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Herbal alternative to viagra WAKE UP THE ECHOS!!!!!!  Look who is number 1 in the nation!!!! Two more wins and the FIGHTIN’ IRISH will be National Champions!!!!! Hail Hail to Ol’ Notre Dame………………….  

Herbal alternative to viagra I was set to put up a post on Saturday but got caught up with tons of chores. Herbal alternative to viagra Same thing yesterday so I’ve had to save up all kinds on Mets minutia until today. Herbal alternative to viagra So without further ado:

Herbal alternative to viagra Belated happy birthday to The Franchise, herbal alternative to viagra Tom Seaver who turned 68 years old this past Saturday.  As I thought about Seaver when reminded it was his birthday, herbal alternative to viagra I thought what would be a great birthday gift for someone like Seaver who has just about everything a man could ask for a great family, herbal alternative to viagra a fabulous legacy as a New York sports icon, herbal alternative to viagra and a successful wine vineyard what else does he need? There is only one thing that Seaver doesn’t have that he richly deserves a statue outside of Citi Field.

Herbal alternative to viagra Every team has a venue to celebrate its past and its legendary players, herbal alternative to viagra unlike those teams who knew that a team museum was a necessary part of any new stadium project; the Mets had to be shamed into building a Mets Hall of Fame and Museum.   Let’s not dwell on the past inefficiencies of Citi Field as management, herbal alternative to viagra with plenty of prodding, herbal alternative to viagra have made some necessary changes to Citi Field to where it is starting to feel like a real home. Herbal alternative to viagra There is one piece though that is missing and it really is a terrible oversight that this hasn’t happen yet, herbal alternative to viagra a statue of Tom Seaver in his legendary pitching delivery, herbal alternative to viagra right knee with a dirt smudge, herbal alternative to viagra left leg extended, herbal alternative to viagra right hand cocked and ready and the ballet like follow through, herbal alternative to viagra the diagram for the perfect pitching mechanic. It wouldn’t just be a statue; it would be an exquisite work of baseball art.  The Seaver statue would look very nice just outside the Seaver Entrance to Citi Field but a more perfect place would be in the exact spot of “Seaver’s office” where the old Shea Stadium pitchers mound used to be.  

Herbal alternative to viagra The Mets will put a limited number of single game tickets on sale today starting at 10 AM along with special Holiday Pack ticket packages.

Herbal alternative to viagra Tomorrow starting at 11:30 AM Mets pitcher Matt Harvey will be joining other folks from the Mets organization in handing out hot meals to those residents of the Rockaways still devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Herbal alternative to viagra Harvey and the Mets contingent will be at the United Methodist Church 1032 Beach 19 St in Far Rockaway.    

Herbal alternative to viagra Memo to Sandy Alderson:

Herbal alternative to viagra Just sign R.A. Herbal alternative to viagra Dickey to a contract extension and put to rest all this trade talk. Herbal alternative to viagra I understand you are just doing your due diligence by putting Dickey’s name out there and see what the response is from your fellow GM’s but I’ve come to the conclusion there is no deal you can make that will bring back the value that Dickey gives this organization both on and off the field.  The Mets need R.A. Herbal alternative to viagra Dickey more than he needs the Mets as when his playing days are over there would be no better candidate to be the organization Czar of Pitching than Dickey. Herbal alternative to viagra Let’s think outside the box here and make a move that will be beneficial to the Mets today and in years to come by cutting the bullshit and sign up R.A. Herbal alternative to viagra Dickey to a contract extension by the end of this week.

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Listen to internet radio with Mike Silva on Blog Talk Radio

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Buy and purchase viagra online On this edition of The Sports Media Watchdogs Podcast, buy and purchase viagra online Mike Silva and me discuss the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and it affected the New York sports scene and how the sports talkies handled it as well

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Cialis 30 mg I know we fans of the New York Mets have a reputation of “oh woe is me” and have morphed into a village of Chicken Little’s but I would hope those of that ilk would just emerge from their fall out shelters to look around the New York sports landscape for a moment and see if they can try to see what has transpired over the three months.

