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Statistics on viagra I’m back from covering the Mets holiday party where the club invited about a 100 kids from P.S. Statistics on viagra 43 and The Scholars Academy both in Far Rockaway to meet Santa (John Franco) Claus and his Elf’s R.A. Statistics on viagra Dickey and Ike Davis. Statistics on viagra Also on hand was Mets GM Sandy Alderson.

Statistics on viagra After spending time with the children and giving out gifts the players and the GM were available for some Q & A time. Statistics on viagra  After spending some time with all three I have some observations:

Statistics on viagra R.A. Statistics on viagra Dickey looked and sounded puzzled, statistics on viagra hurt and a bit defiant when he spoke of his situation now with the club. Statistics on viagra From the way I see it, statistics on viagra the Mets first priority with Dickey is to trade him and they are waiting out teams that are interested in trade to offer more in return to the Mets than has been offered now. Statistics on viagra How long this plays out is anyone’s guess right now but make no mistake for the Mets this is a stone cold baseball business decision and honestly I hate it and from listening to Dickey this morning he understands it’s business but he’s not happy with the way it’s played out so far either.

Statistics on viagra Dickey also declared that once the season starts he will not negotiate a contract extension, statistics on viagra nor should he. Statistics on viagra  I don’t know which end of the organization is playing by these hardball rules whether its Sandy Alderson looking to fill the massive gaps in personnel this team has or if it’s The Skill Sets looking to nickel and dime the 2012 Cy Young Award winner. Statistics on viagra If it’s the baseball ops guys being hard ass’s I can understand it, statistics on viagra that doesn’t mean I like but if it’s  Jeffey trying to win at a negotiation, statistics on viagra then I’ll be totally outraged.

Statistics on viagra What Dickey is asking is not just more than fair; I believe he’s selling himself short. Statistics on viagra Dickey’s agent has proposed a 2 year extension for $28 mil, statistics on viagra how in the hell is that excessive? Dickey should have proposed a deal well north of $30 mil for 2 years. Statistics on viagra As much as I want to believe it’s the Skills Sets acting like hard ass’s here I feel it’s more Alderson and his baseball ops who are dragging this out to see if they can get a trading partner who will send back quality and quantity in a trade. Statistics on viagra  The worst part of this situation is it’s starting to get ugly and could breakout in a lot of nasty if not rectified soon.

Statistics on viagra It was Ike Davis’ turn to meet with us and as down and dourer as Dickey was Davis was very upbeat and effervescent. Statistics on viagra  It could be that Davis is 100 % healthy as he said he just had his lungs x-rayed and they are clear so he has no more effects from Valley Fever and his ankle is a good as ever. Statistics on viagra He was very happy that Wright received his contract extension and he hoped that something can work out with R.A. Statistics on viagra Dickey staying with the Mets. Statistics on viagra  You can check out the conversation with Ike by clicking here

Statistics on viagra Sandy Alderson made his way into the press area and I don’t hide the fact that I’m an Alderson fan. Statistics on viagra I think he has a plan to rebuild this organization (even though he’s not allowed to utter the dreaded “R” word because it gives any Mets fans a case of the vapors) but I think the reason I admire him is every time I talk to him he comes off very cool and collected. Statistics on viagra You can’t make him flinch. Statistics on viagra There is no emotion in how he is running the baseball operation of this organization in that way he’s the anti-Omar.

Statistics on viagra Alderson was bombarded as expected with question on R.A. Statistics on viagra Dickey and his status with the Mets. Statistics on viagra Alderson gave a name, statistics on viagra rank and serial number answer saying that he is still speaking to clubs about dealing R.A. Statistics on viagra and at the same time looking to negotiate contract extention as he said the situation is the same as it was last week. Statistics on viagra The contrast in Alderson talking about this situation and Dickey talking about it are quite a contrast. Statistics on viagra Dickey’s answers were of an emotional nature whereas Alderson was from the business end. Statistics on viagra Alderson has no problem trading R.A. Statistics on viagra Dickey but he wants a solid return back, statistics on viagra he’s not going to give him away. Statistics on viagra  If he can’t find the right trade for Dickey I think he’ll sweeten the extension offer and get Dickey under contract for an additional two years.

Statistics on viagra Alderson claims there is money to spend but he’s not going to spend just to spend, statistics on viagra he doesn’t seem to care about winning the back pages of the tabloids in December. Statistics on viagra The impression I was left with is Alderson will not be the first to blink. Statistics on viagra He’s not tipping his hand on who he’s looking at to sign or trade for.

