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Cost of cialis  

Cost of cialis The folks at Kiners Korner have been putting out some quality podcasts on their Kult of Mets Personalities show with great guests. Cost of cialis Last night they had Nolan Ryan as a guest and few weeks ago they had Kris Benson on as well.

Cost of cialis Here is a link that will allow you to enjoy both these interviews, cost of cialis so go listen

Cost of cialis  

Cost of cialis

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Cialis daily My friends over at Kiner’s Korner will have a their guest tonight on their Kult of Mets Personalitities Podcast on Blog Talk Radio, cialis daily former Met, cialis daily Baseball Hall of Famer and President of the Texas Rangers Nolan Ryan.

Cialis daily The podcast goes live at 8:30PM ET you do not want to miss this.

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Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus For some reason, sildenafil citrate 100mg plus I have centerfielders on my mind

Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus All’s quiet in Flushing and according to Adam Rubin, sildenafil citrate 100mg plus it will stay quiet until the team meets in Port St. Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus Lonsome. Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus Seems the Mets are close to reaching their budget ceiling of $90Mil

Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus The only thing that has me thinking the signing of Yu Darvish is a good move is that Nolan Ryan is running the Rangers  and if he didn’t think Darvish was worth it, sildenafil citrate 100mg plus the Rangers would never have bid over $50 mil to obtain his rights. Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus Imagine having $50 mil to throw around just for a bid on a player? SIGH!  I miss those big market days    

Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus Happy Birthday to David Wright who is 29 years old today and still a Met. Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus  Rumor is he wanted a strawberry shortcake birthday cake but got a cherry filled cake instead #BlameBeltran

Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus Mets Police has his released his Airing of Grievances today after giving out his awards for 2011 (The Mazzilli’s)

Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus Frank Fransisco is officially a Mets after passing his physical two weeks after agreeing to a deal. Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus The hold up was the club was trying to scrape together the co-pay.

Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus The Arizona Diamondbacks signed Jason Kubel to a 2yr/$15 mil contract yesterday. Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus This relegates Gerardo Parra, sildenafil citrate 100mg plus the 2011 Gold Glove winner, sildenafil citrate 100mg plus to fourth outfielder status. Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus If I’m the GM of the Mets ( I just play a GM here on the internet) I am on the phone right now with Kevin Towers trying to find a way get Parra to the Mets to play center field.

Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus Finally Happy Hanukkah to all those who celebrate the holiday

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Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Before I get started here let me first send out best wishes and speedy recovery to Mets VP of Media Relations, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Jay Horowitz and to Director of Media Relations, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Shannon Forde who are both hobbling around on injured ankles. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Jay seems to have it the worst as he scheduled to have surgery Monday on his broken ankle, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf so hopefully both Jay and Shannon get better soon.

Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Time for a little self- promotion, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf first for all you who are football fans reading this site, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf I co-host a football podcast on Blog Talk Radio called NY FOOTBALL BLOGS LIVE with Frankie “The Sports Guy” Maniscalo. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Last night we had running back Chris Ogbonnaya  of the Houston Texans as a guest. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Tonight I will be co- hosting another episode of NY FOOTBALL BLOGS LIVE at 9PM ET with Anthony DiMoro of SportsRantz.com. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Our guest will be Green Bay Packers blogger, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf J.C. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Lombardi of PackerBackerBlog.com.

Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Last night, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf I was also a guest on Baseball Bloggers Alliance President, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Daniel Shoptaw’ Cardinal 70 podcast. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Daniel and I spoke about the Mets and the upcoming 10th Anniversary of September 11th and about how I became a Mets fan.

Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Also on the podcast front, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf the folks over at Mets Kult of Personality had the pleasure of interviewing former Mets pitcher Gary Gentry last night on their show.  Gentry in his rookie season of 1969, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf got the win in Game 3 of the NLCS and a win in Game 3 of the World Series. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Both games were saved by Nolan Ryan and the World Series win was a nice tidy 5-0 shutout where Gentry and Ryan out dueled Jim Palmer.

Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf I’m already overwhelmed with the coverage of the 10th Anniversary of the attack of September 11th 2001, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf maybe its because every day for me is a remembrance of 9-11, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf since I work four blocks from Ground Zero. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf I also see the U.S. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Coast Guard ships equipped with machine guns escorting the SI Ferry I ride to and from work, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf and the NYPD Hercules Task Force, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf decked out in their full fighting regalia guarding the Subway stations. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf I see the Angel’s Corner in the Grasmere section of Staten Island just off Hylan Blvd where the residents of Staten Island who were murdered that day are memorialized. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf  I see the people who have moved downtown and in Tribeca, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf young people, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf young couples with young children who give me hope that maybe this city, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf this part of town, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf after ten years is back and as vibrant as ever. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf   There is nothing better than walking down Greenwich St on a late summer afternoon with the restaurants busy and kids from Stuyvesant High School and Manhattan Community College filling the streets laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Sunday will be a very solemn day in NYC as the people who lost friends and loved ones will meet at the sight of their murder but instead of having their time to reflect and mourn, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf they will be inundated by gas bag politicians who will give speeches and make sad faces and make believe they actually give a shit about them and those they lost. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf In the days after the attack, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf the country pulled together and showed the pride and guts that makes the United States the great country it is, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf but ten years later, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf that’s all gone. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf  It’s all about prepackaged, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf over made up, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf and uniformed media whores going on every cable news channel to tell you that they are the person to lead this country to glory when all they are style without  substance.

Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Think about it, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf in the ten years since the attacks, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf the U.S. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Government has spent trillions on two wars we should have never had been involved in nor could win and even if we did win what was the prize, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf while schools are still underfunded, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf a health care system that would ensure all Americans the right to have medical coverage is mocked and torn apart which wouldn’t be so bad if the critics had a another plan, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf which they don’t, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf we’re told that Social Security is a bad thing as is raising taxes on the richest 1 % of Americans. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf But it is still ok to fuck over the working class American who does more in an hour than some ass hat Congressman or Senator does in a full term of office.

Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Yes they will all be here downtown on Sunday in their dark suits with speeches in hand, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf especially the Dwarf Emperor of NYC who defied the law that said all you get is two terms in office and you move on but that law did not pertain to a man with billions. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf He will praise the FDNY, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf the same FDNY that he wanted to close the firehouses they work in and are at the ready to leave at a moments notice into situations most would run away from. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf He will then talk about the heroism of the NYPD the same NYPD that he decided had too many member’s and needed to be cut.    

Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Yes they will all be there, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf gas bags of every size, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf shape and political party trying to outdo each other in the grief and outrage of the day. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf Me? I’ll go get a slice a pizza and hang out on  Greenwich St and marvel at the people of NYC who deal with terrorist attacks and threats, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf earthquakes, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf hurricanes, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf blizzards, herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf heat waves and phony do nothing politicians by never giving up and never backing down. Herbal viagra welnet4u.de wf That’s the American way.

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Purchase sildenafil citrate On Tuesday June 14th at 12 Noon, purchase sildenafil citrate The Irish-American Baseball Hall of Fame will induct Nolan Ryan, purchase sildenafil citrate John McGraw, purchase sildenafil citrate Big Ed Walsh, purchase sildenafil citrate Gene Monahan, purchase sildenafil citrate Steve Donohue and Terry Cashman at Foley’s NY (18 W 33rd St) Here are the bio’s for the newest inductees:

  1. Nolan Ryan (Current Living Ex-Players)

Purchase sildenafil citrate Among the most dominating right handers in Major League history and known as the “Ryan Express, purchase sildenafil citrate” Nolan Ryan is baseball’s all-time strikeout king (5, purchase sildenafil citrate714).  He holds numerous records including seasons played (27), purchase sildenafil citrate no hitters (7), purchase sildenafil citrate and strikeouts in a season (383). Purchase sildenafil citrate During his storied career, purchase sildenafil citrate Ryan recorded 324 wins for the Mets, purchase sildenafil citrate Angels, purchase sildenafil citrate Astros and Rangers.  He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in 1999 and was a member of MLB’s “All-Century Team.”  Ryan played a key role for the 1969 New York Mets by recording a 2 1/3 inning save in Game 3 of the World Series.  He is currently part owner and team president of the Texas Rangers.