Cialis 30 mg Fans of the NY Football Giants were ready to scream for John Mara to blow this team up and start over from the head coach to the defensive secondary, cialis 30 mg everyone must go the fans demanded. Cialis 30 mg What happened? The head coach closed ranks with his team and the players stopped listening to the fans, cialis 30 mg an extremely smart move by the way, cialis 30 mg and a Salsa dancing wide receiver and an Elite QB hooked up for a 99 yard TD pass/catch  TD against their loud mouth co-tenants, cialis 30 mg that to a man in the Giants organization say is what catapulted them to winning the Super Bowl. Cialis 30 mg That play, cialis 30 mg that game gave the Giants confidence.

Cialis 30 mg The NY Rangers are playing some of the best hockey Rangers fans have seen in many a year. Cialis 30 mg They are led by many great players, cialis 30 mg but one player stands out on this team as he is the last line of defense, cialis 30 mg goaltender, cialis 30 mg Henrik Lundqvist. Cialis 30 mg There is no goaltender on the planet that is better than the King and in every interview he gives he just oozes confidence and he never forgets to reinforce to the interviewer the confidence he has in his teammates. Cialis 30 mg Right now the confidence of the NY Rangers and Rangers fans is flowing like tap water.

Cialis 30 mg Here is the best example of how confidence in oneself can bring a whole team together for greater good. Cialis 30 mg I don’t think there is a New Yorker breathing air that doesn’t know who Jeremy Lin is. Cialis 30 mg The story of Lin is as inspiring as any we’ve seen around here in ages, cialis 30 mg Lin went to Harvard, cialis 30 mg not drafted, cialis 30 mg signed with his hometown team the Golden State Warriors who in turn waived him. Cialis 30 mg He was then claimed by the Houston Rockets who also put him on waivers and then he landed with the Knicks who claimed him out of desperation of having no one to run the point. Cialis 30 mg What I wonder, cialis 30 mg went through Lin’s mind after two teams released him and the third team he’d joined in a month let him sit at the end of the bench only looking to use him if something catastrophic were to occur like two of the teams superstars being out of the lineup for a length of time or the team losing and playing like they have no clue how to play team basketball or a coach in fear of getting fired figuring I have one last attempt here to save my ass and my teams season . Cialis 30 mg All these scenarios occurred and Lin got his chance and we all know how that has turned out. Cialis 30 mg Would you say that Lin’s confidence in himself and his ability to play basketball never waned as others refused to believe in him as he believed in himself? No one plays at the level Lin is playing at now who does not possess supreme confidence in themselves.

Cialis 30 mg That brings me to the Mets and a portion of the fan base. Cialis 30 mg Many fans are so focused on the financial situation of the Skill Sets and I won’t lie I’m intrigued about it to, cialis 30 mg to a point. Cialis 30 mg The players are starting to migrate to Pt. Cialis 30 mg St. Cialis 30 mg Lonesome to begin spring training and to get ready for the 2012 season. Cialis 30 mg As far as I’m concerned my worries over Fred and Uncle Saul’s money woes now take a back seat (once the court case is heard and verdict comes down I’ll worry about it) it’s time to concentrate on pitching, cialis 30 mg hitting, cialis 30 mg defense and confidence.

Cialis 30 mg My hope is that what Daniel Murphy said to me last month at the Thurman Munson Dinner is true, cialis 30 mg that the negativity of the media and fan base does not permeate through the clubhouse door. Cialis 30 mg I have to hope that Terry Collins, cialis 30 mg in his second year as Mets manager, cialis 30 mg has a good read on his team and can instill confidence in them. Cialis 30 mg   I mentioned in a previous post, cialis 30 mg that I felt Collins knows he can’t bullshit his team, cialis 30 mg t the NL East is going to be difficult but what Collins has to do is instill the confidence in his players that (a) they are major league baseball players, cialis 30 mg just like the ones who play for the Phillies, cialis 30 mg Braves, cialis 30 mg Nationals and Marlins and (b) all the people who say you can’t win (fans and media) are clueless assholes who never had the balls to compete in anything. Cialis 30 mg This is a huge test for Collins but what he has going for him is most of players in this camp know him and vice versa so he should know how to motivate them and make sure their confidence level stays high.

