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Real viagra without prescription Happy Brithday to Dennis Ribant, real viagra without prescription one of my favorite Mets and the best starting pitcher the Mets had until of course Tom Seaver. Checkout this very interesting bio from SABR on Ribant 

Real viagra without prescription Thinking out loud:

Real viagra without prescription Matt Harvey went into a real damage control yesterday after his cringe worthy interview/infomercial on the Dan Patrick Show. Real viagra without prescription  Good for Harvey and his advisors to get him to go back on the DP show and make amends. Real viagra without prescription  I know what Qualcomm is, real viagra without prescription a digital wireless telecommunication company but for the life of me, real viagra without prescription I still don’t know what it is that Harvey is a spokesman for?

Real viagra without prescription  

Real viagra without prescription As for Matt Harvey going the rehab route instead of Tommy John surgery, real viagra without prescription the only people who are chastising Harvey for forgoing an operation are folks who never had surgery. Real viagra without prescription Harvey received diagnosis from two of the best orthopedic surgeons in the country in the Mets Dr. Real viagra without prescription David Altcheck and Dr. Real viagra without prescription James Andrews, real viagra without prescription if either doctor felt the tear of the ligament was bad enough to be surgically repaired; Harvey would be readying himself for surgery. Real viagra without prescription  

Real viagra without prescription I’m not a fan of Ruben Tejada’s but I do feel very bad for him. Real viagra without prescription Tejada has carried the self-inflicted label as a lazy, real viagra without prescription overweight, real viagra without prescription under achiever who was given a put up or shut up ultimatum by the front office. Real viagra without prescription So as he tries to show he has the play hard gene, real viagra without prescription he breaks his leg. Real viagra without prescription That sucks. Real viagra without prescription I think this seals it for Tejada, real viagra without prescription he will not be the Mets starting shortstop next April.

Real viagra without prescription  

Real viagra without prescription Good article in the NY Times about the Mets ready to finish in 4th place in the NL East for the 5th straight season. Real viagra without prescription There are some great quotes from Ed Kranepool and Ron Swoboda but it’s this one from Terry Collins that tells you all you need to know about the mindset of this organization:

Real viagra without prescription  

Real viagra without prescription Manager Terry Collins said beating out the Phillies would be a “great accomplishment with all the things we’ve went through.” His players did not disagree, real viagra without prescription although it was clear that the constant fourth-place finishes was not the foremost thing on their minds.

Real viagra without prescription  

Real viagra without prescription Really? Finishing in 3rd place is a great accomplishment? This is a winner’s mentality? I guess Collins has never heard of the Bill Parcells line of “The don’t give out medals for trying” Terry Collins would make a great kids soccer coach. Real viagra without prescription  

Real viagra without prescription I would love nothing more than to see Troy Tulowitzki playing shortstop for the Mets, real viagra without prescription but I don’t see how it can happen since it seems as though the Rockies want young ready for the big leagues position players, real viagra without prescription a commodity the Mets lack.

Real viagra without prescription Sure it’s noble of David Wright wants to play again this season but why? Is it for his satisfaction? Is it to show the young wet behind the big league ears teammates that you never give up on a season? Is it a bit of both? That’s what I think; it’s a bit of both. Real viagra without prescription Hopefully he won’t blowout the hammy busting down to first base.

Real viagra without prescription Any Mets fan complaining about SF Giants fans coming into Citi Field and putting their feet up, real viagra without prescription knocking over a lamp or  two and spilling drinks on the carpet while cheering on their team are too young to remember what it was like to root for the 80’s Mets. Real viagra without prescription The disgust for Giants fans behavior is the same disgust the rest of baseball had for the Mets and Mets fans back then. Real viagra without prescription Winning does that. Real viagra without prescription    

Real viagra without prescription  

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Viagra cost Why is Freddy smiling? Well, viagra cost he just beat the rap! picture credit to John Marshall Mantle of the NY Times

Viagra cost I care about Fred Wilpon’s finances as much as he cares about mine which is nil. Viagra cost  Yesterday was a win for Fred and Uncle Saul but was it a win for Mets fans? That remains to be seen.