  1. Big Ed Walsh (Hall of Famers and Legends)

Purchase sildenafil citrate One of the top pitchers of the early 20th century, purchase sildenafil citrate Big Ed Walsh is baseball’s all-time ERA leader (1.82).  In 1908, purchase sildenafil citrate he had one of the greatest seasons in history, purchase sildenafil citrate winning 40 games and posting an ERA of 1.42.  Born in Plains Township, purchase sildenafil citrate PA, purchase sildenafil citrate Walsh had four 20-win seasons, purchase sildenafil citrate six sub-2.00 ERA seasons, purchase sildenafil citrate and was a World Series champion with the Chicago White Sox in 1906. Purchase sildenafil citrate He owns the second-best WHIP (1.00) in Major League history, purchase sildenafil citrate compiled a win–loss record of 195–126, purchase sildenafil citrate and recorded 1, purchase sildenafil citrate735 strikeouts primarily for the White Sox.  He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in 1946.  A meteoric star of the “Dead Ball” era, purchase sildenafil citrate Big Ed Walsh is the quintessential great but overlooked Irish American in the game of baseball.

Purchase sildenafil citrate 3.   John McGraw (Hall of Famers and Legends)

Purchase sildenafil citrate With his 2, purchase sildenafil citrate763 managerial victories, purchase sildenafil citrate John McGraw ranks second only to the legendary Connie Mack in Major League history.  A dominant figure in early baseball, purchase sildenafil citrate he led the New York Giants for 31 years, purchase sildenafil citrate winning 10 pennants and three World Series.  McGraw managed in both the first World Series and the inaugural All Star Game in 1933.  He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in 1947.  John McGraw was also an exceptional player who hit .334 lifetime and stole 436 bases.

Purchase sildenafil citrate 4.   Gene Monahan/Steve Donohue (Trainers)

Purchase sildenafil citrate Long time New York Yankee trainers Gene Monahan and Steve Donohue have attended to numerous World Series teams.  They were named MLB’s best trainers by the Professional Athletic Trainer Society in 2010.  Monahan, purchase sildenafil citrate who is proud of his Irish roots, purchase sildenafil citrate is a throat cancer survivor and is one of three employees to span the entire length of George Steinbrenner’s ownership.  Earlier this year, purchase sildenafil citrate he announced his retirement at the end of the 2011 baseball season.  Donohue, purchase sildenafil citrate whose ancestors hailed from Cork and Wexford, purchase sildenafil citrate has been part of Yankees’ training staff since 1986.

Purchase sildenafil citrate 5.   Terry Cashman (Entertainers)

Purchase sildenafil citrate Terry Cashman is best known for his hit song Talkin’ Baseball, purchase sildenafil citrate which was inspired by a photograph he saw of 1950s icons Willie Mays, purchase sildenafil citrate Mickey Mantle and Duke Snider.  The song struck a chord with fans during the 1981 baseball strike and has grown in popularity ever since.  Over the years, purchase sildenafil citrate Cashman has revised the lyrics of Talkin’ Baseball to accommodate every Major League team’s history.  Now widely known as “The Balladeer of Baseball, purchase sildenafil citrate” Cashman played for the Detroit Tiger organization during the early 1960s. Purchase sildenafil citrate Born Dennis Minogue in New York City, purchase sildenafil citrate Terry Cashman’s Irish roots are in Co. Purchase sildenafil citrate Clare.

