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Canada generic viagra Here they are your 1979 NEW YORK METS…………………

Canada generic viagra Marc Carig who covers the Mets for NEWSDAY after working the Highlanders beat asked a question on Twitter the other day about the Mets of 2012 and how they compared to the Mets of the late 1970’s. Canada generic viagra The late 70’s had the same feeling of despair and by 1979 Shea Stadium had become a place Mets fans avoided (attendance of 7, canada generic viagra000 a game were the norm back then) The negativity from Mets fans still centered over the trading of Tom Seaver to the Reds in 1977. Canada generic viagra That alone makes the late 70’s far far worse in my eyes than what’s happening now in Flushing.

Canada generic viagra There are some stark parallels between the 70’s and what’s going on now in Flushing, canada generic viagra ownership was a problem then as it is now. Canada generic viagra In October of 1975, canada generic viagra Joan Whitney Payson died and nearly took the Mets franchise with her to the beyond. Canada generic viagra Her husband Charles Payson wanted no part of running the Mets so it was left to his daughter Lorinda de Roulet and the dastardly rat bastard M. Canada generic viagra Donald Grant. Canada generic viagra Where Mrs. Canada generic viagra Payson had no trouble spending money on the team, canada generic viagra( she wanted desperately to bring Willie Mays back to NYC after see acquired the Mets she made an offer to Horace Stoneham to name his price for the contract of Mays. Canada generic viagra  In one of the few times that Stoneham was lucid he turned the offer down) Grant held on to every penny.

Canada generic viagra Today the Mets biggest problem is ownership and its lack of financial resources, canada generic viagra not just to add talent but to make mistakes disappear like Jason Bay. Canada generic viagra The team is in a free fall right now that has a very 70’s feel t to it and what makes this second half gag job so bad is 2013 looks no better. Canada generic viagra Why?, canada generic viagra because no one in the Mets ownership group can come out and tell the truth about the teams financial status. Canada generic viagra Management wants its most prize possession, canada generic viagra its season ticket holders, canada generic viagra to make a financial investment in the team in the form of purchasing tickets but won’t let them know what they are buying into, canada generic viagra so why would anyone buy in?

Canada generic viagra The biggest problem with this ownership is their lack of transparency as opposed to the 70’s when we knew that M. Canada generic viagra Donald Grant was a miserable pick and he had no problem living up to that reputation. Canada generic viagra  This lack of being truthful with the fan base has turned Sandy Alderson into Fred Astaire. Canada generic viagra Whenever Alderson is interviewed, canada generic viagra the first question is always about payroll and what it will be next season, canada generic viagra at this point is when Alderson pulls out the straw hat and cane and does the ol’ Wilpon soft shoe. Canada generic viagra  

Canada generic viagra I’ve never understood why the Skill Sets could never be honest with their fan base? You would think that someone in the organization would try to get them to change the way they disseminate their message?  I’ll give the Skill Sets this much, canada generic viagra as inept and awfully clandestine they are in conducting their baseball business , canada generic viagra they haven’t reached M.Donald Grant status yet on my despicable meter but knowing them they’ll keep trying.

Canada generic viagra If you haven’t read Jason Fry’s piece on the Faith and Fear site please go read it now. Canada generic viagra Hopefully someone in the organization will show this to Freddy Skill Sets and try to get him to realize the Mets fans may be leaving the piss off stage of fandom to the apathetic stage of who gives a shit?

Canada generic viagra I don’t know how Terry Collins does it night in and night out trying to put a positive spin on the ineptness of his team. Canada generic viagra  Collins is treading on dangerous ground here going from a guy protecting his players to looking like he has no clue. Canada generic viagra Bobby Ojeda has been as big a Collins supporter as there is but last night even he couldn’t take it anymore calling out the players for sitting out claiming they’re tired. Canada generic viagra Ojeda went on a rant about how that’s the difference between a winning team and a losing team. Canada generic viagra He was 1, canada generic viagra000 % on point. Canada generic viagra For once I’d love for Collins to come out and say that he’s let his team know that the difference between being a winning team and a losing team is desire. Canada generic viagra Right now the Mets seem to have no desire to finish strong, canada generic viagra something Collins has been preaching during this second half slide. Canada generic viagra It’s not throwing his players under the bus; it’s holding them accountable by calling them out for playing lousy baseball.