Viagra cost My concern in this whole clusterfuck of finance is how and when do the Mets get back to being championship contenders and that Jeffy Wilpon is kept away from the big boys running the baseball operations. Viagra cost It doesn’t matter if the Skill Sets discover gold, viagra cost oil and a poppy field in Mo’Zone, viagra cost as long as Sandy Alderson and his staff are allowed to do the baseball work, viagra cost things have a good chance of working out for Mets but if they go back to business as usual then yesterday could be looked at as a dark day for Mets fans.

Viagra cost I have no problem with the Skill Sets owning the Mets what bothers me is when they get themselves involved in things they have no business in like obtaining players either by free agency, viagra cost trading or drafting. Viagra cost Right now you have very competent people employed to run that end of the business like you did in the mid 60’s when Whitey Herzog ran the farm system and in the 80’s when Frank Cashen ran the organization, viagra cost both times the Mets had their best success. Viagra cost I believe if Wilpon leaves Sandy Alderson alone this could be a renaissance of Mets baseball and if Fred was smart he’d understand this.

Viagra cost The Skill Sets are still faced with massive debt on the team, viagra cost ball park and SNY so all yesterday really did was drop one of their 99 problems now that Irv Picard ain’t one. Viagra cost One of those 99 problems for the Mets is how to get ass’s in the seats of Citi Field, viagra cost of course winning would help solve that but in order to get the fan base revved up the ownership had to show there is a commitment to winning. Viagra cost By commitment I don’t mean spending stupid money like in the past but showing the fan base that they really want to improve this team. Viagra cost As it stands today the club is deficient in starting pitching and bench depth as well as not having a bona fide veteran catcher to go along with a crippling contract of Jason Bay who doesn’t look like he’s going to have a turnaround season. Viagra cost You want to win back your fan base, viagra cost allow Alderson to deal Bay with the team that will take half of the $35 mil that owed to Bay ($16 mil this season and next with a $3mil buyout in ’14) and the Skill Sets take the other half then I’ll say there is a commitment to making the Mets better and the fan base will know it and maybe that will get folks back to attending games at Citi Field. Viagra cost But again with the massive debt still on the Wilpon’s shoulders I doubt we’ll see this. Viagra cost You know maybe if they just started telling Mets fan the truth about the financial commitment they are making towards the team would be a good start to mend fences with the fan base.

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Where did viagra come from David Brooks has an op-ed piece in today’s NY Times trying to explain to those not of our Blue and Orange persuasion, where did viagra come from that once you hitch your fan wagon to the New York Mets, where did viagra come from you’re hooked for life.  This paragraph really does sum up what we as Mets fans believe:

Where did viagra come from So I’ll die a Mets fan, where did viagra come from exaggerating their potential, where did viagra come from excusing their deficiencies. Where did viagra come from This week, where did viagra come from in Florida, where did viagra come from I even detected new virtues in the team. Where did viagra come from In the early days, where did viagra come from the Mets were lovable losers, where did viagra come from then miraculous winners, where did viagra come from then, where did viagra come from in the 2000s, where did viagra come from big-spending disappointments. Where did viagra come from Now they are young and frisky, where did viagra come from enthusiastic and charming. Where did viagra come from I’ll enjoy following this team and exaggerating its promise. Where did viagra come from I have no choice but to love the Mets. Where did viagra come from Just as I have no choice but to hate the Phillies.

Where did viagra come from Brooks is totally on target about this edition of the Mets, where did viagra come from they’re an easy bunch to root for.

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Viagra sales One month from today is opening day!

Viagra sales Busy day so far as I had to get to work by 6 AM so I can leave early as I have a meeting with my Babe Ruth team and catch Mets-Nats as well. Viagra sales  I called for the meeting to held at local joint that has a back room with a TV so we can discuss business, viagra sales eat pizza and watch the game.

Viagra sales Unlike the Mets, viagra sales no one from the NY Times followed me around to cover my early morning ferry and subway ride to work.

