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Cialis next day delivery  

Cialis next day delivery Just a few loose ends from yesterday’s press conference:

Cialis next day delivery The date for Banner Day will be announced shortly. Cialis next day delivery It will not be between games of a double header (I guess that’s too old school) but after the completion of a game most likely a weekend game.

Cialis next day delivery There is a website dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the Mets, cialis next day delivery, cialis next day delivery where you can enter a contest to win Mets season tickets by submitting your Mets memories

Cialis next day delivery Old Timers Day as we know it will not be on the schedule instead the Mets Alumni will be out in full force throughout the season. Cialis next day delivery If you have ever attended a game and came in through the Jackie Robinson Rotunda while members of the Alumni were on hand you know how special it is to meet and greet the former Mets.

Cialis next day delivery The team is putting together a 5 for 50 ticket plan where you can buy a ticket for 5 games for $50 bucks. Cialis next day delivery Get it? $50 for 5 tickets for the 50th Anniversary

Cialis next day delivery Big thank you to Danielle and Shannon for inviting me to yesterday’s festivities, cialis next day delivery it was nice to see Shannon running around on her healed up ankle but the sight of the day was Ike Davis pushing Jay Horowitz around in his wheelchair as he recovers from a broken ankle.

Cialis next day delivery I have a ton of real work to get to today so this post will be it for now. Cialis next day delivery Enjoy my soft and fuzzy side for today. Cialis next day delivery Tomorrow I’ll get to real baseball stuff with the Mets which means my snarl should be back.

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Next day viagra delivery Now I know how Anthony (See My ) Wiener feels, next day viagra delivery as my Twitter account must have been tampered with yesterday. Next day viagra delivery Here I was in dark despair over Mike Pelfrey and his ineffective pitching performance but always holding out hope that my beloved NY Mets would overcome a 7 run deficit.

Next day viagra delivery As always I was optimistic that the message Terry Collins sent his team on Wednesday night would wake up his team and it would lead to a late game surge even though some of the more pessimistic Mets fans thought was an insurmountable deficit , next day viagra delivery I never wavered from my support of my ball club. Next day viagra delivery  That’s why whoever got into my Twitter account and wrote some nasty Tweets during the game yesterday infuriates me to no end, next day viagra delivery I mean I would never ever sent such Tweets:

Next day viagra delivery  STUNNING!!!! Lick this Pelf!

Next day viagra delivery how about re-location? #MoveTheMets

Next day viagra delivery How about Terry Collins comes into post game presser with suit case and says I’M DONE

Next day viagra delivery Does Winnipeg want a baseball team too #relocatetheMets

Next day viagra delivery Maybe Old School Dan Werthan is discussing candle stick holders with Pelfrey

Next day viagra delivery If I’m Terry Collins I leave Pelfrey out there to take the beating make him grow up god damnit

Next day viagra delivery Can you believe those Tweets? I will not rest until I find the fiend you got to my Twitter account and wrote such blasphemous ranting’s. Next day viagra delivery Unlike Rep. Next day viagra delivery Weiner I KNOW these are not my Tweets! Seriously this is much worse than having your pee-pee displayed in public. Next day viagra delivery  I am quite confident that the my attorney’s that I have retained from the highly respected “White Shoe” law firm Beatum, next day viagra delivery Cheatum and Fuckum will find the scalawag responsible for this invasion of my Twitter account.

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Generic viagra As we await the non-tender floodgates to open, generic viagra the Mets have four players who fit the offer/non-offer list so let’s see who stays and who goes:

Generic viagra John Maine-I think we all agree the days of Maine are done in Queens. Generic viagra Maine did himself no favor by hiding his injuries and less than honest with the coaching staff and front office. Generic viagra With Old School Dan Werthan staying on as the Pitching Czar and the fact that Old School can’t stand the sight of Maine then add in his arbitration price could go to $4mil, generic viagra it’s safe to say we can add John Maine to that long list of former Mets

Generic viagra R.A. Generic viagra Dickey-Look, generic viagra we all love Dickey wait that didn’t come out right, generic viagra We all love R.A. Generic viagra and he was a revelation both on the mound and in the clubhouse as Dickey was the only player when interviewed that I paid attention to as he would always say something of substance. Generic viagra But (and you knew the BUT was coming) let’s not go crazy with talk of multi-year deals for R.A.  I’d go 1yr plus an option $1.5 mil which is about double what he made last year.

