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Viagra studies women So did you stay up for the whole game last night? I lasted as long as Matt Harvey, viagra studies women after the 7th inning I went to bed since it was 12:30 AM and I had to wake up at 5AM it seemed like a good time for nap before getting ready for the day ahead. Viagra studies women  The Met win in 16 innings ended about 90 minutes before I hit the shower to ready myself to take on the world where I heard Marc Ernay break the news to me on 1010 WINS that the Mets had won in 16 innings.  This may not be a Mets team that will contend for a post season spot but there is no doubt they are the most resilient Mets team we’ve seen in a long time and it’s that resiliency that could get Terry Collins a contract extension.

Viagra studies women I go back and forth on Collins. Viagra studies women I don’t think he’s a very good tactician especially late in games and he and Dan Warthen have no set bullpen assignments which makes the relievers nuts. Viagra studies women But he has the players ear and respect in the clubhouse and he’s surprisingly good with the media and if you think that’s no big deal go speak to Mr. Viagra studies women John Tortorella of Vancouver B.C. Viagra studies women about his tenure as NY Rangers head coach.

Viagra studies women What will be interesting to watch is if this Mets team does the opposite of Mets teams of the past few seasons and finishes strong in the second half is that enough to give Collins a contract extension?

Viagra studies women Sandy Alderson has said that wins and losses will not be the determining factor in bringing Collins back in 2014, viagra studies women if in Alderson’s eyes the club has made progress on the field that would weigh in favor of an extension of Collins contract. Viagra studies women  So if the team keeps playing as well as it has and keeps bouncing back from defeats that in seasons past would have had a negative effect on them for a week or two, viagra studies women then it would be quite difficult not to bring Collins back for at least another season.

Viagra studies women Collins should also hope that Tony LaRussa is enjoying retirement because if he’s not and itching to get back into the game, viagra studies women things could get very interesting around here comes the off season.

Viagra studies women About last night’s game, viagra studies women it seems that Matt Harvey may be experiencing  the same lofty fan expectations that Dwight Gooden had to endure, viagra studies women every start has to be a near no hitter with a dozen or so strikeouts and zero base on balls and of course a complete game shutout. Viagra studies women Gooden talks about this in his book how he would hold a team to five hits or so with a couple of walks and five or six strikeouts in seven innings and have fans and media feel let down. Viagra studies women Are we approaching that train of thought with Matt Harvey?

Viagra studies women Harvey threw 40 % of his total pitches (121) in the first two innings of this game, viagra studies women dividing his 50 pitches in half each inning. Viagra studies women His K/BB break down in the first two innings was 33/17. Viagra studies women He made one bad pitch, viagra studies women leaving a fastball up to Buster Posey on a 3-1 count that Posey turned on and deposited into the left field stands for a two run home run and just one walk, viagra studies women to Andres Torres in the 2nd where ball four was a strike as home plate ump Adam Hamari was inconsistent in his calls all night. Viagra studies women What more can you expect from your Ace?

Viagra studies women And let’s not go after Collins for letting Harvey start the 7th inning, viagra studies women he was still throwing his fastball in the mid to upper 90’s and he was throwing strikes and showed no sign of fatigue. Viagra studies women After pitching in the heat and humidity in his last few starts, viagra studies women the cool San Francisco evening air looked to rejuvenate Harvey if anything.

Viagra studies women My only concern with Harvey is his off the field rise of stardom. Viagra studies women I don’t begrudge Harvey of any of the fruits of his fame; I just worry about too much, viagra studies women too fast. Viagra studies women On the mound Harvey is in control and takes care of business so well that he’s not just a Mets phenom but a baseball one as well. Viagra studies women I just worry about the off field Harvey interfering with the on field Harvey. Viagra studies women I hope my worry is much ado about nothing.

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Viagra discussions Nothing has worked for Terry Collins to get his team off the second half schnide, viagra discussions somatbe he should do a little song and dance

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Viagra discussions Lucas Duda is back with the big club and JV1 goes back the Wallyworld. Viagra discussions I’m sure Valdespin will be back in September but there are many in the Mets clubhouse who I’m sure wished Valdy a nice trip to Buffalo and don’t let the clubhouse door hit you on the ass on the way out.

Viagra discussions Scott Hairston and Anders Torres have been placed on waivers. Viagra discussions  I’m sure Hairston will be claimed and hopefully the Mets can deal Hairston for a prospect or two but I doubt anyone is going to claim Torres, viagra discussions you never know but I really doubt it. Viagra discussions  If Torres is not claimed I’d rather see the Mets release him and let Matt Den Deker play CF in September.

Viagra discussions Seems Ruben Tejada took a shot to the nuts (he wasn’t wearing a cup, viagra discussions I guess he has no thoughts of being a daddy) and that was the excuse explanation for not running out a ground ball yesterday. Viagra discussions If he was hurting so much form the shot to the McNuggets than he should have been removed from the game, viagra discussions if you’re in the game you got play hard even if you have swollen scrotum.

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How to make viagra When did winning a playoff series turn into an all night celebration? All these champagne and beer baths after the Division Series is a bit much. How to make viagra Look, how to make viagra I can see the Tampa Bay Rays going nuts after beating the White Sox as losings ones virginity is a cause to celebrate but the Dodgers, how to make viagra Red Sox, how to make viagra and the Phucking Phillies? Com’on you guys know you’re better than that? Yeah, how to make viagra yeah I know you think it’s sour grapes on a Mets fan part as we are still kept behind the velvet rope of post season baseball but it’s not we gotten over it (I think we have?) but with the wild celebrations after a first round win what do you guys do if you win the World Series? Make a snuff film?

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