Statistics on viagra I’m as confused and frustrated as any Mets fan, statistics on viagra in fact coming back for Citi Field today with Ed Marcus we were both in such deep discussion about what we just heard from the Mets GM we kind of forgot what a pain in the ass traffic jam we were stuck in trying to get back to Staten Island. Statistics on viagra  No matter if you like or dislike Alderson you have to admit he’s one shrewd dude. Statistics on viagra Now if nothing changes personnel wise between now and spring training I may have to alter my view but I’m trying to stay patient which is very hard for me to do but I’m trying my best.

Statistics on viagra To hear my chat with Sandy Alderson click here.

Statistics on viagra To hear the total media Q & A click here.

Statistics on viagra  

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Soft gel viagra tablets I was so pissed that I missed hearing Sandy Alderson on the SNY telecast last night. Soft gel viagra tablets But, soft gel viagra tablets thanks to Chris McShane at Amazin’ Avenue who transcribed the whole interview Alderson did with Gary Cohen and Ron Darling, soft gel viagra tablets I’m caught up with what the Mets GM is looking to accomplish going forward with the team. Soft gel viagra tablets What has me puzzled is the Mets fan/blogger fixation on what Alderson said about changing the dimensions and height of the Cit Field outfield wall, soft gel viagra tablets from reading the McShane’s transcript of the conversation, soft gel viagra tablets that was the least interesting feature to me.

Soft gel viagra tablets I’m not saying reducing the height of the Great Wall of Flushing or bringing in the right/center Mo Zone is not good thing, soft gel viagra tablets in fact I’m all for it but Alderson’s insights on player personnel and his approach to the off season was much more newsworthy.

Soft gel viagra tablets To me more important than wall renovations is what is the GM’s plan of attack for re-signing Jose Reyes. Soft gel viagra tablets It seems like Alderson has a preempted strike ready to fire as he has tabbed October as Jose Reyes Month. Soft gel viagra tablets I get the vibe that he has an offer already to be presented a figure in years and money that he won’t go over. Soft gel viagra tablets Alderson has made it known he will not get into a bidding war over Reyes. Soft gel viagra tablets He has been nothing but complimentary of the shortstop as has Terry Collins, soft gel viagra tablets who is on record as saying he can’t fathom the Mets without Reyes or David Wright for that matter which I’m sure is the company line. Soft gel viagra tablets I’m interested in this negotiation to see if Reyes takes a little less money or years to stay with the only organization he’s ever played for or does he move on and take the best deal out there. Soft gel viagra tablets I still think that while Alderson will make a very good offer to Reyes, soft gel viagra tablets he won’t be heartbroken if another team comes in and blows the Mets deal out of the water. Soft gel viagra tablets No question he wants Reyes back but he won’t break the Skill Sets fragile bank account to sign him.

Soft gel viagra tablets One of Alderson’s concerns was rushing pitchers to the big leagues but also doing a balancing act getting some of the minor league arms a bit of a push to move them along. Soft gel viagra tablets Under Omar MInaya’s regime the club loved drafting collage pitchers to where a team like St. Soft gel viagra tablets Lucie is overstocked with 24 and 25 year olds which it sounds like is very frustrating to Alderson. Soft gel viagra tablets When you’re that age and still pitching in A ball, soft gel viagra tablets you’re at the shit or get off the pot stage of your career.

Soft gel viagra tablets Alderson sounds like a Mets fan when he talks about the bullpen and how blowing late game leads, soft gel viagra tablets a la Bobby Parnell, soft gel viagra tablets takes the heart out of everyone when it’s on an almost daily basis. Soft gel viagra tablets Safe to say, soft gel viagra tablets Alderson has seen enough of Parnell closing to know he needs to put finding a closer on the top of his shopping list. Soft gel viagra tablets Also clearly stated, soft gel viagra tablets he will go outside the organization to find one. Soft gel viagra tablets  Looking at guys like Greg Holland of the Royals, soft gel viagra tablets Mike Adams of the Rangers, soft gel viagra tablets Rafael Betancourt of the Rockies and Sean Marshall of the Cubs there are some interesting options for Alderson out there.