Generic viagra Angel Pagan-Now Pagan is a different story. Generic viagra Pagan not only took his offensive game to a higher level but right now he’s the best centerfielder on the Mets roster. Generic viagra Pagan went from being a baseball dunderhead in 2009 to arguably the Mets MVP last season (Yes I know David Wright had a great offensive year but the case can be made that the best all-around season by a Met last year was Pagan) Angel made $1.45 mil last season and it would be hard for the Mets to win an arbitration case but what price is right for Pagan? 2yrs/$4.5-5mil?

Generic viagra Sean Green-We’re tendering him a contract, generic viagra why?

Generic viagra Mike Pelfrey-Ahhhhhh Big Pelf.  The sticking point he is Pelf’s agent, generic viagra Scott Boras. Generic viagra  Pelf cannot test the free agent waters until 2014, generic viagra so the Mets hold the hammer on him as well. Generic viagra Pelfrey has made some coin off his ML contract he signed when drafted in 2005 to the tune of a shade under $5mil so this negotiation should be quite interesting. Generic viagra As the Mets hold all the cards they don’t have to offer a multi year deal but figure with Boras as his agent, generic viagra I’m sure he will make up one of those elaborate books to present at the arbitration hearing to make Big Pelf look like Cy Young .

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Viagra how much Sure I’m happy with the win last night but why do these games have to be so excruciating to watch? Why did Big Pelf have to come out after 6 innings? This is the shit that gets Mets fans boxers in a bunch about Jerry Manuel. Viagra how much This bullpen is running on fumes and Big Pelf was pitching with some big balls last night, viagra how much he was pounding the living daylights out of the strike zone and getting ground ball outs, viagra how much sure hitting Alex Cora for Pelf worked out with a single and a RBI but I still would have let Pelf bat there and come out to pitch the 7th.    Most Mets fans feel that Pelfrey has now become a front line major league pitcher; it’s too bad Jerry Manuel doesn’t realize it yet.

Viagra how much Looks like Old School Warthern was right about the “hanitual liar” John Maine. Viagra how much The doctor will see you now Mr. Viagra how much Maine

Viagra how much This morning before our game, viagra how much I was hitting fungos to my infielders. Viagra how much I was wearing my Mets nylon pullover while conducting this task when the following exchange took place:

Viagra how much Parent from the stands: “Oh sure the Mets win a game and you start wearing Mets stuff”


Viagra how much Me saying to myself : “Man, viagra how much I hope it starts pouring and we get rained out, viagra how much I can’t to go home with that woman”

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Woman and cialis

Woman and cialis The big story coming out of last nights Mets game is what is the reaction of the other 24 players to the the handling of John Maine. Woman and cialis After getting lifted last night after 5 pitches Maine looked like a guy praying for a life line. Woman and cialis When the cavalry came to the rescue in the persons of Jerry Manuel and Old School Warthen, woman and cialis instead of being thankful for saving him, woman and cialis Maine gets all pissy with the manager.

Woman and cialis

Woman and cialis After the game and let me say SNY you suck! Why can’t we see Jerry Manuel’s post game presser live? Why do I have to wait through the insufferable Garry Apple to hear the John Maine pitty party that you promoed as must see, woman and cialis if it’s must see then let me fucking see it! I’ll say this, woman and cialis it was worth my wait but I shouldn’t have to wait and after I see and hear Maine’ melt down, woman and cialis  I want to hear Bobby O break it down not Gary Fucking Apple!