Cialis 30 mg Again it all goes back to confidence if David Wright and Jason Bay can gain their confidence back at the plate with the help of more hitting favorable field dimensions, cialis 30 mg if Lucas Duda can become confident in his ability and accept that he belongs in the big leagues, cialis 30 mg if Jon Niese can make that leap from what can he be too he’s arrived, cialis 30 mg if Daniel Murphy shows self-confidence at second base and if Big Plef, cialis 30 mg the guy who needs a mega dose of self-assurance can finally get his talent to translate to what it was that made him a number one draft pick then the Mets could add themselves a chapter to the this great New York Sports season.

Cialis 30 mg It would also help if some of the fan base adjusted their attitudes as well, cialis 30 mg so step up, cialis 30 mg those you need a pat on the ass line up to the left, cialis 30 mg ones who need a kick in the ass, cialis 30 mg to the right.

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Cialis 30 mg  

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Female viagra It will be tough to read any Mets news this week as NYC has turned its sports eye to this Sunday’s Super Bowl (with a squint at Madison Square Garden as Knicks fans await the firing of coach Mike D’Antoni and Mike Woodson taking over for the season) and the over saturation of information that will come out of Indianapolis all week. Female viagra One of the more interesting aspects of this fountain of information is the two sports radio station in town going head to head on Radio Row.

Female viagra David Hinckley has a column in today’s NY Daily News on how both station will be on Radio Row fighting for guests and for the ears of the New York sports fan.  What makes it even more interesting is FAN is the flagship station for the NY Giants games and WEPN carries NY Jets games. Female viagra Both station have players under contract for weekly spots with Anonte Rolle , female viagra a provocative weekly guest of Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts and Eli Manning who calls in to Michael Kay show each week.

Female viagra WEPN has never made a dent in the ratings and as the Great Sports Pope, female viagra Mike Francesa likes to say, female viagra “Dey cum ta wawr wit pea shootas” .WEPN’s biggest problem is they can’t decide if they want to be national sports radio broadcasting in NYC or a hybrid National/Local station. Female viagra To be honest here, female viagra I’ve kind of weaned my way off WFAN. Female viagra I’ll listen to the station at work but when I’m in the car I’ll listen to Sirius/XM radio, female viagra mostly MLB Radio. Female viagra   

Female viagra As much as I would love to listen to someone other than Francesa, female viagra when I tune into the Michael Kay Show it’s the sports talk equivalent to fingers nails on a chalk board. Female viagra  What make it worse is I really like Don LaGreca and I’ve always felt he was being wasted as a second banana on the Kay show.

Female viagra When you look at the WEPN line up, female viagra it’s no wonder it gets miniscule ratings. Female viagra  Even though Mike and Mike is an ESPN infomercial, female viagra I kind of enjoy listening to them but again they are a National show which makes it more puzzling why they follow M & M with the totally unlistenable Colin Cowherd, female viagra again another National show.  At 12 noon the station puts on its best effort of the day in airing Ryan Ruocco and Robin Lundburg. Female viagra Ruocco and Lundburg are young and come with a fresher, female viagra hipper way of doing sports talk that is quite refreshing, female viagra the problem is they only get two hours of air time as at 2pm WEPN turns into old foggey radio with the Mike Lupica Show. Female viagra Lupica has not been relevant on the New York sport scene in about 10 years when he was at least watching sporting events on television (stories were all around that Lupey never attended games he wrote about it seems he’s beneath siting in a press box) what line of thinking is going through WEPN program director Dave Roberts head that he feels an hour of Lupey is better radio than an extra hour of Ruocco and Lundberg?

