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Viagra for women Last night I tuned into the Mets post game show right in the middle of a Bobby Ojeda rant. Viagra for women It seems Bobby O feels the Mets should  (if I heard this right) forget about re-signing Jose Reyes to a big contract and instead focus on obtaining pitching both starting and relievers that the team sorely lacks. Viagra for women With Reyes latest revelation that his hammy is still tight and the comments by Ojeda, viagra for women where I was once sure the Mets and Reyes would find a way to make a deal, viagra for women I’m not as optimistic now and I’m kind of leaning in Bobby O’s direction.

Viagra for women There is not a stronger lighting rod subject among Mets fans that the status of Reyes and David Wright. Viagra for women Even in the MSM and amongst the bloggers, viagra for women if you take the names of Reyes and Wright in vain, viagra for women expect a shit storm of negative comments to come your way. Viagra for women We love them same as we love R.A. Viagra for women Dickey and Daniel Murphy and Nick Evans and every single prospect from Bingamton down to Kingsport. Viagra for women There is no in between with Mets fans toward Mets players we either love you or loath you.

Viagra for women But we are also sick of losing, viagra for women of being mocked and for being treated like this is the worst organization in baseball. Viagra for women With all the mismanagement and gullible owners, viagra for women this organization is not the disaster it’s portrayed to be. Viagra for women But maybe there comes a time where a GM has to make the decision that the fan base will not only be unhappy with but claim they will secede from the fan base, viagra for women maybe Sandy Alderson should tell Reyes and his reps that the two draft picks the Mets get are worth more than five years of sore hammy’s and second division finishes. Viagra for women Maybe Alderson has to make it known that Wright can be had in the right deal? Maybe it’s time to blow this up and stop fooling ourselves the Mets will contend ion 2012. Viagra for women For what , viagra for women the top pick in the armature draft in 2013? Surely not a pennant.

Viagra for women All you hear is fans saying “if Reyes is not re-signed I’ll never set foot in Citi Field again” Same thing if Wright is dealt. Viagra for women But these same “fans” stay away because the team falls out of contention but the middle of August. Viagra for women Ok which is it?

Viagra for women Fans are not going to Mets games now as it is, viagra for women when you have to have a night for cancer awareness, viagra for women Star Wars, viagra for women a salute to the Philippines and set aside a section for people to come knit, viagra for women yes I said KNIT then your problems are deep and need a serious attention.

Viagra for women This is not at all a rant against Reyes or Wright as they are not at all to blame for the last few years of dreck in Flushing, viagra for women but if your team has awful pitching and defense and a stagnant offense is it worth it to have a $20 mil a year shortstop with sore hamstrings and a $15 mil 3rd baseman you has lost his way offensively and defensively?  If you say yes, viagra for women then get your Darth Vader suit and knitting needles ready for 2012 and beyond.

Viagra for women Here it is September when pennant races should be the topic of conversation but we as Mets fans have a Star Wars night and old ladies knitting in the ¼ filled stands. Viagra for women Well, viagra for women I’m fucking sick of it and another thing , viagra for womenwhat the hell is Terry Collins thinking having Willie Harris bunting with Angel Pagan on 1st with no outs in the 6th inning of a 2-2 game? Are you serious? That was right out the Jerry Manuel Too Cool For Baseball School Handbook. Viagra for women  Agggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr who cares. Viagra for women Knit one, viagra for women Pearl two.

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Cialis next day delivery What’s worse than watching a baseball game in September that’s meaningless? How about watching a meaningless baseball game in September being played in “Your Name Here” Stadium in South Florida in front of dozens of fans with an hour plus rain delay? Then when the game resumes your team in this meaningless contest has the lead and the pitcher who is thought to be the closer of the future comes in and blows the save for the fourth time in nine chances, cialis next day delivery but his ass is saved by a player who you couldn’t give away at least three times this season getting the game winning hit?