Viagra sales The pitching line up for tonight will start with Dillon Gee but the guy all eyes will be on is Matt Harvey, viagra sales who is scheduled to come in after Gee gets his work in. Viagra sales Harvey will be followed by Miguel Batista who may still be basking in his wonderful 3-0 win over the Reds on the last day of the 2011 season, viagra sales then Daniel Herrera, viagra sales Tim Byrdak and Frank Francisco to close things out.

Viagra sales Tomorrow we get out first look at Johan Santana. Viagra sales It nice to have game and performances that we can comment on finally.

Viagra sales While all are busy in St. Viagra sales Lonesome getting ready for tonight’s first spring game, viagra sales The Skill Sets will be focused on the Judge Jed Rakoff’s Manhattan court room to find out if the clawback suit against them is still a go.

Viagra sales John Harper has concluded the reason the Mets have a lack of depth on the Major League roster is due to finances. Viagra sales Tomorrow Harper will report on how jumping into the Atlantic Ocean will cause you to get wet.

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Levitra vs viagra I think I’m just about making my final landing from my Giants Super Bowl high to where I’m ready to concentrate on baseball. Levitra vs viagra  In fact I have to go to a meeting tonight to place my Babe Ruth team in a league for this coming season. Levitra vs viagra What has me excited about the league we are about to join is we will play some of our games at the College of Staten Island field that was once home to the Staten Island Highlanders and we will play games in Brooklyn at the field at Bay 8th St where many of my childhood sports highs (ROCKNE football league championship as a 12 year old) and lows (getting a tooth knocked out with a forearm playing same league as a 13 year old).

Levitra vs viagra As for our Amazin’ Mets well there finally is some Mets news to talk about so let’s take a look see shall we:

Levitra vs viagra Story in today’s NY Times tells us something we all know, levitra vs viagra the Mets are under that old Sicilian curse  “Fundsalow” thus Sandy Alderson and his troops have had to be creative with the nickels and dimes that are at their disposal. Levitra vs viagra  The real trick to see if Alderson can truly turn water into a microbrew when one or two of the starting pitchers go down with injury and he has to find help from outside. Levitra vs viagra With his options limited and desire to leave the crown jewel arms on the farm we as Mets fans should start to follow the Atlantic League and some of the other Independent baseball leagues around the country as I wouldn’t be shocked it a Long Island Duck or two pitch in Flushing this season.

Levitra vs viagra Dear Mayor Bloomberg, levitra vs viagra

Levitra vs viagra In regard to you buying the New York Mets and your response of “Who would want to own a sports team”?  Let’s me just say “I WOULD! I WOULD!” problem is a lack of dead presidents to accomplish this. Levitra vs viagra  Now you sir are a man of considerable financial means of many billions of dollars, levitra vs viagra all you would have to do is donate about $1 or $1.2 billion of those tens of billions to me so I can buy the NY Mets, levitra vs viagra with all due respect your honor, levitra vs viagra Bill Gates and warren Buffet are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of you when it comes to philanthropic ventures, levitra vs viagra a move of this magnitude would most definitely raise your charitable profile. Levitra vs viagra    

Levitra vs viagra Big Pelf is looking to get the sinking feeling again on the mound in 2012

Levitra vs viagra What in the name of Joe Verbanic is going on in with the Bronx Bastards? First, levitra vs viagra Pee Wee Cashman’ wayward ways seemed to get out of hand as the trollop he has been stepping out on Mrs. Levitra vs viagra Pee Wee  with has gone into full fatal attraction mode and now we find out that the face of the YUCK network, levitra vs viagra Bob Lorenz, levitra vs viagra was sippin’ too much Old Grand Dad, levitra vs viagra got behind the wheel of his fine automobile and was pulled over by Connecticut’s Finest. Levitra vs viagra  Is this just the being of the end of the Highlander reign of terror?

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Usa generic viagra I hope you all have been following R.A. Usa generic viagra Dickey’s climb up Mt Kilimanjaro via his blog post on the NY Times. Usa generic viagra Dickey and his group which contain Mets bullpen catcher Dave Racaniello and pitcher Kevin Slowey, usa generic viagra were successful in reaching the summit of the mountain which is chronicled wonderfully by Dickey in his latest post.

