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Cialis endurance As most of you know Shannon Forde of the Mets Media Department is battling Stage IV breast cancer and fund raiser has set up to help her and her family with the expenses that have come up during her fight. Cialis endurance  There will be a dinner and Greet and Meet on Thursday November 1st from 7PM to 11PM at the Westmount Country Club which is located in Woodland Park NJ. Cialis endurance Ron Darling will emcee the evening’s proceedings which will include an open bar, cialis endurance cocktail hour and dinner.  There will also be a silent and live auction for memorabilia from all the teams in the New York area and other teams from MLB as well. Cialis endurance Tickets for this event are $100.

Cialis endurance There will also be a special Meet and Greet at the same time and same venue as the dinner. Cialis endurance Tickets for this are $250 and includes meeting and receiving autographs form  Dwight Gooden, cialis endurance Darryl Strawberry, cialis endurance John Franco, cialis endurance Bobby Ojeda, cialis endurance Edgardo Alfonzo, cialis endurance Ed Charles, cialis endurance Ed Kranepool, cialis endurance Matt Harvey, cialis endurance Daniel Murphy, cialis endurance Willie Randolph and Joe McEwing.

Cialis endurance Along with the dinner/Meet and Greet there is an ongoing online auction that includes some truly once in a lifetime experiences that you can bid on like personnel pitching lessons for R.A. Cialis endurance Dickey and Johan Santana, cialis endurance hitting lessons from David Wright, cialis endurance meeting Kelly Rippa and Michael Strahan and touring their studio, cialis endurance visit ESPN headquarters in Bristol CT and get a behind the scenes look at Baseball Tonight set with a guided tour and how about this one? You can bid on being a New York Highlanders P.R. Cialis endurance Department employee for the day!

Cialis endurance As you’ve read and heard (excellent job by WFAN and Mike Francesa who have made mention of the charity every day during the drive time show) Shannon is revered by everyone who has had the great fortune to be around her, cialis endurance especially the group of Mets bloggers that she and Danielle Parillo have graciously taken under their wings and provided us with access we never thought we’d ever have to cover and be around the team we’ve loved our whole lives.

Cialis endurance If you cannot attend the dinner/meet and greet you can still make a donation to this great cause, cialis endurance you can send you generous donation via check made out to Hope Shines for Shannon and send it C/O DTRF P.O. Cialis endurance Box 3145 Point Pleasant, cialis endurance NJ 08742.

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Drug sample viagra  

Drug sample viagra

Drug sample viagra                                                                                    The Late Lamented Yankee Doodle

Drug sample viagra  

Drug sample viagra I really cannot figure out why anyone would root for the NY Highlanders. Drug sample viagra Sure the championship aura that is slammed down everyone’s throat is the major reason and I understand that the majority of Highlander loyalist are really fans of the championships and not the team itself but my God is there a more boring tight ass sports organization than the Bronx bastards?

Drug sample viagra I admit I follow very few of the Highlander beat writers on Twitter or bloggers for that fact but I read all the stories out of Tampa and a few of the blogs (until my head hits the desk from dozing off) and I feel like I’m back in the 6th grade reading about the Dewey decimal system or constellations of the solar system (I hated science when I was a kid, drug sample viagra most my time in science class was spent surveying the girls trying to determine who was wearing a bra and who still wore t-shirts, drug sample viagra my own little science lesson Ha! Ha!) The Highlanders are sooooooooooooooooooo uninteresting.

Drug sample viagra The Sainted shortstop, drug sample viagra who not only lacks range in the field is inadequate when it comes to social situations as well. Drug sample viagra I love that Bobby Valentine gave him a poke over his overrated flip play back in 2001 ALCS. Drug sample viagra Instead of Jeter coming with a witty retort, drug sample viagra pointing out that Valentine only saw what was on his TV since that’s where his ass was parked in front ofit for that post season, drug sample viagra he gave the same lack of passion response he gives to every question.

