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How much does cialis cost So when is Sandy Alderson going to make it official that Terry Collins will be back as Mets manager in 2014?  If Collins is “his guy” then why wait? Give him a raise and another year plus an option. How much does cialis cost  What’s the hold up?

How much does cialis cost Could it be there is a schism in the front office think tank? From this quote from Alderson there could be:

How much does cialis cost “I think I’ve been pretty open about my support of Terry, how much does cialis cost” Alderson told reporters. How much does cialis cost “I think he’s done an excellent job across the board with the talent that he’s had, how much does cialis cost with the injuries that he’s had to endure, how much does cialis cost with the other changes in personnel. How much does cialis cost I think he’s handled all of those situations and individual events exceptionally well. How much does cialis cost On the other hand, how much does cialis cost we haven’t won, how much does cialis cost and that’s always an issue. How much does cialis cost But it’s not always a result that can be pinned on the manager.

How much does cialis cost From that statement it seems that one or more of Alderson’s cabinet members is playing the Win Card. How much does cialis cost Alderson states what is a huge indictment on the team and organization when he says the club is not exactly oozing with talent, how much does cialis cost the old chicken salad out of chicken shit theory, how much does cialis cost but all are not buying into it.

How much does cialis cost Who or whomever on the staff that’s pitching the “yeah but” on Collins coming back is on the same page as me. How much does cialis cost If (when) it’s announced that Collins will be back in the manager’s office for the Mets next season, how much does cialis cost I won’t kick and scream about it but it’s also not the move I’d make if I were the GM. How much does cialis cost  

How much does cialis cost I would not fire Collins, how much does cialis cost I’d reassign him to the job he is very good at, how much does cialis cost minor league coordinator. How much does cialis cost Yes, how much does cialis cost the team plays hard for Collins and they do compete but in order to get this team back to relevancy, how much does cialis cost the Mets need a manager who puts the premium on winning. How much does cialis cost Collins seems to find a silver lining wherever he can, how much does cialis cost like finishing in 3rd place in the NL East. How much does cialis cost Seriously, how much does cialis cost who gives a shit, how much does cialis cost 3rd  4th or last, how much does cialis cost if you ain’t in first you ain’t shit. How much does cialis cost     

How much does cialis cost Bringing Collins back as manager is just treading water, how much does cialis cost the GM has to make a huge statement this winter as does ownership in making the team relevant again. How much does cialis cost Right now the Mets are at NJ Devils level of nobody cares.

How much does cialis cost Alderson keeps saying he’s in Collins corner and feels he’s done well with the hand he’s been dealt, how much does cialis cost so if that’s the case what’s he waiting for? Could it be his lieutenants are making a better case for change in manager?

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Viagra jokes Happy Brithday to Dennis Ribant, viagra jokes one of my favorite Mets and the best starting pitcher the Mets had until of course Tom Seaver. Checkout this very interesting bio from SABR on Ribant 

Viagra jokes Thinking out loud:

Viagra jokes Matt Harvey went into a real damage control yesterday after his cringe worthy interview/infomercial on the Dan Patrick Show. Viagra jokes  Good for Harvey and his advisors to get him to go back on the DP show and make amends. Viagra jokes  I know what Qualcomm is, viagra jokes a digital wireless telecommunication company but for the life of me, viagra jokes I still don’t know what it is that Harvey is a spokesman for?

Viagra jokes  

Viagra jokes As for Matt Harvey going the rehab route instead of Tommy John surgery, viagra jokes the only people who are chastising Harvey for forgoing an operation are folks who never had surgery. Viagra jokes Harvey received diagnosis from two of the best orthopedic surgeons in the country in the Mets Dr. Viagra jokes David Altcheck and Dr. Viagra jokes James Andrews, viagra jokes if either doctor felt the tear of the ligament was bad enough to be surgically repaired; Harvey would be readying himself for surgery. Viagra jokes  

Viagra jokes I’m not a fan of Ruben Tejada’s but I do feel very bad for him. Viagra jokes Tejada has carried the self-inflicted label as a lazy, viagra jokes overweight, viagra jokes under achiever who was given a put up or shut up ultimatum by the front office. Viagra jokes So as he tries to show he has the play hard gene, viagra jokes he breaks his leg. Viagra jokes That sucks. Viagra jokes I think this seals it for Tejada, viagra jokes he will not be the Mets starting shortstop next April.