Usa generic viagra Dickey has a book coming out in March and I must say after meeting Dickey and reading his dispatches from Mt. Usa generic viagra Kilimanjaro, usa generic viagra this book will not only be a best seller but I bet it will be one of those must have in your library kind of book as well.

Usa generic viagra  

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I read the news today oh boy
About a lucky man who made the grade
And though the news was rather sad
Well I just had to laugh

Cialis generic levitra viagra You know what I want for Christmas? Just one day of positive stories about the Mets. Cialis generic levitra viagra I just want to read that they are in final negotiation with a player that has potential to be the missing piece to making the team a serious pennant contender or that if you are thinking of going to a Mets game at Citi Field you better get your tickets now as it looks like every Mets game this summer will be a must see or that Baseball America has rated the New York Mets their Organization of the Year or that Kevin Burkhardt has been named as Howie Rose’ partner on the Mets games on WFAN More on that below). Cialis generic levitra viagra Just something I can smile about. Cialis generic levitra viagra PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cialis generic levitra viagra Every morning I turn on my computer and say out loud, cialis generic levitra viagra “Can’t wait to see what happy horseshit the Mets are up to today” it’s become my morning mantra. Cialis generic levitra viagra Well, cialis generic levitra viagra today if Mets horseshit were dollar bills the Wilpon’s worries would be over.

Cialis generic levitra viagra First there was the story in the NY Times about what you get as a $20 mil minority investor in the NY Mets. Cialis generic levitra viagra I have to say after reading some of these “perks” I’m not rushing out to sell a kidney to raise cash to get these lucrative advantages of ownership:

Cialis generic levitra viagra Access to Mr. Cialis generic levitra viagra Met, cialis generic levitra viagra the team mascot, cialis generic levitra viagra although the degree of access is not entirely spelled out. Cialis generic levitra viagra It definitely means you, cialis generic levitra viagra as a part-owner, cialis generic levitra viagra can schmooze with Mr. Cialis generic levitra viagra Met at Citi Field. Cialis generic levitra viagra It’s less clear whether you could get him to come to your child’s birthday party without a fee.

Cialis generic levitra viagra I love Mr. Cialis generic levitra viagra Met but to tell you the truth he’s not a great conversationalist, cialis generic levitra viagra he never has anything to say, cialis generic levitra viagra kinda like Ed Coleman’s Mets Reports on WFAN

Cialis generic levitra viagra A formal business card, cialis generic levitra viagra complete with the prominent designation: “Owner”.

Cialis generic levitra viagra Only if I can get a business card with a picture of me and Jeffey that says “I’m With Stupid”

Cialis generic levitra viagra And if you are a wealthy doctor, cialis generic levitra viagra commodities trader or real estate mogul who wants to try to swat the ball over the newly pulled-in outfield fences at Citi Field on a Mets day off, cialis generic levitra viagra you are entitled to attend what appears to be an exclusive kind of fantasy camp: “Owners’ workout day.”

Cialis generic levitra viagra Yeah great idea so I hit a ball out over the right center field fence and David Wright drops down in the fetal position sobbing and sucking his thumb

Cialis generic levitra viagra Parking will not be a problem for new owners, cialis generic levitra viagra the document makes clear. Cialis generic levitra viagra A single spot at the ballpark is reserved for anyone who signs on for $20 million. Cialis generic levitra viagra The chance to throw out a game’s first pitch will be an annual privilege. Cialis generic levitra viagra Every minority owner will be assigned a team executive, cialis generic levitra viagra who will be charged with tending to an array of possible needs, cialis generic levitra viagra season tickets for family members among them. Cialis generic levitra viagra The document suggests, cialis generic levitra viagra however, cialis generic levitra viagra that those tickets will cost money beyond the $20 million investment.