Woman and cialis Back to Maine, woman and cialis finally J-Man and Old School are starting to take no prisoners with this team and the pitching staff. Woman and cialis If J-Man is going to get the boot he’s not going down without a fight. Woman and cialis You, woman and cialis David Wright take the day off. Woman and cialis What, woman and cialis you don’t agree with that? Too fucking bad, woman and cialis grab some pine.  John Maine, woman and cialis there is either something wrong with your arm or your head and since you couldn’t break a pane of glass in any of your last starts and your delivery was in slow motion so badly that  Old School Warthen asked you if your ok and  you say yeah even though your mechanics and body language say different. Woman and cialis In other words John Maine your are a selfish prick. Woman and cialis Your whole post game rant was me-me-me-me and that has been a problem around here for too long. Woman and cialis Even the golden boy David Wright acted a like a me-me guy when Manuel told him he needed a day off. Woman and cialis I think we can all thank Fredi Gonzalez for mangers finally standing up to players and setting them straight.

Woman and cialis I also think that closed door meeting with the Mets brass had something to do with this as well. Woman and cialis Maybe J-Man told Jeffey and Omar “look if I’m going down then I’m going down with a fight and I’ll do it by any means necessary”

Woman and cialis First Manuel pulled Ollie Perez from the rotation then sat Wright down now he’s called out Maine and how about Old School with his quote on Maine being a “habitual liar” when it comes to his health? The gloves are off Mets fans, woman and cialis if J-Man and Warthen are going down then they going down fighting with bare knuckles. Woman and cialis It’s about time.

Woman and cialis Manuel and Old School know the next six games will decided their fate. Woman and cialis 0-6 and it’s over, woman and cialis 4-2 their safe, woman and cialis 3-3 a toss up, woman and cialis 6-0 then we may look back at that meeting in Atlanta might as the turning point of the season .

Woman and cialis Tonight the Mets will honor the 2000 NL Champs. Woman and cialis  There will be a pre game ceremony attended by Mike Piazza, woman and cialis Edgardo Alfonzo, woman and cialis Turk Wendell, woman and cialis John Franco and Rick Reed. Woman and cialis One other player will make an appearance, woman and cialis Mike Hampton. Woman and cialis I’m just hoping the fans attending tonight’s game don’t embarrass themselves and the fan base by booing Hampton. Woman and cialis I wasn’t happy when he decided to leave after one year as a Met but he was the MVP of the 2000 NLCS and by leaving the draft pick the Mets received was used to draft David Wright, woman and cialis so just for those two contributions he should get applause.  

Woman and cialis How Bobby Valentine is not invited to tonight’s game is a disgrace and shows the short sightedness and pettiness of the Mets ownership. Woman and cialis What are they afraid of Mets fans actually cheering at $iti Field?

Woman and cialis Castillo to the Rox? Does that mean Daniel Murphy to second base? HELL YEAH!!!!

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Best herbal viagra I work in a satellite office of the Agency I work for so when the big brass come for a visit it’s not to see if we have enough Deer Park for our water cooler no, best herbal viagra it’s usually for something we fucked up because when you do something right, best herbal viagra it never gets acknowledged, best herbal viagra but when they do come a callin’ they always bring coffee and donuts. Best herbal viagra It kind of softens the blow of getting our ass reamed out. Best herbal viagra Yesterday the Mets Brass led by the biggest Ass decided to go to Atlanta to tear the manger, best herbal viagra coaches and players a new asshole but not only did those folks mentioned leave with their rectums intact, best herbal viagra the cheap fuck Jeffey didn’t even bring donuts.

