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Herbal viagra Now that we have the holidays out of the way, herbal viagra we can now look forward to spring training for what should be quite the interesting Mets season.

Herbal viagra Eric Simon of Amazin’ Avenue had an interesting post today on how bad will the Mets be in 2012? Of course the number one item on his list of things that will impact the season is the Skill Sets financial situation, herbal viagra something that will most likely overshadow what goes on, herbal viagra on the field but Simon also touches on the health and availability of Johan Santana, herbal viagra the hitting of Jason Bay and David Wright and where the offensive production lost from Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes will come from.

Herbal viagra So my question to you my loyal readers, herbal viagra what is your expectation for the Mets this coming season? What is a realistic expectation of this team and what will be their standing in the NL East, herbal viagra a division that could be up for grabs if the reports of Prince Fielder signing with Washington are true. Herbal viagra Can you see anything short of a last place finish in the division? Right now, herbal viagra I can’t.

Herbal viagra Where do you see Johan Santana this season? For me, herbal viagra I’d be surprised if we see Santana pitch for the Mets before June.

Herbal viagra What to do with David Wright? Wright is not a player, herbal viagra right now that could realistically bring back a treasure trove of young talent but what if he is invigorated by good health and more friendly dimensions of Citi Field and puts up a .300/.380/.500 line with 15-17 HR’s and 75-80 + RBI by the All-Star break, herbal viagra do you keep him and hope a new owner comes in with cash to re-sign him or is the lure of young robust baseball players to tempting to turn down in a trade?  I’m still undecided on this one but I am leaning towards a deal if the Mets get back a blue ribbon prospect or a young Major Leaguer under club control.

Herbal viagra When I go to opening day at Citi Field, herbal viagra who else will be there? If you are a true blue Mets fan and having been going to Mets games your whole life I can’t see how now you decide to sit this season out. Herbal viagra No one has a right to tell you how to spend your time or money but as Boggy said, herbal viagra “a hot dog at a ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz”. Herbal viagra So true, herbal viagra I mean today when I left for work I had on a sweater, herbal viagra coat, herbal viagra scarf and wool hat. Herbal viagra You know what? That sucks. Herbal viagra I want to wear shorts and t-shirt and have a scorecard in my hand. Herbal viagra I have made peace with myself that the Mets will not be very good this season to the point that 100 losses would not shock me. Herbal viagra However, herbal viagra there is still a part of me that small sliver of Mets fan naivete` that still has me holding out hope that this season could be full of surprises and I want to be there to enjoy them. Herbal viagra  I know all the die-hards will be out at Citi Field on Thursday April 5th at 1:10PM, herbal viagra will you be there? If not tell me why not?

Herbal viagra It’s funny the other teams I root for in other sports are playing at a level where they are contenders for championships in their respective leagues but it’s the Mets that are on my mind the most  and my biggest concern. Herbal viagra Crazy shit eh?

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Online pharmacy cialis It was quite a night at Citi Field last night. Online pharmacy cialis The SNY crew set up shop in the Pepsi Porch and I don’t know who enjoyed it more, online pharmacy cialis Gary, online pharmacy cialis Keith and Ron or us fans watching on TV. Online pharmacy cialis Between Ron wearing a glove like a Little Leaguer hoping to catch a ball or Keith buying hot dogs for him and his mates, online pharmacy cialis it was one of the more enjoyable Mets games I’ve watched in awhile. Online pharmacy cialis   

Online pharmacy cialis There was a little bit of everything last night. Online pharmacy cialis R.A. Online pharmacy cialis Dickey showing all those of little faith that he is a legit big league pitcher and one I hope is around here for some time. Online pharmacy cialis After falling behind 4-0, online pharmacy cialis Dickey got himself back on track and as much as I love to watch a pitcher dominant a lineup, online pharmacy cialis when you see a guy start out shaky but refuse to panic and think out what pitches are working and which one isn’t and then have the ability to make adjustments on the fly is just as great to watch. Online pharmacy cialis If Mike Pelfrey could just have a sliver of R.A. Online pharmacy cialis Dickey’s guile and pitching smarts we would be talking about locking him up to a multi year deal instead of hoping he gets non-tendered in the off season.

Online pharmacy cialis Angel (El Kabong) Pagan has not been very good this season in the field and at bat. Online pharmacy cialis Pagan is another player that I’m sure will be part of a big discussion in the Mets front office meetings as to whether he’s worth bringing back next season or not. Online pharmacy cialis Pagan, online pharmacy cialis like the rest of this team is an easy guy to root for. Online pharmacy cialis He’s worked his way back from oblivion of the bushes to be a bonafide big leaguer. Online pharmacy cialis In Pagan’s defense he is not a leadoff hitter and is not comfortable in the 1 or 2 spot of the lineup. Online pharmacy cialis This season his best offensive production as come when he is slotted in the 5 or hole. Online pharmacy cialis So last night was the right spot for Pagan in the bottom of the 10th when he drilled his walk off home run. Online pharmacy cialis Good for Angel and good for the Mets. Online pharmacy cialis This is a day to reflect on the goodness of Pagan, online pharmacy cialis we’ll have all winter to debate is fate as a Met going forward.