Cialis generic levitra viagra Parking is not problem for me now, cialis generic levitra viagra the 7 train “parks” at the Willets Pt station and then picks me up at the same place after the game, cialis generic levitra viagra for $4.50 round trip, cialis generic levitra viagra such a bargain. Cialis generic levitra viagra An assigned team exec? No way, cialis generic levitra viagra I want my own usher, cialis generic levitra viagra in fact I want the fat usher with the long greasy hair in a ponytail in the field level who was telling everyone to leave after the final out of last game of the season just so I can fire the fucker. Cialis generic levitra viagra By the way as a minority owner can I fire and hire people? Forget throwing out the first pitch you can keep all the perks just give me that privilege and you have a deal.

Cialis generic levitra viagra  

Cialis generic levitra viagra Moving on, cialis generic levitra viagra it looks like the reports of the Mets shutting down their Rookie League Kingsport team was erroneous; it’s the Gulf Coast Mets who play on the back fields of St. Cialis generic levitra viagra Lonesome that will be axed. Cialis generic levitra viagra Either way this is not good news and just proves that full blown bankruptcy for the Skill Sets is on the horizon as they nickel and dime their way as owners of NYC’s National League baseball team. Cialis generic levitra viagra  When you can’t afford to run a minor league team at the lowest level of pro ball it’s really a cry for help.

Cialis generic levitra viagra Pretty soon all they will close all the concession stands at Citi Field and every game will feature a Pot Luck Dinner. Cialis generic levitra viagra Bring your own plates and eating utensils too.

Cialis generic levitra viagra Word on the street is Wayne Hagin will not be back in Mets radio booth next season. Cialis generic levitra viagra Hagin is a nice guy but I won’t miss him and I doubt many other Mets fans will either, cialis generic levitra viagra he just did not click with the fan base, cialis generic levitra viagra a fan base I might add that is spoiled due to the great announcers of Mets games over the years (no not you Lorne Brown or you Steve Zabriski) the names being mentioned to replace Hagin are Sirrus/XM’s and former Mets GM Jim Duquette who is terrific on MLB Radio, cialis generic levitra viagra Ed Coleman (thumbs down) Chris Carlin (no thank you) and Billy Sample ( no Mets or NY ties so no way)   but the man I nominate to work side by side with Howie Rose is Kevin Burkhardt. Cialis generic levitra viagra Burkhardt is currently the radio play by play voice of the Dallas Cowboys and has been with SNY covering the Mets as an in game reporter, cialis generic levitra viagra studio host and play by play man as well. Cialis generic levitra viagra  With all due respect the gentlemen mention in the NY Post article for the job, cialis generic levitra viagra Burkhardt’s name should be at the top of the list.

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Viagra problems Murray Chass The Jack Ass-curotsy of pitchershiteighith.com

Viagra problems I received a link today of a post that Murray Chass (the big dumb ass) wrote about Bobby Valentine and how he can’t stand BV and BV couldn’t stand him either. Viagra problems Chass it seems felt it was his duty to call Larry Lucchino the Red Sox CEO, viagra problems to find out how the Sox managerial search was going. Viagra problems I guess after screaming at his grand kids and staring out the window for hours making sure no one parked their car in front of his house, viagra problems Chass decided he needed to know if Bobby Valentine was THE GUY the Sox were ready to hire as their field boss.

Viagra problems From reading the post it’s clear Chass has an agenda, viagra problems in fact since Chass was canned by the NY Times he’s had a hard on for lot of people and he’s in denial that he has gone from being the National baseball writer for the Old Grey Lady to a blogger . Viagra problems Chass will never identify himself as a blogger but that’s all in the denial side of his old ass life. Viagra problems Anyway, viagra problems Chass has gone and dug up gossip and innuendo from Valentine’s days as Mets manager using the one player that Valentine really had no use for, viagra problems Todd Hundley to make his case but back to Chass calling Lucchino. Viagra problems The Sox CEO told Chass that Valentine had a great interview and then wanted to know what Chass thought of BV, viagra problems I’ll let Chass tell you in his own words his feelings on Bobby V:

Viagra problems I would rather not have people I am interviewing ask me questions. Viagra problems In this instance what I thought about Valentine or any other candidate shouldn’t matter. Viagra problems I am not the one hiring and paying the new manager.

Viagra problems On the other hand, viagra problems Lucchino asked a reasonable question, viagra problems and the primary problem I had with it was whether I should offer some vague, viagra problems non-committal comment or answer honestly. Viagra problems Of course, viagra problems I chose honesty because I expect honest answers from the people I question.