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Brand name cialis overnight I was all set to put up a post this morning but we had a bit of a situation at work that required an all hands on deck approach so that settled that for me.

Brand name cialis overnight One of the items I wanted to touch on was the anger that is building within the fan base. Brand name cialis overnight It seems the frustrations of another meaningless second half, brand name cialis overnight this one coming on the heels of an optimistic first half, brand name cialis overnight and the uncertainty of what the 2013 payroll will be are the main culprits in this uprising. Brand name cialis overnight The good news for Mets management is that there still is a pulse, brand name cialis overnight a passion in Mets fans to get their dander up. Brand name cialis overnight But how long does the passion last until it turns to apathy?

Brand name cialis overnight I have no idea what the Skill Sets financial situation is and I’m sure they are not looking to share those details with me or anyone else not involved in the baseball operations of the Mets. Brand name cialis overnight I’m pretty sure there is still tremendous debt both on the ballpark, brand name cialis overnight the team and SNY plus legal fees that have to be paid. Brand name cialis overnight So the question is what will be left to procure talent to make the 2013 Mets a contending team?

Brand name cialis overnight I’m not optimistic that there will be enough funds to sign a solid power hitting outfielder while releasing a very highly paid and unfortunately useless left fielder in Jason Bay. Brand name cialis overnight What will happen with David Wright this offseason, brand name cialis overnight will he and the Mets come to an agreement on a contract extension that will keep him in a Mets uniform for the rest of his career? Again not knowing the financials I think the Skill Sets will find a way to extend Wright 5 yrs at $100 mil but the question is will Wright want to stay here?

Brand name cialis overnight I have to give Freddy Skill Sets credit when he was approached by David Lennon of Newsday during an infrequent walk on the field during BP, brand name cialis overnight that he made no comment and kept walking briskly away as the media took off after him for a quote and all they got was a cloud of dust and the reply of “Ask Sandy”.

Brand name cialis overnight I guess after the Gucci loafer in mouth quotes Freddy gave to Jeffery Toobin last year in the New Yorker article, brand name cialis overnight he’s learned his lesson to keep your head down and walk fast when discovered by reporters. Brand name cialis overnight Even at the All Star Game presser, brand name cialis overnight Freddy was not in attendance and Jeffy gave just a brief speech.

Brand name cialis overnight As I’ve said, brand name cialis overnight I have no idea what the financial situation is with the Skill Sets and how it effects the off season game plan but I do know this after the October 3 game against the Fish, brand name cialis overnight the topic of conversation for the next four months will be money and how much the Wilpons have to invest in their team.

Brand name cialis overnight The only thing I’ve ever wanted from the Skill Sets is honesty and for some reason they have a tough time with that concept. Brand name cialis overnight Just level with your fan/customer base about what the game plan is going forth for 2013 and beyond. Brand name cialis overnight That’s all we’re asking, brand name cialis overnight honesty and transparency two very good traits to possess. Brand name cialis overnight I’ve said for the longest time if Freddy came out and said “we are still trying to recover monetarily from the Madoff scandal and now that the trial has been settled we are trying to regroup financially both personally and professionally. Brand name cialis overnight “ Com’on try it Freddy and Jeffy just be honest with your fans/customers THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREEE !!!!!! and buy you some much needed good will as well.

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Low cost cialis Metsblog has a link from Neil Best of Newsday stating that former Texas Rangers and current San Diego Chargers radio play by play man Josh Lewin, low cost cialis is the favorite to replace Wayne Hagin in Mets radio booth.

Low cost cialis Hagin just never clicked with Mets fans, low cost cialis myself amongst them, low cost cialis as he had that generic radio announcers voice and always seemed to be a second or two behind the action on the field. Low cost cialis The Hagin/ Howie Rose partnership just never seemed like it meshed with Howie being “one of us” and Hagin not having a Mets or NYC connection.

