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Herbal risk viagra If you read the NY Post this morning besides the front page picture of half the NYPD chasing a poor coyote just steps from my office, herbal risk viagra the best thing in that fish wrap today was Justin Terranova’s 5 Questions with Bobby Ojeda. Herbal risk viagra Last year during the stink of August and September, herbal risk viagra Bobby-O was at his best on the pre and pst games shows with his co-host Curley, herbal risk viagra Chris Carlin. Herbal risk viagra Ojeda was visibly and vocally pissed off by the poor play and attitude of the team and in this interview he still is not afraid to tell it like it is:

Herbal risk viagra  Q: Coming out of spring training with Carlos Beltran out and Jose Reyes questionable for Opening Day, herbal risk viagra do you think the first month of this season is about survival for the Mets?

Herbal risk viagra A: You can’t have that attitude. Herbal risk viagra You heard that ad nauseum last year. Herbal risk viagra “Let’s hold on until so and so comes back.” It drove me nuts. Herbal risk viagra On any given team, herbal risk viagra you are going to have people injured. Herbal risk viagra The attitude has to be that you are going to go out and stick it to people. Herbal risk viagra We are going to remember what happened last year and teams are going to pay. Herbal risk viagra “Just survive until Beltran and Reyes get healthy” is a loser attitude.

Herbal risk viagra Amen Brother Bobby. Herbal risk viagra AMEN!!!!

Herbal risk viagra Jose Reyes is not a fan of shit kickin’ music. Herbal risk viagra Me either. Herbal risk viagra Reason #4, herbal risk viagra564, herbal risk viagra098 why it’s great to live in NYC, herbal risk viagra NO COUNTRY MUSIC STATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

Herbal risk viagra The Mets are interested in Chad Gaudin. Herbal risk viagra I’m starting to think the Mets front office is staffed by a bunch of hoarders, herbal risk viagra shit plied up all over the place. Herbal risk viagra Stay out of the dumpster Omar.

Herbal risk viagra Metstradamus takes on the Jenry Mejia debate as only Metstradamus can. Herbal risk viagra Looks like there is some sort of march on the SNY studios to protest the promotion of Jenry Mejia to the big league club tonight at around 6PM. Herbal risk viagra Who’s a thunk it? Mets fan Teabaggers !

Herbal risk viagra OK sit down for a minute. Herbal risk viagra Are you seated?  OK. Herbal risk viagra I wanted you to sit because I’m going to write something positive about Mets management. Herbal risk viagra Now this happens about as often as NBC has a hit TV show (have you seen that disaster called The Marriage Ref? I love fellow Mets fan Jerry Seinfeld but that show is an abomination. Herbal risk viagra I’m sure Coco is laughing his rich-pompadour ass off) but with the news that the old Home Run Apple will now be moved outside the Willets-Point subway stop and the adding of the Mets Hall of Fame and the pictures of our former and current Mets heroes all over the ball park and plaza, herbal risk viagra plus painting the place in glorious blue and orange, herbal risk viagra I have to say I very happy. Herbal risk viagra It just shows you that sometimes people in charge do hear us and are opinions and suggestions are not just farts in the wind.

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Viagra suppositories The Mets get hammered in this town for a multitude of offenses and in most instances, viagra suppositories the bludgeoning is warranted but when it comes to the decision by J-Man to work Jose Reyes into the 3 spot of the lineup, viagra suppositories the criticism is not only unwarranted but it’s also senseless.

Viagra suppositories In today’s NY Post, viagra suppositories avid Mets hater Joel Sherman (there are lot’s of Mets haters in MSM, viagra suppositories Jon Heyman, viagra suppositories Bill Madden, viagra suppositories Tom Verducci and of course their Emperor Mike Francesa) has a full page column today take the Met to task for batting Reyes third, viagra suppositories even though he admits it’s out of necessity and just something Manuel pulled out of his ass:

Viagra suppositories  The shift is a reaction to Carlos Beltran’s knee surgery, viagra suppositories which will cost him at least a month of the season. Viagra suppositories Without Beltran to hit third, viagra suppositories Manuel fears the lineup lacks length if he simply has David Wright bat third and Jason Bay fourth. Viagra suppositories The order would dip precipitously at No. Viagra suppositories 5, viagra suppositories likely with Daniel Murphy. Viagra suppositories In addition, viagra suppositories Manuel wants to preserve Reyes’ legs and feels batting him third will translate to fewer steal attempts to limit the risk of having runners thrown out in front of your best RBI men, viagra suppositories Wright and Bay.