Viagra problems “I have found him to be the most disliked man in baseball, viagra problems” I said. Viagra problems And I added, viagra problems “He doesn’t like me and I don’t like him.”

Viagra problems I didn’t offer any details, viagra problems but if Lucchino wants to know why I made those statements, viagra problems I will enlighten him here, viagra problems which is a more appropriate place for a reporter or columnist than the telephone. Viagra problems

Viagra problems One thing we know about Valentine is there is no middle ground when it pertains to how people feel about him. Viagra problems I admit to be being a big fan of his but I can see how his personality could grate on one’s nerves if you had to deal with him on an everyday basis but what I take issue with Chass is his view of Valentine is personal not business. Viagra problems  No place in his column does Chass give Valentine credit for being an outstanding bench manager. Viagra problems  You can hate the guys guts but you lose credibility when he don’t acknowledge that Valentine gets more out of what he’s given than anyone in baseball. Viagra problems   

Viagra problems Chass really embarrasses himself when he critiques Valentine’s managerial record by harping on the fact his teams never had a first place finish:

Viagra problems Valentine undoubtedly talks a good game; that’s why ESPN hired him. Viagra problems But ESPN doesn’t have to worry about a won-lost record. Viagra problems While it’s a fact that Valentine managed the Mets to two consecutive wild-card berths in 1999 and 2000 and the World Series in 2000, viagra problems it’s also a fact that in 14 years with the Rangers and the Mets he never managed a team that finished in first place.

Viagra problems  

Viagra problems Presumably, viagra problems the Red Sox, viagra problems who have not participated in post-season games the last two years, viagra problems have studied Valentine’s history (and not just tested his knowledge of Jamesian sabermetrics) and know that he ranks third in history among managers who have managed the most games without finishing in first place.

Viagra problems  

Viagra problems Valentine took over a Mets team in 1996 that had stopped to listening to Dallas Green whose method of motivation was to scream at his players “to look in the mirror” and man up. Viagra problems Valentine’s main strength was getting the most out of his 25 man roster but he had to deal with a few clubhouse lawyers who became very comfortable living the high life in the Shea Stadium clubhouse one in particular was Todd Hundley. Viagra problems I’ll get to Hundley in a minute, viagra problems Chass just kind of glosses over the fact the Valentine won a pennant with the Mets and if not for the shit the bed performance by Kenny Rogers would have had back to back pennants under his belt. Viagra problems Someday Chass should let us know what he thinks of Bobby Cox whose teams finished in first place 14 times but has one World Series flag to fly? What about the greatest manager to ever put a pen to a lineup card Tony LaRussa, viagra problems winning a World Series with a wild card team?  What Chass doesn’t get is all you have to do is get in the tournament, viagra problems who cares how you got there? I’m sure there isn’t a Cardinals fan out there complaining how their favorite team got to post season as they are reveling in their successful post season tour.

Viagra problems Back to Todd Hundley, viagra problems it was no secret back then that Valentine wasn’t a fan of Hundley and Hundley felt the same about BV.  Hundley talks about his relationship with Valentine:

Viagra problems  In Hundley’s view, viagra problems the problem with Valentine began when the manager appeared to be jealous of the player’s standing with the fans. Viagra problems ”He comes into a whole new situation and goes right after I guess the most popular guy, viagra problems” Hundley said. Viagra problems ”It’s not my fault I’m the most popular guy.”

Viagra problems Hundley was especially upset at the timing of Valentine’s comments on his sleep habits because his mother was being treated for cancer and his wife was pregnant.

Viagra problems ”I’m talking to my mom while she’s going through chemotherapy, viagra problems” Hundley said, viagra problems ”and I’m helping my wife with taking care of our two kids and he’s saying I’m out and about.”   