Online pharmacy cialis The stories today are all about Carlos Beltran and what is most likely his farewell game at home as a Met. Online pharmacy cialis If anything last night was his going away party. Online pharmacy cialis The crowd seemed to feel the same way. Online pharmacy cialis I was hoping that after Beltran launched his 2 run homer in the 5th to tie the game that the fans at Citi Field would prolong their enthusiasm to the point that Carlos would come out for a curtain call. Online pharmacy cialis When was the last time a Mets player came out for bow after a home run? With today being a day game and the temperature climbing toward 100 degrees I wonder how many folks will show up for the game today (besides the day camp kids for whom the 12 noon start was scheduled for) but it would be nice if the fans gave Beltran a standing O in his first at bat to the point where he steps out of the box and doffs his helmet. Online pharmacy cialis We’re going to miss him.

Online pharmacy cialis Congrats to Mr. Online pharmacy cialis and Mrs. Online pharmacy cialis Josh Thole on the birth of their son Cameron and how about Daddy Josh hitting RBI single in the 8th to tie the game at 5. Online pharmacy cialis I hope someone saved the ball to give to Thole as it would be a great conversation piece between him and his son when he gets older to relive the night after his birth daddy got a big clutch hit for the Mets.

Online pharmacy cialis Jason Pridie will start in LF for the Mets today for Jason Bay who is nursing a sore hammy. Online pharmacy cialis Bay claims his hip and leg have been bothering him for a few days and this doesn’t seem too serious. Online pharmacy cialis I know we’d all love to see Bay take a seat on the bench but we shouldn’t revel in an injury that puts him there. Online pharmacy cialis Mike Francesa had one of the few good points he makes every now and then about calling the Pirates about taking Jason Bay off the Mets hands for 50 cents on the dollar. Online pharmacy cialis Bay is owed $35 mil over the next three seasons so if the Mets offer Bay to the Pirates along with $17-$18 mil they would save $17-$18 mil. Online pharmacy cialis I doubt the Bucs would do this but Bay did have a great six years in Pittsburgh so maybe he Bucs need a love re-connection. Online pharmacy cialis Can’t hurt to ask.

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Viagra discount codes So now Josh Thole is the apple of Mets fans eye as his call up last September was love at first sight. Viagra discount codes Because of the lack of any Mets news of substance, viagra discount codes Mets fans and bloggers are left to play GM and try to find ways to improve a team that not only is short on talent but lacking in brains and brawn as well, viagra discount codes so a young buck like Thole is the baseball equivalent to Megan Fox. Viagra discount codes At one time Daniel Murphy was the hottest piece of tail to hit Flushing in awhile but now Mets fans treat him like he’s a used up Swedish nanny.  You folks are real love ‘em and leave ‘em types.

Viagra discount codes Of all the talk of who should be the Mets catcher for 2010 until Thole morphs into Jerry Grote/Johnny Bench, viagra discount codes the names of Bengi Molina, viagra discount codes Rod Barajas and Jason Vartiek make Mets fans react like they found out Jeffey Skill Sets has a long lost twin brother.

Viagra discount codes Everything I ‘ve read focuses on the offensive production of the catching position when that’s the last aspect of the position I look at. Viagra discount codes Give me a guy who can call a game in concert with the pitcher, viagra discount codes block balls in the dirt, viagra discount codes and throw runners out to the point they think twice about running on them and I’ll say “name your price man”

Viagra discount codes I’m not saying that young Thole is not a blue ribbon farm hand but let’s let the kid learn the trade of the tools of ignorance first. Viagra discount codes Let him play as much as possible in Buffalo and as we all know you never get through a whole season with just two catchers, viagra discount codes so you will see him at $iti Field in 2010. Viagra discount codes But the best thing to do for the Mets is go after a vet backstop to match up with Omir Santos to start the 2010 season.

Viagra discount codes With $6.25 mil due him in 2010, viagra discount codes the White Sox AJ Pierzynski could be had for a song or Eddie Kunz, viagra discount codes let Kenny Williams choose. Viagra discount codes Pierzynski, viagra discount codes just for the entertainment factor alone is worth bringing here but he also brings a decent bat with some pop, viagra discount codes he is an above average defender and he’s bat shit crazy with just one year left on his deal, viagra discount codes what’s not to like?

Viagra discount codes Bengi Molina wants at least 2 years so that sends up a red flag right there. Viagra discount codes Same for Rod Barajas. Viagra discount codes If you can get either guy for a year or a year plus an option, viagra discount codes I’m fine with that. Viagra discount codes Jason Varitek for a one year deal? I think I’d rather bring back Paul LoDuca for a year, viagra discount codes that is if he can get away from hanging with the cast of High School Musical. Viagra discount codes Henry Blanco anyone? Anyone? No one? Oh well, viagra discount codes he can still throw out runners at a single bound and sure he’s 38 years old (which is 25 in Omar years) and he is Venezuelan and I believe on page 147, viagra discount codes Section 2, viagra discount codes  paragraph 4, viagra discount codes Line 7 of Johan Santana’s contract it states that when a Venezuelan catcher is available the Mets are obligated to sign him.

Viagra discount codes So you see there are options out there for a catcher while young Thole grazes on the farm for awhile long until he’s ready for slaughter, viagra discount codes errrrr…………. Viagra discount codes I mean Flushing.

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