Low cost cialis Lewin is a curious choice as it seems he left the Rangers due to his other commitments of doing baseball on FOX Saturday Baseball and his gig with the Chargers. Low cost cialis Lewin enjoys tossing out a lot pop culture quotes during broadcasts to the point it becomes forced and a distraction. Low cost cialis Being that Lewin was born in Rochester NY and grew up in the Boston area, low cost cialis he has knowledge of what the East Coast/NY fan is looking for in a sports broadcast so this could be a very interesting hire by the Mets.

Low cost cialis With Lewin having Sports talk radio show experience as well maybe he could add working Mets Extra and taking phone calls or who knows him and Howie could take phone calls during games.

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Buy cialis doctor online All-Stars, buy cialis doctor online Shmall Stars to day is Game 1 of the 13 year old division of our Babe Ruth League and my team takes on the top team in the division in a best 2 of 3. Buy cialis doctor online We have won 4 of our last 6 and have been tabbed as the team “no one wants to play” this is the most excited I’ve been about a baseball game all year so much so I can’t even concentrate on work. Buy cialis doctor online I’ve gone over my line up for about two hours and finally settled on one after about four drafts so pardon me today for being distracted as I watch the clock waiting for 3 PM so I can get out of work and get to the field.

Buy cialis doctor online  

Buy cialis doctor online What’s the big deal about Johan Santana pitching in the All Star Game? I know he threw 114 pitches on Saturday but com’on if he gets in the game he’ll only toss one inning anyway which is maybe 17-20 pitches tops. Buy cialis doctor online Nolan Ryan shakes his head in disgust.

Buy cialis doctor online  

Buy cialis doctor online I’m piss at Petey for the fact that he is signing with the Phillies. Buy cialis doctor online If he signed any place else even the South Bronx I would be as pissed. Buy cialis doctor online I defend Petey here as I’ve been a fan since his Expo days and looked at his signing as a big jump in creditability. Buy cialis doctor online Petey for the most part never lived up to his contract with the Mets but was always received like a King by the fans. Buy cialis doctor online But the Phillies?  Petey you disgust me!!!!!

Buy cialis doctor online  

Buy cialis doctor online So the question is, buy cialis doctor online have we seen the best of A-Rod? Welcome to the post PED Baseball Era. Buy cialis doctor online This is why sure I’d love Roy Halliday on my team but I’m not giving him a new contract and Halliday is last player the Mets need. Buy cialis doctor online Your seeing the shift already with younger, buy cialis doctor online faster players taking center stage in baseball hopefully Omar takes notice.

Buy cialis doctor online  

Buy cialis doctor online “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea”……….. Buy cialis doctor online Maybe Spongebob Square Pants could buy the Mets?

Buy cialis doctor online  

Buy cialis doctor online The Mets Police has a clip from NEWSDAY on the Mets making adjustment to $iti Field like a video board in RF, buy cialis doctor online more Mets-centric memorabilia throughout the park and getting the thumbs up from MLB to show the game live on the video scream to help those with obstructed views. Buy cialis doctor online Now if they can find a way to mange the line at the Shake Shack where you don’t have to get into a fist fight when some asshole tries to cut the line I’ll be happy.

Buy cialis doctor online  

Buy cialis doctor online I watched the Home Run Derby last night and here are some thoughts that ran through my head:

  • It’s too bad Michael Jackson is dead as he could have put the Home Run Derby on a continuous loop to help him with his sleeping problems. Buy cialis doctor online In fact next year I’m going to take drugs before watching the HRD again

Buy cialis doctor online  

  • Can someone get Erin Andrews a meal? Christ, buy cialis doctor online she is so gaunt she could star in her own After School Special. Buy cialis doctor online I don’t get the fascination with Andrews, buy cialis doctor online I can walk out right now on West Broadway and find 20 women way hotter than her, buy cialis doctor online guys who need to put on pants and get out of Moms basement.
  • I had this awful nightmare, buy cialis doctor online Steve Phillips, buy cialis doctor online Joe Morgan, buy cialis doctor online and Chris Berman were announcing the Home Run Derby, buy cialis doctor online then Doofus Joe Buck showed up and all the did was talk about Doofus Joe’s dead father. Buy cialis doctor online Then Berman kept using these tired old nicknames and calls and he was sitting in this huge container that was collecting the cascade of sweat that was pouring off him that was used like generated the electricity back to Bristol. Buy cialis doctor online Then Joe Morgan started speaking in tongues and all kinds of snakes and serpents were flying out of his ears, buy cialis doctor online and Steve Phillips was having sex with a midget who was toweling off Albert Pujols. Buy cialis doctor online WHOA that was scary…….what that wasn’t a dream? It was real? AGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
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Imitation viagra The Den of Thieves (A/K/A NYC City Council) votes today on the re-development of Willets Point so lets see if rats and chop shops win over jobs, imitation viagra housing and progress.