Cialis next day delivery So is the tale of Bobby Parnell and Nick Evans. Cialis next day delivery Parnell has been given the opportunity to show he should be the closer for the Mets from now until whenever but he has shown that he does not have the qualities needed to be effective at that position. Cialis next day delivery Parnell has a flamethrower for a right arm but has a ton of trouble locating pitches for strikes. Cialis next day delivery He also has this nasty habit of giving up a hit and then falls apart by falling behind in the count to the next batter who either walks or gets a nice juicy fastball or a flat slider to mash at. Cialis next day delivery It’s not just the pitches that are ineffective; it seems Parnell loses some nerve and confidence when he’s behind the 8 ball. Cialis next day delivery  Small fires become forest fires for him on the mound.

Cialis next day delivery It looks as though the manager who has shown a lot of faith in him is starting to doubt if Parnell can close out games:

Cialis next day delivery “Well, cialis next day delivery we’re going to talk to Bobby tomorrow, cialis next day delivery” Collins said. Cialis next day delivery “I mean, cialis next day delivery there’s a couple things (pitching coach) Dan (Warthen) had talked about with him, cialis next day delivery a couple of little pitch-location stuff that he’s just got to be able to make. Cialis next day delivery He’s got to make some pitches. Cialis next day delivery

Cialis next day delivery “He’s got a great arm and he’s got really great stuff. Cialis next day delivery But the bases on balls hurt him. Cialis next day delivery Getting behind in the count hurts him. Cialis next day delivery You saw the first hitter, cialis next day delivery he went right at him with good fastballs, cialis next day delivery got ahead of him in the count, cialis next day delivery and throws him a slider and it’s a mismatch. Cialis next day delivery But you’ve got to be able to get ahead.

Cialis next day delivery It has got to be deflating  to the team to have Parnell blow as many saves as he has and Collins made be sensing some frustration in the clubhouse so why not take Parnell out of this roll and let him work on getting his mind as well as his pitches back to where he can be effective. Cialis next day delivery There is too much talent in that right arm to give up on Parnell, cialis next day delivery but Terry Collins wants to end this season on a winning note as well as evaluating players who have a future with the Mets and who doesn’t. Cialis next day delivery  Using a committee of Manny Acosta, cialis next day delivery Jason Isringhausen  and the neophyte Josh Stinson looks to be the way to go for these final weeks of the season.

Cialis next day delivery As for Nick Evans, cialis next day delivery how can you not root for him? He’s been tossed on the scrap heap time and again but never gets discouraged and when he gets opportunities, cialis next day delivery as he is now playing 1st base on a nightly basis, cialis next day delivery he is producing with his bat and his glove. Cialis next day delivery From trolling around the team you can tell the players hold Evans in high regard as they know how hard he works to stay in the big leagues and if he can continue to produce like he has, cialis next day delivery and impress the manager like he has, cialis next day delivery he will have a spot on the 2012 Mets 25 man roster.

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Cialis next day Just when you thought the Mets would fold up the tents and head into the off season with the refrain of “Same Old Mets” from the Flushing Faithful, cialis next day echoing in their ears, cialis next day  they not only reverse course but do so in impressive fashion.

Cialis next day After dropping 4 in a row to the Brewski’s and Phuck Phaces, cialis next day the fan base was going over their fall/winter plans just glancing at SNY or tuning in to Howie, cialis next day Wayne and engineer extraordnaire, cialis next day  Chirs Majkowski   but then something amazing happened, cialis next day two of the most unlikely players, cialis next day Nick Evans and Mike Pelfrey led the team to a win against the Phuck Phaces to save face since the Philly Phucks embarrassed the Mets in the first two games of the series.  After the off day, cialis next day Chris Capuano gave SNY some winter programing by pitching the game of the year for the Mets. Cialis next day  If you don’t think this was the game of the year, cialis next day find a clip of Howie Rose making the call of the final out as it was classic Howie, cialis next day staying in professional mode but letting you know there is still a lot of Mets fan in him.

