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Generic viagra safe You think Jack LaLane ever pulled or strained an oblique muscle? Helllllllllllllllll No!  

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Generic viagra safe As much as we would like to have someone’s head on a platter when it comes to the rash of muscle injuries that have plagued the Mets, generic viagra safe it seems the real culprit here is the culture of the weight room and maybe the laziness of the players for not doing their due diligence when it comes to stretching and preparing to play baseball.

Generic viagra safe The Mets strength and conditioning coach is Brad Andress. Generic viagra safe Andress has an impressive resume where he began his career with the Tigers from 1990 to 1999, generic viagra safe he then moved on to the Colorado Rockies for nine seasons. Generic viagra safe Andress also was a member of the 1982 Penn State football team that won the National Championship in 1982. Generic viagra safe Andress joined the Mets last season. Generic viagra safe It would be a bit extreme to blame him solely for the epidemic of oblique muscle pulls and strains that have hit the Mets as this is not just a Mets problem but it seems to be a baseball problem .

Generic viagra safe I don’t think there is anyone of my generation who didn’t hear all through high school that weight lifting was bad for you as a baseball player. Generic viagra safe It was drummed into us that weight lifting would make you stiff and inflexible and hamper your ability to swing a bat properly.  As years have gone on we have seen baseball players not only embrace the weight room but adding supplements as well to bulk them up to the point they looked more liked contestants in a body building competition than ballplayers.

Generic viagra safe With the ban on PED’s and the now in place blood testing for HGH, generic viagra safe maybe it’s time to go back in time and shut down the weight rooms or at least monitor the work the players do with weight training and go back to focusing on flexibility and working more of a callisthenic exercise routine?

Generic viagra safe Something has to change with the way baseball players are training because whatever they’re doing now is not working.

Generic viagra safe David Wright is headed to NYC for and ultra sound test and a cortisone shot. Generic viagra safe Tim Byrdak will join him to have his knee checked out which must be in bad shape if he’s being sent to NYC to have it examined. Generic viagra safe This is why the Mets are thisclose to singing CJ Nitkowski to a minor league deal as the other two lefties that had a shot at pitching out of the Mets bullpen Robert Carson and Danny Herrera have been hobbled by injury as well.

Generic viagra safe Capt. Generic viagra safe Kirk has had a set back as well from, generic viagra safe (what else?)  a strained oblique muscle. Generic viagra safe With Scott Hairston out with (what else?) the same injury but more severe and Jason Bay lost in the batter’s box, generic viagra safe there could not be worse time for Nieuwenhuis to go down with injury.

Generic viagra safe Lucas Duda and Danny Herrera seem to be ready to get back in action as both boarded the bus for Lakeland and today’s game against the Tigers so that’s a bit of good news. Generic viagra safe But Reese Havens is still out with back troubles, generic viagra safe I’m very close to leaping off the Reese Havens bandwagon.

Generic viagra safe If anyone cares here’s my Final Four picks:

Generic viagra safe Baylor

Generic viagra safe Florida

Generic viagra safe Ohio St

Generic viagra safe Kansas

Generic viagra safe Florida over Baylor

Generic viagra safe Ohio State over Kansas

Generic viagra safe Florida over Ohio St

Generic viagra safe  

Generic viagra safe  

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Getting viagra

Getting viagra A few quick hits:

Getting viagra Yesterday we were told not to worry about Lucas Duda’s balky back that he was rested yesterday to spare him a long bus ride and he will be good to go today when the team buses to Viera (90 min trip) to meet the Nats. Getting viagra Well, getting viagra Duda wasn’t on that bus and will sit out again today.

Getting viagra David Wright we were told will take a day or two off with some discomfort in his rib cage, getting viagra nothing serious just a precaution. Getting viagra Wright has yet to play this week.

Getting viagra Pedro Beato has some soreness in the rotator cuff but it’s nothing serious a little rest and he should be fine.

Getting viagra Scott Hairston still has not responded to treatment of his re-strained oblique muscle and it looks like he will not start the season on the 25 man roster making a tissue thin bench even thinner.

Getting viagra But don’t worry we’re told, getting viagra it’s early in spring these are little nagging things that will work its way out. Getting viagra In the Brooklyn neighborhood I grew up in there was an old saying “Don’t worry is doing 15 years in Sing Sing”

Getting viagra This is why Mets fans hang and cringe on every pitch that Johan Santana throws as we know it’s just a matter of time before his arm falls off.