Viagra suppositories Sherman goes on in the article to give his hypothesis on why this is bad idea, viagra suppositories but gives no solution, viagra suppositories which of course there isn’t any. Viagra suppositories If Carlos Beltran were of sound mind and knee, viagra suppositories this would not even be an issue but as we know the best laid plans of mice and Mets never go as planed and so they have this situation to make the best of the lineup until Beltran gets back.

Viagra suppositories Sherman lays out the answer to the why part of Reyes hitting third when he mentions Daniel Murphy hitting fifth. Viagra suppositories Murphy is not a #5 hitter. Viagra suppositories He’s a perfect #2 but the problem is Luis Castillo is also a perfect #2. Viagra suppositories And there is the problem; the Mets have two #2 and two #1 in Reyes and Angel Pagan.

Viagra suppositories From the rumbling’s from St. Viagra suppositories Lonesome, viagra suppositories Beltran is progressing nicely and should just miss just the first month of the season (I know, viagra suppositories I know you’ll believe it when you see it) so when he comes back Reyes moves back to the #1 spot and Beltran back to #3 and the team will live happily ever after. Viagra suppositories I hope.

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Viagra generic brand I don’t have much ambition today; I mean when the folks down at St. Viagra generic brand Lonesome start Tweeting about parking spots, viagra generic brand I know I have company in the “can’t get it together” mode. Viagra generic brand Seriously don’t you people get tired of busting on Daniel Murphy?

Viagra generic brand Ike Davis participated on a Q & A over at Baseball America and was quite entertaining I must say. Viagra generic brand Here a few of my favs:

Viagra generic brand Josh (New Jersey): What are the pressures of playing in a big media market like New York?

Viagra generic brand Ike Davis: I’m looking forward to play in NY. Viagra generic brand The only way to play baseball is to have pressure on yourself and to expect to win everyday.

Viagra generic brand {careful what you wish for Ike}

Viagra generic brand Matt (Cedar Rapids, viagra generic brand IA):  What are your favorite things to do in your downtime?

Viagra generic brand Ike Davis: I fish and hunt as much as possible when I have free time.

Viagra generic brand {has there ever been a baseball player who didn’t like to fish and hunt? I’m waiting for the player who says he likes making scrapbooks and shadow box frames}

Viagra generic brand Rich (NY): How do you feel your time in Brooklyn during 2008 prepared you for playing in New York?

Viagra generic brand Ike Davis: Playing in Brooklyn gave me a look of how involved the fans are. Viagra generic brand They live and die with their teams in NY.

Viagra generic brand {how you going to keep them down on the farm after they’ve seen Mermaid Avenue ?}

Viagra generic brand steve (glenville ny): Which position do you like playing better right field, viagra generic brand first base or pitcher? Which do you think you are best at?

Viagra generic brand Ike Davis: I would have to say first base because I have played it more but I don’t mind the outfield either.

Viagra generic brand {hummmmmmm this got me to thinking, viagra generic brand what about Davis to RF and Murphy stays a first base ? }

Viagra generic brand Great column this morning by Kevin Kernan of the NY Post on Jason Bay. I’ve mentioned before I was in Boston and at Fenway when Bay made his debut for the Red Sox and taking the place of Manny Ramirez is a whole lot tougher than coming to a 90 loss team. Viagra generic brand You have to admit this little nugget from Bay is impressive:

Viagra generic brand “Having played in that market (Boston) it’s all about putting up numbers, viagra generic brand regardless of where you are. Viagra generic brand I find it funny; you got the ‘best shape of my life’ routines. Viagra generic brand People don’t care if you come in the best shape of your life or not, viagra generic brand just show up and produce. Viagra generic brand It’s all about production.”

