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50 mg cialis I haven’t done a mid-season Mets report card in a few years since around this time the last six years I’ve been sitting in a camp site upstate for a week at Boy Scout Camp, 50 mg cialis it was nice to turn in my spatula and large paddle to stir 20 gallon containers of Kool Aid to a younger group of fathers, 50 mg cialis and enjoy the All Star Festivities, 50 mg cialis which as we all know will be played in our home Citi Field.

50 mg cialis I went to the MLB All Star Fan Fest this past weekend at the Javits Center and I thought it was fantastic.  I went with my son, 50 mg cialis which of course made the day even better, 50 mg cialis and we soaked in all the Fan Fest had to offer. 50 mg cialis I spent more money than I had wanted as we both left with Matt Harvey jerseys and All Star T-shirts along with a couple of autographed baseballs of Gaylord Perry and Rollie Fingers. 50 mg cialis I amaze myself with how excited I get when I see guys I watched as a kid and just want to say hello and tell them how much I enjoyed watching them play. 50 mg cialis My son wants to run the other way when I’m in that mode but later he laughs about my enthusiasm. 50 mg cialis He was really falling over when we met Jack Morris and all I kept telling Morris how he should be in the Hall of Fame and how I always enjoyed watching him pitch and compete. 50 mg cialis I guess it was a bit over the top as my son said “Com’on fanboy let’s get some lunch”. 50 mg cialis Sure I go overboard but on the way home all I could think of was how an event like Fan Fest just reaffirms how much I love baseball. 50 mg cialis It’s a good feeling.

50 mg cialis One of the great displays at Fan Fest is the Fan Auction that is being conducted by Hunt Auctions. 50 mg cialis It’s a silent auction and the items up for bid range from autographed baseballs signed by Babe Ruth to a copy of the NY Post the morning after the NY Mets won the 1986 World Series that is autographed by the team. 50 mg cialis There was one section of the auction that was both intriguing and a bit sad.

50 mg cialis It seems the estate of Warren Spahn has put up every piece of memorabilia from his outstanding career up for auction. 50 mg cialis Uniforms, 50 mg cialis caps, 50 mg cialis gloves, 50 mg cialis trophies including his 1957 Cy Young Award, 50 mg cialis all up for the highest bidder to own. 50 mg cialis   I’m not going to judge the Spahn family for putting all these items up for sale as I don’t know the family or money situation but it’s still sad to see all of Spahn’s trophies and what he achieved in a great baseball life, 50 mg cialis up for sale.

50 mg cialis BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! To the New York Mets for inducting Mike Piazza into the Mets Hall of Fame. 50 mg cialis Well deserved!

50 mg cialis Enjoyed listening to Kevin Burkhardt on the play by play for yesterday’s game. 50 mg cialis The beauty of having Burkhardt on the broadcast team is he can move from a reporter’s role to play by play and mesh perfectly with Keith Hernandez or Ron Darling since the whole crew along with Gary Cohen has great chemistry. 50 mg cialis  

50 mg cialis Next post will have the Mets report card!

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Viagra description As the equipment truck heads down I-95 towards St. Viagra description Lonesome there is a few pieces of Mets information in the news today, viagra description so let’s take a look-see shall we?

Viagra description According to the NY Post, viagra description Fred Wilpon and Uncle Saul Katz would like to build a casino on the soon to be re-developed Iron Triangle. Viagra description Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. Viagra description  The one think the Mets have going for them in this new scheme business venture is that Governor Cuomo is a proponent of having casinos in New York State but mostly he wants them upstate New York and not in the NYC limits. Viagra description This reminds me of the time years ago the urban legend around Brooklyn was that Frank Sinatra was buying up a whole bunch of real estate because casino gambling was coming to Coney Island. Viagra description Of course that never happened. Viagra description Neither will Willets Point Casino. Viagra description The part of the story that made me choke on my bagel was that the city has “handed” the Wilpon’s 23 acres of NYC real estate back in 2011 that they have turned into park spaces. Viagra description Nice of the Bloomberg administration to be giving away land maybe folks in Staten Island, viagra description Rockaways and Breezy Point can get a nice gift like that.