Female viagra Sure it’s a tough task to overtake WFAN in the ratings as they are the founding fathers of sports talk radio not just in NYC but the country but it can be done if you go out a get younger hosts who are social media savvy who can talk about multiple subjects instead of beating listeners to death with Rex Ryan coaching critiques and 1960’s Yankees retrospectives. Female viagra WEPN is missing a great opportunity to reach hockey fans by not giving LaGreca a weekend hockey show especially with the station airing NY Rangers games. Female viagra Same for doing an NBA show. Female viagra I know Stephen (Screamin’) A. Female viagra Smith can polarized listeners but he is in tune with the NBA and by paring him up with the underutilized and underrated Larry Hardesty I’m sure they would move the rating needle north.

Female viagra When you think about it here we live in a city that is sports crazy with multiple teams in four major sports but we don’t have a decent sports talk radio station to listen to. Female viagra Sad, female viagra don’t you think?

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Cheap viagra online Com’on you really can’t be shocked that Jose Reyes is no longer a Met can you? I mean we’ve all been paying attention for the last year-year and a half right? Didn’t you watch the Mets last game of the season? As soon as Reyes took himself out of the game with a bunt single that all but sealed his batting crown you had to know he was right there an ex-Met. Cheap viagra online But of course as Mets fans (and NY sports fans) we have to point fingers so with let’s make sure we point the right fingers.

Cheap viagra online I’ll point two thumbs up to Sandy Alderson. Cheap viagra online Finally the Mets have an adult in charge that has the balls to make the right decision for what’s best for this franchise baseball wise. Cheap viagra online As I tweeted last night, cheap viagra online Omar Minaya and Jeff Wilpon are the natural disasters who have ruined the Mets and Sandy Alderson and his staff is FEMA who have accessed the disaster which is the Mets organization from top to bottom and has put in a plan of attack to bring it back to where it’s a contender in the NL. Cheap viagra online  This will take time as most clean ups and rebuilds after devastation seem to do.

Cheap viagra online Two middle fingers pointed at Freddy Skill Sets, cheap viagra online Uncle Saul Katz and Uncle Buddy. Cheap viagra online No matter which side you fall on in the Reyes departure we can all agree that these stumbblin’, cheap viagra onlinebummblin’ asshats need to sell the team and sell it NOW! But they won’t because they have Uncle Bud sitting in the Commissioners chair who is nothing but an enabler to the problems in Flushing. Cheap viagra online No way in hell that Bowie Kuhn, cheap viagra online Peter Uberoff or Fay Vincent would have put up this this destruction of the NY NL franchise. Cheap viagra online Right now I would say the Wilpon’s are the worst owners in the history of New York sports. Cheap viagra online Worse than Walter O’Malley, cheap viagra online worse than Horace Stoneham, cheap viagra online worse than even Jim Dolan. Cheap viagra online The Skill Sets are worse because they are holding on to the team for selfish reasons for their own personal pleasure. Cheap viagra online In their heart of black hearts they know they days as Mets owners are numbered as the debt just keeps piling up (if I had the dough I’d rent a billboard off the Grand Central with a debt clock like the one on 34 St that tracks the National debt to track the Wilpon’s debt on the Mets, cheap viagra online Citi Field and SNY) if it weren’t for the cozy comforts of the Bud Selig’s Commissioners abode the Skill Sets would have been out on their broke ass a while. Cheap viagra online It’s going to happen sooner or later as Selig won’t stay in office too much longer and the banks and other lenders will be calling in their markers soon as will the Federal Court that will hear the law suit by the Trustees trying to recoup the Madoff loses and of course the shysters looking to be paid for their time and trouble. Cheap viagra online  You are living on borrowed time Skill Sets.