Viagra jokes  

Viagra jokes Good article in the NY Times about the Mets ready to finish in 4th place in the NL East for the 5th straight season. Viagra jokes There are some great quotes from Ed Kranepool and Ron Swoboda but it’s this one from Terry Collins that tells you all you need to know about the mindset of this organization:

Viagra jokes  

Viagra jokes Manager Terry Collins said beating out the Phillies would be a “great accomplishment with all the things we’ve went through.” His players did not disagree, viagra jokes although it was clear that the constant fourth-place finishes was not the foremost thing on their minds.

Viagra jokes  

Viagra jokes Really? Finishing in 3rd place is a great accomplishment? This is a winner’s mentality? I guess Collins has never heard of the Bill Parcells line of “The don’t give out medals for trying” Terry Collins would make a great kids soccer coach. Viagra jokes  

Viagra jokes I would love nothing more than to see Troy Tulowitzki playing shortstop for the Mets, viagra jokes but I don’t see how it can happen since it seems as though the Rockies want young ready for the big leagues position players, viagra jokes a commodity the Mets lack.

Viagra jokes Sure it’s noble of David Wright wants to play again this season but why? Is it for his satisfaction? Is it to show the young wet behind the big league ears teammates that you never give up on a season? Is it a bit of both? That’s what I think; it’s a bit of both. Viagra jokes Hopefully he won’t blowout the hammy busting down to first base.

Viagra jokes Any Mets fan complaining about SF Giants fans coming into Citi Field and putting their feet up, viagra jokes knocking over a lamp or  two and spilling drinks on the carpet while cheering on their team are too young to remember what it was like to root for the 80’s Mets. Viagra jokes The disgust for Giants fans behavior is the same disgust the rest of baseball had for the Mets and Mets fans back then. Viagra jokes Winning does that. Viagra jokes    

Viagra jokes  

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Research on viagra I am off on a two week vacation so I thought before I head off, research on viagra I’d put up a post filled with Mets-nutia and more:

Research on viagra I have wrestled with the notion of should the Mets deal Bobby Parnell and Marlon Byrd, research on viagra I’m sure the Mets front office has had the same dilemma. Research on viagra I’m enjoying this team right now and the fact that all the Mets-haters look like idiots talking shit about our team. Research on viagra No nothings in the media still make the same old stale jokes about the Mets but throughout the baseball industry, research on viagra there is a ton of respect for what the Mets are building. Research on viagra How can you mock a team that has Matt Harvey and David Wright as its two big stars? How incredibly stupid do you look questioning the direction of this team when the Mets are the envy of baseball with the stockpile of young pitching in their minor league system? I know it’s hard for many of the numb skulls in the media to comprehend that the Mets have shown improvement and are on the right track to being a winning organization. Research on viagra Smarten up !

Research on viagra With that said, research on viagra I hope the Mets don’t trade Parnell or Byrd. Research on viagra The time has come where to put an emphasis on winning. Research on viagra The Mets , research on viagra Phillies and Nationals all have 53 losses . Research on viagra The Phillies and Nats are tied for 2nd place in the NL East with the Mets just 2 games back. Research on viagra Think about that, research on viagra the Mets are 2 games out of 2nd place. Research on viagra If you don’t think that’s a big deal, research on viagra then you haven’t been a long time Mets fan.

Research on viagra So by the end of this weekend the Mets could be right in back of the Braves for 1st place in the NL East. Research on viagra WOW! Ponder that!

Research on viagra The last team Davey Johnson wanted to see this weekend was the NY Mets. Research on viagra The Nats are 2-8 last 10 and 7-13 in their last 20 and have to face Matt Harvey in tonight’s night cap. Research on viagra Be proud Mets fans be proud!