Viagra description Are the decision makers in the MLB Commissioners office on vacation or just asleep?   Can someone give a ruling on whether the Mets can have their 11th pick in the Entry Level draft protected or not so the club can get down to business and sign Michael Bourn. Viagra description The Pirates are being reward for not doing their due diligence on Mark Appel  taking the RHP with the 8th pick in the last year draft and having the pitcher turn down $3.8 mil to go back for his senior season at Stanford.  It’s not just the draft pick that concerns the Mets it’s the slotting money that the club would lose that has them in the conundrum they’re in concerning Bourn. Viagra description  Not an easy decision for Sandy Alderson.

Viagra description I really, viagra description really, viagra description really like Johan Santana but can he stop with the” I want play in the WBC” proclamations?  How about getting in shape and being ready for opening day for the team that PAYS you?  I get all this Nationalism and stuff but Santana finished the season on the disabled list so the Mets are within their rights under the CBA to tell Santana no way and I would bet that Sandy Alderson will stick to that. Viagra description This is Santana’s last year (months?) as a Met so what’s he gonna do? Besides the Mets need for Santana to show some positive starts so he can be used as trade bait in July.

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Sometimes the NY Post gets it right!

I think we will send this one out to the NY Highlanders and their arrogant fan base with the lovely Mrs. Cialis blood thinner John McEnroe speaking for all of us Highlander Haters

Cialis blood thinner <>

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Cialis india pharmacy

Cialis india pharmacy Man, cialis india pharmacy this seems like a hundred years ago……………

Cialis india pharmacy David Wright is not only the leader of the 25 man Mets roster; he is also the leader of the Mets fan base. Cialis india pharmacy In a story in today’s NY Post, cialis india pharmacy Wright essentially told the Skill Sets “get your shit together before I decide to book”

Cialis india pharmacy Wright is not concerned about the monetary aspect of a new contract, cialis india pharmacy and why should he? Wright on the open market is a minimum 5 yr/$110 mil baseball player and there would be teams lining up for his services like the Orioles, cialis india pharmacy Dodgers or even (GULP!) the Phillies. Cialis india pharmacy  

Cialis india pharmacy Wright still has that quote from Freddy Skill Sets New Yorker piece burned in his brain about being a “good player not a superstar”  and Wright as always, cialis india pharmacy took the high road and did a good job of defusing what could have been a real shit storm for the Mets. Cialis india pharmacy But that’s the way Wright goes about his business. Cialis india pharmacy But make no mistake that quote hurt Wright a lot as it should. Cialis india pharmacy Here is a guy who goes to every charity function the team has requested for him to attended, cialis india pharmacy then plays with a broken bone in his back, cialis india pharmacy is the first guy to show up at St. Cialis india pharmacy Lonesome every February and the last to leave and then has to answer question upon question after every one of the Mets 162 games only to have the owner say “eh, cialis india pharmacy he’s a good kid” Disgraceful.

Cialis india pharmacy Now for the Freddy Skill Sets the rooster has come home to roost. Cialis india pharmacy Wright knows you need him much more than he needs you so it will come down showing Wright what we Mets fans have been asking for the last few seasons, cialis india pharmacy what’s your game plan Freddy?

Cialis india pharmacy The Skill Sets hate to show their hand and with Freddy yelling out the other day at Citi Field “Ask Sandy” when quires about which way the wind was blowing organizationally, cialis india pharmacy he is already passing the buck (no pun intended) to Alderson who will have to show Wright what the plan is to get the Mets back into contention and how long before the plan pays off.

Cialis india pharmacy Wright is just like me and you he wants to know where are the Mets headed and is it worth the time and effort to see it through.

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Adverse side effects of viagra One of the most underrated Mets players of all time Randall “K” Myers

Adverse side effects of viagra  

Adverse side effects of viagra Well we know one guy who won’t be the Mets closer next year, adverse side effects of viagra that’s Bobby Parnell. Adverse side effects of viagra Reading the story in today’s NY Post it seems Alderson has seen enough of Parnell and the other candidates for Closer 2012 as well:

Adverse side effects of viagra   The presumed heir apparent, adverse side effects of viagra Bobby Parnell, adverse side effects of viagra has flopped and a fatigued Pedro Beato never really entered the equation. Adverse side effects of viagra Manny Acosta has shown flashes of dominance, adverse side effects of viagra but there are still organizational questions about his makeup. Adverse side effects of viagra

Adverse side effects of viagra It has left Alderson far from certain the next Mets closer will come from within the organization. Adverse side effects of viagra

Adverse side effects of viagra “I’m not convinced of that, adverse side effects of viagra” Alderson said before the Mets departed Atlanta on Sunday. Adverse side effects of viagra “Nor can I believe anybody else is convinced of that.”

