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Citrate salt of sildenafil While Mets fandom awaits a decision on whether Michael Bourn will be patrolling centerfield of Citi Field, citrate salt of sildenafil leading off and becoming the catalyst for the Mets offense, citrate salt of sildenafil we also await the official announcement of Brandon Lyon becoming a Met and another contestant on Wheel of Mets Bullpen.

Citrate salt of sildenafil Counting Lyons, citrate salt of sildenafil I’m looking at 11 candidates for 6 or maybe 7 spots in the Mets pen, citrate salt of sildenafil a bullpen that I feel was the biggest reason for the second half collapse the Mets found them in last season. Citrate salt of sildenafil When you have a relief core that allows close to 32 % of inherited runners to touch home plate and also finds themselves in 55 save opportunities and blowing 19 of those precious assignments, citrate salt of sildenafil will break the spirit of even the most strong willed teams so when you have a team like the Mets that doesn’t exactly ooze self-esteem and pluck, citrate salt of sildenafil the ineffective pen was more a kick in the gut than uplifting last season. Citrate salt of sildenafil Sandy Alderson realizes this as well and has gone out this offseason to assemble relievers to come to Port St. Citrate salt of sildenafil Lonesome to engage in a big time completion to come North and become a strength for the Mets instead of last year’s failure.

Citrate salt of sildenafil Building a bullpen can be a bit of a crapshoot and last year one of the players Alderson went out on a limb on was closer Frank Francisco, citrate salt of sildenafil signing the volatile reliever for 2yrs/$12mil, citrate salt of sildenafil a signing I’m sure the Mets GM would love to take back . Citrate salt of sildenafil Between nagging injuries and ineffectiveness it was a lost season for Francisco. Citrate salt of sildenafil Although Francisco did save 23 games in 26 opportunities, citrate salt of sildenafil when he entered games with runners on base his percentage of inherited runners left on base was a woeful 67.2 % and he’d shoot himself in the foot many time with walks as well.

Citrate salt of sildenafil With the imminent signing of Brandon Lyons, citrate salt of sildenafil the back end of the Mets pen should be improved over last year (in the words of Sandy Alderson when asked about whether the pen will be better in 2013 said “how could it be worse?”)  And what we will see in the camp is a good old fashion open completion for not just bullpen spots but for the very important back end of the pen spots. Citrate salt of sildenafil  So looking at the very early morning line let’s see who could or should emerge as the core of the Mets bullpen in 2013.

Citrate salt of sildenafil The guys I look for to make the move to be the 7th inning, citrate salt of sildenafil 8th inning and closer are Francisco, citrate salt of sildenafil Bobby Parnell, citrate salt of sildenafil Brandon Lyon, citrate salt of sildenafil Josh Edgin, citrate salt of sildenafil and Scott Atchison. Citrate salt of sildenafil  All five look to be Mets for 2013 but who of these 5 will step up to grab the closers job? I don’t see Bobby Parnell getting the job as he is much more effective in innings 6 thru 8 and last year he started to lose a little bit of velocity on his fastball and he has tried to make his curve to be more effective. Citrate salt of sildenafil Edgin has been on a fast track to the big leagues on the strength of using a hard fastball and effective slider that helped the stout lefty rack up K’s at a 10.53 per 9 IP.  Scott Atchinson may be the find of the off season. Citrate salt of sildenafil He was the one bright spot in the train wreck that was the 2012 Boston Red Sox. Citrate salt of sildenafil Atchinson relies on a solid cutter that he has under great command and last season he stranded 85 % of the runners on base that he inherited which is why I can’t wait to see him pitch this spring. Citrate salt of sildenafil Brandon Lyon could be the guy that takes on Frank Frank for the coveted closers role. Citrate salt of sildenafil The Mets will be banking on getting Lyon back to his effective D’Backs and Tigers days to solidify the back end of the pen and hope that the blown saves and late inning bullpen meltdowns are a thing of the past.