Getting viagra Can a team use the disabled list for players that have a psychological injury? I ask this because if you can, getting viagra Jason Bay is a candidate for shutdown. Getting viagra Reading the stories on how Bay is placing his feet differently in the batter’s box and thinking so much about his approach at the plate to where he knows he needs to be more selective and lay off pitches off the plate it just seems his biggest problem is he’s thinking too much and not reacting at all at the plate. Getting viagra It seems he spends his at bats thinking about 1, getting viagra001 ways to get a hit and while his head is filled with all this distraction, getting viagra he’s become absent minded to reaction to pitches. Getting viagra  That Capt Kirk/Jason Bay platoon in left field looks better and better every day.

Getting viagra When did Omar Minaya become the GM of the NY Jets? So Eli Manning coming off a Super Bowl win, getting viagra the second of his career and his second Super Bowl MVP award restructures his contract down instead of asking for a well-deserved raise so his team has money to sign players that will help the Giants add to their trophy case while the Jets extend the contract of Mark Sanchez whose leadership qualities are questioned in his own locker room. Getting viagra Stunning.

Getting viagra I’m not saying you can’t win a Super Bowl with Mark Sanchez, getting viagra you can, getting viagra but you have to have a plan and signing free agents with questionable character is not the way to do. Getting viagra Rex Ryan preached “ground and pound” but the Jets do not practice that mantra. Getting viagra It still amazes me how Mike Tannenbaum stays below the Jets fans radar, getting viagra if I were a Jets fan I’d want him fired.

Getting viagra For all of us Mets fans who want the Skill Sets to sell the team, getting viagra let’s be careful what we wish for. Getting viagra  If the Mets were up for sale, getting viagra Jim Dolan and his Cablevision billions will be front and center with a bid. Getting viagra Now if I knew Dolan would treat the Mets like he does the Rangers, getting viagra it wouldn’t be too bad but if he’s hands on like he is with the Knicks that would be an unmitigated disaster.

Getting viagra The Mets need another Nelson Doubleday to take over ownership of this team. Getting viagra  I found this article from the New York Observer from October 30th 2000, getting viagra right after the Subway World Series, getting viagra that details how Doubleday and Freddy Skill Sets had opposite views on how the direction of the team and of Shea Stadium.

Getting viagra In the beginning, getting viagra Doubleday Publishing owned 95 percent of the team. Getting viagra Mr. Getting viagra Doubleday gained a reputation as a hands-off owner who let general manager Frank Cashen make all the baseball decisions. Getting viagra The strategy paid off in 1986, getting viagra when a Mets team filled with young players cultivated by Mr. Getting viagra Cashen won the World Series

Getting viagra And when it came to Shea Stadium, getting viagra Nelly D was in favor of renovation to save money and to preserve Shea:

Getting viagra Mr. Getting viagra Wilpon’s allies maintained that the stadium controversy was just a misunderstanding. Getting viagra Mr. Getting viagra Doubleday, getting viagra they say, getting viagra simply did not know the status of Mr. Getting viagra Wilpon’s negotiations. Getting viagra That may be true, getting viagra but Mr. Getting viagra Doubleday apparently hasn’t changed his mind. Getting viagra “I’m not particularly interested in seeing a whole lot of taxpayer money going into a New York Mets fancy-dancy stadium, getting viagra” Mr. Getting viagra Doubleday told The Observer while watching batting practice before Game 3 on Oct. Getting viagra 24. Getting viagra “We could [renovate Shea Stadium] over three years, getting viagra section by section. Getting viagra This is a pretty nice place to play ball.”

Getting viagra I don’t know how much of Doubleday’s wanting to renovate Shea rather than build Citi was more his love of Shea or using that money to better the on field product or if it was just Nelly breaking Freddy’s balls. Getting viagra Either way I like Doubleday’s style.

Getting viagra Attention New York Rangers Fans: Keep Calm, getting viagra Carry On Coach Torts will get this team to “Fuckin’ screw it on straight”

Getting viagra  

Getting viagra <>

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Don’t sleep in the subway, viagra suppliers in the uk darling

Viagra suppliers in the uk Don’t stand in the pouring rain
Don’t sleep in the subway, viagra suppliers in the uk darling
The night is long
Forget your foolish pride
Nothing is wrong
Now, viagra suppliers in the uk you’re beside me again

Viagra suppliers in the uk So here we are arriving yet again for another Subway Series that has surpassed his expiration date a while ago.  As Mets fans, viagra suppliers in the uk we have to endure anther three days of watching Luis Castillo drop a pop up and Rogers Clemens take off Mike Piazza’ head because we live in a city where the main stream media, viagra suppliers in the uk both print and electronic have thrown in the towel on creativity and substance.