Viagra generic brand “Show up and produce” simple and to the point. Viagra generic brand That should be the Mets motto for 2010.

Viagra generic brand USA-Switzerland

Viagra generic brand Russia-Canada

Viagra generic brand Finland-Czech Republic

Viagra generic brand Sweden-Slovakia

Viagra generic brand This is called hockey heaven !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How to make viagra When it comes to thinking about the New York Mets this past weekend, how to make viagra my mind was like a car stuck in the mud, how to make viagra just spinning my wheels. How to make viagra Seriously it’s hard to come up with any more ways to analyze Jason Bay and a 5th year (isn’t every year now that the Mets are desperate to sign a big name and have to always over pay in either years or money? I thought the signing of Pedro Martinez, how to make viagra Carlos Beltran and the trade and signing for Johan Santana was supposed to end that and make the Mets THE team that players wanted to join?) or if Ryan Garko or Garrett Adkins would make a great tag team partner for Daniel Murphy or if Matt Capps or Mike McDougal would make the best set up man for Frankie Rodz or if Ben Sheets, how to make viagra Chin Ming Wang or Justin Duchschere would be the best slightly damaged merchandise scrap heap signing or how Omar will fill the four other spots in the starting rotation, how to make viagra but we have talked about these moves almost as much as the NY Post has obsessed over who Tiger Woods has been banging.

How to make viagra  

How to make viagra My mood is very, how to make viagra very glooming today due to the awful defensive display put on by the New York Football Giants last night against the Iggles from Philly. How to make viagra With the Dallas Cowgirls losing to the San Diego SuperChargers (if it’s December you know it’s wintertime and the Cowgirls will choke) and a big fuck you to Flozell Adams who if he played in the Staten Island Touch Tackle Football League (of which I played in some 30 years ago, how to make viagra 30 YEARS!!!!!! HOLY SHIT)  would be in a hospital recovering from reconstructive surgery on a knee, how to make viagra for being a cheap shot bitch, how to make viagra but I digress……..what a time for the Giants D to come up small and for the special teams to fall apart as well. How to make viagra Oh, how to make viagra an a word to Iggles Coach Andy, how to make viagra (more Chins than the Hong Kong phone book) Reid, how to make viagra your fat ass will not be going to the Super Bowl so enjoy your win over the Giants, how to make viagra only coaches who haven’t won shit would chest bump with their players after a regular season win.    

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How to make viagra Can you feel the holiday spirit just oozing out of me? After that Giants game last I got to think of all the teams I root for which gives me the most of my rooting interest, how to make viagra Here are the candidates:

How to make viagra  

How to make viagra New York Mets

How to make viagra  

How to make viagra The first sports team I’ve ever rooted for and the team that gives me the most aggravation. How to make viagra More the way the ownership and front office go about its business is what infuriates me as the Mets are the only team I root for that does not embrace it’s history, how to make viagra in fact the owner not only had to be shamed into honoring the teams past but is shocked that the fan base is so adamant in celebrating the history of the team. How to make viagra  Freddy Skill Sets ain’t exactly Tevye, how to make viagra you know what I mean?

How to make viagra  

How to make viagra New York Giants

How to make viagra  

How to make viagra I got involved rooting for the Giants as a kid when I started playing football at age 12. How to make viagra My oldest brother had season tickets for the G-Men and I got to go once in awhile (at Highlander Stadium no less) and then my other brother became friendly with the Mara’s though business so it was a natural progression to become a Giants fan. How to make viagra Back in the 70’s, how to make viagra the Giants were not very good but I was a kid and my older brothers were Giants fans so I went with the flow. How to make viagra But then came the 80’s and the G-Men were the cream of the NFL crop (thank you George Young and Bill Parcells) then it became cool to root for Big Blue. How to make viagra The Mara’s also celebrate the teams history fully as they have owned the team since it’s inception in 1925 and it doesn’t hurt they are proud Irish-Americans as well.