Citrate salt of sildenafil Jureys Familia and Jenry Mejia are two wildcards in the bullpen completion. Citrate salt of sildenafil Should either or both work as relievers or starters? There are varied opinions on the direction of both pitchers and it could boil down to how each are used this spring and if either pitchers shows more at one spot than the other. Citrate salt of sildenafil I could see Familia sticking as reliever more than Mejia who has a starter’s mentality and is also at a point in his career that the Mets love to find pitchers at, citrate salt of sildenafil second year after Tommy John surgery.

Citrate salt of sildenafil LaTroy Hawkins comes to camp as a guy whose has seen a lot of big league baseball and could be more of an asset as a sounding board for the younger relievers that his work on the mound. Citrate salt of sildenafil Hawkins looks to be a 6th inning guy or a guy to give a break to an overused reliever that is if it makes the team.

Citrate salt of sildenafil It’s Robert Carson’ job to lose as the LOOGY especially with Pedro Feliciano back from rotator cuff surgery (2nd year after surgery seems to be the Mets pattern of obtaining pitching) and Tim Byrdak back in a minor league deal off of last season’s shoulder surgery.

Citrate salt of sildenafil So if I had to put out an early projection of the Mets bullpen I’d rank thusly:

Citrate salt of sildenafil CL Francisco/Lyon

Citrate salt of sildenafil SU Parnell

Citrate salt of sildenafil SU Edgin

Citrate salt of sildenafil SU Atchison

Citrate salt of sildenafil RP Carson

Citrate salt of sildenafil RP Familia/Hawkins

Citrate salt of sildenafil Whoever is not named closer moves to set up role and to tell you the truth; the Mets have the makings of a pretty decent bullpen. Citrate salt of sildenafil Hopefully between Terry Collins, citrate salt of sildenafil Dan Warthen and Ricky Bones can work this pen correctly unlike last season when there was a communication breakdown between the relievers and the Manager and Pitching Coach. Citrate salt of sildenafil That’s a post for another day.

Citrate salt of sildenafil  

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Generic cialis I was all set to put up a post this morning but we had a bit of a situation at work that required an all hands on deck approach so that settled that for me.

Generic cialis One of the items I wanted to touch on was the anger that is building within the fan base. Generic cialis It seems the frustrations of another meaningless second half, generic cialis this one coming on the heels of an optimistic first half, generic cialis and the uncertainty of what the 2013 payroll will be are the main culprits in this uprising. Generic cialis The good news for Mets management is that there still is a pulse, generic cialis a passion in Mets fans to get their dander up. Generic cialis But how long does the passion last until it turns to apathy?

Generic cialis I have no idea what the Skill Sets financial situation is and I’m sure they are not looking to share those details with me or anyone else not involved in the baseball operations of the Mets. Generic cialis I’m pretty sure there is still tremendous debt both on the ballpark, generic cialis the team and SNY plus legal fees that have to be paid. Generic cialis So the question is what will be left to procure talent to make the 2013 Mets a contending team?

Generic cialis I’m not optimistic that there will be enough funds to sign a solid power hitting outfielder while releasing a very highly paid and unfortunately useless left fielder in Jason Bay. Generic cialis What will happen with David Wright this offseason, generic cialis will he and the Mets come to an agreement on a contract extension that will keep him in a Mets uniform for the rest of his career? Again not knowing the financials I think the Skill Sets will find a way to extend Wright 5 yrs at $100 mil but the question is will Wright want to stay here?

Generic cialis I have to give Freddy Skill Sets credit when he was approached by David Lennon of Newsday during an infrequent walk on the field during BP, generic cialis that he made no comment and kept walking briskly away as the media took off after him for a quote and all they got was a cloud of dust and the reply of “Ask Sandy”.