Soft gel viagra tablets Alderson is happy with the number of innings his starters have given him but now he wants them to improve the quality of those innings. Soft gel viagra tablets I believe that Jon Niese and Dillon Gee will and of course R.A. Soft gel viagra tablets Dickey will give a quality start just about every time out but we still have no idea what Johan Santana will give you on the mound next year and of course there is the elephant in the room known as Mike Pelfrey. Soft gel viagra tablets From Alderson’s comment it seems that Pelf will be back next season but in what capacity?

Soft gel viagra tablets What we have Mets fans is one busy and interesting winter coming up ahead of us and the brain trust of our team. Soft gel viagra tablets Right now is the lull where the team plays out the string as October on will be the most interesting time for the Mets since before the All Star break.

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Safe for females to use viagra photo courtesy of the NY Daily News

Safe for females to use viagra When you haven’t had a walk off win all season you take what you can get, safe for females to use viagra and last night after Frankie Rodriguez came one strike away from saving a stellar start by R.A. Safe for females to use viagra Dickey (any of you dinosaurs out there still rely on won-loss record to evaluate starting pitcher’s?) but spit the bit and sent the game into extra innings. Safe for females to use viagra It wasn’t until Ginger Turner took one for the team in the 13th taking a pitch to the knee to force home Lucas Duda for the win.

Safe for females to use viagra What a game and what a day yesterday. Safe for females to use viagra First the news that Ike is not progressing well and we still have to wait three weeks to see if Ike will be back in August or February. Safe for females to use viagra Today we get more medical news on David Wright and with the way the Mets luck has been with injuries I wouldn’t be shocked to hear he’s done for the year as well. Safe for females to use viagra When you’re a Mets fan it’s “expect the worst and hope for the not so bad”.

Safe for females to use viagra All this medical talk has gotten in the way of Mets fans favorite past time, safe for females to use viagra figuring out if Jose Reyes will be traded, safe for females to use viagra re-signed or lost as a free agent. Safe for females to use viagra The subject it seems has not been beaten enough so let me give my opinion on the Reyes situation that changes daily:

Safe for females to use viagra I want Jose Reyes to stay with the Mets but:

Safe for females to use viagra If Sandy Alderson gets bowled over with an offer from a team that feels they are a World Series contender that includes a young ML ready starting pitcher or a top flight number one pitching prospect then he has to make the deal.

Safe for females to use viagra If there is no top offer like that then keep Reyes and take a chance you can match any offer he gets in the off season.

Safe for females to use viagra Again Mets fan this is not about you, safe for females to use viagra you do not figure in any of the Reyes negotiation. Safe for females to use viagra It’s about Reyes and the financial security of his family, safe for females to use viagra it’s about the Mets committing years and money to one player when this team is not one player away from being a winning team , safe for females to use viagra it’s about Reyes making the biggest decision of his life whether to leave the only organization he has ever known to go to parts unknown. Safe for females to use viagra So does Reyes take in the old devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know adage, safe for females to use viagra or does he say baseball is baseball and follows the money. Safe for females to use viagra Rally’s and signs and t-shirts are nice and shows ownership that there is still passion in the fan base so maybe a small part of the discussion to keep Reyes will be the fan reaction (a/k/a buying tickets) bottom line is Sandy Alderson has to do what’s good for the Mets and Jose Reyes has to do what’s good for the Reyes’s .

Safe for females to use viagra Right now it’s all in a holding pattern, safe for females to use viagra check back on July 10ththe last game before the All Star break to see which way the wind blows in Flushing. Safe for females to use viagra If the Mets are still part of the Wild Card pack then they could be buyers (a catcher, safe for females to use viagra reliever or if Ike is done for year a right handed bat for 1stBase) if they are also ran’s then the selloff will be on.

Safe for females to use viagra Right now let’s concentrate on the Mets beating the A’s today for a series win.

Safe for females to use viagra Here is something we can all agree on, safe for females to use viagra we can’t stand Joe Buck and hate when his new gravel voice comes on the FOX Game of the Week. Safe for females to use viagra So it is your duty to sign the petition put forth by Matthew Falkenburry of The Daily Stache to have FOX give the World Series play by play job this season to Vin Scully. Safe for females to use viagra Since the day I subscribed to MLB Extra Innings I’ve found a new appreciation for Scully doing Dodger games solo. Safe for females to use viagra His play by play and storytelling are still spot on. Safe for females to use viagra I don’t know if Scully would be up to doing another World Series as he doesn’t travel past Denver to do Dodger games plus we’re dealing with FOX here, safe for females to use viagra a place where closed minds are pre requisite for employment but it’s worth a shot to show FOX and MLB that a change is needed in the national broadcast booth and to send a message to Vinny that baseball fans still love him.