Imitation viagra  

Imitation viagra D-Wright says he will bang the Mets tom-tom for the franchise to any free agent looking to join the club. Imitation viagra D-Wright is a true blue Met but I get a bit queasy when you have to recruit guys to join your team especially when you are a NYC team. Imitation viagra The Mets will have no shortage of sutiors some with real interest in join the team others who are looking to up their ante with other clubs, imitation viagra and one of Omar Minaya’s strong suits is his street smarts to know how to separate the phonies from the players who have a real interest in being Mets.

Imitation viagra  

Imitation viagra The closer contest looks to be very interesting as the Mets will start there it seems on the road to revamp the ballclub. Imitation viagra It looks like the shopping list will go in order, imitation viagra closer/relievers, imitation viagra starting pitchers (2), imitation viagra catcher, imitation viagra outfield bat.

Imitation viagra  

Imitation viagra Newsday states that the Mets are now looking at Bobby Jenks. Imitation viagra My consultants check is in the mail I hope.

Imitation viagra Jake Peavy to the Braves looks like a done deal and that puts a little extra pressure on the Mets to strengthen the pitching staff and it also helps CC Sabathia get even more of the Steinbrenner millions.

Imitation viagra Hops Weiss has a very good column on the state of college basketball here in the NYC area.  None of the area Divsion I teams are predicted to do much this season or be a factor come tournament time. Imitation viagra Wiess lays out how college hoops used to be when St Johns ruled the roost.

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Only in baseball can you be called “filthy: and be highly complemented. Viagra discount Last night Warlord Jerry sat at his post game presser and said the Pelfrey had “Filthy stuff” and proud to say it. Viagra discount The progression from rags to riches continued for Big Pelf with another turn back the clock performance with a complete game win. Viagra discount As the ninth inning rolled around according to the SNY radar gun Pelf was hitting 92-94 mph with his fastball. Viagra discount Now that’s nasty. Viagra discount With John Maine as sure as gone for the season Big Pelf has told J-Man to cancel any plans to give him a leave of absence as we got a pennant to win. Viagra discount Old time baseball I love it.


We all sit and watch with awe the reincarnation of Carlos Delgado and not one of us can figure out how he turned his season around.  I tried to figure it out after his first inning opposite field home run and then again after his majestic shot to center field and I still can’t figure out how he’s done it. Viagra discount It can’t just be the change in manager it has to be something else I just can’t figure out what.


Some detergent company will wise up and get Jose Reyes to endorse deal for their product. Viagra discount The guy has the dirtest uniform in baseball. Viagra discount Not a game goes by where he stays clean but it’s not just in spots but from head to toe filthy (there is that word again) he’s Nails without the tobacco.


The NY Daily News and NY Post should be ashamed of themselves for not putting Big Pelf on the back page. Viagra discount Instead the News puts Big Papi and Captain Craptastic for the um-teenth fucking time as this long over done Rivalry has past its expiration date. NEWSDAY got it right at least. Here is a bulletin fans of the Bronx Bastards and Old Town Team neither of your teams is going to the post season as the Rays will win the East and either the White Sox or Twins will be the Wild Card so you folks are shit out of luck. Viagra discount Sorry but someone had to put you out of your misery. Viagra discount The Post has Michael Strahan on the back cover. Viagra discount I love football and the G-Men but it’s the end of August and Big Pelf just pitched back to back complete games and the Mets are headed to the Land of Cheesesteaks to take on the Phucking Phillies, viagra discount THAT”S the RIVALRY that should be played up.


Oh yeah, viagra discount Fuck Joba, viagra discount We got Pelf.


I have found the Mets new closer.


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