Cialis next day Then came the hurricane and the Bravos ran out of town and in came the Fish and a good ol’ twi-nighter at Citi Field. Cialis next day The first game was started by Mets fan fav R.A. Cialis next day Dickey who was stellar as usual but this time he got the WIN but personal wins are not what Robert Allen Dickey is about:

Cialis next day “Wins and losses are nice, cialis next day but it’s not the metric that I measure my season by, cialis next day” Dickey said. Cialis next day “If the team gets the win, cialis next day I know it sounds cliche, cialis next day but that’s what you want as a starting pitcher, cialis next day to go out there, cialis next day put up quality starts and the result be a win for your club. Cialis next day So that’s what I try to focus on. Cialis next day We’re playing pretty good ball right now.”

Cialis next day Then in the second game, cialis next day Dillion Gee had a great bounce back game which is quite encouraging in such a young pitcher. Cialis next day Maybe it was having Jose Reyes back, cialis next day or maybe the it was the BP Jersey’s the team wore or maybe Old School Dan Warthen threatened to send Gee into the Iron Triangle draped in a suit of pork chops to fight off the pit bulls (are people really surprised there are dogs roaming 126 Street chop shops? They ‘ve been there since Jack Fisher and Joe Christopher were Mets) whatever, cialis next day  it’s stellar pitching and the mighty bats of The Dude and DFA Evans have the team back on track.

Cialis next day Another reason why you should be proud of your NY Mets. Cialis next day A kid was stuck between the eyes last night by a foul ball. Cialis next day Justin Turner saw the kid get hit and it made him sick to his stomach, cialis next day he was so bad off he had to go confide with Nick Evans who also watched the flight of the ball strike the young man. Cialis next day Turner was still worried about the kid after the game that he tried to get info on how he was, cialis next day and sent word on Twitter he was still waiting and hoping to hear from the boy’s family. Cialis next day Justin Turner is a good man.

Cialis next day The Mets are also ready to make a PSA for an Anti-Bullying Campaign:

Cialis next day  The New York Mets today announced the launch of an anti-bullying public service awareness campaign designed to educate and support our children about all forms of bullying. Cialis next day The PSAs will begin airing today, cialis next day Monday, cialis next day August 29, cialis next day during games at Citi Field and on SNY to help deliver the message to the broadest audience. Cialis next day

Cialis next day  

Cialis next day  

Cialis next day  

Cialis next day Jason Bay, cialis next day Chris Capuano, cialis next day R.A. Cialis next day Dickey, cialis next day Daniel Murphy and David Wright are among the players who participated in tapings for the segment.  The content was developed in conjunction with, cialis next day an official U.S. Cialis next day Government Web Site managed by the U.S. Cialis next day Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Cialis next day Department of Education.

Cialis next day The Mets place a high priority in supporting children in the community.  For 18 years, cialis next day the organization has been a proud sponsor of the Student Athlete Leadership Conference Series, cialis next day a mentoring program that includes an anti-bullying and civility message with particular attention paid to language and behavior that is derogatory and offensive based on racial, cialis next day sexual and ethnic biases.  Over the years, cialis next day thousands of high school athletes have been trained to promote positive activities to hundreds of thousands of elementary school students across Long Island. Cialis next day

Cialis next day This is another great job by Mets management and their outreach in the community. Cialis next day I would hope they would also add  “It Gets Better” video to help stop the attacks and homophobia that Gay and Lesbian teens face too many times in their everyday lives.