How to make viagra  

How to make viagra New York Rangers

How to make viagra  

How to make viagra No one in my family were hockey fans when I was a kid and now there are still no hockey fans in my family today but me. How to make viagra My relatives always said I was a little “different” but growing up my neighborhood in Brooklyn was a hockey hot bed. How to make viagra We had the finest roller hockey rink in the city on 53rd St and Ft Hamilton Parkway (it’s still there by the way) so as teenagers we spent a lot of fall and winter days playing hockey, how to make viagra and of course we were Ranger fans. How to make viagra Saturday nights on Ch 9 were Rangers Hockey Night (your Schaffer Circle of Sports) I got to see Brad Park, how to make viagra Eddie Giacomin and my all time favorite Ranger, how to make viagra Walter Tkachuk play in their famous Blue sweaters. How to make viagra Again there is strong tradition with the Broadway Blueshirts as they were an Original Six (I love that title Original Six!!!!!!) While I watched the Rangers on Ch 9 and listened to them on radio, how to make viagra I didn’t go to a Rangers game until I was 18 but the first hockey game I saw in person was a NY Raiders of the WHA game at Madison Square Garden back in 1973 (I was 15 and a bunch of us hopped the on the Sea Beach to Manhattan with our G.O cards and got blue seats for the Raiders for a couple of bucks, how to make viagra the Raiders played at 1 PM and the Rangers at 7:30PM. How to make viagra We thought about finding a hiding place in MSG until the Rangers game at night but figuring we never told our parents about our field trip to Manhattan, how to make viagra they might not be too happy if he didn’t come home until 11 PM or so) I held Rangers season tickets for 10 years but with a wife and two kids, how to make viagra it’s hard to go to 40 games a season and when you can’t make the games and have to eat the tickets, how to make viagra it gets quite expensive, how to make viagra but I was there to see the Rangers win the Stanley Cup and remember the banner in the Blue Seats that night “Now I Can Die In Peace” Of all the fans in this city no fans are more loyal than the Garden Faithful of the Rangers.

How to make viagra  

How to make viagra Boston Celtics

How to make viagra  

How to make viagra I know what you’re saying, how to make viagra “No Knicks?” No. How to make viagra Again every Sunday in the winter, how to make viagra I’d watch the NBA on ABC with Chris Schenkel and Jack Tyman and it seemed every Sunday, how to make viagra the Celtics were on TV. How to make viagra Sure I watched the Knicks on Ch 9 (WOR Ch9 was our sports channel only the upper crust in Manhattan had something called “cable tv” ) but I was mesmerized by John Havlicek, how to make viagra JoJo White, how to make viagra Coach Red Auerbach and the great basketball player of all time, how to make viagra Bill Russell. How to make viagra Plus, how to make viagra I thought they were all Irish because of the shamrock, how to make viagra green and well they were the Celtics. How to make viagra Of all my rooting interests, how to make viagra this team has won the most championships and I know a lot of fans hate the team and its fans for that fact. How to make viagra Tough shit!!!!!!!! It is weird though when I go to MSG to see the C’s dressed in my Celtics regalia and Knicks fans yell at me to “go back to Boston” and I yell back “I’m from Brooklyn, how to make viagra asshole” Classy, how to make viagra I know

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Maybe Mets management is right by banning the daily fish wraps from the Mets clubhouse. Buy cheap viagra The NY Post and Newsday were kind enough to put the Mets on the back page of their papers today but the NY Daily News thought it better to post a picture of Aubry Huff letting Joba the Hut get a taste of his own medicine by pumping his fist after hitting a home run off the Golden Boy pitcher. Buy cheap viagra Who knew that Mort Zuckerman was such a Highlander fan? When the Mets are in the throes of suckitude, buy cheap viagra the News will post their pics in living color but when it’s high times they burry the evidence. 