Viagra suppliers in the uk In reading some of these stories this morning about both teams you’d think the Highlanders were having some kind of special season, viagra suppliers in the uk maybe they are in a negative kind of way. Viagra suppliers in the uk The Mets on the other hand are mocked because they have suffered a series of injuries that have forced the club to go with players summoned from their Triple A team in Buffalo. Viagra suppliers in the uk Why this is supposed to be embarrassing is beyond my comprehension, viagra suppliers in the uk shouldn’t it be a positive that the club has lost Johan Santana and then Chris Young to shoulder surgery, viagra suppliers in the uk Ike Davis to a sprained ankle, viagra suppliers in the uk David Wright to a stress fracture in his back, viagra suppliers in the uk Pedro Beato to tendonitis, viagra suppliers in the uk and Angel Pagan to the chic aliment of sore oblique muscle and still play winning baseball (17-11) after a horrendous start of the season?  So the players that have been brought in to replace the injured have stepped up in such a way that the team is playing as good as any team in baseball. Viagra suppliers in the uk Isn’t the mark of a good team that they have guys who step up when other guys go down with injury?   

Viagra suppliers in the uk It’s ok to say that Terry Collins is doing a fine job as manager. Viagra suppliers in the uk It’s ok to say that slowly but surely Sandy Alderson is changing the culture of the organization. Viagra suppliers in the uk It’s ok to go to Citi Field and root for this team.

Viagra suppliers in the uk Are there any Mets fans who feel the Highlanders are “rivals” to the Mets? Because they’re not. Viagra suppliers in the uk The Highlanders are more of a nuisance than anything and their fans a very good source of comedy relief. Viagra suppliers in the uk Yesterday after the Mets win, viagra suppliers in the uk I left the radio when the Sports Bloviator came on. Viagra suppliers in the uk I was in the midst of writing up a bunch of paper work so I left him on. Viagra suppliers in the uk Boy, viagra suppliers in the uk am I glad I did. Viagra suppliers in the uk When he went to the phones, viagra suppliers in the uk he took calls from Highlander fans in a rage over Joe Girardi taking out Bartolo Colon and replacing him with Mariano Rivera. Viagra suppliers in the uk  I cannot believe I just typed that last sentence and Francesa couldn’t believe these callers were saying these words of blasphemy. Viagra suppliers in the uk  

Viagra suppliers in the uk It’s the same attitude many Highlander fans have with Derek Jeter. Viagra suppliers in the uk Mets fans have a higher regard for Frank Taveras than the Highlander fan has for El Capitan. Viagra suppliers in the uk Why? Beats me, viagra suppliers in the uk some things just can’t be explained.

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Viagra tablets

Viagra tablets Have you come to grips with the fact the Mets will not make the post season? I have. Viagra tablets I’m not happy about it but it is what it is, viagra tablets the Mets have a big fork sticking out their collective oblique muscle. Viagra tablets So that’s why I have gone from being totally pissed off that a team that is in the throws of bankruptcy, viagra tablets the Texas Rangers, viagra tablets are wheelin’ and a dealin’ while the Mets front office is at Jeffey Skill Sets Hamptons beach house walking the shore line with metal detectors looking for loose change.

Viagra tablets There isn’t a proposed deal mention about the Mets that makes any sense for Omar (or the Omar like figure running these things these days) to pull the trigger on.:

Viagra tablets Octavio Dotel  for LHP Robert Carson. Viagra tablets I would love to see Dotel in the Mets over worked and over used bullpen but not for Carson. Viagra tablets Carson is just 22 years old and throws a fastball that cuts, viagra tablets slder and  a change up. Viagra tablets His has the abilty to change speeds on his fastball from high 80’s to low-mid 90’s. Viagra tablets Some scouting reports potray Carson a LOOGY in the bigs or if he continues to grow as a pitcher a back end starter. Viagra tablets At this point, viagra tablets it’s a good thing for the Mets to hold on to Carson. Viagra tablets If the Pirates would take Eddie Kunz then this would be a great deal for the Mets

Viagra tablets Brett Myers for Josh Thole and Bobby Parnell. Viagra tablets First off I want no part of Myers and his baggage not only that Ed Wade is out of his fuckng mind if he asked for Thole and Parnell for Myers after giving Lance Berkman to the Highlanders for nothing. Viagra tablets If I were the Mets GM and Wade called me with that offer I’d slam the phone down on him.

