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Viagra in spain Now that the most important road trip of 2010 is over, viagra in spain and really who’s shocked by the results, viagra in spain it’s time for finger pointing and scapegoating to begin.

Viagra in spain First up is Carlos Beltran who looked anything like the premier Gold Glove centerfielder and offensive force we’ve seen. Viagra in spain  Beltran has been blamed for this mid summer collapse and the inability of the New York State Senate to pass a balanced budget  but lost in all the hyperbole is the fact the organization bungled the medical handleing of his leg injury to where he had to go outside the organization to get the treatment he needed.  This left a bitter Beltran and Omar Minaya once again having to use flash cards to explain the situation to Jeffey Skill Sets. Viagra in spain The biggest mistake Beltran made was rushing his rehab to tru to help this mess of a baseball team he should have been selfish and thought of himself and stay out until September. Viagra in spain When the organization fucks you over, viagra in spain and the fans and MSM can’t stand you, viagra in spain then it’s time to think of you and your future because no matter what Carlos Beltran does, viagra in spain he can’t win around here.  So the Mets front office needs to do anything it can to move Beltran to another team this offseason. Viagra in spain It’s a move that benefits both sides.

Viagra in spain The Klapper writes a column today saying what we all have been saying for about a year now that Jerry Manuel needs to be fired. Viagra in spain If you need more proof of this, viagra in spain he and Jeff Francoeur had a sit down yesterday where Manuel retracted his stance that Frenchy and F-Mart would form a platoon in right field. Viagra in spain The “Me First” Francoeur (funny how Francoeur is portrayed as this rah-rah team guy but in reality is a selfish prick and Beltran who is portrayed as the less than team guy, viagra in spain shows more of a team first attitude by coming back from serious injury to early to help the team) cmae out of the meeting laughing and back slapping with Manuel with the news that I won’t be a strict platoon, viagra in spain that Frenchy will play bulk of the time in RF. Viagra in spain If Omar Minaya were a real GM after hearing this, viagra in spain he’d cut Francoeur on the spot.

Viagra in spain Hey Mets are back home tomorrow night against the Rockies, viagra in spain I’m guessing there are seats available?

Viagra in spain Want to feel old? Lee Mazzilli Jr. Viagra in spain is playing for the Wareham Gatemen in the Cape League, viagra in spain so is Michael Yazstremski the GRAND SON of Carl Yazstremski

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Viagra instructions (With NY State in such financial trouble, viagra instructions it may be time to sanction Mixed Martial Arts matches in the state. Viagra instructions This not a referendum on MMA but just another vehicle to take the burden off the tax payers of this state) 

Viagra instructions  

Viagra instructions Mixed Martial Arts Legislation in NY Would Spur New Economic Activity

Viagra instructions By Alexia Krause

Viagra instructions  

Viagra instructions With the New York state deficit hitting $8 billion, viagra instructions steps need to be taken in order to right the ship that is the state’s budget. Viagra instructions Recently New York Gov. Viagra instructions David Paterson stated that the projected deficit for the upcoming fiscal year has grown by an additional $750 million. Viagra instructions There’s no doubting that the Empire State is in dire straits trying to fix their deficit. Viagra instructions  It is extremely difficult trying to balance a state budget at a time when the country as a whole is going through some of its most difficult economic hurdles in recent history. Viagra instructions This forces us to take a fresh look at which programs will continue to receive funding. Viagra instructions As a result, viagra instructions the state has been forced to cut, viagra instructions reject, viagra instructions and outright shut down many state programs and projects in order to make some type of movement out of the red and back into the black. Viagra instructions Many of these budget cuts (like closing down state parks and cutting funding to public schools) were rampant and have cast an unfavorable light on politicians in Albany in the eyes of many New Yorkers. Viagra instructions However, viagra instructions something must be done in order to fight the ailing state economy. Viagra instructions As coincidence has it, viagra instructions a good fight might just be the answer to the budget problems.