Cheap viagra online One thumb up for Jose Reyes. Cheap viagra online You were one the best and most popular Mets players of all time. Cheap viagra online Having met you on a couple of occasions I thought you were a great guy, cheap viagra online full of energy and you seemed to really enjoy being a Met and a New Yorker. Cheap viagra online I’m happy for you and your family that you are all set for life financially; I wish you all the best and success in South Beach

Cheap viagra online One thumb down for Jose Reyes. Cheap viagra online I’m not torn up that your leaving the Mets, cheap viagra online I know I should be but in a strange way I’m glad you’re gone. Cheap viagra online In another administration you would have been given 10 years and $200 mil in Madoff Bucks, cheap viagra online then you’d have been out of shape and pulling hammy’s like Turkish taffy. Cheap viagra online You waited for the Mets to make you an offer but your agents forgot that Omar doesn’t live here anymore and were told by Sandy Alderson, cheap viagra online “make you an offer”? No, cheap viagra online how about you go out and find what the market is then call me back” Guess what? There was only one bidder in the market. Cheap viagra online I’m sure Marlins President of Baseball Ops Larry Beinfest was overruled by Jeffery Loria and David Samson on this signing. Cheap viagra online The Marlins pulled a MInaya, cheap viagra online bidding against themselves. Cheap viagra online Give Reyes agent Peter Greenberg credit for getting his client this deal as no other team would come close to offering it to Reyes.

Cheap viagra online Two big middle fingers, cheap viagra online a crotch grab and drop my draws kiss my Royal Irish Ass to the Mets beat writers who no matter how this went down would kill the Mets. Cheap viagra online They all had two stored away on their laptops one for when the Mets sign Reyes to a long term deal so they could kill them for over paying in money and years and the stories we see today, cheap viagra online killing them for not signing Reyes. Cheap viagra online It goes back to the organization allowing itself to get bullied by the media and never striking back. Cheap viagra online I’ll give props to the Late Leader of the Bronx Bastards, cheap viagra online he knew how to get back at the press, cheap viagra online take away their free food, cheap viagra online fucking freeloaders. Cheap viagra online   

Cheap viagra online Ten fingers waving bye-bye to all the fair weather Mets fans who say they won’t go to Citi Field again and won’t watch the games on TV and on and on. Cheap viagra online How people spend their money and time is their own business and if you don’t want anything to do with the Mets that’s fine. Cheap viagra online We won’t miss you guys anyway.

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Counterfeit viagra Turned on my computer this morning to check my e-mail and lo and behold there was a message from Mets manager Terry Collins. Counterfeit viagra What? You got one too? And you? You mean you all got an e-mail from the Mets skipper? Shit, counterfeit viagra I thought I was special.

Counterfeit viagra The crux of the letter was that after years of awful baseball played in Queens, counterfeit viagra the Mets will now play the game the right way. Counterfeit viagra In a roundabout way, counterfeit viagra Collins is letting us now that after his years as minor league coordinator his suggestions fell on deaf ears, counterfeit viagra that the organization was run by a bunch of clueless dolts who were fundamentally bad at teaching the fundamentals of baseball.

Counterfeit viagra But now the time to talk about the season is done, counterfeit viagra it’s time to put up and show Mets fans that this is the dawning of the age of good baseball, counterfeit viagra the kind of baseball we, counterfeit viagra as paying customers don’t mind being priced gouged over (The Mets still don’t understand that the prices they charge for tickets and concession are, counterfeit viagra as Jimmy Macmillan would say, counterfeit viagra “TOO DAMN HIGH” you want to build goodwill with the Mets fans, counterfeit viagra you should have lowered your ticket prices by 50 %  and allow families to buy kids meals at the food stands at a discount) if the team does all the things that TC said in his opening day missive, counterfeit viagra the fans will come back. Counterfeit viagra The problems the last few years in Flushing was the fans cared more than the players did about the team but it’s time to put all the horse shit of the past behind us, counterfeit viagra new front office, counterfeit viagra new manager, counterfeit viagra new attitude? I hope so. Counterfeit viagra LET’S GO METS!!!!!!