Generic cialis I guess after the Gucci loafer in mouth quotes Freddy gave to Jeffery Toobin last year in the New Yorker article, generic cialis he’s learned his lesson to keep your head down and walk fast when discovered by reporters. Generic cialis Even at the All Star Game presser, generic cialis Freddy was not in attendance and Jeffy gave just a brief speech.

Generic cialis As I’ve said, generic cialis I have no idea what the financial situation is with the Skill Sets and how it effects the off season game plan but I do know this after the October 3 game against the Fish, generic cialis the topic of conversation for the next four months will be money and how much the Wilpons have to invest in their team.

Generic cialis The only thing I’ve ever wanted from the Skill Sets is honesty and for some reason they have a tough time with that concept. Generic cialis Just level with your fan/customer base about what the game plan is going forth for 2013 and beyond. Generic cialis That’s all we’re asking, generic cialis honesty and transparency two very good traits to possess. Generic cialis I’ve said for the longest time if Freddy came out and said “we are still trying to recover monetarily from the Madoff scandal and now that the trial has been settled we are trying to regroup financially both personally and professionally. Generic cialis “ Com’on try it Freddy and Jeffy just be honest with your fans/customers THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREEE !!!!!! and buy you some much needed good will as well.

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Pc100 viagra I was fortunate to be invited to a conference call last night with Sandy Alderson and my fellow Mets bloggers. Pc100 viagra This is the second cc Alderson has done with bloggers and he seems genuinely happy to talk to us and values our input about the team. Pc100 viagra As great as it was talking to the Mets GM, pc100 viagra the biggest kick for me was reading all the Tweets from other baseball bloggers who were soooooooooooooo jealous that we were granted access to Alderson and reading how they wish the head of the team they root for would give the same courtesy. Pc100 viagra Imagine that, pc100 viagra the same wise ass’ who like to joke and make sarcastic remarks about the Mets, pc100 viagra are envious of Mets bloggers.

Pc100 viagra I’m slowly getting used to the frank and honest way Alderson does business, pc100 viagra whereas in the past, pc100 viagra I’ve always felt you had to read between the lines to find the truth out of anything coming out of Flushing , pc100 viagra but now it seems we’re getting the straight skinny from the Mets GM.

Pc100 viagra On the release of Castillo and Perez, pc100 viagra Alderson said that to some extent fan sentiment was a factor in releasing both players, pc100 viagra more so in Castillo’s case as the front office had hoped that Perez could make some kind of contribution. Pc100 viagra Alderson felt it was only fair that the new regime look at both players first hand instead of relying on hearsay. Pc100 viagra  

Pc100 viagra With Emaus winning the 2nd base job, pc100 viagra it’s clear his Rule 5 status helped him in winning the job over Justin Turner who had options. Pc100 viagra Alderson said that Emaus would only make the team as a starting baseman and not a bench player. Pc100 viagra  Alderson said he was happy that Emaus has come around with the bat and has shown signs of being effective turning the DP.

Pc100 viagra My question to Alderson was about the fight for the last spot in the bullpen, pc100 viagra but first I added a bit of editorializing:

Pc100 viagra “Between the offseason and spring, pc100 viagra it seems that there’s a minority in the fan base and a majority of the mainstream media that likes to dwell on the negative things that go on with the organization. Pc100 viagra They seem not to want to talk about that the team offensively has been terrific this spring, pc100 viagra it seems that batters have been taking to Dave Hudgens’s way of hitting, pc100 viagra a lot of walks, pc100 viagra a lot of doubles, pc100 viagra and the defense has been pretty good, pc100 viagra too, pc100 viagra maybe very good this spring, pc100 viagra but the big thing is the pitching. Pc100 viagra The pitching has been outstanding this spring and hopefully it will carry over to the season. Pc100 viagra Now you spoke about the bullpen, pc100 viagra and you do have decisions to make. Pc100 viagra How close is it in that seventh spot? It seems that we kind of figured the first six guys are in that pen, pc100 viagra and that last spot, pc100 viagra that seventh spot, pc100 viagra seems to be the one that’s up in the air. Pc100 viagra How are you going back and forth on that decision?”