Drug sample viagra Same with Alex Rodriguez, drug sample viagra who quite frankly has turned into the clock watcher we’ve all had the displeasure of working with in our life. Drug sample viagra A-Rod has become a pick up my paycheck guy who cares more about which starlet he’ll share his lair with than his on field performance it seems. Drug sample viagra  He has figured out that his contract is so toxic and he is so broken down that an act of Congress would be the only way to get him out of town, drug sample viagra so why not sit back and enjoy.

Drug sample viagra You look at the Mets and what the team lacks in money it makes up in personality. Drug sample viagra  Are there any Highlander players on Twitter? The only one I can think of is Nick Swisher but I’m sure his Tweets are monitored by the Steinbrenner Information Teams version of Bagdad Bob.  I don’t see any of the creative Highlander fans on Twitter coming up with the best hash tag in Twitter history, drug sample viagra thanks to Jed Smed who came up with the daily #MetsHashTags that  trends around the world. Drug sample viagra   

Drug sample viagra Maybe they are out there but where are the Highlander media folk or bloggers at spring training send back reports about the team and the goings on in camp? Didn’t the Highlanders get booted from last year’s post season in the first round? With a $200 mil + payroll would that be considered a colossal FAIL? Where are the critical commentaries? Isn’t there a story how the Core Four is about to be reduced to Core Two and eventually One once we know Mariano Rivera’s “secret”? Has there been a story where a reporter asks Joe Girardi about the improving AL East and what will it take for his team to make the post season? By the way can you even fathom, drug sample viagra Joe Giradi taking questions from bloggers as Terry Collins did earlier this week? His flattop haircut would catch fire.

Drug sample viagra Now I know after I post this and some fans of the Bronx Bastards read it, drug sample viagra the feedback I’ll get is that I’m an asshole and the Mets suck. Drug sample viagra They would be half right.

Drug sample viagra Highlander fans don’t yell Mets Suck not out of hate but out of fear. Drug sample viagra Don’t think the fans and the hierarchy of 161 St and River Ave are not just a bit nervous that the Mets will be not only a good baseball team but a story of the summer, drug sample viagra because as we’ve seen with the NY Giants and the NY Knicks, drug sample viagra New York loves a sports story, drug sample viagra especially one with a great plot. Drug sample viagra The Giants with their 7-7 record and win or go home final four games of the season, drug sample viagra topped off by a Super Bowl win will be chronicled in many to be published books. Drug sample viagra  The ongoing saga of the NY Knicks and Jeremy Lin could turn out to be as big a story as Willis Reeds Champion Knicks, drug sample viagra but if this Mets team shows it is not the downtrodden bunch that many make them out to be, drug sample viagra it will be a Highlander nightmare.

Drug sample viagra As it is now, drug sample viagra this past week it’s very close as to which team was featured on the back of the tabloids the most between the Knicks and Mets. Drug sample viagra One day it’s Jeremy Lin, drug sample viagra the next it’s Johan Santana. Drug sample viagra It seems the only time the Highlanders get in the papers is when some trollop of Cashman’s comes forward.

Drug sample viagra Think of the story lines, drug sample viagra if Mets play above the negative expectation, drug sample viagra owner’s with debt up to their fake tanned foreheads cut more payroll than any team in history but the teams manager instills a confidence in his players that they are major leaguers and have to play like major leaguers. Drug sample viagra The Ace of the pitching staff comes back like no one ever has from a devastating shoulder injury to breathe life into the rest of the staff. Drug sample viagra The solid number two who possess a mesmerizing knuckleball and a spot on the NY Times Best Seller list wins baseball games and a Pulitzer. Drug sample viagra  Ike Davis, drug sample viagra David Wright, drug sample viagra Lucas Duda and a back from the dead Jason Bay on the cover of Sports Illustrated as “Air Flushing” due to the resurgence in their home run hitting prowess. Drug sample viagra  Mets sweep the Subway Series with one of the games a no hitter tossed by Mike Pelfrey and as the game ends, drug sample viagra the Twitter servers blow up like the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks display.

