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Cheep viagra Well one thing the 2010 Mets aren’t lacking in is drama, cheep viagra with ex-Mets trying to school new Mets and the bullpen coach telling the Diva Closer to shut the fuck up and the manager’s job status as volatile as the Dow Jones this is becoming a lot of fun.

Cheep viagra I remarked on Twitter last night that I wondered where R.A. Cheep viagra Dickey leaves his shopping cart during games. Cheep viagra Dickey looks like the guys you avoid at the supermarket who bring in cans and bottles for the nickel deposit. Cheep viagra Dickey has been outstanding in these last two starts and a huge upgrade over the Ritalin Kid that’s for sure. Cheep viagra Plus the Dickey jokes on Twitter never get old.

Cheep viagra Speaking of Dickey, cheep viagra did you get a look at what has been reported as Evan Longoria’s manhood? If I were packing something like that it would be the picture on my drivers license. Cheep viagra Most definitely NSFW

Cheep viagra I saw the video of the squirrel that ran on the grass at Target Field during last nights Twins-Highlanders game. Cheep viagra The squirrel really looked lost and confused as he ran around out of control to the point the game had to be held up. Cheep viagra The squirrel, cheep viagra who was identified as Rocket J. Cheep viagra Squirrel of Frost Bite Falls MN said he was looking for the Tony O’s Cuban Sandwich concession stand when he got disoriented, cheep viagra he claims with the ball park’ so new he was still trying to find his way around the place.

Cheep viagra I am definitely getting myself an I LIKE IKE t-shirt

Cheep viagra Nelson Figueroa is the first player in the history of professional sports to get screwed over by a team. Cheep viagra Give it a break Nelly Figs will ya!

Cheep viagra After the Mets defeated the Phuck Phaces last night I had the pleasure of talking to Bill Baer of Crashburn Alley a member of ESPN Sweet Zone blogs (as well as Baseball Prospectus Baseball Digest Daily and Heater Magazine) on my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN show last night. Cheep viagra You can check out the podcast right there a Kranepool Society (see the player on the lower left sidebar) or at my show page at Blog Talk Radio or downloaded it to your iPhone, cheep viagra iTouch, cheep viagra or iPod at iTunes.

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Generic viagra ok Here is the most critical component of this Mets team and the twelve men mentioned here hold the future of the season in their left and right arms. Generic viagra ok Without pitching we are nothing!

Generic viagra ok Starting Rotation

Generic viagra ok Johan Santana

Generic viagra ok Mike Pelfrey

Generic viagra ok Oliver Perez

Generic viagra ok John Maine

Generic viagra ok Nelson Figueroa/Jon Neise

Generic viagra ok I’m starting to calm down a bit about starters 2-5 in this rotation. Generic viagra ok Big Pelf and OP have improved with each spring appearance and hopeful they gain confidence in these starts. Generic viagra ok Maine goes tomorrow and hopefully he bounces back and is focused in this start. Generic viagra ok The fifth spot if given on merit should go to Nelly Figs as he has continued from his great performance in the Caribbean World Series so far this spring. Generic viagra ok Neise has shown that the hammy tear from last year is healed. Generic viagra ok The easiest move here is Niese in the fifth slot and Figs in the pen as long/middle man

Generic viagra ok Bullpen

Generic viagra ok Frankie Rodriguez

Generic viagra ok Pedro Felicaino

Generic viagra ok Sean Green

Generic viagra ok Hisanori Takahashi

Generic viagra ok Ryota Igarashi

Generic viagra ok Bobby Parnell

Generic viagra ok Kiko Calero

Generic viagra ok This all changes if the front office makes the huge mistake by letting Jenry Mejia come North, generic viagra ok then someone has got to go most likely Parnell. Generic viagra ok Takahashi has also pitched himself into a job and the 40 man roster with his stellar spring, generic viagra ok by the way has anyone in the organization realized that Takahashi uses his left arm to pitch ?  Again the pen is in flux as brain trust decides if they want LOOGY Joe Beimel (at their price) and keeping Mejia but the locks are Frankie Rodz, generic viagra ok Feliciano, generic viagra ok Green and I guess Igarashi. Generic viagra ok That leaves three spots with I’d think Takahashi getting one of them. Generic viagra ok The next two could be filled by Parnell, generic viagra ok Calero, generic viagra ok Mejia, generic viagra ok Beimel or some other arm from another organization. Generic viagra ok Then again Nelly Figs could be sent packing once more.