It would be nice if Omar Minaya calling out his roster was the reason for this great Mets turnaround or the fan base calling out the players to “man up” as well, buy cheap viagra but as always it’s the starting pitching that has gotten this machine humming. Buy cheap viagra Yes I am obsessed with pitching these days, buy cheap viagra I’m still stewing over 15 walks by my pitchers on Saturday this isn’t healthy for me or the kids. Buy cheap viagra I’m lighting candles in church. Buy cheap viagra The homeless in the ferry terminal are running away from me telling people “that guy there needs help he keeps muttering –low in the strike zone, buy cheap viagra pitch to contact- and is rocking back and forth; I’m trying to release my inner Mazzone. I’m leaving work early to day just to get my X-Box-ing, buy cheap viagra text messaging, buy cheap viagra girl infatuated, buy cheap viagra 13 year olds to the park today for some remedial baseball practice. Buy cheap viagra I shouldn’t have shaved this morning as I do my best work when I look gnarly. Buy cheap viagra But I digress…


Any game the Mets can get 6 innings at least from a starter the odds are they will come out on top now that the 7-8-9 innings are in the hands of the firm of Parnell, buy cheap viagra Putz and Rodriguez, buy cheap viagra the New York version of the Reds “Nasty Boys” (we need our own nickname for these three) plus the fact that this team is hitting and starting to score runs (how about tonight they put up some crooked numbers for Johan ?) so it’s nice to have no complaints about what’s going on in Flushing. Buy cheap viagra Maybe my kids will turn it a round as well. Buy cheap viagra Just once I’d love total serenity from baseball.


Even though his numbers are not pretty, buy cheap viagra it is kind of fascinating watching Livan Hernandez pitch. Buy cheap viagra He went mostly with fastballs and change up and spotted his slider and curve, buy cheap viagra mostly the slider as he had trouble locating that pitch due to the very windy conditions. Buy cheap viagra What I enjoy about watching a pitcher like Livan is he has a large repertoire of pitchers and he uses them early and finds what’s working and what’s not. Buy cheap viagra He never panics when the pitches aren’t working he just goes with the one or two that are and tries to make the best of it. Buy cheap viagra The results are not always favorable but I like how he thinks things though. Buy cheap viagra Okay, buy cheap viagra no more about pitching.


Let’s go on to catching. Buy cheap viagra Looks like J- Man has made up his mind by saying that Omir Santos “Isn’t going anywhere” not matter when Brian Schneider comes back. Buy cheap viagra Maybe the team in the Bronx would have an interest in Schneider? Could the Mets and Highlanders become trade partners? Last they did I believe was in 2004 when the Mets shipped Mike Stanton to the Bronx for Felix Heredia. Buy cheap viagra Problem is there is no one on the Highlanders the Mets want or need so it would have to be for prospects.



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No blogging for the weekend as I’m off the U.S. Prescription cialis Military Academy in West Point for a weekend camping trip with my sons Boy Scout troop. Prescription cialis Even though the troop has a strict no electronics policy when it comes to these trips, prescription cialis the subversive that I am will sneak a radio in my bag to try to listen or at least get a score of this weekend Mets-Phillies series. Prescription cialis Hopefully my tent mate won’t turn me in and have my ass hauled off to the stockade. Prescription cialis


Sure it’s a big series but I think it’s to the Mets benefit that they are playing in Philly since they are so concerned about fan reaction. Prescription cialis Remember the words of Bobby Knight, prescription cialis “when you start listening to the people in the stands, prescription cialis you end up joining them”. Prescription cialis It seems that it’s not a lack of focus with the Mets but misplaced focus that is doing them in.


On that subject a must listen is Mike Silva’s interview with Kevin Kernan of the NY Post  that connects the paranoia of the owner and front office rubbing off on the uniform personnel. Prescription cialis Silva’s comment says it all:


   The Mets have a reputation for trying to control the news around their club. Prescription cialis It never works and often makes things even worse in the long run. Prescription cialis How can you expect your players to toughen up when management has an equally, prescription cialis if not worse, prescription cialis thin skin? What’s next? You’re going to throw the fans out and play in an empty stadium so you don’t hear any boos? Keep playing like this and you might not need to worry about that.