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Viagra price germany

Viagra price germany What better day to announce the nominees for the Irish-Amercian Baseball Hall of Fame than St. Viagra price germany Patrick’s Day.The Hall and the ceromonies are held at one of my favorite places in all of the city, viagra price germany Foley’s NY Pub & Restaurant (run by Shaun Clancy and his dad John, viagra price germany two great men of County Cavan) 18 W 33 St across from the Empire State Building. SO if you are at the parade today stop by Foley’s as I’m sure the joint will be jumpin’ for sure.

Viagra price germany Here are the nominees :

Viagra price germany HALL OF FAMERS and LEGENDS

Viagra price germany Big Ed Walsh – Baseball’s All-Time ERA Leader

Viagra price germany Wee Willie Keeler – A .341 lifetime hitter who shares the longest ever NL hitting streak (44 games) with Pete Rose

Viagra price germany Mighty Casey of the “Mudville Nine” – Character in Ernest Thayer’s famous poem

Viagra price germany  

Viagra price germany CURRENT LIVING EX-PLAYERS

Viagra price germany Nolan Ryan – Baseball’s All-Time Strikeout Leader, viagra price germany now president of the Texas Rangers

Viagra price germany “Super Joe” McEwing – Popular versatile player, viagra price germany now a White Sox minor league manager

Viagra price germany Jeff Nelson – Four-time World Series champion, viagra price germany now a broadcaster with MLB Network

Viagra price germany  

Viagra price germany MANAGERS

Viagra price germany John McGraw – Legendary New York Giants manager

Viagra price germany Tom Kelly – Minnesota Twins two-time World Series champion manager

Viagra price germany “Walpole Joe” Morgan – Former Boston Red Sox manager

Viagra price germany  

Viagra price germany TEAM EXECUTIVES

Viagra price germany Gene Monahan/Steve Donohue – Longtime New York Yankees trainers

Viagra price germany Mike Kindle – President of Baseball Ireland (Dublin)

Viagra price germany  

Viagra price germany ENTERTAINERS

Viagra price germany John Fogerty – Writer/Singer of “Centerfield”

Viagra price germany Terry Cashman – Writer/Singer of “Talking Baseball” (30th anniversary this year)

Viagra price germany John Fitzgerald – Filmmaker of “The Emerald Diamond”

Viagra price germany  

Viagra price germany “The nominating committee has come up with some intriguing names this year, viagra price germany” said Shaun Clancy, viagra price germany owner of Foley’s, viagra price germany which features one of the country’s most extensive public displays of baseball memorabilia outside of Cooperstown.  “We believe it is significant that baseball’s all-time strikeout king and its all-time ERA leader are both of Irish descent and have New York connections.  So do the legendary manager John McGraw, viagra price germany players Wee Willie Keeler, viagra price germany Joe McEwing and Jeff Nelson, viagra price germany Yankees trainers Gene Monahan and Steve Donohue, viagra price germany and songwriter Terry Cashman.”

Viagra price germany  

Viagra price germany With the blessing of the Baseball Hall of Fame, viagra price germany Foley’s, viagra price germany a popular destination among baseball players, viagra price germany executives, viagra price germany umpires and fans, viagra price germany created the Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame to recognize players, viagra price germany managers, viagra price germany executives, viagra price germany journalists, viagra price germany and entertainers of Irish descent.  Inductees are chosen based on a combination of factors, viagra price germany including impact on the game, viagra price germany popularity on and off the field, viagra price germany contributions to society, viagra price germany connections to the Irish community, viagra price germany and, viagra price germany of course, viagra price germany ancestry. 

Viagra price germany The game of baseball has welcomed immigrants from its earliest days, viagra price germany when an estimated 30 percent of players claimed Irish heritage.  Many of the game’s biggest stars at the turn of the 20th century were Irish immigrants or their descendants, viagra price germany including Michael “King” Kelly, viagra price germany Roger Connor (the home run king before Babe Ruth), viagra price germany Eddie Collins, viagra price germany Big Ed Walsh and managers Connie Mack and John McGraw.  Today, viagra price germany major league teams regularly sign players born in Latin America, viagra price germany Japan, viagra price germany Canada, viagra price germany and elsewhere.

