I’m already feeling Mets fatigue as the stories out of St Lonesome other than Santana’s healthy and Matt Harvey is a stud, all the other news has the stink of negativity to it. But is it really that bad or is it because it’s the Mets that it’s portrayed that way?

Sure the rash of pulled obliques is a concern but is it serious enough to where some fans are going off the deep end? Of all the pull muscles in the abdomen area that bother me it’s Kirk Nieuwenhuis’ because I thought he had a real shot of making the team but this will most likely stall his major league debut. Scott Hairston’ is somewhat disconcerting but he’s a 4th outfielder who can be replaced by a waiver pick up at end of spring. Lucas Duda’ back looks to be fine as his Grand Slam yesterday is testament to.

Tim Byrdak is having his knee operated on today and contrary to all the bridge jumpers he’ll be back by mid-April. Is there a fan base in baseball that would get all worked up about a LOOGY missing 4 weeks of action in spring, some Mets fans reacted like idiots over the news of Byrdak’s injured knee.

If you want to throw yourself on the ground and kick up a tantrum, then do so over David Wright’s sore side. That’s the injury to watch.

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When I was back there in seminary school,

There was a person there. Who put forth the proposition,

That you can petition the Lord with prayer.

petition the Lord with prayer,


But you can try wearing your spring training uniform ensemble or get thrown out of a game to break the bad mojo surrounding your team. The Mets went with the hideous combo they wore in St Lonesome for most of March, snow whites, black socks, black undershirts and the always garish black cap with blue bill to help break the losing streak. Terry Collins got what he wanted for a while a reason to kick back in the clubhouse in his underwear sipping on a tall boy while watching his team in HD as Dopey Doug Eddings gave TC an early boot for auguring a foul tip third strike.  

Great job by Chris Capuano coming up with the best start of the season by a Mets starter in going 7 innings of clinical pitching. Capuano had great control as he hit is spots consistently with a nice change up. Hopefully Cap can add to this start going forward.

The David Wright Haters Club gets the day off today, enjoy you day of leisure you bunch of windbags.

J-Bay with a nice homecoming with the famous “Little League Home Run” as he rumbled and stumbled around those bases. No obliques were harmed during his round trip voyage.

I know I gush about Sandy Alderson a lot and some of you may be sick of it but eh, I don’t care (just a little insight to you kids out there, about the only good thing about turning 50 years old is you stop giving a fuck worrying what people will say or think about you in a negative way and you can wear dress socks with sweat pants) I guess it’s the fact that I feel he is honest with Mets fans. Alderson was on with the Sports Pope yesterday which is a mismatch of the minds as you have Francesa, a narrow minded blow hard who is stuck in a time warp unable to embrace new media to the point the parade is passing him by and Alderson who has a pedigree of being an innovator and progressive intelligent thinker, who embraces new ways of communication. I haven’t heard the whole interview but from reading the excerpts on Amazin’ Avenue the first quote of Alderson’s really stuck with me:

On roster moves this early in the season

We’ve made some moves that weren’t strictly necessitated by injuries and what have you, but the other thing that I have to accept is that we don’t have a lot of moves to make. We brought in a lot of players, role players, etc., primarily because we don’t have at the top end of our system players who can make a contribution right away or that we want to ask to make a contribution right away. So, well, Jenrry Mejia, what about him? Well, no, we’re not going to ask him to make a contribution.

This to me is more than not having the money to take on a contract to two, Alderson knows the team is swimming in debt and unlike the Omar/Jeffey” throw more bad money to solve the ills of the original bad money” way of doing business, Alderson realizes that he doesn’t have the ready minor league trade chips to get an impact player here nor the ready minor leaguer to call up that will be a difference maker. The front office also realizes that a full season of Jenry Mejia pitching for the Bison could pay a bigger benefit for the Mets in 2012 and beyond.  

Now with that said, if Angel Pagan is more hurt where he will miss work (AFLAC!) for a fortnight and and a day could Captain Kirk make his ML debut? A move on the 40 man roster would have to be made if not then WILLIEHARRISFACE will play CF.     

On the state of the roster:

For the foreseeable future, this is the team. Now what I’d like to say is that maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Given the under-performance so far this three weeks into the season by a number of guys who are fairly key to us, we probably have a better chance of seeing significant improvement from those players than we would from going out and finding somebody else who is just as capable of underachieving over three weeks as the guys we’ve got.  

In other words keep quiet all you yahoo’s who want to deal off the whole roster, what do you think is out there that’s any better and what GM in his right mind would deal a player on any impact in April? Sure Jack Z is dying to ship out King Felix for David Wright and some A ball a prospect, that’s a Bronx baseball mentality.

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