Psssst….check it out, check it out Black Mets jersey’s and caps……check it out, check it out…..I got PIAZZA, REYES, RODRIGUEZ, WRIGHT……check it out…………………OH SHIT THE COPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Its almost getting to the point where I’m sympathetic of the plight of the Skill Sets.  It’s bad enough that Bernie Madoff fucked them over but how about their beloved pasty face clubbie Charlie Samuels and the way he took the owners trust and as in turned robbed the team blind?

With all the stories during the off season into spring training about the Madoff scandal and the fall out of the words of the Trustees of the victims of the scandal the Samuels’ saga has gone unnoticed until the last couple of days as the NYPD and Queens DA’s office have descended on St. Lonesome to get some answers and to build a case against Samuels.

The cops are talking to players especially Frankie Rodriguez who was so close to Samuels, he slept on his sofa during when he was bounced out of his home after his assault charge, and to Mike Piazza who also confided  with Samuels.

While the cops are in Florida getting statements, cops here in NYC are trying to match the stolen property from the Mets clubhouse to memorabilia dealers in the area to solidify their case against Samuels  .

This will be just one more bullshit distraction that seems to follow this organization.  If the Skill Sets can save their ownership of the team I hope they learn a lesson from all this and stop being so naïve and start running the Mets like a business instead of some mom and pop candy store

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WOW  What a weekend!  Saturday we had tickets for a show at the New Victory Theatre and decided to go by car instead of ferry/subway.  As bad as the weather was, lots of traffic on the roads and on the sidewalks.  Driving rain and 50 MPH winds but the city was still packed as was the theatre. Just like Ian Hunter sings “You got to be crazy to live in the city and New York City ‘s the best”

I then came home to see my neighbor-two doors down-tree uprooted and about twenty of my roof shingles strewn in my yard and driveway.   So I spent the majority of the night watching the tree in my backyard sway back and forth while our trampoline was swooped up from the front of the yard and transported to the back of the yard. While that was occurring the basketball hoop that is connected to a metal pole that has a base of sand and bricks to hold it down, topple over. Oh yeah then the gutter on my garage came off and landed in the yard of the house in back of me. I tried to settle down for the night but the constant sirens from fire engines and ambulances touring the neighborhood kept me awake. When I finally did get to sleep, I woke up at 9AM but then remembered it was really 10AM Eastern Daylight Savings Time.  So while I was relieved that my house was still on the same lot it was built on about 100 years ago and that my basement was not an aquarium I thought I’d just relax for the morning. But wait, what’s today? March 14th OH SHIT!!! I have to go scout 14-15 year old baseball players at New Dorp High School for my Babe Ruth team. I get dressed and out the door but every other block was closed off with trees deposited in the middle of the streets. A five minute ride took twenty five minutes. If I get to draft this one kid I saw-14 years old about 6’2” hard thrower and soft hands-the trek will have been worth it.

Other than that a pretty quiet weekend, how about you?

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It’s gone beyond getting aggravated about the way the Mets are going about their non-business so far this off season. I am getting a kick out of Mets fans and non-Mets fans trying to figure out what moves the Mets are ready to make. Well, if you know the Mets next move, then could you please make a call to (718) 507-METS and ask for Omar and tell him the move because it seems to me he’s out of idea’s.


The new bit of pretzel logical coming out of Queens is if the team can’t sign Jason Bay then they will up the offer they’ve made to Bengi Molina. If they can’t sign Molina then they will up their offer to Bay. Go ahead digest that little nugget for a minute I’ll wait……..Hummm so what should I have for lunch? I really could go for a slice but West Broadway is a mess….soup? Yeah, it’s a good soup day how about a minestrone and an toasted everything bagel? Yeah soup and bagel it is Oh shit…..I’m sorry….back to Omar Economics………


Here’s an astute observation by yours truly, The Mets have no plan! Omar is powerless he is under the iron fist of Baby Doc Jeffey Skill Sets and the Minister of Mets Miss Information, DiamondVison Dave Howard. Those two, my friends, are the faces of your franchise. The faces I’d love to smash my fist into.


Bay, Molina, Molina, Bay, the Mets act like these two are the missing links to competitiveness (we all agree that the Mets are not contenders right? RIGHT????) meanwhile there are about FOUR spots in the starting pitching rotation that needs addressing but I guess there is still plenty of time to fuck that up this winter.

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There has been a take over at the World Headquarters of the Eddie Kranpool Society. I’m texting this as my hands are bound. The Phill-A-Nista Party has invaded my lair. In trying to listen to their conversation (they speak a strange dialect) they think I’m part of the Mets front office and have called Jeff Wilpon to pay the ransom for my release. Something like 4 season tickets in the Delta Club Silver seats and membership to the Delta 360 Sky Club. Oh shit they’re back gt 2 go!

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