Viagra price germany  

Viagra price germany Shaun Clancy, viagra price germany an amateur baseball historian, viagra price germany created the Hall after learning about the rich heritage of Irish Americans in the sport dating from its infancy – a legacy overshadowed in recent years by other ethnicities.  He decided to celebrate his roots and those who helped make the game great by creating a shrine to Irish Americans in baseball in 2008.

Viagra price germany McGraw has to be a lock to be named to the Hall. Viagra price germany I will always have soft spot for McGraw for if it wasn’t for him I might be a Highlander fan today. Viagra price germany When my father and one of my uncle’s decided to leave Boston after a living there a year when they arrived from County Sligo, viagra price germany they both had jobs laying gas pipes in Canarsie for Brooklyn Union Gas. Viagra price germany On a day off they both decided to take a trip to the Bronx to see Babe Ruth and the Highlanders. Viagra price germany When they got the Stadium, viagra price germany there were surprised by the lack of people around. Viagra price germany That was because the Highlanders were on the road they were told by the cop on the beat. Viagra price germany The cop told them if they wanted to see a baseball game, viagra price germany take a walk over the bridge to the Polo Grounds and go watch the Giants. Viagra price germany So off they went.

Viagra price germany As they took their seats they noticed a guy barking orders at players, viagra price germany they asked who he was, viagra price germany a fan told them “That’s McGraw, viagra price germany he runs the team” They looked at each ‘What ? An Irishman is the boss?” That was it my dad and uncle became die hard NY Giants fans, viagra price germany even though they lived in Brooklyn and stayed in Brooklyn to raise families in the heart of Dodger country. Viagra price germany When the Giants left town both of them and the Mets were born they became Mets fans as did my brothers and my cousins. Viagra price germany Things happen for a reason who knows, viagra price germany if the Highlanders were home that day, viagra price germany this site might have been The Tom Tresh Society. Viagra price germany I hope Mugsy gets elected to the Hall with a landslide vote.

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Cialis diarrhea This should be played in the Texas Ranger P.A. Cialis diarrhea system

Cialis diarrhea Someday, cialis diarrhea when that someday will be I don’t know, cialis diarrhea but someday a big league manager is going to have the brains and the confidence to do away with the role of the closer. Cialis diarrhea Maybe that day will be when Mariano Rivera retires, cialis diarrhea which may not be for another ten years but I hope that whoever is hired by the Mets makes on of his first command decisions that the day of saving your best arm for just the ninth inning is over. Cialis diarrhea The only team that can still say they have a legitimate  pitcher to finish a game are  the Highlanders and until mangers like Texas’ Ron Washington, cialis diarrhea get this though their thick skulls, cialis diarrhea they just might win more baseball games than they lose.

Cialis diarrhea If Nolan Ryan is going to be the new tough guy in the Rangers front office when he claims that it’s time to re-evaluate the way bullpens are used and develop starting pitchers who should be conditioned to pitch deep into their starts, cialis diarrhea he might like to have a little sit down with Washington today before game two and let him know, cialis diarrhea when the game is on the line and you feel you’ve gotten all you can out of your starter, cialis diarrhea bring in the best arm you have in the pen.

Cialis diarrhea I’m not looking to kill Ron Washington here as he managed the way every big league manager would have in that eighth inning, cialis diarrhea plus Darren Oliver and Darren O’Day needed to step up and how in the world does Ian Kinsler have a brain fart in the eighth getting picked off?

Cialis diarrhea The Rangers had the Highlanders on the ropes and bleeding but they lacked that killer instinct, cialis diarrhea that solid knockout punch, cialis diarrhea hopefully they can turn the page and go out today and tattoo Phil Hughes, cialis diarrhea if not, cialis diarrhea the who gives a shit what Cliff Lee does in Game 3?

