front office wants to win the second base job. Buy cialis once daily Dan Murphy will get reps at second as well but he looks to be more a utility guy and lefty bat off the bench. Buy cialis once daily Same with Nick Evans as his righty counterpart who can spell both David Wright and Ike Davis and maybe play a corner spot in the outfield as well.

Buy cialis once daily That still leaves about four spots to fill the bench. Buy cialis once daily One player who won’t be a benchmark is Lucas Duda and that’s a good thing. Buy cialis once daily Duda needs to play every day and that can only happen in Buffalo. Buy cialis once daily It’s a win-win for the Mets, buy cialis once daily if Duda hits like last year, buy cialis once daily he’s prime trade bait or he is the first call up if the any of the three starting OF’ers go down injured. Buy cialis once daily  How about signing Andruw Jones as a fourth outfielder? Maybe the longer he’s unemployed, buy cialis once daily the easier he could be to sign for an incentive laden contract.

Buy cialis once daily The storyline that will be most prominent in 2011 will be what becomes of Jose Reyes beyond this season. Buy cialis once daily I’d say it’s a given that no matter how well he plays, buy cialis once daily this is Carlos Beltran’ last season as a Met, buy cialis once daily in fact we could be talking months as Alderson will have to decide if it’s worth trading Beltran for prospects or taking the draft pick? With Reyes it’s a lot more difficult decision. Buy cialis once daily What Jose Reyes will we see in 2011? If it’s the Reyes of the last two seasons, buy cialis once daily where injury and production limit his playing time, buy cialis once daily then no way you go long term, buy cialis once daily in fact if 2011 is a carbon copy of 2010, buy cialis once daily then Reyes will be an ex-Met but if he bounces back and has a 2008 type season, buy cialis once daily then Sandy Alderson will have a real tough decision to make. Buy cialis once daily Let’s hope Reyes has a 2008 type season as that would mean not only seeing how Alderson handles a tough decision but I’m sure the Mets will have  better season than most fans think they’ll have.

Buy cialis once daily The Francisco Rodriguez saga will be compelling as well. Buy cialis once daily What happens if Rodriguez is closing in on the magic 55 games finished and the Mets are out of contention? Do the Mets hold him back and damn the consequences of a grievance? What if everything starts to fall into place and this team is still in post season hunt?  It’s the $17.5 mil dollar question.

Buy cialis once daily I’m getting mighty itchy for some positive Mets news. Buy cialis once daily This front office is keeping its plans very close to the vest and all the leaks in the organization seemed to have been plugged so we sit here waiting for a moves to be made so we can analyze and try to track how this team will go forward. Buy cialis once daily  Please Sandy, buy cialis once daily throws us a bone!

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Chip cialis So much for the talk of $iti Field being a detriment to the Mets winning. Chip cialis Talk about ‘there’s no place like home” Welcome to Citi Field Home of Citi Ball. Chip cialis It’s a little bit of small ball, chip cialis a dash of long ball and three parts big balls pitching.

Chip cialis Not only did the Mets take two series from the Taliban (Highlanders) and Al-Qeda (Phuck Phaces) of MLB they did it with the one thing that all winning Mets teams have possessed, chip cialis outstanding pitching and timely hitting. Chip cialis Now the challenge is to do it on the road as the Mets have an NBA team like split of 19-9 at 126th & Roosevelt Ave and an embarrassing 6-14 when the bags are packed, chip cialis that has to change and change this on this road trip to show the league and Mets fans that this run of success is not a mirage.

Chip cialis It’s quite obvious that “as goes Jose Reyes, chip cialis so goes the Mets” is not hyperbole, chip cialis when it’s Jose Being Jose, chip cialis hitting line drives in the gaps, chip cialis running like his feet are on fire, chip cialis making tremendous defensive plays, chip cialis and reacting with all the animation of a Looney Tunes cartoon, chip cialis the team and the fans feed off the Jose Reyes Experience and I for one am glad it’s back by popular demand.   

Chip cialis I could’ve done without Big Pelf doing his Dice K imitation last night with the five free passes but other than that, chip cialis the continuation of the Summer of Pelf was a pleasure to watch. Chip cialis  Now that Big Pelf has incorporated the split-finger fastball with great success mixed in with his 90+ FB effective slider and a much better curveball and the big ingredient, chip cialis maturation what we are seeing is the blossoming of a star pitcher that is quite impressive.

Chip cialis I like to compare Hisanori Takahashi to the late Bob Ross of the Joy of Painting, chip cialis he makes pitching look so easy. Chip cialis Takahashi’s “happy little trees” is his fastball that he places on the inside strike zone and outside strike zone and maybe one here up in the strike zone or one here down and in. Chip cialis It’s like Takahashi has a baseball palette on the mound, chip cialis just mix a little bit of fast ball with some slider to create at a cutter, chip cialis just a little bit of slider on those bristles, chip cialis oh that one is out of the strike zone ? Not a problem we can fix that it’s just a happy little accident. Chip cialis That’s Hisanori Takahashi pitching in his moment of Zen.

Chip cialis You know something, chip cialis the way the Mets are treating Oliver Perez is better than just releasing him. Chip cialis The Mets have become Amish elders with Perez as he is shunned by management for not accepting assignment to Buffalo. Chip cialis Ollie has become a non-factor on this team, chip cialis only to be used in blowout conditions. Chip cialis Here are the Mets scrambling for a starter for Saturday and the names being tossed around are Raul Valdes, chip cialis or R.A. Chip cialis Dickey on three days rest or just let Fernando Nieve start as a resurrection of the spot starter, chip cialis not one mention of letting Ollie P take the mound. Chip cialis I wonder if Perez is bright enough to be embarrassed about this?        

Chip cialis As long time readers here know, chip cialis I am not a big fan of Mike Piazza. Chip cialis I acknowledge the he is arguably the best offensive catcher of all time and a first ballot Hall of Famer and I hope he goes in as a Met. Chip cialis But he always struck me as a me guy and a phony because in my opinion, chip cialis he was more concerned about his personal stats than winning baseball games. Chip cialis However, chip cialis when it comes to speculation that he was a steroid user all of those who come out and say that Piazza used PED’s , chip cialis show your proof or shut the fuck up. Chip cialis Show the test results that separates fact from fiction and I’m looking square at you Murray Chass you old broken down fucking hack. Chip cialis I wish Piazza would sue you for defamation of character to expose you as the irresponsible dolt that you are. Chip cialis If you want to read Chass’ bullshit post, chip cialis Google it, chip cialis there will be no links to his site here ever!!!!!!

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