Research on viagra We have seen the resiliency of this team and the solid camaraderie among the players that has sold me that this team is well worth rooting for. Research on viagra What the off season brings is not for today. Research on viagra It’s nearly August and I’m enjoying watching the NY Mets play baseball, research on viagra what’s wrong with that?

Research on viagra I hope Lucas Duda and Ruben Tejada spend the month of August in Las Vegas. Research on viagra Why bring either player up now? Since both players went down with injury and Eric Young Jr. Research on viagra joined the club, research on viagra and the bullpen has been solidified, research on viagra  the team’s been winning. Research on viagra The mantra of the Mets outfield being the worst in baseball has been silenced. Research on viagra In fact, research on viagra defensively the Mets outfield of EYJ, research on viagra Juan Lagares and Marlon Byrd is a major plus. Research on viagra No way Lucas Duda ever sees LF again, research on viagra so it’s either 1B, research on viagra be traded, research on viagra or stay in LV until September. Research on viagra  

Research on viagra With Tejada, research on viagra I can see bringing him up in a platoon with Omar Quintanilla but you gets sent down? Having Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Andrew Brown on the bench gives Terry Collins a nice late inning lefty/righty option late in games. Research on viagra Josh Satin isn’t even in the thought process of going to LV and Justin Turner is Terry Collins’ pet, research on viagra so what to do? I say stand pat, research on viagra platoon Ike and Satin at 1B and live with Turner as the backup shortstop for a month.

Research on viagra The Mets will giveaway Jay Horowitz Bobbleheads on August 23rd when the Detroit Tigers come to town. Research on viagra There will also be a post game concert by 3rd Eye Blind and a portion of the tickets sales will go to Hope Shines For Shannon. Research on viagra Instead of 3rd Eye Blind should the Talking Heads be the band to perform on Jay Horowitz Bobble head Night?

Research on viagra The Mets are also hosting a sleepover at Citi Field on August 10th

Research on viagra  

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Generic money order viagra Hey Mets fans, generic money order viagra who is the the best team in the NL East over the last 30 games?

Generic money order viagra  

Generic money order viagra <

Rk Tm last30
1 NYM 18-12
2 PHI 16-14
3 MIA 16-14
Avg 15-14
4 ATL 14-16
5 WSN 14-16

Generic money order viagra Provided by View Original Table
Generated 7/24/2013.

Generic money order viagra >
1973 deja vu?

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Real cialis online <

Real cialis online  

Real cialis online  

Real cialis online  

Real cialis online I haven’t seen nor heard anything pertaining to the NY Mets having a day/night to honor the 1973 NL Pennant winners. Real cialis online   I really hope that there is something in the works to bring back the surviving members of that team for a celebratory remembrance. Real cialis online   It would an awful shame to let this 40th Anniversary of the “Ya Gotta Believe” Mets   go unnoticed by the organization the ’73 team’s season for its comeback ability should be given be revered and honored just like the ’69 and ’86 champions as the Ya Gotta Believe mantra of Tug McGraw was no showboat move it was what had this team come together to have one of the great runs not just in Mets history but baseball history as well.

Real cialis online The ’73 Mets were awful from May to July winning 32 games and losing 49 with the low make of the season coming on July 4th when the Mets found themselves 12.5 games behind the first place Chicago Cubs in the NL East. Real cialis online July was still a bad month for the team as they put up a dismal 12-18 record but from August on the Mets went 49-22 while all the other NL East teams went into the dumper no team hit the skids worse than the Cubs who went an astonishing awful 30-52 during that stretch.

Real cialis online This team was no offensive juggernaut that’s for sure with Rusty Staub the leading hitter driving in 76 runs on 12 HR and a .781 OPS. Real cialis online John “The Hammer” Milner lead the team with 23 HR and 72 RBI and surprisingly Wayne Garrett hit 16 HR as well. Real cialis online The club was in the bottom third of every offensive statistic in the league that year except for Walks where they had the 6th best rate in the NL.

Real cialis online What ran this Mets team in ’73 was the pitching especially a solid stable of left-handed pitching plus The Franchise. Real cialis online Jerry Koosman, real cialis online Jon Matlack and George Stone supported the Ace Tom Seaver in the rotation , real cialis online one of the best in baseball that year, real cialis online along with swing man and veteran pitcher Ray Sadecki and of course their Fireman (that’s what the closer was known as back then) Tug McGraw.