HOME RUN  Mike!!!!


David Lennon calls out the lack of intestinal fortitude of the Mets:


Often, prescription cialis it’s hard to pin down the intangibles with numbers, prescription cialis but not in this case. Prescription cialis With Wednesday’s loss to the Marlins, prescription cialis the Mets (9-12) stumbled to 1-10 when trailing after six innings. Prescription cialis After seven, prescription cialis they are 0-11.


The newest member of the Douche Bag Hall of Fame is Philadelphia Inquirer columnist John Gonzalez. Prescription cialis Its guys like Gonzalez that makes the demise of newspapers easier to take. Prescription cialis If a blogger ever wrote a poorly put together piece like this Buzz Bissinger would go to his mother’s basement and kick his ass. Prescription cialis I’d call Gonzalez a rank amateur but the fact that he lives and worked in Philadelphia is punishment enough. Prescription cialis For a fan base that for vast majority of its existence has been apathetic towards it’s baseball team, prescription cialis they really need a good strong glass of shut the fuck up. Prescription cialis Phillies fans are starting to make Highlander fans tolerable.


Shrek and Johnny Bench Santos are safe for a while longer and Brian Schneider is still feeling the effects of a sore calf. Prescription cialis Take your time Bri.


Enjoy your weekend and while your snug in your bed think of me sleeping in the woods and don’t smirk.


LET’S  GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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As far as Mets beat writers go I’ve always been fond of Adam Rubin in the Daily News but today reading his blog I have to say Rubin is as totally lost as the team he covers.


Rubin takes Mets fans to task for having the balls to boo David Wright after his woeful performance yesterday. Discount canadian cialis As I’ve stated numerous times I’m not a boo-er as venting and cursing on the internet is my choice of expression but when the focus of yesterdays game and all of this lousy month of baseball is the fan reaction then more than the Mets organization is totally lost.


I’ ve said it time and time again where o’ where are the reporters who chase a story and give us, discount canadian cialis the fans what we want to know. Discount canadian cialis The story so far this season is not the fans expressing their displeasure with not just Wright but with everyone not named Johan Santana. Discount canadian cialis Why is it the fans know that this is just not in response to a lousy month of baseball but an under achieving two years and a month of baseball.


For some reason the press in this town is as soft as the Mets players they cover. Discount canadian cialis Where is the baseball writer  with the balls of Larry Brooks of the NY Post who stood toe to toe with Rangers coach John Tortorella to get him to explain his melt down in DC in Game 5? Instead of Rubin chastising the Mets fans for booing how about chastising Omar Minaya and Jeffey Skill Sets for not have the cajones to sign both Manny Ramirez and Orlando Hudson. Discount canadian cialis The Mets franchise is worth close to a billion dollars yet its run like a Job-Lot. Discount canadian cialis Yeah yeah I know the Skill Sets are not cheap they have the second highest payroll in baseball yada, discount canadian cialis yada, discount canadian cialis yada but its misspent money. Discount canadian cialis If there ever was a sure thing in baseball it’s Manny hitting and being a lighting rod and not giving a fuck about what people say about him. Discount canadian cialis Ahhhhh what the fuck I’ve beat this issued to death, discount canadian cialis let’s just do like Rubin wants, discount canadian cialis give all the little Metsies a pat on the head and have Jerry Manuel give out orange slices to the boys in the 5th inning and have Jay Horowitz stand on the top step of the dugout yelling “YOU”RE ALL WINNERS”!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!



As much as I  hate the way J- Man has been managing this team lately especially the Santos for Shrek embarrassment yesterday, discount canadian cialis I have to give him credit on one count, discount canadian cialis he is setting up a showdown between him and Omar over personnel on this team. Discount canadian cialis It’s about time someone challenged management around here. Discount canadian cialis Manuel was no fan of Gimp Castillo’s but Omar couldn’t move Castillo any place so Manuel was stuck with him. Discount canadian cialis But now that Santos has been better than both Shrek and Brain Schnieder, discount canadian cialis Manuel is flexing his muscle a bit and looks to be forcing Minaya to either deal Shrek or release him. Discount canadian cialis This will be fun to watch.