Best herbal viagra Speculation ran rampant through the Land of Blue and Orange that Jerry Manuel, best herbal viagra HoJo and Old School Werthen were ready to get pink slipped because why else would the Little Shithead make a trip down South right. Best herbal viagra Well, best herbal viagra not only did no one lose their job, best herbal viagra the manager displayed what he thinks of the owner and baseball ops when he came out of his office after the 90 minute meeting and was as asked if he still had a job by replying “I still got my uniform on right” and then gave that laugh that only J-Man can. Best herbal viagra Right there an owner with balls would have said to take the fucking uni off and go home.

Best herbal viagra Not only that, best herbal viagra Jeffey Skill Sets didn’t even address the team. Best herbal viagra It seem most players either didn’t know or care that the owner, best herbal viagra the GM and Asst’ GM (John Rico) were in the house. Best herbal viagra It would have made a huge statement if Jeffey called Oliver Perez out in the clubhouse and handed him his unconditional release and then look a GMJ and tell him “Oh and here is one for you too” and then give Jeff Francouer a look and say “you’re lucky that F-Mart kid is made of paper mache or I’d have one for you too” but again that would take a man with balls, best herbal viagra with conviction, best herbal viagra with leadership three things non-existent in the Mets organization. Best herbal viagra By the way, best herbal viagra good seats still available for this weekends Subway Series at $iti Field

Best herbal viagra One good thing came out the pow-wow was sending Jenry Mejia down to the minors to stretch out his arm to join the starting rotation sometime this summer. Best herbal viagra Another experiment gone wrong.

Best herbal viagra Want a job at WFAN ? Requirments are you must have absolutely no knowledge of sports. Best herbal viagra Last night on Twitter, best herbal viagra Sal Licatta, best herbal viagra who’s job it is to fetch Mike Francesa his Diet Cokes, best herbal viagra Tweeted that the Mets and Highlanders should make a deal, best herbal viagra the Mets send Vitamin Pedro to the Bronx for Ramiro Pena. Best herbal viagra This caused quite the shitstorm as Mets fans gave Licatta a verbal beat down, best herbal viagra and unlike his Pompus Ass Boss, best herbal viagra Licatta could not hand wave them away. Best herbal viagra Stick to being Francesa’ toady Sal.

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Buying viagra with no prescription Poor Omir Santos, buying viagra with no prescription the guy shows up early to camp looks around at the large stable of catchers the Mets accumulated over the winter and thinks to himself  “none of those guys have anything on me”  Well sorry to burst your bubble Senior Santos but the only squating behind the plate you’re going to be doing is in the International League backing up Josh Thole.

Buying viagra with no prescription The Mets reach a deal with Rod Barajas for a base of $1mil with incentives that could double his contract.  Barajas and Henry Blanco are now the top battery mates for Mets pitchers and both are a huge upgrade defensively from last years broken down model of Brian Schneider, buying viagra with no prescription Shrek, buying viagra with no prescription  Ninja Turtle and Santos.

Buying viagra with no prescription Remember at the end of the season J-Man and Old School Warthen put alot of the blame of the inability of the Mets pitchers to cut down on walks and not hit their spots consistently on the catching corp.

Buying viagra with no prescription Give the Mets some love here as the got Barajas for their price and upgraded the catching position as well

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Cialis generic viagra

Cialis generic viagra  

Cialis generic viagra  

Cialis generic viagra  

Cialis generic viagra  

Cialis generic viagra After watching Big Pelf suffer through another bad outing and a partial melt down on the mound where I think it’s now at least three straight stats that D-Wright had to go to the mound early to have a heart to heart with Pelf. Cialis generic viagra  Add the struggle back from injury to John Maine, cialis generic viagra  Bobby Parnell’ difficulty making pitching adjustments the second time around, cialis generic viagra  Ollie P being Ollie P, cialis generic viagra Tim Redding not rehabbing correctly from off season surgery, cialis generic viagra not dealing with J J Putz injured elbow and back to the reporting to pitchers and catchers in late February when Johan Santana seemed to be on a training schedule that did more harm than good and the whispers that maybe it was a mistake caning The Jacket, cialis generic viagra Old School Dan Werthen should be squarely in the cross hairs of management to be the first coach relived of duties by the end of the weekend.