Real cialis online 1973 was also the swan song or Willie Mays who after a few embarrassing missteps in centerfield knew it was “time to say good bye to America”.

Real cialis online How great would a day at Citi Field be to honor this Pennant winning Mets team by having Willie Mays, real cialis online Yogi Berra, real cialis online Rusty Staub, real cialis online Jerry Grote, real cialis online Wayne Garrett , real cialis online Ed Kranepool and of course The Franchise, real cialis online Tom Seaver  etc. Real cialis online on the field for a pre-game ceremony?

Real cialis online Please, real cialis online please, real cialis online please we cannot let this anniversary go without a day of remembrance. Real cialis online It’s already a big disappointment that a Salute to ’73 day is not on the season calendar already.

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Levitra versus cialis  

Levitra versus cialis Trying to get back into blogger mode after a week on Cape Cod and the cold reality that 5AM wakeup call awaits me tomorrow morning so  without much rhyme or reason here are some Mets thoughts:

Levitra versus cialis The next three days with the All Star break should feature a whirlwind of Mets trade rumors in fact some are starting already. Levitra versus cialis This team for all the hustle and flow it’s shown this season needs some big time renovation if they are going to go hard after a post season berth.

Levitra versus cialis The biggest need is in the bullpen which posted its best ERA of the season at 3.77 but still sports the worst team ERA in MLB at 4.99.  It seems Terry Collins is relying on the arms of Tim Byrdak, levitra versus cialis Bobby Parnell and Miguel Batista in the late innings of games while Jon Rauch and Ramon Ramirez have the tag of “one or two batters only” attached to their names. Levitra versus cialis Pedro Beato is back up and one would hope he would replace Batista in the late inning order, levitra versus cialis moving Batista back to the long man role he’s better at. Levitra versus cialis Of course all will change once Frankie Frisco comes back from oblique rehab but where will he fit? Has Bobby Parnell turned a corner in his career where he’s figured out how to get his curve over for strikes and have the confidence to throw it in a tough situation? Seems the Mets brass is not 100 % sold on Parnell and Frisco as they have let the word out they would like to obtain a closer or a pitcher who has had closer experience, levitra versus cialis that doesn’t mean Parnell and Frisco are a concern but as we’ve seen so far this half of the season a strong back end of the pen is the difference between 4.5 games back of the Nats instead of 4.5 games ahead of the Nats and first place in the NL East.

Levitra versus cialis Lots of talk of the Mets getting involved in dealing for a catcher, levitra versus cialis which Sandy Alderson has made known is a priority to upgrade in the Mets system, levitra versus cialis hence the drafting of Kevin Plawecki with a supplemental pick in this year’s draft, levitra versus cialis and while myself and many Mets fans would be happy if the Mets were to upgrade the position at the trade deadline, levitra versus cialis I’m not sure if it will happen or should it. Levitra versus cialis As much as Mike Nickeas makes Mets fans groan, levitra versus cialis when it comes to the pitching staff and Terry Collins and Dan Warthen, levitra versus cialis Nickeas is a valuable piece to this team. Levitra versus cialis Nickeas is kind of a player/coach on this Mets team and I know there is a segment of Mets fans and bloggers who feel team chemistry is overrated, levitra versus cialis it’s hard to watch this team day in and day out and not see that the camaraderie in the clubhouse has played a major role in the success of the team in the first half. Levitra versus cialis  You may not believe it but the front office, levitra versus cialis coaching staff and the players do. Levitra versus cialis I would be a bit surprised if the Mets dealt for a catcher in season, levitra versus cialis best bet is the team will go hard to upgrade the backstop spot in the winter.