Drug sample viagra Can it happen? Who knows? But, drug sample viagra get your popcorn ready just in case. Drug sample viagra   

Drug sample viagra  

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Buying cialis on line Have you been watching MLB Networks Baseball IQ quiz show? I watched the first couple of shows and for the most part it’s a pretty good show. Buying cialis on line It would be even better if Matt Vasgersian, buying cialis on line who just oozes douchebagness were not a part of it (I hope to see you one day at Citi Field Vasgersian as I have a gift for your ass, buying cialis on line a size 11 Nike) and if the participants had just a smidge of personality. Buying cialis on line Mets representative, buying cialis on line Ben Baumer , buying cialis on linewho has been the clubs Statistical Analyst for years has finally been seen in public but before he was free to be seen the Mets PR staff should have given him a primer in how to smile and not act like he’s being held by Al-Qaeda for questioning, buying cialis on line Ben, buying cialis on line sweetheart, buying cialis on line lighten up!

Buying cialis on line I will give the contestants this, buying cialis on line it is very tough to answer question on TV than when your ass in in a chair at home stuffing Cheez Doodles in your mouth. Buying cialis on line Some of the questions do take a bit of thinking like name the top 15 players Colorado Rockies history in games played, buying cialis on line but if you work for the Baltimore Orioles, buying cialis on line like their rep Jay Moskowitz does and not know Brooks Robinson (tied with Carl Yastrzemski) played   the most seasons for one team, buying cialis on line that’s disgraceful.

Buying cialis on line Most of the questions on the show are about listing the top 10 or 15 in a bunch of categories. Buying cialis on line One question that intrigued me was when the contestants had to name the teams with the most World Series championships. Buying cialis on line We all know the New York Highlanders and St. Buying cialis on line Louis Cardinals rank 1st and 2nd  but if I asked you off the top of your head who was 3rd and 4th would the Athletics and Red Sox come to mind right away? For all the Curse of the Bambino bullshit, buying cialis on line the Red Sox have the 4th most World Series titles in history at seven the A’s are third with nine, buying cialis on line again not easy answers to come with under hot studio lights.

Buying cialis on line The questions on the show got me to thinking, buying cialis on line if I were asked to name the top ten Mets in different categories, buying cialis on line how well would you do? So I took out my NY Mets 2011 Media Guide and opened it to the All Time Mets Record holders list to see and I found more than a few surprises.

Buying cialis on line I’m sure if I asked you who played the most games in Mets history, buying cialis on line you’d come up with (bow your head) Ed Kranepool. Buying cialis on line If I asked you was second, buying cialis on line would you know it was Bud Harrelson? Yes, buying cialis on line Bud played in 1, buying cialis on line322 games to Krane’s 1, buying cialis on line853. Buying cialis on line The only current Met on the list is David Wright who comes in 8th place at 1, buying cialis on line004. Buying cialis on line With the way baseball is today, buying cialis on line I wonder if Kranepool’s record for game played as a Met will ever be topped.

Buying cialis on line As I looked over the twenty categories listed in the Mets media guide in the all-time leaders section, buying cialis on line the name Edgardo Alfonzo popped up on fifteen of the twenty categories, buying cialis on line that put Alfonzo second just behind Darryl Strawberry for most top ten categories. Buying cialis on line (Straw is top ten in seventeen of the twenty failing to crack the top ten in  batting average, buying cialis on line pinch hits and pinch hit home runs. Buying cialis on line I think we should be clamoring for number 18 to be retire don’t you think?)

Buying cialis on line Here is a list of the fifteen categories and his rank all time as a Met for Fonzi:

Buying cialis on line 8th in HR w/ 172

Buying cialis on line 10th in RBI w/456

Buying cialis on line 6th in Total Bases w/1736

Buying cialis on line 7th in batting avg. Buying cialis on line w/.292

Buying cialis on line 7th in games played w/1086

Buying cialis on line 8th in at bats w/3887

Buying cialis on line 5th in runs scored w/614

Buying cialis on line 4th in hits w/1136

Buying cialis on line 4th in 2B hits w/212

Buying cialis on line 6th in OBA w/.367

Buying cialis on line 7th in HBP w/29

Buying cialis on line 5th in Sac Fly w/40

Buying cialis on line 7th in BB w/458

Buying cialis on line 5th in Multi-hit games w/314

Buying cialis on line The only offensive categories Fozi failed to make the top ten in were stolen bases, buying cialis on line triples, buying cialis on line SLG (just missing w/.445 avg) and two he’d never qualify for pinch hits and pinch hit home runs.