Cialis next day  

Cialis next day  

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Cialis daily canada We’ve reached the point in the season where it’s not so much about the wins and losses, cialis daily canada although a .500 finish would be psychologically  satisfying I guess, cialis daily canada it’s more about what do we have here, cialis daily canada what’s worth keeping and what has to be discarded, cialis daily canada kind of like cleaning out your basement after taking on water (I must report, cialis daily canada no Mets artifacts were adversely effected in my basement taking on some water, cialis daily canada although an American Girl doll took a bit of a hit so I guess a trip to the 5th Avenue flagship store is in my immediate future) that’s why I don’t understand what is taking Terry Collins so long to place Lucas Duda in RF and let Nick Evans (Evans reminds of an old nag that runs at Aqueduct during the winter in calming races and never has anyone put in a claim and week after week keeps running over the inner dirt track in freezing weather just hoping to find a home in Kentucky to graze in the grass for the rest of his eternal life) and Whitestone Mikey platoon at first base.

Cialis daily canada It seems the biggest obstacle with Duda was his acceptance of being a big leaguer, cialis daily canada gain the confidence to believe in himself, cialis daily canada that he is a Major Leaguer. Cialis daily canada  As he has become an everyday player the past month or so, cialis daily canada Duda has realized that he is of big league timber and that confidence is showing at the plate and in the field. Cialis daily canada  One of the reasons Collins wanted to leave Duda at 1st base where he is most comfortable and get his bat going. Cialis daily canada Well, cialis daily canada the bat and the head are going very good, cialis daily canada so now would seem to be a good time to take the next leap and insert Duda as the everyday RF’er.

Cialis daily canada Other positive Mets news from last night besides the end of the 5 game losing streak and Izzy getting his 300 save was the signing of some of the remaining picks from the June draft . Cialis daily canada The three picks who signed that stand out are of course Brandon Nimmo, cialis daily canada signed over slot which is a reason to celebrate in itself, cialis daily canada infielder Phil Evans and RHP out of Baylor, cialis daily canada Logan Verrett as the Mets front office worked right up to the deadline to get these players signed. Cialis daily canada  Good job by Paul DePodesta and his staff in putting together what most folks proficient in evaluating amateur talent claim, cialis daily canada a very good Mets draft.

Cialis daily canada So you thought the Mets forgot about their 50th Anniversary, cialis daily canada HA! No way, cialis daily canada in fact the word is out that next year’s home uni will have a 1962 flavor to it and the blue top with orange piping and numbers will be back next season on a limited basis and as a regular alternative uniform top in 2013. Cialis daily canada I hope next year they  go with no name on the back of the home uniform top and no number on the front along with having the players wear white sanitary socks and blue stir ups. Cialis daily canada Please don’t half way this, cialis daily canada even the cap should be of the darker blue of the era, cialis daily canada and WEAR THESE UNIFORMS FOR EVERY HOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put the snow whites in moth balls until 2013 and place the black hats with the blue brims in a bonfire!

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Viagra price list I was so sorry I missed going out to Citi Field on Saturday and the tribute to Dana Brand at the location of where home plate of Shea Stadium was. Viagra price list I am honored to be a contributor to a book that has been published with essays by fellow Mets bloggers titled “Mets Brand” honoring Dana. Viagra price list All the proceeds of the book will be donated to Lynn Cohen’s Pitch for a Good Cause.

Viagra price list There seems to be this misconception about Daniel Murphy’s defense. Viagra price list I’m not proclaiming Murph is a solid defender but he’s not the liability some in the fan base make him out to be. Viagra price list The media plays into this as well, viagra price list more the national drop ins on FOX and ESPN who have a tough time doing their homework before broadcasting games, viagra price list mostly because of their disdain for statistical analysis. Viagra price list If you look at the numbers Murph is not a bad 1st baseman, viagra price list he’s a serviceable 2nd baseman and an ok fill in at 3rd base. Viagra price list His biggest problem is he doesn’t have the power that is needed to play a corner position but his production is perfect for 2nd base. Viagra price list With David Wright ready to come back by the end of the week, viagra price list figure Lucas Duda or Jason Pridie would have to be moved with Murph and Nick Evans holding down 1st base and Justin Turner taking over 2nd base with Ruben Tejada back to his utility role.