Levitra versus cialis Much has been made about Reggie Jackson dissing the late Gary Carter saying the Kid was not Hall of Fame worthy, levitra versus cialis if you know anything about Reggie Jackson you know he loves to say things just to get his name mentioned in the papers or TV/sports talk radio. Levitra versus cialis We all know the stories of Reggie’s turbulent Highlander years as a self-promoting blowhard, levitra versus cialis who always felt he was above everything and anything. Levitra versus cialis I have a Reggie story that was told to me by someone who worked for the Highlanders and is now deceased and it shows the true Reggie

Levitra versus cialis When Jackson retired he was hired by George Steinbrenner to work in the front office with Gene Michael. Levitra versus cialis On his first day as a front office employee, levitra versus cialis Reggie went into Steinbrenner’s office which doubled as his suite at Highlander Stadium and asked to be served a turkey sandwich and an iced tea. Levitra versus cialis  Jackson was told by the gentleman who ran the suite that since he was now a front office employee of the Highlanders, levitra versus cialis he could not come into the office/suite whenever he felt like it and he could not eat there either, levitra versus cialis Reggie was told he had to eat in the cafeteria with the rest of the office staff. Levitra versus cialis Jackson exploded when he heard this and said “Do you know who the fuck I am? Get me that fucking sandwich and drink”. Levitra versus cialis To avoid further confrontation the attendant went and got Jackson his lunch. Levitra versus cialis As Reggie sat and enjoyed his turkey sandwich, levitra versus cialis Boss George entered the suite. Levitra versus cialis “Who’s that down there”? “Reggie, levitra versus cialis Boss” was the workers reply. Levitra versus cialis “What the fuck is he doing here”? Asked Steinbrenner. Levitra versus cialis “Eating his lunch” the worker said. Levitra versus cialis “Eating his lunch” doesn’t he know he has to eat in the staff cafeteria”? said Big Stein. Levitra versus cialis “I told him that Boss but he told me he’s Reggie Jackson and basically told me to go fuck myself” relayed the worker.

Levitra versus cialis With that Boss George erupted and starting screaming at Jackson and grabbed the plate the sandwich was on and flung it at the wall, levitra versus cialis Steinbrenner then asked Jackson if he knew “Who the fuck he was”? Steinbrenner then told Jackson if he pulls a stunt like that again, levitra versus cialis he’ll fire him but before he made him leave Steinbrenner had two more things for Reggie to do, levitra versus cialis one, levitra versus cialis apologize to the suite attendant who Steinbrenner informed him was more valuable to the organization than Jackson and two, levitra versus cialis get a broom and clean up this mess. Levitra versus cialis Jackson performed both tasks.

Levitra versus cialis  

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Viagra soft tabs 100 mg  

Viagra soft tabs 100 mg  

Viagra soft tabs 100 mg Let’s face it, viagra soft tabs 100 mg when Terry Collins rolls out his majority right handed hitting lineup the opposition isn’t exactly quaking in their cleats. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg So add the righty lineup with sloppy base running and defense (besides bullpen help and a right handed power bat, viagra soft tabs 100 mg Sandy Alderson really needs to put getting a defensive catcher high on his things to do over the all star break list, viagra soft tabs 100 mg really enough of Mike Nickeas already!) and Clayton Kershaw you get an 8-2 Mets loss but this game was more the Mets losing it than the Dodgers winning it.

Viagra soft tabs 100 mg A 3-1 Mets lead disintegrated  again by poor defense (I’ve been a supporter of Lucas Duda and the job he’s done in RF but lately he’s been regressing out there and I’m getting a little worried)  which seems to happen every time I think the Mets are ready to run off a big win streak (My daughter and I were in a t-shirt store in Hyannis  yesterday when the clerk saw my Mets cap and t-shirt, viagra soft tabs 100 mg he said “wow the Mets are doing really well this year what are they like 5 games out of 1st place”? and in my “no you asshole “voice I told him the Mets were 2.5 games out of 1st  at which point my daughter walk slowly out of the store full of embarrassment) but still the Mets have had three winning months in a row and have not been below .500 all season so with that and the fact they are a mere 3.5 games back of the Nationals for first place in the NL East it’s been a great first half of the season.