Buying cialis on line Which brings me to this conclusion, buying cialis on line Edgardo Alfonzo is a much more worthy inductee to the Mets Hall of Fame than John Franco. Buying cialis on line  Talk about underrated versus overrated. Buying cialis on line After looking over this all-time list it’s somewhat embarrassing that Fonzi is not in the Mets hall, buying cialis on line sure Franco is an ownership favorite but if you polled Mets fans I bet they vote for Fonz over Franco for Hall of Fame honors, buying cialis on line oh I forgot who cares what the fans think.

Buying cialis on line  

Buying cialis on line  

Buying cialis on line  

Buying cialis on line  

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Viagra the little blue pill sorry for lack of a post on this New York Highlanders Elimination Day but it’s been busy today with lot of work around the house. Viagra the little blue pill I don’t know what has me more giddy, viagra the little blue pill the fact that the Bronx Bastards played only 5 more games than the Mets or that Alex Rodriguez still has 6 years and $143 mil due to him on his worst contract ever, viagra the little blue pill the tide is turning Mets fans, viagra the little blue pill the tide is turning

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Indian cialis generic  

Indian cialis generic With the New York Highlanders celebrating their annual Old Timers Day today, indian cialis generic many Mets are wondering “where’s ours”? And of course managements response is “Yesh, indian cialis generic too much work, indian cialis generic not interested” Dave the Lawyer who has moved up the organizational ladder from Head Shyster to Minister of Bullshit, indian cialis generic claims lack of fan interest, indian cialis generic lack of sponsors and it cost too much as reasons for no celebration of the Bruce Boisclair’, indian cialis generic Johnny Lewis’ and Roy McMillan ’of our past. Indian cialis generic So what the Minster of Bullshit in the Court of Skill is telling the fans is the organization is lazy, indian cialis generic unimaginative and really couldn’t give a shit about the teams past as we have seen with our new state of the art park that not until there were embarrassed (yet again) Mets management will address (like moving the retires numbers and the old Home Run Apple from the back of the visitors bullpen to maybe a more heavily trafficked area). Indian cialis generic It seems ownership is in denial about the teams past and as is the case most times have no grip on the feelings of their fan base. Indian cialis generic If any group of people deserve to be embarrassed it’s Mets fans for having clueless owners in control of our beloved franchise.

Indian cialis generic It will be great to see Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan at the 1969 World Championship celebration but the best reunion will be of Nancy Seaver and Ruth Ryan

Indian cialis generic Man is still taking heat for his crack on the Mets quacks but as we see Gary Sheffield has gone from cramps in the leg to a tweaked hammy. Indian cialis generic I getting to the point where I think Manuel really doesn’t like being here anymore as that remark tells me he is fed up with the overall ineptitude with the organization.

Indian cialis generic As much as I think Tim Redding sucks, indian cialis generic it’s really not fair what the Mets are doing to the guy just put him out of his misery and stop leaking new to the press then back track but then again what am I thinking only an organization with strong leadership would do that.

Indian cialis generic By the way why is Tony B the “high ranking official” on this road trip? Where is Omar? Getting his nursing degree?

