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Generic cialis canadian Sorry for the lack of posting the last week but I had tons of work to handle and when I did find time to sit down and compose some thoughts on the New York Mets the news from Newtown Connecticut of the mass killings of little children and teachers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School unfolded and suddenly whatever Mets news that was out there was of no interest to me at all, generic cialis canadian which is why this past Saturday was just the kind of day I needed.

Generic cialis canadian When I found out that Greg Prince who along with Jason Fry co-author the great Mets blog Faith and Fear in Flushing was having a get together at Foley’s NY to celebrate his joining the half century club (the more cranky middle aged Mets fans the better) and his new book The Happiest Recap I replied immediately that I would attend. Generic cialis canadian Not only was it the great tonic to keep my mind off the tragedy in Newtown but it reaffirmed my love for the NY Mets by being in a room jammed back with people of my faith, generic cialis canadian real honest to goodness die hard Mets fans. Generic cialis canadian How devoted were the fans in attendance?  We saluted our beloved Mets and pledged our allegiance to the Orange and Blue by singing a rousing rendition of Meet the Mets, generic cialis canadian the complete version of Meet the Mets, generic cialis canadian with butcher, generic cialis canadian the baker and the people on the street. Generic cialis canadian  I get goose bumps just typing that. Generic cialis canadian No doubt though, generic cialis canadian Mets fans are the most underappreciate fan base in sports.

Generic cialis canadian Did you really think the break up between the Mets and R.A. Generic cialis canadian Dickey was going to amicable? Let me just put my cards on the table right here, generic cialis canadian if you have been a frequent visitor to this site you know how much I respect and admire R.A. Generic cialis canadian Dickey. Generic cialis canadian I have been fortunate to meet Dickey and to interview him and I’ve found to be fascinating and a man of class and intellect that made spending time with him a fabulous experience. Generic cialis canadian  But as much of a fan as I am of Dickey’s, generic cialis canadian this trade that sends him and Josh Thole and a prospect  to Toronto for Travis d’Arnuad , generic cialis canadian Noah Syndergaard, generic cialis canadian John Buck and a prospect is one that was absolutely necessary in the getting the Mets back to relevancy .

Generic cialis canadian Sandy Alderson does not act on emotion; he acts on facts, generic cialis canadian on research from both statistical analytical and scouting departments. Generic cialis canadian He is here to rebuild the NY Mets organization that when he arrived was a shambles in all departments but especially from a player development side. Generic cialis canadian This will be the second time in his three years as Mets GM that he outlasted a desperate rival to pluck a top prospect for a player on the back nine of his career but one that could be the missing piece to their prosperity. Generic cialis canadian Both R.A. Generic cialis canadian Dickey and Carlos Beltran, generic cialis canadian who as older players are much more useful to teams in contention than one under renovation (sounds better than rebuilding don’t you think?)  were flipped for two of the top prospects in all of baseball in Zack Wheeler and Travis d’Arnaud.  We now have a future.

Generic cialis canadian Back to the nastiness that has surfaced since this deal was deemed all but complete. Generic cialis canadian Mets management, generic cialis canadian as has been a tradition around here since the days of M.Donald Scumbag, generic cialis canadian have found ways to try to embarrass players who are leaving but end up embarrassing themselves. Generic cialis canadian  I have no doubt that there was jealousy amongst those who locker with Dickey in the Mets clubhouse. Generic cialis canadian I’ve been told by people I trust that was the case. Generic cialis canadian To me it says more about the people who are doing the bad mouthing than it does about Dickey. Generic cialis canadian Think about the typical ballplayer in a locker room. Generic cialis canadian Most of them are into playing video games, generic cialis canadian hunting, generic cialis canadian golf, generic cialis canadian and playing loud hip-hop music while sitting naked pursuing the latest edition of Swank.  Then you have the anti-Neanderthal ballplayer in R.A. Generic cialis canadian Dickey, generic cialis canadian who not only reads books but writes them, generic cialis canadian a best seller no less. Generic cialis canadian He also raises awareness to causes like sexual abuse of children of which he was a victim, generic cialis canadian going into schools to read and donate books to underprivileged kids. Generic cialis canadian Having a role in a movie that documents his journey from a #1 draft pick who struggled through the system and then reinvented himself and persevered when he was told time and time again to give it up but never gave in to the naysayers and worked harder every time he was doubted to become one of the very best of his craft, generic cialis canadian to the point where he was honored with the highest award a pitcher can received, generic cialis canadian the CY Young. Generic cialis canadian Oh and guess where Dickey will be right after Christmas? In India with his two daughters to make and distribute friendship bracelets for children who are abuse victims. Generic cialis canadian Where did I learn this? At the Mets holiday party because unlike Ken Davidoff, generic cialis canadian I WAS THERE!!!!! And heard Dickey talk of his holiday plan. Generic cialis canadian While I’m on the topic of that holiday party, generic cialis canadian let me set the record straight. Generic cialis canadian Both Dickey and Ike Davis were helpers to John Franco who played Santa Claus. Generic cialis canadian The media was closed off from the party proceedings by a black fabric partition. Generic cialis canadian When Dickey and Ike were done entertaining the kids, generic cialis canadian they were brought in to the media area. Generic cialis canadian No children were harmed during the interview process and I doubt any of them cared about hearing about contract extensions as they enjoyed eating hot dogs and opening up presents.  Dickey was asked about the stalemate in negotiations and spoke candidly if the press and media can’t handle that then they deserve to be locked in a room with Jon Niese. Generic cialis canadian  

Generic cialis canadian So who would have a problem with people wanting to celebrate a man who has fought so much adversity and rose to the top of his profession? Maybe a bunch of players who fade every August, generic cialis canadian September and October for the last four seasons. Generic cialis canadian There are not a lot of players with intestinal fortitude in that Mets clubhouse. Generic cialis canadian It could be that some of those who fail to rise up and contribute dislike Dickey because he makes them look bad. Generic cialis canadian How would you feel if you were sitting the bench due to fatigue, generic cialis canadian while a 38 year old takes the mound with a torn stomach muscle that would need off season surgery and fights his way to lead his team to victory?

Generic cialis canadian I do have hope that this trade will start a spiral of ridding the team of petulant posers, generic cialis canadian  pie throwers and the charter members of the bitch and moan club. Generic cialis canadian The Mets are losing a stand-up guy in R.A. Generic cialis canadian Dickey but that doesn’t mean we have to stop rooting for him. Generic cialis canadian The Blue Jays come to the South Bronx for a four game set from April 25-April 28, generic cialis canadian how it would be great for Mets fans to show up if Dickey gets a start to express our appreciation for all he’s done as a Met on and off the field. Generic cialis canadian Oh and it will piss off the Highlanders and their fans as well.

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