Viagra soft tabs 100 mg And you want to know why I think so highly of Sandy Alderson, viagra soft tabs 100 mg the truth hurts doesn’t it Mets fans

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Viagra money order Looks like the Mets roller-coaster season is rising to the top again with last night’s 3-2 win over the Hollywood Bums.  So far as we near the completion of the first half of the season, viagra money order Mets fans emotions and view of this team has spun around like a weather vane in a tornado, viagra money order they put together a nice little win streak and we feel this could the one of those season where the club can grab what looks like a wide open NL East and win the division. Viagra money order Then there are the losing streaks and we’re ready to slump our shoulders and look at each other with that “ I knew it was too good to be true” expression we’ve worn since Mike Vail looked like the second coming of Mickey Mantle until a shattered ankle ended that dream.

Viagra money order But here we are, viagra money order at the end of June and the Mets are but a mere 3 ½ games out of 1st place. Viagra money order I think most of us are still stunned by that as all winter the number of wins predicted for this Mets team hovered between 75 and 81 with everyone who bleeds blue and orange saying a .500 season would be a dream come true. Viagra money order Has this first half changed your view of that dream?

Viagra money order This is what the summer should be about, viagra money order your team in contention for a pennant where you’re not just following your team but every team in the division, viagra money order that’s where we stand now with the Mets especially this weekend. Viagra money order With the Mets and Dodgers playing at 10PM, viagra money order it sets up perfect for us to follow the Phillies at the Fish and the Nats at the Braves right into Mets (with the Dickster on the bump) Dodgers. Viagra money order Its weekends like this that I pity those who aren’t baseball fans.

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Canada viagra pharmacies scam Is it too early to say that this 3 game set in D.C. Canada viagra pharmacies scam is a big series for the Mets?  With our hero’s a mere half game out of the top spot of the NL East and coming off an exciting and eventful winning series against the defending World Champion Cardinals I’d say this series with the Nats is pretty, canada viagra pharmacies scam pretty, canada viagra pharmacies scam pretty big deal. Canada viagra pharmacies scam Not a, canada viagra pharmacies scam be all end all for sure but nice test for our boys.

Canada viagra pharmacies scam Chris Young will make his 2012 debut tonight after spending over a year on the DL with shoulder surgery and he’ll have a Miguel Batista safety net as well as Batista will come off the DL after suffering a lower back injury. Canada viagra pharmacies scam How much can the Mets expect at of both of these returning wounded pitchers?  What happens if Young is in the midst of a perfect game when he reaches his pitch count? No I haven’t been drinking.

Canada viagra pharmacies scam The Mets drafted two players during last night’s Entry Draft. Canada viagra pharmacies scam With their first pick the #12 overall, canada viagra pharmacies scam they chose   Gavin Cecchini a shortstop out of high school in Louisiana. Canada viagra pharmacies scam In tweeting back and forth with Joe DeMayo of the St. Canada viagra pharmacies scam Luice to Flushing site, canada viagra pharmacies scam I agree with him that the Mets must have a pre-draft deal set with Cecchini, canada viagra pharmacies scam which is an Alderson/DePo M.O. Canada viagra pharmacies scam I’d bet the same is true with the pick they made at #35 in catcher Kevin Plawecki of Purdue. Canada viagra pharmacies scam The club having a little over $7mil in their set budget for the first ten picks so my guess is if both Cecchini and Plawecki take a little less than the slot money at their draft position it gives the Mets a little bit of flexibility to draft a player who may drop due to signing constraints. Canada viagra pharmacies scam Remember this is the first entry draft under the new CBA and I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have running this show than Alderson and DePodesta.

Canada viagra pharmacies scam If you are not following Tim Byrdak on Twitter you are missing out on one of the best shows on the internet.