Indian cialis generic My 13 yr olds have do or die game today at 2PM it’s win or go home and I’m not ready to end this season. Indian cialis generic I will be pulling out all stops before the game. Indian cialis generic I’ve instructed the kids to be at the field by 1PM. Indian cialis generic I have not shaved in two days so I have a good scruff going. Indian cialis generic I have a big bag of sunflower seeds that I’ll eat while giving my pep talk and my trusty fungo bat will be in hand and whoever drifts off during my talk will get a shower of shells and the barrel of the fungo pointed at them. Indian cialis generic The theme will be THE SEASON WILL END TODAY!!!!! I better make sue I do this all the way out in centerfield, indian cialis generic it won’t be pretty

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How to get viagra  

How to get viagra

How to get viagra  

How to get viagra I know we all bleed Orange and Blue around here and you’re probably saying to yourself “why should I read “The Yankee Years” (Doubleday) by Joe Torre and TomVerduuci? Well if you’re a baseball fan and if you really want to feel better about being a Mets fan you’ll read this book.

How to get viagra Verducci does the writing here and that’s what makes this a first rate book. How to get viagra St Joseph of Torre adds in lots of inside the Highlander clubhouse stuff and the book does come off a bit like a tell all jilted lover story but the real big contributors to this book are bullpen catcher Mike Borzello, how to get viagra who is not afraid to let his feelings known like when he tells how the Derek Jeter-Alex Rodriguez War of the Roses spilt the team, how to get viagra David Cone and Mike Mussina who come off as straight shooters.

How to get viagra The book reveals how the Steinbren-ian way of just buying talent bothered Brian Cashman as the more he dealt with Billy Beane, how to get viagra Theo Epstein and Mark Shapiro, how to get viagra he wanted to run the Highlanders in the same new school manor.

How to get viagra Verducci also delves in the PED Revolution with Rick Helling comeing off as the voice in the forest pertaining to steroids and how they were rampant through baseball and needed to be controlled and both ownership and the MLBPA told him to “Sit down and shut up”

How to get viagra The book is a great read and just shows that The Yankee Way is really a myth as Verducci and Torre let us know that once his core guys (Bernie Williams, how to get viagra Chuck Knoblauch, how to get viagra Tino Martinez, how to get viagra Paul O’Neil and David Cone) left the team, how to get viagra they were replaced by guys who had no idea what it took to win and it’s a problem that the Highlanders still have today.

How to get viagra After reading this book I realized the New York Highlanders are not as regal or as highfalutin as my Highlander fan relatives, how to get viagra co-worker or next door neighbor will lead me to believe.

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I should be enjoying some good old fashion schadenfreude over the A-Rod on ‘Roids story that broke this morning as it has all the elements that brings out the viciousness in me. What is better than viagra There is Alex Rodriguez the biggest self-centered phony to hit this town in a long time, what is better than viagra then there is Gene Orza who allegedly tip off Rodriguez that the piss cops were heading to his home which enhances Orza’ rep as a scummy weasel and then of course there are the New York Highlanders who can’t get enough bad news to satisfy my hate but there are a couple of things that keep me from dancing like an extra in Riverdance.

What this outing of Alex Rodriguez does is justify the village idiot, what is better than viagra Jose Canseco as the voice of truth. What is better than viagra Even though, what is better than viagra he will forever be a rat bastard and a no good snitch, what is better than viagra one thing he’s not is a liar. What is better than viagra Everything he wrote in his two books (let that swirl around your head for a moment, what is better than viagra Jose Canseco writing 2 books) has come out to be true. What is better than viagra Canseco may be an idiot but he is an idiot savant when it comes to performance enhancing drugs and the ball players that use them.

The other reason that I take no joy in this news is it hurts baseball. What is better than viagra For reasons I can’t explain, what is better than viagra baseball is held to a higher standard than other sports.NFL players wind up on the police blotter weekly, what is better than viagra NBA players produce more out of wedlock kids than that nutty woman in California hell, what is better than viagra even Olympic swimmers hitting the chronic don’t face the scorn of baseball players who take PED’s. What is better than viagra

A week before spring training starts I don’t want to hear about PED’s I want to hear about rookie phenoms and vets coming into camp healthy and fans thinking we have a chance for a big season and looking forward to summer and enjoying ourselves in our new home  ball park but no we can’t because of more fallout from drug use that happened six years ago. What is better than viagra It takes all the fun out of being a hater. What is better than viagra  