Counterfeit viagra I’ve always felt NY Ranger fans were the most passionate of all New York Sports Fans (I don’t want to get into the late season swoon by the Blue Shirts as I’m trying to have a positive day even though the Rangers are going into the tank and as I walked from the Subway to my office this morning, counterfeit viagra I had to deal with ice cold rain hitting my face, counterfeit viagra so far, counterfeit viagra so shitty) but I think the Mets fans have taken over the top spot. Counterfeit viagra Yesterday afternoon, counterfeit viagra the Mets announced their opening day lineup:

Counterfeit viagra Jose Reyes, counterfeit viagra ss

Counterfeit viagra Willie Harris, counterfeit viagra lf

Counterfeit viagra David Wright, counterfeit viagra 3b

Counterfeit viagra Carlos Beltran, counterfeit viagra rf

Counterfeit viagra Angel Pagan, counterfeit viagra cf

Counterfeit viagra Ike Davis, counterfeit viagra 1b

Counterfeit viagra Brad Emaus, counterfeit viagra 2b

Counterfeit viagra Josh Thole, counterfeit viagra c

Counterfeit viagra Mike Pelfrey, counterfeit viagra rhp

Counterfeit viagra With the sight of Harris in the 2 hole and Thole in the 8 spot, counterfeit viagra a little bit of holy hell broke out on Twitter over this slotting. Counterfeit viagra What other fan base is that passionate that they look at the opening day line up on the eve of the opener and go into shit storm mode? Had they waited to hear Collins reasoning maybe they wouldn’t be popping blood pressure pills today:

Counterfeit viagra “Not only will Willie Harris start on Opening Day in left field in place of injured Jason Bay (left rib-cage strain). Counterfeit viagra Harris also will bat second in Terry Collins’ first lineup as Mets manager.

Counterfeit viagra The reason: Harris is hitting .267 with one homer, counterfeit viagra two RBIs and seven walks in 22 career plate appearances against Marlins ace Josh Johnson — good for a .500 on-base percentage.

Counterfeit viagra “Strictly numbers, counterfeit viagra” Collins said about selecting Harris over Lucas Duda or Scott Hairston. Counterfeit viagra “We talked about the importance of getting out of the gate. Counterfeit viagra This guy [Johnson] is one of the best in the league, counterfeit viagra one of the best in baseball. Counterfeit viagra And if you’ve got a guy who hits this guy, counterfeit viagra it would seem to me you should get him in there.”

Counterfeit viagra Duda has never faced Josh Johnson, counterfeit viagra and Scott Hairston is 0 for 5 with a walk and two strikeouts vs. Counterfeit viagra Johnson. Counterfeit viagra If Jason Bay was healthy, counterfeit viagra all this fan angst would have been avoided as Angel Pagan would have been in the #2 spot and Bay in the 5 spot and Harris on the bench. Counterfeit viagra By the way, counterfeit viagra to make things worse, counterfeit viagra Bay is 4 for 9 with a home run vs. Counterfeit viagra Josh Johnson. Counterfeit viagra Can’t we just enjoy the day, counterfeit viagra Mets fans?

Counterfeit viagra Another stain on the Minaya/Manuel resume, counterfeit viagra Big Pelf pitched in pain last year.

Counterfeit viagra Hopefully the Mets will be so good this season that Gary, counterfeit viagra Keith, counterfeit viagra Ron and Kevin Burkhardt won’t have to discuss the Skill Sets/Madoff financial fiasco. By the way, counterfeit viagra yesterday at work I listened to the Highlanders-Tigers game on WCBS. Counterfeit viagra I don’t know how Highlander fans do it, counterfeit viagra listening to Suzyn Waldman made me want to punch someone in the face; the screeching of her voice was making my skin crawl. Counterfeit viagra I thought she was just there to read commercial spots and give out of town scores? Yesterday, counterfeit viagra she wouldn’t shut up, counterfeit viagra even as I begged her through the radio (please you annoying yenta SHUT THE FUCK UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP) which kept my co-workers in a jolly mood. Counterfeit viagra Sterling doesn’t bother me that much. Counterfeit viagra Sure he is the worst play by play man in the history of sports broadcasting but for some strange reason I get a kick out him. Counterfeit viagra Even his schmaltzy home run calls make me chuckle (“you’re on the Mark, counterfeit viagra Texiera” or “The Grandy Man Can” are so lame their hysterical) the TV side is no better as the male version of Waldman, counterfeit viagra Michael Applegate, counterfeit viagra is as much a shill as Sterling but nowhere near as entertaining. Counterfeit viagra Mr. Counterfeit viagra Applegate is in fact down right annoying and what pisses me off more is I have no choice if I decide to take in a Highlander game on TV I have to watch YUCK as MLB Extra Innings blocks the feed from the out of town team. Counterfeit viagra Plus I’m spoiled as Gary, counterfeit viagra Keith, counterfeit viagra Ron and Kevin are the Gold Standard of baseball broadcasting.