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Gel tab viagra Instead of talking about the outstanding pitching performance by 35 year old top pitching prospect Nelson Figueroa, gel tab viagra Mets are still discussing whether the Skill Sets will turn the franchise into the biggest small market team in baseball.

Gel tab viagra  

Gel tab viagra Reports over the weekend by former Mets GM Jim Duquette claimed the Mets were abandoning the Florida Fall Instructional League to financial constrainants. Gel tab viagra The Skill Sets claim it’s not so that they are moving the Fall operation to their Academy in the Dominican due to better competition in the DR.

Gel tab viagra  

Gel tab viagra Now I’d love to come here are kill The Duke but the problem is I don’t who to trust here. Gel tab viagra See the Skill Sets have pissed on my leg so many times and told me it’s raining that anything that comes out of their mouths is met with a BULLSHIT refrain.

Gel tab viagra  

Gel tab viagra That is the biggest problem with this organization. Gel tab viagra They have no creditability. Gel tab viagra The Skill Sets have proclaimed that the ball club is on solid financial ground and no way in hell will they take on a partner or sell the club. Gel tab viagra The more Freddy Skill Sets makes this point all I do is see Bill Clinton claiming he did not have sex with that woman, gel tab viagra Ms. Gel tab viagra Lewinsky and Raphael Palmerio sticking his finger at Congress proclaiming his innocence  of steroid use.  

Gel tab viagra  

Gel tab viagra The one sliver of evidence that gives the Mets a bit of creditability when it comes to spending is, gel tab viagra it looks like this winter will be a very quiet on when it comes to free agent signings. Gel tab viagra There doesn’t look to be the ‘it” player out there that teams will push to sign no matter the cost. Gel tab viagra In fact the market will most likely wait for the non-tenders to flood the market to bring prices down even more. Gel tab viagra So instead of a check book what a team needs is a savvy talent evaluator to make smart signings and to get production for less money. Gel tab viagra In other words Mets fans, gel tab viagra we’re fucked.

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Viagra tablets Mets beat the Nats last night an all is forgiven until you realize that Johan Santana can’t pitch everyday and the big boppers at bat still can’t hit with RISP and did I mention they beat the Nationals?

Viagra tablets Mike Silva have you been reading my mind again (really Mike that is one place you DON’T want to go) ? Watching Jesus Flores block pitch after pitch last night from Scott Olsen like it was a catching drill then hitting a 2 run bomb off Frankie Rodriguez in the 9th all I could think was how could Omar lose this guy in the Rule V draft? When the shitty deals that Minaya has made during his term here you hear about Heath Bell, viagra tablets Brain Bannister, viagra tablets and Matt Lindstrom but with the dearth of catching on the Mets (and in baseball) losing Flores may be Minaya’s biggest failure.

Viagra tablets Sometimes I wonder if I give Mets management too much grief. Viagra tablets Then I read something like this, viagra tablets and I think maybe I don’t kill them enough. Viagra tablets How can you object to fans posting K’s for your Ace? OK so it was obstructing your precious advertising ribbon (Forget $iti this park should have been named PennySaver Field or YellowBook Field for all the adds around it) but isn’t there anyone with the last name of Wilpon that has an once of common sense and respect for their fans? What will it take for the Skill Sets to stop acting like pompous assholes when it comes to fan relations? A few games with 12 or 13, viagra tablets000 people in attendance? If the Skill Sets don’t think that could happen take at look in Baltimore where the novelty of the new ball Park wore off and now it’s a ghost town. Viagra tablets A good burger and fires will only get you so far around here.

Viagra tablets So J-Man now says he won’t ask for an eighth reliever to join the pen. Viagra tablets I guess he realized that if you need eight arms in the bullpen who might run the words WE SUCK on those precious ad ribbons boards at $iti Field

Viagra tablets Nelson Figueroa took a Valium and realized he ain’t as hot as he thinks he is and is shuffling of to Buffalo. Viagra tablets Face it all you Figgy groupies, viagra tablets if your boy was any good he’d be wearing an Angels uni right now.

Viagra tablets I’m going to the game tomorrow to bask in the near 90 degree temps but I think the Skill Sets Posse is after me so I will go to the game disguised as Hilda Chester this way they will never suspect a thing. Viagra tablets Oh and I’ll ask the Hospitality Agents if Don Newcombe is pitching today.

