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Picture viagra pill pic courtesy of Bob’s Blitz

Picture viagra pill No Mets game last night so I tuned into the NY Highlander-Chicago White Stockings game from the South Bronx. Picture viagra pill I had two options on where to watch the festivities, picture viagra pill ESPN or YUCK. Picture viagra pill The one outlet I wanted to watch it on CSN-Chicago (I know I’m in the minority but I enjoy listening to Hawk Harrelson do White Sox games) was blacked out because MLB Extra Innings feels that since I live in a NYC zip code I enjoy watching the YUCK Network, picture viagra pill which could not be further from the truth. Picture viagra pill In fact, picture viagra pill I rarely watch the YUCK Network, picture viagra pill but last night I did and all I can say is, picture viagra pill whatever SNY is paying Gary Cohen, picture viagra pill Ron Darling, picture viagra pill Keith Hernandez and Kevin Burkhardt they are getting away cheap, picture viagra pill in fact if I were the agents for those gentleman I would use tape of the games on YUCK to get my clients big pay raises.

Picture viagra pill I started off watching this game on ESPN and was quite happy that Sean McDonough was the play by play man. Picture viagra pill Then when I heard Rick Sutcliffe and Aaron Boone chiming in, picture viagra pill I ducked for cover. Picture viagra pill Sutcliffe always sounds like he had a few Rob Roy’s before the game and Boone brings nothing of substance to the telecast. Picture viagra pill In fact these three men in a booth is a disaster on every sporting event except for Mets games on SNY. Picture viagra pill Gary, picture viagra pill Keith and Ron are the gold standard for the three man booth. Picture viagra pill The Mark Jackson, picture viagra pill Jeff Van Gundy duo would work very well as a three man booth if the third man wasn’t Mike Breen.Put Marv Albert with those two and you’d have the basketball version of sports broadcasting nirvana.

Picture viagra pill So back to YUCK I go and as I tune in Michael Kay brings in Kim Jones to the broadcast. Picture viagra pill Jones is a very good nuts and bolts reporter having been the Giants beat writer and general NFL correspondent for the Newark Star-Ledger but as a “personality” well she’s lacking in that department . Picture viagra pill When she fills in on WFAN she comes off at times as a female version of Mike Francesa, picture viagra pill but anyway, picture viagra pill Kay brought her in to take about Phil Hughes and his “dead arm”. Picture viagra pill Jones went on a dissertation that made me think Highlanders fans have a problem comprehending information as Jones spoke…….very……..slowly…….and…..accented……some….key…..words……in…..her……report……like….it…..was…..remidial…….tv………watching……….

Picture viagra pill The fact that she reported that Hughes stopped his throwing session because his arm felt very heavy, picture viagra pill to me was a major story and one if I were of the Highlander persuasion would cause me some alarm. Picture viagra pill When Jones threw it back to Kay, picture viagra pill he acted like it wasn’t a big deal. Picture viagra pill To his credit, picture viagra pill Al Leiter, picture viagra pill a man we all know who pitched in the big leagues, picture viagra pill showed the kind of concern I would have thought the newly wed Mr. Picture viagra pill Jodi Applegate would have. Picture viagra pill  As Leiter spoke about the effects of this on the Highlanders and on Hughes himself, picture viagra pill Mr Applegate asked “Al did you ever go through a dead arm period”? Now if Leiter and Kay weren’t BFF’s I’m sure Letier would have exposed Kay for the fraud he is. Picture viagra pill Just about every pitcher deals with a dead arm problem, picture viagra pill mostly in spring training but the bounce back after a day or three and Leiter was making it known that this situation with Hughes could be very serious. Picture viagra pill I guess Kay was more concerned with going home and having some Chicken Parm and then sharing the wedding bed with Madame’ Applegate.

Picture viagra pill For an extra added attraction, picture viagra pill former Met Philip Humber, picture viagra pill now a ChiSox pitcher was in the midst of no hitting the Bronx Bastards. Picture viagra pill It was hard not to know the BB’s were hitless as Kay mentioned it every ten seconds. Picture viagra pill When Alex Rodriguez got the first Highlander hit in the 7th    there was a sigh of relief coming from the YUCK booth because not only was the calamity of the Highlanders being no hit averted but now it was time for some good old fashion  Mets bashing, picture viagra pill everybody take your pants off WOOOOO-HOOOOOO.

Picture viagra pill Kay went into full rant about the Mets never having been on the celebratory side on a no-no but of course pitchers who at one time toed the rubber for the Amazin’s have and of course he couldn’t wait to felate  his partner Leiter by bringing up his no hitter against the Colorado Rockies when he was a Marlin.

Picture viagra pill After ten minutes more of the reading of names of former Mets pitchers who pitched no hitters with clubs other than the Mets I was done.  I watched the rest of the game on ESPN which was more entertaining anyway as Rick Sutcliffe was on his 5th drink by the time I tuned in.

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Viagra canadian Yes I feel like a horse’s ass today after going after D-Wright yesterday and he made me pay and if that’s what it takes for the Mets to win I’ll wear a big KICK ME sign on my back for the rest of the season. Viagra canadian But give some credit to Warlord Jerry for lighting a fire under Wright by playing a little head game with him with the “you look tired take a day off” ploy that sparked Wright yesterday. Viagra canadian Now deduct that credit slip Ieft to Warlord Jerry for his mishandling of the bullpen. Viagra canadian I have no problem with Johan Santana getting lifted when he did yesterday as he is reaching uncharted territory with the number of pitches per start and he has been not good but great this year so no more questioning of Johan but the question still remains someone has to be designated as the closer until Wags gets back and at this point just give the job to Eddie Kunz already. Viagra canadian We have seen enough of the $1.98 Beauty Pageant contestants and J-Man has to know that he can not keep bring in four or five relievers per game so just give the job to Kunz and stick with him and let him learn under fire. Viagra canadian Why did you bring him up if your not going to use him? Makes no sense but then again this is the Mets.

Viagra canadian The Bingo Boys had a great game yesterday and hopefully this will lead to a renewed way of doing busiiness in Flushing and building this team through scouting and minor league preperation. Viagra canadian Having watched the Brooklyn Cyclones the last two years under Edgar Alfonzo he should be in charge of the minor league system as he is a nuts and bolts baseball guy who takes no bullshit from his players. Viagra canadian Just this season he has disciplined Josh Satin for not running out a ground ball by benching him and having the organization send him to Kingsport for a couple of days to get the message across. Viagra canadian I like that Alfonzo keeps pitchers in the game when they are in trouble to get them to learn how to pitch in a tough spot. Viagra canadian With Edgardo playing for the Ducks and Eagar in Brooklyn OMar Minaya would do right by the organization to get both Alfonzo brothers locked in the Mets coaching staff.

Viagra canadian All I know is I have tickets for the last game at Shea and I’m bringing a ratchet set with me no way I’m paying $869 for two seats. Viagra canadian Fuck you Jeffy. Viagra canadian They better have the National Guard ready for that last day as there has to be one last storming of the field at Shea a la 1969

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