Viagra price list I’d love to spy on the meetings Sandy Alderson and his staff have when the subject of Jason Bay comes up. Viagra price list I just picture Alderson leaning back in his chair with his hands in back of his head offering a major bonus to anyone who can remotely solve this very expensive dilemma. Viagra price list  I have no idea how the Mets get away from Bay’s declining performance at the unbelievable price of $35 mil over the next 3 years. Viagra price list  That contract is untradeable unless the Mets were to eat at least half of that deal. Viagra price list Bay is troubled by his lack of production and he works hard to improve but you wonder what runs through his mind when each and every day he’s asked the same questions over and over again and now that the boos are reigning from the Citi Field stands, viagra price list I’d be  surprised if he is in the lineup tonight, viagra price list I’d bet we see Willie Harris in LF for the makeup game with the Fish.

Viagra price list We are in the throes of the Last Days of Mike Pelfrey. Viagra price list If he’s not dealt, viagra price list he’ll be DFA. Viagra price list I’d be SHOCKED if Pelfrey is a Met in 2012.

Viagra price list I’m ready to add Angel Pagan in that equation as well. Viagra price list Pagan has had a tough season offensively and a lot of that has been due to injury but a decision will have to be made here as well with Pagan making $3.5 mil this year and looking at a bump in pay to $5-$5.5 mil. Viagra price list Is Pagan worth that much? I don’t think so.

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Sildenafil oral jelly  

Sildenafil oral jelly After a week sleeping in a tent in the woods of upstate New York listening to wolves howling in the middle of the night and having nightmares of a bear in a Highlander uniform attacking me in my tent, sildenafil oral jelly I can say without a doubt that it’s good to be home.

Sildenafil oral jelly Not just because I missed my wife and daughter but I missed watching the Mets as well. Sildenafil oral jelly I haven’t felt that way in a couple of years so yesterday it was nice to hit the couch with a cold drink and a meal without dirt and bugs in it and watch the through ass kicking the Mets administered on the Phuck Phaces. Sildenafil oral jelly  The offense was explosive with bench mob members Scott Hairston and Nick Evans busting out and the Mighty Celtic Daniel Murphy (.349/.408/.465 RISP .383/.408/.489 RISP w/2 out) continuing his solid season but again it was the pitching of Jon Niese that stood out. Sildenafil oral jelly  Niese has stepped up as a solid starter for the Mets not just for 2011 but for season beyond. Sildenafil oral jelly  Niese is not an ace but he will be a good solid 2 or 3 for the Mets for years to come.

Sildenafil oral jelly I’ll get into more stuff tomorrow as I’m still trying to get my back to straighten up again and get my system reintroduced to edible food. Sildenafil oral jelly Even with all those drawbacks a week away with my son on a camping trip is worth every mosquito bite and bad meal and sleeping in less than ideal conditions.

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Cialis canada illegal buy I guess it doesn’t matter who runs the Mets, cialis canada illegal buy injuries are still more complicated than high school trigonometry. Cialis canada illegal buy Jose Reyes is set to hit the DL except Terry Collins is worried about not having Jose for the Phillies series after the All-Star break. Cialis canada illegal buy I guess TC feels the Mets still have a shot at winning the division and as great as it would be to win that series, cialis canada illegal buy it’s more important to get Reyes healthy and to not play shorthanded. Cialis canada illegal buy The Mets under Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya were raked over the coals for doing this and it seems this way of doing baseball business has spread to the new regime as well. Cialis canada illegal buy Reyes hasn’t played in five days and hasn’t felt any improvement in his tight hammy. Cialis canada illegal buy Now he and his agent have decided to get a second opinion, cialis canada illegal buy fine. Cialis canada illegal buy The original diagnosis was a Grade 1 strain of the hamstring, cialis canada illegal buy which is supposedly the least severe but because no one on the Mets is a fast healer, cialis canada illegal buy this Grade 1 may be worse than first thought, cialis canada illegal buy hence the second opinion.