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Viagra on line order

Viagra on line order While I sit and wait for the Skill Sets to pick a new baseball czar, viagra on line order there is post season baseball to revel in starting today with a triple header on TBS. Viagra on line order As viewers, viagra on line order we can be thankful that this year we won’t get “fisted” while watching the coverage but he have to hope that Ernie Johnson knows the difference between a suicide squeeze and a pick and roll. Viagra on line order On to my predictions:

Viagra on line order Phuck Phaces vs. Viagra on line order Cincin-NATTA Red Stockings

Viagra on line order Let’s be truthful here the Phuck Phaces have the best three man rotation in the playoffs with Halladay, viagra on line order Oswalt and the Girlie Man so this is a tough assignment for ol’ Dust-aroo and his Queen City Rollers. Viagra on line order If Edison Volquez can beat Doc Halladay in game 1 we could have the makings of a great upset but that’s asking a lot but if the Reds can win game 1 and then have Mike Francesa Boy Toy, viagra on line order Bronson Arroyo going in game 2 then their will a ton o’ pressure on Cholly Chuckles boys. Viagra on line order I want to say Reds in 4 but it ain’t gonna happen. Viagra on line order Phuck Phaces in 4

Viagra on line order Small Cox vs The Fuck Yeahs

Viagra on line order Has word gotten to Braves fans that their team is in the post season? Maybe a couple of them would like to go to a game or two ? My rooting interest is with the San Francisco By Way of W 155 St & 8th Avenue Giants. Viagra on line order It’s part nostalgia and part that I’m a Tim Lincecum fanboy and part I find the Braves and the city of Atlanta revolting. Viagra on line order The Bochy Boys have too much pitching to lose here in fact I’m calling this one Giants in 3.

Viagra on line order Lone Stars vs Men in Plaid

Viagra on line order This is a tough choice here as I love Nolan Ryan but I find Joe Maddon cute and goofy plus there is the Stu Sternberg Brooklyn/Mets fan factor so I’ll go with the Rays in 4. Viagra on line order Of all the game 1 match ups today the Cliff Lee -David Price engagement is the best. Viagra on line order  It’s a shame that this game is not the prime time game but hey, viagra on line order it’s my day off so I’ll have ass in seat at 1:30 to watch it.

Viagra on line order Bronx Bastards vs. Viagra on line order Gardy’s Gang

Viagra on line order It’s that time of year kids, viagra on line order time to get your Highlander Hate On. Viagra on line order You know I’m going all out to root for the Men of the Land O Lakes and I think they will dispose of the Highlanders in 5 games, viagra on line order Just to make it even more painful for those who call themselves Disciples of the Bronx Robber Baron, viagra on line order let’s have Delmon Young hit a game tying homer of Joba and Jim Thome, viagra on line order the game winner off Mariano in game 5. Viagra on line order By the way who wants to join me on Halloween to go egg the Robber Baron’s plaque in Monument To Douchebagery Park ?

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Female viagra  

Female viagra

Female viagra As stated here and on other sites, female viagra the repartee of Gary Cohen, female viagra Ron Darling, female viagra Keith Hernandez and Kevin Burkhardt have helped take the edge off another unfulfilling season by the NY Mets. Female viagra Last night was no exception.

Female viagra Just as I was ready to switch over to the Rays-Jays game, female viagra Gary Cohen brought up the comments by Wally Backman about the Mets managerial job. Female viagra Wally kind of hinted that some of the moves that Jerry Manuel has made this season are not particularly the same ones he would have made as Mets manager. Female viagra No one is better than setting up his partners like Cohen and this subject got Hernandez and Darling going and we were off to the drag races.