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VIEWS: Who’d a thunk it? Wasn’t this supposed to be a competition between Tim Redding and Jon Niese? Redding in my opinion is being held back more for conditioning reasons and I guess that Omar feels Niese needs more work. Viagra substitute How much better is Livan over Niese? When the name Livan Hernandez is brought up the first words out of the Mets mouths is “he’s an innings eater” which is the equivalent as the blind date that has “a great personality” As long as Livan is the 5th starter and not the 4th or God forbid 3rd, viagra substitute the Mets will be okay.  What is not talked about enough is the lack of depth in starting pitching if the Mets lose two or more starters to injury. Viagra substitute That’s why Dillon Gee got the start the other day as he has leaped over Nelson Figueroa, viagra substitute Brandon Knight and Tony Armas on the depth chart. Viagra substitute Bradley Holt is above those slugs as well. Viagra substitute




VIEWS: Get used to it. Viagra substitute Some things can’t be explained. Viagra substitute Trying to figure out which OP will show up at any time is like trying to understand how Keith Richards is still draws breaths. Viagra substitute




VIEWS: The only guy I know who would disagree with this is Willie Randolph. Viagra substitute (let that be the last Willie Randolph mention) Sure Gimp is a most suited for the either of the first two spots in the lineup but the fact is Murphy is too good to bat in the bottom third of the lineup so Gimp has to take a spot in the 8 hole. Viagra substitute Does Castillo mind batting 8th? Who cares?




VIEWS: The Mets were rumored early in the off season to have interest in Takahashi who signed with the Blue Jays but was released. Viagra substitute Takahashi will join the LOGGY’s On Parade in Buffalo with Casey Fossum, viagra substitute Adam Bostick, viagra substitute Jon Switzer and Heribert Ruelas. Viagra substitute You can be sure one of this group will be called up the first time the Mets and Phillies get together.





VIEWS: Great job by Zoe Rice to get this clip of Kevin Burkhardt interviewing Johan Santana and Santana doing his impression of Jay Horowitz. Viagra substitute I think it’s safe to say that Santana is enjoying being a Met.





VIEWS: Seaver is The FRANCHISE and Piazza played a huge role in the revival of the  franchise but where is the love for Ed Kranepool? The man still holds or is in the top 10 in all of the Mets lifetime offensive records, viagra substitute he’s an original Met not only did he play at Shea but the Polo Grounds as well why isn’t he involved in this piece of history? I know this will piss off all you PIAZZA 31 Groupies out there but Ed Kranepool is much more a Met than Mike ever was. Viagra substitute It should Steady Eddie on the mound with Seaver and for that matter Keith Hernandez and Jerry Koosman should be there as well before Piazza, viagra substitute oh and no way does number 31 get retired before 7 17 or 36.   

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As great as it was to watch are darling boy, indian viagra D-Wright get an opposite field base hit to beat Puerto Rico, indian viagra it all went to shit with the news that he fouled a ball off his big toe in game that meant NOTHING!!!!!! To make it worse, indian viagra Wright is the lone 3rd baseman left on Team America so he stayed in the game –clearly in pain- and has made it known that no matter what the Mets say, indian viagra he will play this weekend in the semi-finals, indian viagra even with only nine toes. Indian viagra Add that to OP and his mid season pitch count and that the returning Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are exhausted from this bullshit tournament, indian viagra we of the Flushing Faithful are holding our breath that the Mets won’t have to add injury to the list of enemies to start the season.


You know you’re a red neck when…………………..


Anyone have Mackey Sasser’ phone number?


The Mets do not want to see Billy Wagner ever again. Indian viagra Forget about him coming back in September to fortified the bullpen it’s not happening. Indian viagra Remember how Wagner bitched and moaned about coming into non-save situations and not starting innings and not coming in for 4 outs saves so where exactly does he fit in here? He’s not going to close or set up a save hell, indian viagra he isn’t even going to be the bridge to the set up man (that looks to be Bobby Parnell) so he doesn’t fit here anymore. Indian viagra It’s not personal, indian viagra it’s business.


Au revior Chief, indian viagra unfortunately your time has come as Livan Hernandez has won the 5th starter spot in the Mets rotation. Indian viagra The back ups for the starting rotation are Tim Redding, indian viagra Jon Niese, indian viagra and Nelson Figueroa and if it goes any deeper than that it won’t matter anymore as we will all be looking for the start of NFL training camp if it comes to that.

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