Adverse side effects of viagra Happy hunting Sandy.

Adverse side effects of viagra File this one under, adverse side effects of viagra just when you thought you’ve heard it all. Adverse side effects of viagra Ray Bartoszek wanted to invest in the New York Mets but the Skill Sets were head over heels with David Einhorn until they finally figured out that Einhorn was looking to fuck them over. Adverse side effects of viagra  By the time the Skill Sets tried to get back in with Bartoszek, adverse side effects of viagra it was too late; he had found a better investment for his cash, adverse side effects of viagra becoming a limited partner of the NY Highlanders. Adverse side effects of viagra Bartoszek is a Mets fan who wanted to invest in the Mets but he now finds himself sitting back and waiting for a divided check and a seat to post season games. Adverse side effects of viagra Some guys have all the luck.

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Female viagra It looks like John Franco wants to get back in uniform with the Mets, female viagra no not as a player but as a coach. Female viagra Franco said in today’s NY Post, female viagra that he would love to join the club as a mentor to Bobby Parnell, female viagra which I feel would help Parnell immensely and if Franco is sincere as I’m sure he is, female viagra instead of telling this to a newspaper reporter, female viagra why not approach Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins with this idea.

Female viagra When Collins was told of Franco’s wish he said “I’ll try and set that up”. Female viagra One of the things Collins told me during the winter was he told his coaching staff if you see something that you thing in a player or in a way the club is going about it’s business the needs fixing, female viagra you should speak up and let’s look at it as a staff. Female viagra So if John Franco feels he can help Bobby Parnell get his mindset right to be a closer and help him develop an off speed pitch to go with his supersonic fastball, female viagra Collins would definitely be on board for that.

Female viagra I love Howard Johnson, female viagra his combination of speed and power makes him one of the best players to wear a Mets uniform, female viagra but really HoJo it’s time to shut the fuck up. Female viagra As Mike Silva tells us, female viagra Johnson has taken to Twitter to bash Mets management claiming they are anti-86 Mets. Female viagra   As Silva points out there are a number of ex-86ers that work for the team, female viagra and the Mets gave HoJo a shot at being a manager and he failed and they handed him the job as the big league batting coach and many feel he’s ruined David Wright with his tinkering of his swing. Female viagra So really HoJo stop the whining you’re starting to sound like a bitter ex-wife.

Female viagra The Skill Sets are confident they will find at least 20 investors in their Ponzi scheme effort to raise some capital and to keep ownership of the Mets. Female viagra I’m sure Mortimer and Randolph Duke Freddy and Uncle Saul know what they’re doing, female viagra I mean what could go wrong? (BIG EYE ROLL!!!!!!!)

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Cialis prices Most jobs are not that much different from sports teams when it comes to problem players/workers. Cialis prices There are always coaches/supervisors who feel they can take someone else’s problem or malcontent and turn them into a productive member of the organization. Cialis prices  But then there are exceptions and if this case with the Mets that exception is Oliver Perez.

Cialis prices In today’s NY Post, cialis prices Kevin Kernan writes about OP not joining the early campers club in St Lonesome. Cialis prices So here we are on the eve of the official opening of camp and Oliver Perez is the lead in a Mets story and of course it’s of a negative nature. Cialis prices Everything  is of a negative nature when it comes to Perez.

Cialis prices It all started on July 30, cialis prices2006. Cialis prices The Mets had just finished a sweep of the Atlanta Braves on the road to bring their record to 63-41 and a hard to believe 13 ½ game lead in the NL East. Cialis prices Mets management and fans had visions of the post season and of parades and tons of World Series memorabilia for us to waste our discretionary income on. Cialis prices  Man, cialis prices we Mets fans were living the high baseball life until Duaner Sanchez decided he just HAD to have some rice and beans when he hit Miami, cialis prices so he hopped in a cab with some friends and a drunk driver crashed into the cab and Dirty Duaner wrecked his shoulder and the Mets season. Cialis prices With the trade deadline that day, cialis prices Omar Minaya in a state of panic dealt of productive Xavier Nady to the Pirates for Roberto Hernandez who would fill nicely in the bullpen. Cialis prices In order to get Hernandez though, cialis prices the Mets had to take Perez as well.