So neither Carlos Delgado or Gimp were available to pinch hit yesterday so the Mets played with a depleated bench (which made the Santos pinch hitting adventure even more curious) and of course both players will be day to day for the next week until they go on the DL, discount canadian cialis oh and you know both will play a game so it will negate the retro active date.


If you want to here a grown man scream and yell then tune in to Pro Baseball Central tonight at 9PM EDST on Blog Talk Radio. Discount canadian cialis Our guest tonight will be Bill Bear of the Phillies site Crash Burn Alley and we will preview the Mets-Phillies series this weekend. Discount canadian cialis If you can’t listen live then check out the podcast by clicking on the link on the upper right of this page. Discount canadian cialis



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Online url viagra

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Online url viagra If you picked up a copy of the NY Post this morning I’m sure you were as startled as I was with the picture of the Highlanders flamboyant third basebman Alex Rodriguez looking at himself in a mirror with lust in his eyes. Online url viagra This pictorial of Boy-Boli will be in this months DETAILS magazine where Rodriguez talks about his realtionship with some old couger who lives on the Upper West Side.

Online url viagra If the pictures weren’t enough to make you gag how about this quote Alex the Flamer:

Online url viagra    

Online url viagra Despite being one of the most recognizable men in the city, online url viagra A-Rod told Details – in an issue that hits newsstands a week from today – that he enjoys taking the subway to Yankee Stadium, online url viagra usually on Fridays. Online url viagra

Online url viagra “For night games . Online url viagra . Online url viagra . Online url viagra the day to do it is a Friday, online url viagra because traffic is horrible, online url viagra” he said. Online url viagra

Online url viagra The $27-million-a-year slugger, online url viagra who’s sidelined for two months after having a cyst removed and undergoing labrum surgery on a bum hip, online url viagra says he wears a hooded sweatshirt on the train. Online url viagra

Online url viagra Yet he’s usually discovered by eagle-eyed fans who pummel him with questions. Online url viagra

Online url viagra “I get a kick out of it, online url viagra” he said. Online url viagra “We talk about who’s pitching tonight, online url viagra and what we need to do. Online url viagra It’s like being on sports radio.”

Online url viagra Do you smell that? Yeah, online url viagra me too. Online url viagra It’s the pungent aromar of BULLSHIT!!! A-Rod you are one sick bastard!!!!!!!

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I can understand not wanting to spend over 45 mil for Manny Ramirez but you mean to tell me that with the first class facilities the Mets crow about down in St Lonesome, viagra soft tabs they couldn’t purchase or lease a state of the art MRI an fly down Dr. Viagra soft tabs Altcheck for month in sunny FLA.  I still say the only reason that Johan Santana was not flown to NY is due to the 10 inches of snow that’s on the ground and still falling from the sky here in NYC


If you read the Daily News this morning you get the impression that Santana agrees with Old School Dan Warthen that he tried to accelerated his training so he could pitch in the WBC. Viagra soft tabs If you read the NY Post they make it sound like Old School Dan Warthen made Santana throw to much and too soon. Viagra soft tabs I think I‘ll stick with Adam Rubin’s reporting although I do think that it is not a coincidence that both Santana and Tim Redding, viagra soft tabs both coming off surgery, viagra soft tabs are both having arm trouble due to compensating from knee surgery in Johan’ case and foot surgery for Redding. Viagra soft tabs Santana I mentioned wanted to make the WBC and Redding wants that number 5 spot in the rotation and sees the completion and looked to rush back a bit too soon. Viagra soft tabs The organization has to tighten up it’s rehab policies here. Viagra soft tabs They may have dodged a bullet here with Santana but hopefully they learned a lesson and look over their training regiment.

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