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Generic supplier viagra I watched none of yesterday’s game due to my son scheduling his Boy Scout Eagle project which had us painting hop-scotch boards, generic supplier viagra box ball courts and a huge map of the United States with each state in various colors, generic supplier viagra a very time consuming but rewarding chore and now all he needs to do is file his paper work and he will officially be an Eagle Scout. Generic supplier viagra Yes my wife and I are bursting with pride.

Generic supplier viagra From reading the stories on the game and watching the highlights it seems home plate ump Larry Vanover was implementing the ameba strike zone as there were 14 walks called, generic supplier viagra 10 by Mets pitchers and an out of character umpire argument by Jason Bay (leading to Terry Collins getting tossed)and speaking of Bay, generic supplier viagra I’m sure the front office staff of Sandy Alderson and Co. Generic supplier viagra are trying to figure out what can be done with Bay. Generic supplier viagra I did catch TC on with Francesa after the game, generic supplier viagra and Collins hinted that dropping Bay in the lineup is step one. Generic supplier viagra Tomorrow night you could see Bay drop to 7th and Thole moved to 2 hole with Murph at 3, generic supplier viagra that is if Wright is still out of lineup which we should know more today on DW’s status. Generic supplier viagra But back to Bay, generic supplier viagra I don’t care if the club was still flush with Madoff money, generic supplier viagra releasing Bay and handing him a check for $35 mil, generic supplier viagra would be a move of last resort. Generic supplier viagra TC alluded that if the drop in batting order didn’t work for Bay, generic supplier viagra then a platoon with a lefty hitter was next. Generic supplier viagra Now if the Skill Sets gave Alderson the green light in releasing Bay, generic supplier viagra it would have happened already as I think it’s safe to say the he is as worn out as you are at watching Bay in the batter’s box. Generic supplier viagra  I have to think if Bay continues this downward spiral in the next month a major move will be made by the Alderson to remove Bay from the team.

Generic supplier viagra Break from baseball tonight as the NY Rangers get their first round series underway against the Ottawa Senators. Generic supplier viagra Rangers in 5

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Alternative doctor viagra                                                                                        Just call it the Winter of Eli. 

Alternative doctor viagra Okay, alternative doctor viagra I’ve basked in the glow of the NY Football Giants come from behind win over the New England Brady Belichicks and the four game NY Rangers winning streak (more on that in a moment) so to take me down a notch or two, alternative doctor viagra let me see where we are with our beloved New York Mets (and I don’t mean in Istanbul)

Alternative doctor viagra The Skill Sets after trimming away some office staff and guys who wash the uniforms are still selling a load of tripe that the club is on solid financial ground, alternative doctor viagra even though there are reports that Greece’s Minister of Finance has told members of the Greek Parliament who ask about the country’s failing economy “Could be worse, alternative doctor viagra we could be the Mets”.

Alternative doctor viagra After trying to pull the ol’ oakie doke on David Einhorn at the last minute, alternative doctor viagra and Einhorn being too smart to fall for their tricks and then with the failure in their “friends and family” share sell, alternative doctor viagra they are now going the Certificate of Deposit route with selling these stakes in the team. Alternative doctor viagra You can choose between investing $20-$30 mil and collecting 3% interest on your investment for six years where you can then collect your investment PLUS the interest or you can forgo the interest payments and keep your small percentage of ownership. Alternative doctor viagra But wait, alternative doctor viagra there’s more! If you act in the next thirty minutes, alternative doctor viagra Freddy Skill Sets will throw in a Magic Bullet blender, alternative doctor viagra Shake Weight and Genie Bra, alternative doctor viagra absolutely free. Alternative doctor viagra Operators are standing by so act fast because those operators may not have a job by today’s close of business.

Alternative doctor viagra Here’s where we stand with David Wright :

Alternative doctor viagra The Citi Field fences were lowered and brought in for him and Jason Bay to enhance their offensive performance and to raise their self-esteem.

Alternative doctor viagra Sandy Alderson has no problem trading Wright or anyone on the roster as long as the deal makes sense for the Mets and makes them a better team.