Viagra instructions On June 16th, viagra instructions the New York State Senate passed a bill to legalize MMA in the state in an effort to help amend the state’s financial problems. Viagra instructions Opening the floodgates for MMA in New York would be more of a benefit to the state than it would to the MMA Industry. Viagra instructions For years, viagra instructions promoters have happily held venues in nearby New Jersey. Viagra instructions Mixed martial arts competitions like UFC, viagra instructions among others, viagra instructions have been banned in the state because many lawmakers felt it was too brutal of a sport (even though other legal sports like football and hockey can be just as- if not more- brutal). Viagra instructions With the passing of this new bill, viagra instructions fans will finally be able to support their home state and local venues. Viagra instructions MMA events would potentially have access to one of the most active metropolises in the world- New York City. Viagra instructions There are dozens of great venues surrounding the state who have been capitalizing on this opportunity for years. Viagra instructions At the UFC’s most recent event held in New Jersey, viagra instructions there were more New York residents in attendance than NJ natives. Viagra instructions Fortunately state legislators have finally come to the realization that legalizing MMA will open access to a new revenue stream that it gravely needs.

Viagra instructions By welcoming MMA in the state, viagra instructions as much as $11 million in economic activity could be generated for each event held. Viagra instructions This activity ranges from salaries paid to venue workers, viagra instructions to an increased interest in martial arts training academies and dojos, viagra instructions and to tourism dollars spent in the surrounding area. Viagra instructions At every step of the way, viagra instructions tax revenue is generated. Viagra instructions Governor Paterson expects over $2 million generated annually if the bill is passed. Viagra instructions The MMA organization UFC (who would play a large role in scheduling events in the state) is broadcasted in over 170 countries, viagra instructions made $5.1 million in Pay-Per-View sales in 2007 alone, viagra instructions and averaged 30.6 million viewers in that same year. Viagra instructions This is 3 years ago mind you; the figures projected for the next fiscal year are much higher. Viagra instructions This type of outreach is bound to benefit the state and bring thousands to events, viagra instructions thus helping the economies of struggling New York state cities.

Viagra instructions Holding events isn’t the only way that this bill will help bring money to the state of New York. Viagra instructions In fact, viagra instructions the broad reach of allowing MMA to be legalized is something that will affect participants in the sport from top to bottom. Viagra instructions For example, viagra instructions people who run mixed martial training gyms and programs will see a huge revenue generating boost in enrollment that will give many the chance to train and compete in their home state. Viagra instructions This bill may even have the effect of preventing violence instead of causing it (which opponents of the bill argue) because it will allow many kids to go someplace safe after school. Viagra instructions Studies have shown that when at-risk children are trained by mentors in a disciplined sport such as MMA, viagra instructions they are less likely to become involved in criminal activities. Viagra instructions This is one of the most important aspects of the bill from a human perspective, viagra instructions and one of the greatest reasons why this bill needs to be passed.

Viagra instructions Every once in a while, viagra instructions a sport can transcend its origins and become a true cultural phenomenon. Viagra instructions This is what MMA could be for the state of New York and that is precisely why this bill needs to be passed. Viagra instructions The New York budget is going through one of its worst economic times ever, viagra instructions but by legalizing MMA, viagra instructions it can help to fight back against the deficit and make a difference in the lives of millions of New Yorkers.

Viagra instructions Update:

Viagra instructions As of the morning of June 29th, viagra instructions 2010, viagra instructions the state assembly quashed the proposed bill which would legalize the sport. Viagra instructions The efforts to block MMA in the state are led by a Mr. Viagra instructions Bob Reilly, viagra instructions Assemblyman of the 109th district. Viagra instructions You can read some of his stances in an interview conducted by Ben Fowlkes of last year. Viagra instructions If you visit that link, viagra instructions pay careful attention to his inconsistencies and question-dodging. Viagra instructions This man claims to be a lifelong fan of boxing, viagra instructions but some of his comments in that interview are quite surprising.

Viagra instructions Although this decision is a big setback for the industry, viagra instructions this is not the final word for the measure. Viagra instructions New York is one of only 6 states which blindly ignore this sport. Viagra instructions With your support, viagra instructions new revenue and jobs can be still be created.

Viagra instructions  

Viagra instructions Alexia is a lifelong fan of sports and fitness. Viagra instructions Recently, viagra instructions she’s been smitten by Mixed Martial Arts. Viagra instructions She is happy to be representing MMA Industries, viagra instructions proud suppliers of MMA gloves to athletes around the world. Viagra instructions Alexia continues to bring you the latest news in the mixed martial arts world on everything from the most advanced MMA equipment to the newest MMA shirts.

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