Pc100 viagra Here is Alderson’ reply:

Pc100 viagra “That’s a very good question. Pc100 viagra If you look at the guys who are competing for the last two or three spots. Pc100 viagra You’ve got a young kid, pc100 viagra a Rule 5 pick who is untested, pc100 viagra who has improved, pc100 viagra we think, pc100 viagra greatly since the beginning of camp, pc100 viagra at least mechanically, pc100 viagra has shown a lot of command, pc100 viagra has shown good velocity, pc100 viagra and we think has real upside. Pc100 viagra As compared to somebody like Jason Isringhausen, pc100 viagra who is a veteran presence and not only because of what he can do on the mound but how he might influence the rest of that bullpen, pc100 viagra is an attraction for us. Pc100 viagra Then you’ve got a couple of guys, pc100 viagra [Blaine] Boyer, pc100 viagra Manny Acosta, pc100 viagra who are very, pc100 viagra very close in terms of overall results, pc100 viagra but they get there in different ways. Pc100 viagra Boyer is basically a ground ball pitcher. Pc100 viagra Acosta has the livelier fastball and is more of a strikeout guy, pc100 viagra maybe a little more command, pc100 viagra but occasionally gives up a three-run homer as he did yesterday. Pc100 viagra So not only is it a close competition, pc100 viagra but interestingly, pc100 viagra each of those guys represents a very different choice beyond how they perform, pc100 viagra and that’s what we’re trying to balance right now is the desire to win, pc100 viagra the feel-good story of somebody like Jason Isringhausen, pc100 viagra who has also performed well, pc100 viagra against the potential of somebody like Pedro Beato, pc100 viagra and then the two guys that we brought in. Pc100 viagra And we haven’t resolve those yet. Pc100 viagra We just had a meeting today with some of the front office people here with the coaches and Terry Collins and we resolved a few things but the bullpen is still unresolved.”

Pc100 viagra The problem is Boyer , pc100 viagrawho has had a great spring, pc100 viagra has an out clause in his contract to become a free agent if he doesn’t make the OD 25 man roster. Pc100 viagra In a perfect world I believe Alderson would take Izzy north and hope Boyer doesn’t get a ML contract from another team and he signs him to a minor league deal. Pc100 viagra The odds of that are slim.

Pc100 viagra There were great  questions  from all who participated and to read the entire transcript check out the post Eric Simon of Amazin’ Avenue   put together in detail of the conference call.

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Viagra london Lots of baseball news breaking today with Cliff Lee returning to Philly-a shocking development to say the least-and putting a huge hole in the Highlanders and Texas Rangers off season plan and of course the Tea Party Mets fans are slobbering over themselves with vitriol over the Mets not spending any money after Sandy Alderson has said over and over again in every interview he’s done that the Mets will not sign a big ticket free agent this offseason. Viagra london Speaking of Sandy Alderson, viagra london I had the pleasure to meet his acquaintance today at Citi Field, viagra london as myself and other Mets bloggers were invited to the Mets holiday party at Citi Field and we were given time for Q and A with Alderson, viagra london Terry Collins (quite the intense fellow) Ike Davis, viagra london Jason Bay, viagra london Carlos Beltran and David Wright.

Viagra london Tomorrow here at Kranepool Society, viagra london I will have a more in depth post of my day at Citi Field, viagra london but tonight at 10PM ET on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN on BLOG TALK RADIO, viagra london I will talk about my meeting with Alderson, viagra london Collins and the palyers as my guests will be MatthewCerrone of Metsblog and Alex Belth of Bronx Banter. Viagra london Alex is also the author of the book “Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories: Unforgettable Tales From The House That Ruth Built”

Viagra london It should be a great hour of baseball talk. Viagra london If you can’t join us live the be sure to download the podcast at the show page or listen right here at Kranepool Society (lower right side bar) or download the show oniTunes

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