Cialis canada illegal buy Meanwhile Nick Evans is sitting in an airport in Buffalo waiting to board a plane to LA to join the big club. Cialis canada illegal buy What’s interesting with Evans becoming a Triple A star, cialis canada illegal buy this could be the break he needs. Cialis canada illegal buy If he does take Reyes place on the Mets when Reyes comes back, cialis canada illegal buy the roster move made will be an interesting one. Cialis canada illegal buy Evans has cleared waivers twice this season, cialis canada illegal buy if he can translate his hitting from Buffalo to the big club, cialis canada illegal buy it’s doubtful he’ll pass thorough waivers again. Cialis canada illegal buy  Good for Nick bad for the Mets.

Cialis canada illegal buy I was happy to see Sandy Alderson agree with my premise that the Mets are relevant again if not contenders. Cialis canada illegal buy Still, cialis canada illegal buy Alderson is trying to balance relevancy and being in the hunt for a post season berth with the need to deal off some parts to build a better future for the Mets and keep the fan base interested enough to keep buying tickets and watching on TV. Cialis canada illegal buy That’s a tough task.

Cialis canada illegal buy To deal off Frankie Rodriguez (if Alderson can pull this off he is the GM I thought he’d be) Izzy and Tim Brydak that wouldn’t be a detriment to the team at all, cialis canada illegal buy as you have cheaper and just as efficient if not better replacements in Bobby Parnell, cialis canada illegal buy Pedro Beato and Mike O’Connor. Cialis canada illegal buy The other trade chip will be easier to deal but could take the heart and soul out of this team.

Cialis canada illegal buy No matter if you’re a Beltran fan or foe, cialis canada illegal buy you cannot deny Carlos is having the most fun he ever had as a Met. Cialis canada illegal buy Not only is he more than productive but when you see him giving “The Claw” to his teammates and then have them give him a hard time when he forgets to give the signal to the bench, cialis canada illegal buy a happy Beltran is a productive Beltran, cialis canada illegal buy it’s hard not feel good for him. Cialis canada illegal buy It kills the anti-Beltran faction of the fan base because they can’t find any negatives about Carlos this season. Cialis canada illegal buy Willie Harris has proclaimed him the leader of the team. Cialis canada illegal buy His teammates see him pull on his knee brace and play every day and never complain about the pain that you know he has in that knee. Cialis canada illegal buy With no Wright or Ike in the lineup, cialis canada illegal buy he has taken it on himself to stay out there every day.

Cialis canada illegal buy With all that, cialis canada illegal buy Alderson should trade Beltran for the good of the future of the club and for the good of Beltran. Cialis canada illegal buy The rest of baseball is watching Beltran closely and there will be no shortage of suitors for Alderson to make a deal with. Cialis canada illegal buy It will hurt in the short run but dealing Carlos Beltran may be the best for the long term for the Mets.

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What does viagra look like Another solid start by Jon Niese  and his ever improving curve ball led the Mets to a series win over the Brewski’s . What does viagra look like The same Brewski’s who have the best home record in baseball were a late inning Mets collapse away from being swept at home.

What does viagra look like These Mets are perplexing to say the least. What does viagra look like As much as the rash of late inning collapses infuriate us, what does viagra look like this is not the same old Mets. What does viagra look like Lose a four run lead and lose a game you should have won? No problem, what does viagra look like come back the next day, what does viagra look like forget yesterday and win the next game. What does viagra look like  A post season berth this season is pie in the sky I know but the renovation of the mind set of this organization is progressing very nicely. What does viagra look like The culture of the “woe is me attitude” had been eradicated, what does viagra look like replaced with “keep plugging along”. What does viagra look like It’s very refreshing.