Viagra problems  

Viagra problems It’s true that Valentine gave a”wink-wink, viagra problems nod-nod” statement about Hundley not getting enough sleep which was Valentine speak for Hundley being a hard partying guy. Viagra problems I have no proof that he was or wasn’t but I’m sure it was the manager sending a message to a player and the player reacted negatively. Viagra problems If it’s true that Hundley wasn’t getting sleep due to worrying about his mom and wife then Valentine was dead wrong to bring that up but what we saw with Hundley was he was not a true team player. Viagra problems When Mike Piazza was brought over from the Marlins it was Hundley who was affected the most and it hurt Hundley to no end that Piazza was coming to the Mets and was the new starting catcher. Viagra problems Hundley felt he was the most popular Met (I think Bernard Gilkey, viagra problems Lance Johnson and of course Edgardo Alfonso were right there as popular Mets) but now with a super star like Piazza on the team he had to take a back seat in fact he had to find a whole new place to play, viagra problems as Hundley was exiled to left field. Viagra problems  That’s when Hundley ceased being a Met. Viagra problems His play on the outfield was one of indifference; you knew his Mets days were over. Viagra problems Was Valentine the reason? Maybe part of it but the mostly it was the acquisition of Piazza that was Hundley’s problem.

Viagra problems Without a doubt Valentine is a very polarizing person, viagra problems but he has a track record of turning teams around when he occupies the mangers office. Viagra problems I’m not sure that Valentine is the guy to run the Red Sox bench as I feel their problems run a lot deeper in that clubhouse but you know the Red Sox will be prepared and they will be interesting. Viagra problems  Valentine vs. Viagra problems the Boston Media will a show all by itself.

Viagra problems  

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Viagra sample

Viagra sample Some people just don’t get it. Viagra sample You can’t really explain it to them because their capacity to comprehend is inadequate. Viagra sample No matter how much detail you go into and try to show the beauty, viagra sample the hurt, viagra sample the unpredictability, viagra sample the euphoria, viagra sample and the heartbreak, viagra sample they just don’t get it. Viagra sample What am I talking about? What makes a Mets fan, viagra sample a Mets fan?

Viagra sample Last night would make for a great visual into why we as Mets fans love this team. Viagra sample Yesterday afternoon if Mike Baxter rang my door bell and introduced himself, viagra sample I’d close the door on him like he was trying to convert me to Jehovah Witness, viagra sample after last night, viagra sample I want to hang out in Whitestone with the Baxter family. Viagra sample Are you kidding me? Kid grows up a Mets fan in Queens, viagra sample leads Archbishop Molloy to a championship, viagra sample bangs around the minors for seven seasons, viagra sample put on waivers and picked up by the hometown team , viagra sample first game hit a double (generous scoring sure) in front of family and friends who cannot contain their excitement , viagra sample what a story. Viagra sample That’s what rooting for the NY Mets is about, viagra sample there is always a story.

Viagra sample Of course there are not just non-believers out there but those who feel it’s cool to mock us and the team we root for. Viagra sample The latest in this line of unimaginative assholes is Jim Luttrell of the NY Times, viagra sample who doesn’t understand why Mets fans would go to any more games this season at Citi Field. Viagra sample In a post at Faith and Fear in Flushing, viagra sample Jason Fry gives those of Luttrell’s ilk a lesson on why we root for this team. Viagra sample I hope someone reads this article to Luttrell even though he won’t understand it.

Viagra sample http://www.faithandfearinflushing.com/2011/08/09/mets-1-new-york-times-0/comment-page-1

Viagra sample Ed Marcus (a/k/a Rusty Jr ) makes the case over at The Real Dirty Mets blog that Terry Collins should receive a contract extension. Viagra sample Collins has just next year left on his deal and I would be shocked if he wasn’t awarded a one year extension this off season. Viagra sample   He’s earned it. Viagra sample http://sportspyder.com/teams/new-york-mets/articles/4522980

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Viagra substitute On the heels of Freddy Skill Sets “I’ve been duped “speech last week comes another leak of information from Irving Piccard via his media mouth piece the NY Times in which we’re told that Sterling Equities was the clearing house for all transactions and recruitment of new investors for Madoff Madness. Viagra substitute In this article the only guy who it seems had half a brain when it came to this shady operation was Larry King’s accountant David Blouin. Viagra substitute Blouin wanted to know a few things about the investment that King made with Madoff, viagra substitute like the small incidental of what exactly are you investing in?