Alternative doctor viagra Some Mets fans think Alderson went to the Minaya-Bernazard School of Stupid Baseball Moves and need to do their homework on how the man runs a baseball team. Alternative doctor viagra He’s not going to deal Wright for the sake of dealing Wright. Alternative doctor viagra He will trade Wright if the package put before him is overwhelming. Alternative doctor viagra If Wright finds his groove and the Mets are out of contention by the trade deadline, alternative doctor viagra Alderson will have a bunch of suitors ringing his phone and Wright will be dealt to the highest bidder.

Alternative doctor viagra Jose Reyes is an ex-Met. Alternative doctor viagra Read it. Alternative doctor viagra Learn it. Alternative doctor viagra LIVE WITH IT.

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Viagra history

Viagra history At this point in the Mets season, viagra history my mood has gone from outrage to amusement. Viagra history The outrage was over the start of the second half of the season when the team decided it was time to pack it in, viagra history the amusement is listening to players and the GM tried to tell us the team is still in contention. Viagra history ROFLMYFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viagra history Listening to Omar Minaya discuss the Mets, viagra history is like hearing a child try to explain why filling the bathtub with water and Jell-O was a good idea. Viagra history You’re so pissed off at them as you survey the situation but the more they try to explain themselves and try to wriggle out of bad situation, viagra history it starts to become comical.

Viagra history Omar is trying very very hard to convince the fan base that this team is still in contention when we all know this team talks tough but when it comes down to fighting for a post season spot, viagra history they are a collection of conscientious objectors. Viagra history As much as I’m a fan of D-Wright just once I’d like to hear him say in his after a loss post game statement, viagra history that the team needs to get some players who are mentally tough. Viagra history Who is he worried about pissing off? The manager is clueless and the GM insults our intelligence and the owner is scare shit to be seen in public. Viagra history Please can someone just say the truth in that clubhouse? Is it that hard to say it? The truth will set your sorry ass’s free.

Viagra history I bet if Omar came out and said “All this mess is on me. Viagra history I miscalculated on a lot of the personnel here and I gave out contracts that will haunt me and the organization. Viagra history I’ve learn a valuable lesson about over paying players and with the help of my front office staff, viagra history we are ready to regroup and re-invent they way personnel moves are made with this team”  If he would make a statement like that, viagra history I bet talks of fan boycotts would go away. Viagra history In fact if he made a statement like that and was retained by ownership for another year, viagra history the out cry for his head, viagra history would die down a bit. Viagra history But if he keeps going with this tired comedy act of his then he needs to be shown the door. 

Viagra history I think it has finally sunk into Luis Castillo’ head that he has no future here in Queens. Viagra history I do feel for the guy for at least he puts up a fight to get in the lineup and has some pride unlike the miserable fuck, viagra history Oliver Perez, viagra history who is no different from Bernie Madoff as first class scam artist.

Viagra history See if the organization had the brains and passion of Taryn Cooper Mets fans would never complain again (SHOCKING!!! I know) last night she organized the Citi Field Sit Out where fans were asked to NOT attend last night game. Viagra history Coop herself made the sacrifice of not using her tickets or putting them up for sale. Viagra history The protest I’d like is where everyone shows up at Citi Field and in the third inning we all get up and walkout. Viagra history I wonder if State run SNY TV would cover something like that?

Viagra history I’ve always been a fan of the HBO show Hard Knocks, viagra history but having the Jets and Rex Ryan on this season had made the show appointment TV. Viagra history Last night was outstanding and the more I watch, viagra history the more of a Rex Ryan fan I’m becoming. Viagra history I always though Ryan was just a big blowhard but the way he interacts with his coaches and players is classic. Viagra history He pats players on the back and he tells them when they suck. Viagra history His confrontation with a D-lineman on the bubble after he finds out that DE Ropati Pitotua blew out his Achilles was riveting as he tells the lineman about Pitotua’ injury and asks him if “he wants to make the fuckin’ team or do I have get someone off the street” was Happy Rex morphing into Darth Vader Rex. Viagra history Special Teams coach Mike Westoff needs his own show, viagra history he’s the Paulie Walnuts of Hard Knox.

Viagra history For your reading pleasure please read this post by Ms. Viagra history Jacqueline Conrad at Cardinal Diamond Diaries about her Grandmothers influence on her becoming a baseball fan.

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