What does viagra look like Jason Bay seems to be a very nice guy who is working his ass off to get his bat back to where it should be. What does viagra look like He knows what’s at stake and he has been a team guy when Terry Collins has approached him to either drop him in the order or to put him on the bench. What does viagra look like His team first attitude is great. What does viagra look like But this is big league baseball where winning and losing are paramount to what is to be accomplished and if Bay has to sit or be platooned or relegated to rehab in St Lonesome with a “wink-wink” DL stint, what does viagra look like then so be it. What does viagra look like Sandy Alderson said during the off season that salary will not determine who plays and we’ve seen that with the moves he’s made so far this season. What does viagra look like Now comes word that Lucas Duda will be called up from Buffalo and Nick Evans will be DFA. What does viagra look like Duda is not here to ride the pine; he will play some LF and 1B. What does viagra look like Not sure if TC will go strict platoon with Bay/Duda or give Justin Turner and Ruben Tejada some days off and move Murph to 3rd with Duda playing 1st but what bringing up Duda does is give TC more flexibility and some much needed production from a corner position.

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Female viagra alternative After getting sick and tired of having a co-worker tell me how great the Highlanders are and how bad the Mets are, female viagra alternative right before the season I decided to make a bet that the Mets would have a better record than the Highlanders at the seasons end. Female viagra alternative The winner takes the loser to Katz’s Deli for lunch and the loser has to wear a t-shirt or jersey of the winner’s team. Female viagra alternative After I shook on this bet, female viagra alternative I got a bit queasy, female viagra alternative not over the prospect of paying for pastrami and knish but the idea of wearing any type of Highlander clothing makes my skin crawl.

Female viagra alternative When I told people of this wager, female viagra alternative Mets fan and Highlander fan alike, female viagra alternative they gave a look like I was a bit off in the head or more off than usual, female viagra alternative and believe me I doubt what I did as well, female viagra alternative but a glance at the standings this morning, female viagra alternative  shows all is not lost:

Female viagra alternative Highlanders 20-15

Female viagra alternative Mets  17-20

Female viagra alternative The next 13 games for the Highlanders are against the Red Sox, female viagra alternative Rays, female viagra alternative Orioles, female viagra alternative Mets and Blue Jays so I’m rooting for a nice 3-10 slide for the Bronx Bastards. Female viagra alternative I’m feeling Pretttttty, female viagra alternative Prettttty, female viagra alternative Prettttty good about my wager so far. Female viagra alternative I may not win the bet but I want to make my wagering  partner sweat a bit.

Female viagra alternative Speaking of the Highlanders, female viagra alternative I bet Pee Wee Cashman has the Mets bullpen over the arsonists he has in his.

Female viagra alternative If Lucas Duda wasn’t suffering from a back injury he would have been the choice to replace Ike Davis at first base and some are calling for Josh Satin to get make the jump from Bingo to Flushing but Satin is not on the 40 man and with Nick Evans not hitting, female viagra alternative it came down to bringing up Fernando “ $10 Co-Pay “ Martinez instead.  Seems Terry Collins will just give F-Mart a spot start here and there and some pinch hitting duty during his hopefully short stay while Ike recuperates from his ankle woes . Female viagra alternative To me this makes no sense since Jason Bay has done nothing at the plate why not platoon the two in LF until Ike gets back and if Martinez is playing well then leave it be. Female viagra alternative If Bay doesn’t like this idea, female viagra alternative with all due respect, female viagra alternative tough shit. Female viagra alternative Send a message hot bats stay in the line up limp lumber hits the bench.

Female viagra alternative By the way, female viagra alternative why is Chin-ling Hu still here?

Female viagra alternative Nice right up in the Daily News on Darren Meenan of The 7 Line. Female viagra alternative I wear my In Dickey We Trust t-shirt proudly

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How often can you take viagra  

How often can you take viagra Allright back to blogging after a weekend of freezing my ass off on a camping trip in Northern New Jersey. How often can you take viagra  I spent the weekend with my son and his Boy Scout Troop at Camp No-Be Bosco in NJ, how often can you take viagra if it wasn’t bad enough the woods were snow covered, how often can you take viagra the temps were in the mid-teens on Friday night and Saturday morning, how often can you take viagra but I have to admit this was what we call “fat-ass camping” we slept in cabins with propane heat but still, how often can you take viagra we did a 5 mile hike into the mountains which was nice until we discovered a couple of huge bear paw prints. How often can you take viagra That’s when my bowels started to churn a bit.