Counterfeit viagra Check out THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN Podcast on Blog Talk Radio or as a download on iTunes

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Viagra good morning  

Viagra good morning I’m having some major computer issues today so that’s why this post is sooooooo late. Viagra good morning I’m internet (as I posted on Twitter) was as slow as Ramon Castro going first to third and has surpassed Mo Vaughn after lunch slow to Bengi Molina slow so that’s why I’m shutting everything down and going out to hang out with James Gandolfini and Steve Shrippa out here in TriBeca. 

Viagra good morning Before I write about the Mets today a word or two on Lawrence Taylor. Viagra good morning What happened yesterday with  LT is a major kick in the nuts to all NY Giants fans of my generation. Viagra good morning Taylor was not just the greatest Giants player of all time but arguably one of if not the greatest football player to ever approach the line of scrimmage. Viagra good morning I don’t know if he was set up by the girls pimp or what the whole story is with this girl who was portrayed as a runaway and now from reading the news stories this morning, viagra good morning had a falling out with her family and removed from her home to live with an uncle, viagra good morning it’s such a sordid affair and a story that will just grow as more information comes out. Viagra good morning But with all that the fact that the girl was 16 will be what sends LT to the slammer and if he did have sex with this girl, viagra good morning who allegedly was sent to LT against her will and was beat up by the pimp before hooking up with Taylor, viagra good morning then LT should go to prison for a long time.

Viagra good morning I’m not throwing my 56 jersey in the trash just yet. Viagra good morning I’m holding out hope that this was a frame job and that may be naive of me but LT is in my pantheon of New York sports legends so he gets the benefit of the doubt right now.

Viagra good morning The Hall Of The Very Good has a Q & A with ex-Met and Hall of Famer, viagra good morning Gary Carter. Viagra good morning An interesting exchange in this post is Carter’ take on Tim Raines making the Hall of Fame:

Viagra good morning HOVG: This July, viagra good morning you’ll be on that stage in Cooperstown when “The Hawk” finally makes his way to Cooperstown. Viagra good morning How long until Raines gets his call?

Viagra good morning  

Viagra good morning CARTER: It may be a long time or maybe never. Viagra good morning He has good numbers but that is a tough call.

Viagra good morning Interesting to say the least

Viagra good morning The Mets Police has a couple of interesting items today one is a photo of $iti Field with the walls painted Mets blue and the old skyline that was above the (bow heads) Shea Stadium scoreboard and is now above the Shake Shack and Blue Smoke incorporated into the new scoreboard. Viagra good morning This looks fabulous, viagra good morning absolutely fabulous. Viagra good morning Then Mets Police Chief Shannon Shark brings up an interesting argument, viagra good morning should the Mets wear either their Los Mets or a roadie made up with Nueva York when the go to Puerto Rico to play the Fish and then wear them to Phoenix when they play the Snakes ? As Shannon says I don’t want to start a political shit storm here, viagra good morning but I’m sure long time readers can figure out where I stand on the law passed in Arizona, viagra good morning I would definitely vote to wear Nueva York jersey’s as they make more sense than Los Mets.