Female viagra Darling seemed offended by Wally’ statement saying there should be some sort of code of conduct between mangers. Female viagra Hernandez then added it wasn’t such a bad thing like when Gary Carter practically put his thump and pinky to his ear during an interview and mouthed ‘Call me Jeff” into the camera. Female viagra Darling agreed and you can just tell that back in the day, female viagra Kid Carter was a handful in the clubhouse. Female viagra Hernandez then went on to let us know that Wally likes to talk. Female viagra He mentioned that when the Mets were to play the Astros in Game 5 of the 1986 NLCS Backman was crowing in the clubhouse how the Mets were going to win that game. Female viagra Hernandez said he went over to Backman and told him to keep quiet, female viagra and reminded him that Nolan Ryan was pitching (against Dwight Gooden in one of the great post season match ups as Ryan K’d 12 and walked just 1 in 9 inns while Doc pitched 10 innings and got a ton of ground ball outs as the Mets won the game in 12 innings on a Gary Carter single scoring guess who? Wally Backman) to which Backman replied in his Wally Way “Who gives a fuck”!

Female viagra From there the SNY camera got a glimpse of Roger McDowell on the Braves bench and Hernandez had us all gather around the 50’’ Sony HD TV to hear the how Roger McDowell hated Gregg Jefferies guts. Female viagra Keith brought up, female viagra as he has a many occasion (you get the feeling that Richie Hebner would be given a warmer welcome into the Mets Alumni than Gregg Jefferies ) how Jefferies was the only player on the team to have his own private bag for his bats, female viagra and Keith blamed Charlie Samuels for that as Darling added “you blame Charlie for everything” and the trio of announcers had a good laugh. Female viagra Hernandez continued on how this burned the other players ass’s and McDowell had had enough of this little prima donna getting preferential treatment and proceeded to take  Jeffries bats and tossed them from the bag out into the parking lot at Shea. Female viagra That yarn brought back memories of when Soldier of Fortune aficionado Randy Myers and McDowell took Jefferies bats and sawed them in half. Female viagra I have mentioned here a few times  when John Franco joined the Mets in 1990 he tried very hard to get Jefferies to understand he needs to be more of a “we” guy than the me guy he was and to that end Franco invited Jeffieries for a night on the town in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. Female viagra Franco was an acquaintance of a few of my friends so I’ve gotten to meet him on a few occasion so when he walked into the club where my buddies and I were hanging out, female viagra with Jefferies, female viagra we thought we were set for a pretty good night of partying. Female viagra Well, female viagra after just about an hour at the club (The Penthouse for all you old disco types from Brooklyn out there) Jefferies was hitting on every woman in the place and nearly got the living shit kick out of him for it. Female viagra Lucky for him the bouncers at the club were teammates of ours from our Staten Island Touch Tackle League team (Someday I’ll tell the story of when I ran down former Notre Dame and Pittsburgh Steelers QB Terry Hannraty  for a sack, female viagra the highlight of my journeyman athletic career) so Jefferies was spared a Bay Ridge beat down. Female viagra Also that was the last time Franco ever invited Jefferies out for even a cup of coffee. Female viagra When I was managing teams in Staten Island Little League, female viagra Franco’ son JJ was in the league and John would come watch him play when he could, female viagra When I saw him one evening at the complex I went to say hi and he said “Geez I see you everywhere around the Island (Franco lived just a few block from me on Staten Island) I laughed and then I asked him if he still kept in touch with Jefferies, female viagra Franco looked at me and said “Holy shit your were there too”?

Female viagra Wow talk about making a short story long, female viagra anyway, female viagra Hernandez went on about the last game of the 1989 season when McDowell then a Phillie, female viagra and Jefferies fought as the last out of the game and season was recorded. Female viagra The story in the NY Times paints a very ugly picture of that season and gives us a glimpse of the turmoil that the 90’s would bring. Female viagra This quote from Phillies manager Nick Leyva sums up the feeling for Gregg Jeffries around baseball:

Female viagra Nick Leyva, female viagra Philadelphia’s manager, female viagra defended McDowell by saying that Jefferies is not popular among his own teammates, female viagra then Leyva said, female viagra ”There were 30 guys on our side rooting for Roger and 20 guys on their side rooting for Roger.”