How often can you take viagra Anyway, how often can you take viagra here it is with opening day just five days away and it feels like football season more than baseball but never the less for us Mets fans Friday night at 7:05pm at “Your Name Here Stadium” in South Florida it will be the start of the Mets 2011 season but between now and Friday the decision makers of the Mets have some tough roster moves to make.

How often can you take viagra The starting eight look set now that Carlos Beltran is confident he will be good to go on opening day. How often can you take viagra Day two of the season he may not be and that looks to be how Beltran’s season will go. How often can you take viagra He is not an everyday player any longer. How often can you take viagra If he plays two or three games in a row we will surely need a day off to rest his hurting knees. How often can you take viagra  That would make Scott Hairston or Willie Harris, how often can you take viagra Beltran’ caddy. How often can you take viagra Hairston has some power but he hasn’t played much right field so this could be problem if Beltran’s knee woes become chronic. How often can you take viagra  Harris fits the bill defensively (as we Mets fans know too well) and he has that nice OBP that’s all the rage in Metsville. How often can you take viagra Depending on the pitcher the day Terry Collins will need an understudy will determine if Hairston (bats right) or Harris (bats left) gets the nod.

How often can you take viagra The four everyday infielders are set with Brad Emaus taking over second base on a futures bet by the Mets. How often can you take viagra Emaus didn’t light up spring training but with a big endorsement from J.P. How often can you take viagra Riccardi, how often can you take viagra Emaus gets to show his stuff on opening day and beyond, how often can you take viagra how far beyond will be up to Emaus. How often can you take viagra The infield bench consists of a no hit (Chin-lung Hu) no glove (Daniel Murphy) and a man of many gloves (Willie Harris who I bet will be the emergency third catcher) and some bat, how often can you take viagra what this does is it makes Nick Evans an ex-Met, how often can you take viagra which is kind of sad.

How often can you take viagra The catcher position is becoming a mess. How often can you take viagra Josh Thole is the starter but who will back him up? The Mets waited and waited for Rony Paulino knowing he came with some carryon baggage in an 8 game suspension for PED use. How often can you take viagra He then added another piece of luggage with his visa problems and now he’s added a steamer trunk with news that some blood work that was done on him looks problematic. How often can you take viagra Mike Nickeas is ok for a week but no way can the Mets go a full season with him as the backup catcher, how often can you take viagra so if Paulino has an illness the Mets may have to scramble for a backup catcher. How often can you take viagra Anyone have Bengi Molina’s phone number?

How often can you take viagra The starting pitching is set, how often can you take viagra as is 6/7ths of the bullpen, how often can you take viagra with the competition between Blaine Boyer and the surprising Jason Isringhausen comong down to a last minute decision. How often can you take viagra  Izzy has been a great story this spring and looked to be a lock to win a job until he heard a pop in his elbow and Boyer has been fabulous this spring. How often can you take viagra As much as the club wants to keep Izzy, how often can you take viagra the worry is he will breakdown in a month or two, how often can you take viagra and Boyer has an out in his contract and will scooped up by another team in a heartbeat. 

How often can you take viagra Sandy Alderson admitted during the bloggers conference call that the decision on who gets the last bullpen spot is a very tough call. How often can you take viagra  Izzy brings a battle tested pitcher to the pen and has shown he wants to pass on his knowledge to his mates. How often can you take viagra  It’s really really tough but since the medical staff says it was just some old scar tissue that’s popped and Izzy has returned to pitching and has still been effective, how often can you take viagra I’d take a shot at keeping him on the 25 man roster.

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