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Buy cheapest cialis As a NY Football Giants fan, buy cheapest cialis my main enjoyment this past weekend should be that the Dallas Cowgirls choked again in the NFL post season (how about a great big Kranepool Society  FUCK YOU to Jerry  Jones the owner of the Cowgirls and how about that fat fuck Flozell Adams, buy cheapest cialis left a playoff game with a boo-boo on his calf, buy cheapest cialis fucking coward!) but in fact I am actually happy with the Jets winning yesterday in San Diego.

Buy cheapest cialis The Giants fans-Jets fan relationship is strange by New York sports fan standards. Buy cheapest cialis As a NY Ranger fan, buy cheapest cialis I hate the Icelanders immensely (da-da-da-dada da-da-da-dada da-da-da-dada da-da-da POTVIN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!)  and as most local hockey fans, buy cheapest cialis I’m blasé about the K.C. Buy cheapest cialis Scouts/Colorado Rockies/NJ Devils. Buy cheapest cialis They only player well known in Newark is their over weight and overrated goaltender. Buy cheapest cialis As a Boston Cletics fan the good thing about having the Knicks and Nets around is I get to see the C’s in person four times a year. Buy cheapest cialis As for the Bronx Bastards, buy cheapest cialis the hatred between us and them is well documented. Buy cheapest cialis But as far as Giants-Jets fans go, buy cheapest cialis we just go about our business come football season.

Buy cheapest cialis I got wrapped up the Jets game yesterday because the style of football they play is the antithesis of what the NFL is all about these days and a style I love. Buy cheapest cialis It’s all about spread offenses and quarterbacks throwing 35 times a game Wildcat formation (which is a basic Pop Warner offense) and high flying wide outs and games in domes under controlled climates but then here come the Jets with a page out of” simple still works” playbook. Buy cheapest cialis Pound the ball on offense, buy cheapest cialis control the clock, buy cheapest cialis have your QB mange the game and not have to make a big play, buy cheapest cialis then on defense attack the line of scrimmage like a jail break and make the QB as uncomfortable in the pocket as you can, buy cheapest cialis hit the wide outs hard early to get them out of their rhythm  . Buy cheapest cialis Add in a few turnovers and you have a wining formula.

Buy cheapest cialis During the season Jets coach Rex Ryan annoyed me with his big mouth and bluster. Buy cheapest cialis The reason being I was so used to the Same Old Jets who are great in April on Draft Day and then again in August in games that don’t count in the standings but then come the regular season, buy cheapest cialis well Same Old Jets. Buy cheapest cialis But Ryan has taken that Same Old Jets stigma and turned it into a positive, buy cheapest cialis a rallying cry. Buy cheapest cialis Last night on the SNY Jets Post Game show the played a clip of Ryan and his team in their jubilant locker room. Buy cheapest cialis Ryan gathered his team around him and said something that has converted me to be a Rex Ryan fan:

Buy cheapest cialis “ok fella’s listen up, buy cheapest cialis great game today, buy cheapest cialis great effort and you should be proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far. Buy cheapest cialis But tomorrow the headline in the papers will be THREE FIRST PLACE TEAM ADVANCE……..AND THE FUCKIN’ JETS”

Buy cheapest cialis With that his players roared in delight. Buy cheapest cialis This is Rex Ryan’ team  and the story of the Jets season so far is an unbelievable one and as crazy as this sounds from a Giants fan, buy cheapest cialis I hope they win the Fuckin’ Super Bowl.

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Best prices on viagra Chicago sports writer Bill Gleason passed away at the age of 87 today.  Most New York sports fans are not familiar with  Gleason’ work.  But if you watched SportsChannel back in the 80’s then I bet your a fan of The Sports Writers on TV.  I loved that show. Best prices on viagra Check out this clip of the show courtesy of Can’t Stop The Bleeding. Best prices on viagra Also check out the comments from the Sun-Times story on Gleason’ death. Bill Gleason was an outstanding story teller, best prices on viagra a war hero and a man of the people.

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