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Generic ogden viagra WOW! I swear I made an attempt to go to work this morning. Generic ogden viagra I got up at 5AM and looked out the window and thought twice about heading out. Generic ogden viagra Then I went downstairs to put on the TV to see what the situation was in the city it was there the little scrawl under the screen said the Staten Island Rapid Transit has suspend service.  As I type this, generic ogden viagra service is still down as the snow drifts have covered the third rail so they have sent the diesel powered work train out to clear the rail to get the train moving again.

Generic ogden viagra It’s not the ammount of snow although on Staten Island there must be close to 20 inches, generic ogden viagra it’s the wind that causes drifts of 3 to 4 feet.

Generic ogden viagra Here is what it looks like from my front door

I was lucky to get the storm door and front door open as the snow driffted to the right of the doors. Generic ogden viagra There are steps and a walkway under that blanket of snow, generic ogden viagra also lights along the side that may not be seen until the opening day of baseball season

Where it gets tricky is from the side door to the driveway and the garage where my yard has a Siberian feel to it

Good thing I kept a shovel inside. Generic ogden viagra Problem here is, generic ogden viagra I keep a refrigerator in the garage and of course I need to get to it for a gallon of milk and orange juice, generic ogden viagra so there is a negotiation on going as to whom wants that milk and juice badly enough to go fetch it.

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Buy href viagra As we await the non-tender floodgates to open, buy href viagra the Mets have four players who fit the offer/non-offer list so let’s see who stays and who goes:

Buy href viagra John Maine-I think we all agree the days of Maine are done in Queens. Buy href viagra Maine did himself no favor by hiding his injuries and less than honest with the coaching staff and front office. Buy href viagra With Old School Dan Werthan staying on as the Pitching Czar and the fact that Old School can’t stand the sight of Maine then add in his arbitration price could go to $4mil, buy href viagra it’s safe to say we can add John Maine to that long list of former Mets

Buy href viagra R.A. Buy href viagra Dickey-Look, buy href viagra we all love Dickey wait that didn’t come out right, buy href viagra We all love R.A. Buy href viagra and he was a revelation both on the mound and in the clubhouse as Dickey was the only player when interviewed that I paid attention to as he would always say something of substance. Buy href viagra But (and you knew the BUT was coming) let’s not go crazy with talk of multi-year deals for R.A.  I’d go 1yr plus an option $1.5 mil which is about double what he made last year.

Buy href viagra Angel Pagan-Now Pagan is a different story. Buy href viagra Pagan not only took his offensive game to a higher level but right now he’s the best centerfielder on the Mets roster. Buy href viagra Pagan went from being a baseball dunderhead in 2009 to arguably the Mets MVP last season (Yes I know David Wright had a great offensive year but the case can be made that the best all-around season by a Met last year was Pagan) Angel made $1.45 mil last season and it would be hard for the Mets to win an arbitration case but what price is right for Pagan? 2yrs/$4.5-5mil?

Buy href viagra Sean Green-We’re tendering him a contract, buy href viagra why?

Buy href viagra Mike Pelfrey-Ahhhhhh Big Pelf.  The sticking point he is Pelf’s agent, buy href viagra Scott Boras. Buy href viagra  Pelf cannot test the free agent waters until 2014, buy href viagra so the Mets hold the hammer on him as well. Buy href viagra Pelfrey has made some coin off his ML contract he signed when drafted in 2005 to the tune of a shade under $5mil so this negotiation should be quite interesting. Buy href viagra As the Mets hold all the cards they don’t have to offer a multi year deal but figure with Boras as his agent, buy href viagra I’m sure he will make up one of those elaborate books to present at the arbitration hearing to make Big Pelf look like Cy Young .

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No fourth year but the money was sweetened so I guess Scott Boras saved some face but you have to wonder what took so long? How tough a negotiation was this? 3 years/$36 mil is a victory for Omar and the Mets in terms of years and money. Effects of viagra So now what? Now that the pitching has been addressed will the need for an outfielder with some pop be added? Can the Mets be happy with a projected 7-8-9 in the lineup of Schneider-Castillo-Pitcher De Jour? Can Gimp handle the two hole anymore so that Ryan Church get take the 7 hole with Schneider moving to 8?  Still more questions than answers with 12 days to go before pitchers and catchers report to St Lonesome Time to stock up on the Pepto Bismal

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