Cialis prices Perez had his good moments like game 4 of the 2006 NLCS and was very good in 2007 but injuries and ineffectiveness took it’s toll on Perez’ velocity on his fastball and the bad Ollie from Pittsburgh came back to haunt the Mets. Cialis prices  The big debate after the 2008 season was should the Mets re-sign Perez or go for Derek Lowe. Cialis prices  Another deal gone wrong.

Cialis prices Perez, cialis prices as well as Luis Castillo, cialis prices are the remains of the failure of Omar Minaya. Cialis prices The more Mets fans see both these players the more they are reminded of the failures of the last administration.  If the Alderson regime is serious about a change in philosophy and in restoring responsibility and accountability back to the franchise, cialis prices they need to give both Perez and Castillo their release. Cialis prices Both players are untradeable and there is no way in the world either player is making this team.

Cialis prices The organization is having a tough time business wise. Cialis prices Even without the Wilponzi scandal, cialis prices the Mets would have a tough time selling tickets and finding people to believe the organization is moving forward.  The Mets can come up with exotic ticket plans but the bottom line is if you want the fans believe that winning is paramount and that is not business as usual when it comes to player development and competing for jobs, cialis prices send them a sign, cialis prices tell Ollie and Luis to stay home and let them know check is in the mail.

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Buy viagra china So after game after game of bullpen mismanagement, buy viagra china Jerry Manuel is looking for more relief help because let’s face it, buy viagra china Manuel goes through relievers like Larry King  goes through wives (and sister in laws) as six arms in the pen is not enough for the Great Pitching Arsonist.

Buy viagra china I have no problem adding another reliever, buy viagra china in fact as impressive as Josh Thole has been in his cameo appearance, buy viagra china a third catcher is too high end an item for the Mets to carry around and a swap of Thole for a pitcher, buy viagra china Pat Misch or Dillon Gee should the call over Manny Acosta, buy viagra china it  is the move to make.

Buy viagra china As Manuel and the Mets fans cry out for Cliff Lee or Roy Oswalt, buy viagra china or a solid reliever, buy viagra china if you believe the story in yesterday’s NY Post, buy viagra china it’s not going to happen. Buy viagra china The story in the Murdoch rag states that the Skill Sets aren’t very flush with dough. Buy viagra china In fact after reading this story, buy viagra china it may be safe to say, buy viagra china if you’re a fan of home grown talent, buy viagra china you may in luck as home grown means cheap labor and that’s what the Skill sets may be all about for the

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Canada generic viagra Got this from The Real Dirty Mets Blog :

Canada generic viagra The NY Post is reporting that according to an ESPN Insider article the Phillies have an interest in Figueroa.

Canada generic viagra Not surprising is it? Figueroa has a history with the Phillies as he started 16 games for them back in 2001

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Cialis once daily First I’d like to thank each and everyone for their kind words and condolences, cialis once daily your kind words at this time are extremely comforting. Cialis once daily Thank you guys so much

Cialis once daily Poor Daniel Murphy what at time to get hurt? Just when his bat was coming around and he settling in to play first base to start the season he goes down with a knee sprain that will set him back 2 to 6 weeks. Cialis once daily So now both Murphy and Jose Reyes start the season on the DL. Cialis once daily How about that “unnamed Met” telling the NY Post about the club “babying” Reyes. Cialis once daily From following this team for as long as I have I know that its’ a bad sign when “unnamed Met” shows up in the clubhouse.

Cialis once daily Back to Murphy and first base, cialis once daily I cannot believe the Mets will start the season with Mike Jacobs and Fernando Tatis at the position. Cialis once daily What message does that send to Ike Davis? “Kid we feel you’re a big league player right now but you know we have to delay that service time clock as much as possible”. Cialis once daily  That’s the only reason they have not grabbed Davis out of minor league camp yet they are still deciding if it’s worth starting the arbitration eligibility clock.

Cialis once daily Alex Cora at short and Mike Jacobs at first for opening day UGHHHHHHHH!

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