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What color is viagra As I mentioned yesterday, what color is viagra I took a trip to the South Bronx to watch the Highlanders-Indians game which was my first visit to the new Highlander Stadium, what color is viagra so I’d figure I’d give you  some of my observations of the ball park.

What color is viagra It’s big, what color is viagra very big much bigger than Citi Field and because of that you are much further away from the field than at Citi.

What color is viagra As soon as you head down the stairs of the 4 train you know you’re at HIGHLANDER STADIUM because the Highlander brand just suffocates you. What color is viagra Maybe suffocates is too strong or maybe as a Mets fan I wish Citi Field was as Mets-centric as Highlander Stadium. What color is viagra Hell, what color is viagra even the hot dog stand is named Highlander hot dogs. What color is viagra Every single inch of the place is decorated in Highlander colors and there is no mention of the old Baltimore Orioles , what color is viagra who became the Highlanders and then the Yankees. What color is viagra No its’ Yankees, what color is viagra Yankees and more Yankees.

What color is viagra They sell t-shirts for just about every member of the team and of course all the retired stars. What color is viagra I was very, what color is viagra very tempted to buy a MARTIN 1 t-shirt as I always admired Bill Martin and his style of managing. What color is viagra His off the field way left a lot to be desired for sure but as a manager Martin was as good if not better than anyone who ever ran a baseball team.

What color is viagra For me to get to Highlander Stadium is a breeze. What color is viagra I took the 10:30 AM ferry out of Staten Island, what color is viagra then walked up to Bowling Green to get the 4 train and I was in front of the ball park by 11:45. What color is viagra It takes me that long to get from my house to the Gowanus /BQE merge going to Citi Field.

What color is viagra There are no ushers at Highlander Stadium. What color is viagra There are security people and the Highlanders post a number you can text to report a problem in your section. What color is viagra I sat in Section 420B yesterday and while everything was fine there was this one young lady who kept getting up looking for friends of hers and blocked the view of some fans. What color is viagra One of the blocked fans must have texted the number given as a security guard with ear piece came to the section and went right to the row where this gal was and asked if everything was ok here. What color is viagra Pretty impressive.

What color is viagra The Stadium itself (it’s not a ballpark it’s a STADIUM) has no charm. What color is viagra As you walk in the concourse level is just like entering a high end shopping mall. What color is viagra There are many, what color is viagra many workers who hold up signs “How May I Help You” and whatever you’re looking for at the Stadium they can tell you where it is. What color is viagra Unfortunately that doesn’t happen at Citi Field. What color is viagra     

What color is viagra The food choices were ok I guess, what color is viagra there wasn’t a concession that I said I have to have that. What color is viagra The garlic fires looked enticing but the smell of the garlic was so overpowering I passed. What color is viagra There was a Boar’s Head deli which I guess is very good but I can have a Boar’s Head deli sandwich any time I want. What color is viagra Johnny Rocket’s? There’s one in the SI Mall. What color is viagra Brother Jimmy’s BBQ? I have that before NY Rangers games. What color is viagra Hard Rock Café? If there was ever an organization that was the antithesis of Rock n Roll it’s the Highlanders   So I settled for my favorite sausage and peppers hero.

What color is viagra As for the fans, what color is viagra I guess because it was a Sunday there were a lot of families mostly from NJ, what color is viagra Rockland and Orange County and beyond. What color is viagra Listening to some of the conversations, what color is viagra many were of the casual fan variety but the fan of the day had to be the woman in back of me decked out in here Rivera jersey, what color is viagra cap who cheered and cheered for Jeter and A-Rod who upon seeing a man walking down from the upper rows of the section with a Highlander jersey with the number 5 on it asked her the guy who was with her, what color is viagra “Who’s number 5” to make it worse the guy who was with her didn’t know. What color is viagra My son who was with me just stared ahead watching the action, what color is viagra shaking his head back and forth. What color is viagra That was the best part of the day.

What color is viagra Citi Field has a lot of warts, what color is viagra most of them brought on by ownership but the atmosphere at Citi is much better and more of a festive block party, what color is viagra hanging out in the back yard BALLPARK whereas Highlander STADIUM is a massive high rise apartment building  where no one knows your name and they like it that way.

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