Female viagra As a Mets fan, female viagra the one thing you should be rooting for right now is tonight’s game is a blow out early, female viagra maybe story time with Keith and Ron will talk about the nights at Rusty Staub’ restaurant on the East Side, female viagra that will be better than Taxi Cab Confessions.

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Rx generic viagra I hope Frankie Rodriguez can pick up a fork and knife this morning to eat his breakfast, rx generic viagra I mean the guy had to come in to pitch in the 8th inning last night instead of his customary 9th inning to get a (GASP!!!!) 5 out save!!!!!! Rodriguez had to throw 25 pitches to complete this unbelievable test of endurance and I’m hopping the 6ft 200lbd K-Rod is not just totally exhausted from that heavy duty work load.

Rx generic viagra All sarcasm aside here, rx generic viagra when did baseball lose its way when it comes to pitching? Sure we could throw this all on The Genius as he reinvented bullpen use with the A’s and Denis Eckersley in the late 80’s but why did the rest of the sport follow suit and turn TLR into the baseball version of L. Rx generic viagra Ron Hubbard? Why hasn’t any organization stepped  up and denounced LaRussa-ology ? I know Nolan Ryan has as he is going about changing the mind set of the Texas Rangers organization into developing starting pitchers to go deep into there starts, rx generic viagra but why are other organization so scared to follow The Express’ as an example?

Rx generic viagra As far as I know, rx generic viagra TLR was a marginal journeyman player and as much as I can’t stand his hide behind his Foster Grants ass, rx generic viagra he knows baseball. Rx generic viagra Just ask him he’ll tell you but when it comes to pitching if it comes down to TLR or even his top disciple Dave Duncan, rx generic viagra or Nolan Ryan, rx generic viagra I’m going with the Hall of Famer fireballer.

Rx generic viagra Watching Jerry Manuel work this bullpen drives me up a fucking wall. Rx generic viagra Fernando Nieve pitches in every game, rx generic viagra as does Vitamin Pedro. Rx generic viagra Jenry Mejia, rx generic viagra the kid who Manuel told management he needed desperately is being totally misused. Rx generic viagra Now that Ryota Igarhasi is on the DL look for Ruben Valdes to become an everyday pitcher.

Rx generic viagra Manuel manages his pen like he still in the American League, rx generic viagra it’s excruciating to watch. Rx generic viagra But back to my original question, rx generic viagra why does it have to be this way?

Rx generic viagra Yesterday I wrote about the 40th anniversary of Tom Seaver’ 19 K game against the SD Padres. Rx generic viagra That year the 25 year old Seaver threw a baseball in 290 innings. Rx generic viagra That’s almost two seasons worth of innings in today’s game. Rx generic viagra Seaver threw for the fourth most innings that season in the NL as Bob Gibson was third with 294 IP, rx generic viagra Fergie Jenkins was second with 313 and Gaylord Perry led the league with 328.2 IP.

Rx generic viagra In 2009 Justin Verlander led MLB pitchers in innings pitched with 240. Rx generic viagra In 1970 that would have ranked him 29th overall (Dick Drago of the Royals threw 240 IP in 1970) Bronson Arroyo was10th overall in IP last year with 220.1 IP. Rx generic viagra In 1970 Rick Wise of the Phillies threw for 220.1 IP good for 40th overall.

Rx generic viagra One would think with the advancements today in the physical training and with all the computer and video that teams have they could come up with some kind of pitching program that would get more length and production out of starting pitchers. Rx generic viagra Instead of paying tens of millions of dollars to a guy to come in and work one inning and throw 15-20 pitches wouldn’t it make sense to spend those millions on cultivating an organizational pitching program to train pitchers go deeper into games they’ve started ? Call it Reverse-LaRussa-ology.

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