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Keeping a hardon  

You know, keeping a hardon like Rickey BobbyI love the Baby Jesus and on this eve of his birthday and now that the news came down last night that the those despicable Highlanders of the South Bronx have flexed their economic muscle one again by signing Mark Teixiera to an auto company CEO contract of 8yrs/$180 mil I have asked the Baby Jesus to intervene to help us good people of the world. Keeping a hardon Not just us chosen people (Mets fans) but all of Baby Jesus’ people (non-Highlander fans) to make the Bronx Robber Barons’ experience failure and to show all the good hard working baseball people that you can’t buy a championship:

“Dear Baby Jesus, keeping a hardon

I just want to wish you a happy birthday and hope you get some really swell gifts this year, keeping a hardon gee that’s silly right I mean you’re the Baby Jesus and all things swell are from you so forget that. Keeping a hardon I come to you today with a very serious prayer. Keeping a hardon Now the last time I came to you with a serious prayer was 35 years ago when I prayed to see what those fleshy mounds were under Karen Esposito’s sweater and to this day I thank you every day for that, keeping a hardon so you know I’m not one of these chronic prayers.

What my prayer today is I want you to stop the evil and destruction the New York Highlanders are perpetrating on baseball. Keeping a hardon Now I know your reaction is going to be, keeping a hardon “is this idiot serious” and your right (as you usually are Baby Jesus) with all the suffering, keeping a hardon war and dispair going on in the world why would you want you the Almighty Baby Jesus to get involved with something so trivial like what’s going on in MLB? Well, keeping a hardon Baby Jesus as you know too well, keeping a hardon I’m a very simple guy and I have only a few great pleasures in life, keeping a hardon looking at women’ body parts, keeping a hardon laughing at people with toilet paper on their shoe when the leave a rest room and baseball. Keeping a hardon I’ve seen a lot of women’ body parts in my life and I thank you for that and just this past week I not only got to see a guy leave the Men’s room at the Staten Island Mall with toilet paper on his shoe but also tucked in the back of his pants  so I thank you for bit of juvenile humor but what I really, keeping a hardon really want this Christmas season is for you to help make the New York Highlanders 2009 baseball season an out and out failure.

Now I know it’s against your ways to do bad things to people so I’m not asking for major injury or something catastrophic but I’m on my knees and lighting candles and not those little 25 cent candles but the big $1.00 candles in fact I’ll make a deal with you, keeping a hardon if by the last day of May 2009 the New York Highlanders have a .500 record or below I’ll drop a 5 dollar bill in that candle offering box. Keeping a hardon If by July 4th the Highlanders are in such disarray that they begin pointing fingers at each other I will never use the F word in your church when the second collection comes around.

Look I’m asking for a lot I know but with all that I also want for you to help my favorite team the New York Mets win 100 games and the World Series in 2009. Keeping a hardon Ok, keeping a hardon ok that is a big big request and I agree I may have over stepped my prayer boundaries but think back 23 years ago when the Mets won a World Championship. Keeping a hardon We all had a good time then am I right Baby Jesus?  Com’on  admit it, keeping a hardon the parties are always better at the peasant camps than in the Royal Palace, keeping a hardon so here is your chance to have the peasants dancing in the streets and teach the Royalty that they ain’t all that.

Keeping a hardon You can go check my record. Keeping a hardon I send my kids to your school. Keeping a hardon I never miss a tuition payment. Keeping a hardon I work all the events at your church. Keeping a hardon I sell the raffle tickets, keeping a hardon sell the candy bars, keeping a hardon and work the Bingo games. Keeping a hardon I buy all your merchandise, keeping a hardon beads, keeping a hardon crosses, keeping a hardon books and even when someone dies I go and buy the big commemorative Baby Jesus Mass Card. Keeping a hardon I’m not some fly by night follower of yours Baby Jesus; I’m a stone cold disciple so please Baby Jesus answer this prayer for me please. Keeping a hardon FAILURE FOR THE NEW YORK HIGHLANDERS AND A WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FOR THE NEW YORK METS. Keeping a hardon God Bless us all!             

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