Viagra substitute That’s one of the questions that the MSM forgot to ask Freddy and Jeffey last week, viagra substitute did anyone ever think that Madoff was investing in any illegal activity? Madoff investments were always showing profits nearly double what other legitimate investment banks were doing and when asked how or what he was investing in Madoff gave everyone the brush off. Viagra substitute No one thought that maybe some faction of organized crime was involved here?  Was Freddy and Uncle Saul so caught up in the greed is good of Madoff that they didn’t care where this money was going as long as the profits kept rolling in? I guess we won’t find out until this case is settled but you’d think by now the Skill Sets would smarten up and work out an out of court settlement before more of their dirty laundry is revealed in the Paper of Record.

Viagra substitute So I guess as someone who is a Luis Castillo basher I should apologize as we learn that Looie didn’t come to camp early due to his brother having surgery. Viagra substitute  Well I would if only Castillo was adult enough to let the club know what was going on. Viagra substitute I have no personal dislike for Castillo as I’ve never met him , viagra substitutemy dislike is for his deteriorating baseball skills and the fact he has one more year on his contract. Viagra substitute Again, viagra substitute Castillo and Oliver Perez are the faces of failure that are still around from the last front office regime. Viagra substitute The Alderson Group has rid itself of minor league execs, viagra substitute coaches, viagra substitute instructors and the strength and conditioning staff has been overhauled as well so it puzzles me, viagra substitute why not drop these two players and show the fan base you really are for change. Viagra substitute The Mets might sell a few extra tickets if they showed this commitment to cleansing the losers.

Viagra substitute I don’t feel this cut off point of clubhouse card games comes solely from the manager. Viagra substitute It’s no secret that the Mets clubhouse the last few years has become the equivalent of a NYC Public School classroom when a substitute teacher is in charge, viagra substitute utter chaos. Viagra substitute The lack of accountability from its inhabitant’s causes what some would say, viagra substitute is a silly and insulting rule. Viagra substitute By laying it out now, viagra substitute Collins did the right thing letting the players know that there will be a cutoff point on the leisure part of their day. Viagra substitute It also helps as we get to hear who squawks the most over this.

Viagra substitute The one thing that worries me is, viagra substitute if Collins has a bunch of rules. Viagra substitute Remember when Willie Randolph took over and brought his Highlander mentality to the Mets? No long hair, viagra substitute no facial hair, viagra substitute no loud music in the clubhouse all of these were rescinded as the year went on because if you want to be stick up your ass dolt then stay in the Bronx. Viagra substitute I also remember the Dark Days of Jeff Torborg who tried to ban beer on the team plane. Viagra substitute Torbog had an aversion to alcohol due to alcoholism in his family to which David Cone told the skipper, viagra substitute“well, viagra substitute just make sure your family takes another flight” as he and Eddie Murray loaded several cases of Heineken onto the team charter.

Viagra substitute Is there a Mets fan who doesn’t  like Mookie Wilson? I seriously doubt it.

Viagra substitute The Johnies are back in the Top 25 the bandwagon will fill up rather quickly in the next month or so better reserve your seat now!!!!!!

Viagra substitute Very disappointed in the Broadway Blueshirts yesterday in their loss to the Flyers at MSG. The Rangers in the first half of the season were a hard working bunch that even in defeat could say they gave all they had. Viagra substitute The second half of the season so far the opposite is true but in the rare exceptions of a few (Callahan, viagra substitute Dubinsky, viagra substitute Staahl, viagra substitute Girardi, viagra substitute and the dynamic duo of Ryan McDonagh  and Michael Sauer) the fight is just not there with this team. Viagra substitute Add in the lack of a snipper and the woeful PP what was once thought of hockey in April as inevitable at MSG is now on the brink of collapse. Viagra substitute  The turnaround will have to come from within as Slats Sather should not go crazy at the trade deadline as there is not one player who the Rangers could acquire that will propel them to Stanley Cup contenders. Viagra substitute This team is young and very talented but it needs time to blossom.

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