Viagra tablets Carlos Zambrano for Ollie Perez and Lusi Castillo. Viagra tablets As per Jon Heyman, viagra tablets Jim Hendry won’t take Castillo in the deal. Viagra tablets Even if the Cubs said yes to this it wouldn’t work out financially for the Mets. Viagra tablets Z is owed about $55 mil for the next three years, viagra tablets OP and Looie have the Mets in an $18 mil hole for 2011. Viagra tablets So as I’ve said many many times it cheaper to DFA both these slugs. Viagra tablets If the Mets really wanted to get creative they should revist this deal in the winter and switch Castillo with Frankie Rodriguez and offer that to the Cubs. Viagra tablets I guarantee Mets fans will be cursing the K-Rod deal (if they’re not already) starting next year.

Viagra tablets I think where some Mets fans miss the point with Mets front office, viagra tablets it’s not that the Mets don’t spend money, viagra tablets they just don’t know how to spend it. Viagra tablets That’s why the GM and Manager (because Omar has lost the right to sign another manager) need to be reassigned and younger, viagra tablets hipper more analytical baseball executive needs to be brought in. Viagra tablets I would love to see Paul DePodesta brought in or someone like him to go with Omar in his new assignment as Senior of Scouting and Player Development.

Viagra tablets Can someone with access to Jerry Manuel , viagra tablets please for the love of God, viagra tablets ask him why he plays Jeff Francoeur every day!

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Viagra generic availability india The days watching baseball get tougher and tougher now that our Mets are non-entities but last night I watched what was one of the best baseball games I have seen in years.

Viagra generic availability india  The Seattle Mariners and Chicago White Sox hooked up last night in a game that if it were a post season game would be an instant classic. Viagra generic availability india King Felix Hernandez and Mark Buehrle worked fast, viagra generic availability india threw strikes and neither one gave an inch. Viagra generic availability india King Felix was helped out by great defensive plays by Adrian Beltre and Ichiro and Buehrle had impeccable command, viagra generic availability india The game went 14 innings until Junior Griffey drove in the game winner with a single to right to give the M’s a 1-0 win.

Viagra generic availability india  

Viagra generic availability india So Carlos Delgado has pulled an oblique muscle as he tries to come back from hip surgery. Viagra generic availability india Only the NY Mets could get a guy hurt rehabbing from an injury. Viagra generic availability india Nah, viagra generic availability india nothing wrong with the team training staff <eyes pointed up to the sky>

Viagra generic availability india  

Viagra generic availability india I watched part of Petey’s return and it gave me a big YAWN!!!! I watched the Philly telecast and Tom McCarthy nearly pissed his pants going wild over Petey hitting 91 on the gun. Viagra generic availability india He looked hittable and I’d bet by his third start he’ll get his tits lit.

Viagra generic availability india  

Viagra generic availability india By the way Mike Silva has video of the Shane Victordouchebag getting a beer bath from some fat slob in the Wrigley bleachers. Viagra generic availability india Phillies fans are outraged by the Cub fans gross behavior. Viagra generic availability india That’s like Hugh Hefner calling Dennis Hoff a pimp.

Viagra generic availability india  

Viagra generic availability india The Mets have decided to wear throwback uni’s this weekend but they will not not be “Mets Throwbacks” but more like the uniform worn by the 1905 World Champion New York Giants. The difference though will be a Mr. Viagra generic availability india Met patch on the sleeve and the sleeve cuffs will be blue and orange. Viagra generic availability india Next season the Skill Sets have planned to rename the team the Bridegrooms.

Viagra generic availability india  

Viagra generic availability india Check out Pro Baseball Central tonight at 9PM EDST as Joe McDonald and I talk about the mess that is the NY Mets and what the future of the franchise looks like you can join the conversation as well at (646) 595-4462. Viagra generic availability india If you can’t join us live you can listen on the podcast right here at TEKS or on our Pro Baseball Central site.  

Viagra generic availability india  

Viagra generic availability india More than Beltran, viagra generic availability india or Delgado or anyone of the dozen players on the DL The player who is missed the most is Jose Reyes, viagra generic availability india not just for his bat and glove but for his energy. Viagra generic availability india Love him or hate him you can not deney this lifeless bunch of Mets could use a does of Jose-Jose-Jose.

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