Canada viagra pharmacies scam Who doesn’t love Ike Davis? We all do. Canada viagra pharmacies scam I want Ike to be that 20-25 HR 90-100 RBI Gold Glove first base man who plays here his whole career and gets induction into the Mets Hall of Fame if not Cooperstown but with many of the injured position players coming back from the DL and his “can’t find my way at the plate approach” Ike is giving Sandy Alderson no choice but to send him to Buffalo. Canada viagra pharmacies scam  

Canada viagra pharmacies scam The Daily Show host Jon Stewart is a big, canada viagra pharmacies scam big Mets fan. Canada viagra pharmacies scam I’m pretty sure I’ve told this story before about how I met Stewart at The Bronx Zoo during the Christmas holiday week a few years ago when both our kids were riding the carousel. Canada viagra pharmacies scam I had on a Mets jacket and Mets cap and had no idea Stewart was next to me until he said he liked my jacket. Canada viagra pharmacies scam When I realized it Jon Stewart to say I was thrilled would be an understatement.  This was during the Art Howe era so rooting for the Mets was more of a secret order than a fandom. Canada viagra pharmacies scam After our kids whizzed around the Merry Go Round about four times and had enough, canada viagra pharmacies scam Stewart and I shook hands and he said he’d check out this site. Canada viagra pharmacies scam I hope he did and still does. Canada viagra pharmacies scam Jon if you’re reading, canada viagra pharmacies scam drop me a line.

Canada viagra pharmacies scam Oh and by the way I’m ecstatic that Bill Maher has bought into a minority share of the Mets, canada viagra pharmacies scam because I’m a big fan of his and because I know it pisses many of you off that Maher is now a part owner. Canada viagra pharmacies scam  I do understand your anger though, canada viagra pharmacies scam I’d be pissed of O’Reily or Hannity bought into the Mets.

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Viagra facts  

Viagra facts Another game, viagra facts another great pitching performance by out starting pitcher and as of last night the Mets, viagra facts Nats and Fish are tied for first place in the NL East. Viagra facts Let that sink in while you drink your morning coffee. Viagra facts  

Viagra facts Last night Jon Niese kept the line moving with a 10K performance that was cut short due to Niese experiencing   a rapid heartbeat. Viagra facts  Niese suffered a bout of this last year and was checked to be fine and doesn’t seem to concerned about this time either. Viagra facts Maybe Niese should start taking a baby aspirin every morning, viagra facts it works for me.

Viagra facts I was at Citi Field last night as it was that annual extravaganza called Gary, viagra facts Keith and Ron Day Night in support for the charity Pitch In For a Good Cause. Viagra facts As always it was a wonderful event with all the raffles and auctions and getting to hang out and kibitz with Gary Cohen and Ron Darling. Viagra facts After discussing the Johan No hitter with Gary I was able to spend time talking to Darling who is a resident of Brooklyn NY (Keith Hernandez never attends this event as much as Mets fans love Keith it’s a one way street) about the good old days of growing up in the Boro of Churches in the 1970’s when it was far from the hipster paradise it is now. Viagra facts  If that wasn’t enough of a treat, viagra facts the real star of the event were the Shake Shack cheeseburgers served buffet style and NO LINE!!!!!!

Viagra facts Not only was it GKR Night but it was also the night that John Franco was to be inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame. Viagra facts It was a nice ceremony complete with the Department of Sanitation Pipe Band. Viagra facts Edgardo Alfonzo was in attendance for the night’s festivities and I still feel that this should have been his night but I don’t want piss in the punch as Franco gave a terrific speech and everyone in attendance got a bit misty as Franco talked about his mom and dad. Viagra facts I understood exactly were Franco was coming from. Viagra facts I guess the Mets gave Franco free reign on who could be invited to his special night as his co-GM Al Leiter and David Cone, viagra facts who both looked like they would rather be someplace else than sitting in Citi Field and from the reaction of the fans in the stands the feeling was mutual, viagra facts were given permission from the Highlanders to travel to Flushing. Viagra facts  The topper of the ceremony though was when Jeff Innis and Brett Saberhagen were introduced to the crowd, viagra facts that was my “Ok wrap this shit up start the game, viagra facts I got work tomorrow” moment. Viagra facts Brett Saberhagen? Are you fucking kidding me? Oh by the way, viagra facts let that be the last we see of the black jersey’s PLEASE and why did the jersey have both the regular Mets skyline logo and the 50th Anniversary logo in the sleeves with the KID 8 patch moved to the front of the jersey?    

Viagra facts Saw this in the team store last night I had to buy it even though it’s over priced but I’m still caught up in NO-HAN Mania.

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