Cialis generic viagra As much as Rick Peterson is one of the great pitching minds around it wasn’t a mistake to fire him during the season and when Old School Werthen came on board he made a difference but it seems to me that Werthen is either fed up or just out of ideas on how to get the best out of the Mets pitching staff. Cialis generic viagra The most telling non-move from last night that brings me to this conclusion was the fact that Werthen never left the dugout in the first inning when Pelfrey was struggling with his command especially his fastball that was up, cialis generic viagra up and away, cialis generic viagra even Gary Cohen couldn’t believe that Werthen never came out after first Wright then Santos went out to check on the young righty as the situation was crying for an old head intervention. Cialis generic viagra Maybe Werthen has given up, cialis generic viagra maybe he’s tired of going out there and spewing the same old advice, cialis generic viagra maybe he’d love to put his foot up Pelfrey’s ass but management is holding him back. Cialis generic viagra Whatever it is, cialis generic viagra it’s a problem and one that needs to be addressed not for this season as this season is over but for 2010 and beyond.

Cialis generic viagra Are you getting the vibe that J-Man may not want to be fired as Mets manager? Last night during his post game presser Manuel made a joke at the expense of the Mets medical staff, cialis generic viagra that validated those of us that have questioned the front office, cialis generic viagra the training staff and the doctors. Cialis generic viagra  When asked about Gary Sheffield leaving in the 5th with a leg problem, cialis generic viagra Manuel said “They’re calling it cramps, cialis generic viagra…. Cialis generic viagra surgery is Thursday” and then he let out a laugh which translates to me Manuel saying to the fans “you guys are right this organization is a joke” After realizing that his boss will not be happy with his comment (J-Man has been called on the carpet about talking about making trades to bring in reinforcements) he tired to get SNY to not air the footage, cialis generic viagra fat chance Jerry besides you said nothing that we weren’t thinking ourselves.

Cialis generic viagra Last night looks to be Tim Redding’ last appearance as a Met word in the NYDN is Redding will be released and another move in the minus column for Omar. Cialis generic viagra I said back in spring that Redding looked fat and out of shape but just his track record alone should have been a red flag for the Mets to sign him. Cialis generic viagra But don’t worry Julio Lugo is working out at the Mets academy in the D.R. Cialis generic viagra and will be here once he passes waviers. Cialis generic viagra The longggggggggggggggggggggg summer continues.

Cialis generic viagra The headline on Adam Rubin’ story says” Mets Deny Claims That Jose Reyes Suffered A Set Back in Port St. Cialis generic viagra Luice” The Mets are also denying that today is Saturday, cialis generic viagra water is wet and the organization is in FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All  Recogntion) mode.

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You know what? I’m going to take credit for last nights Mets win. No prescription viagra Yeah that’s right , no prescription viagra if the Mets go off and rack off 15 or 17 game in a row I’m taking full credit, no prescription viagra in fact if the Mets win the NL East and Carlos Beltran wins the NL MVP Award I want that trophy delivered to me with  a note from Beltran thanking me for my motivational push that made him the best player in baseball in 2009.  The Mets were looking for an “edge” and that’s me THE EDGE.  David Evans better get a new nickname because I earned mine.


Please, no prescription viagra please people hold your applause, no prescription viagra my work isn’t done yet as one game does not a turnaround make but I’m working on it. No prescription viagra


My next pupil will be Sean Green, no prescription viagra I have to get into his head and make him a feared warrior when he comes to the mound. No prescription viagra My first order to him will be to grow a Fu Manchu moustache and then we are going to a hair salon on Roosevelt Ave to get him hair extensions (goin’ old school mullet here) and before every game I will beat him with a Kimbo stick.


Now all this I’ve done for the Mets have been at no charge, no prescription viagra if they want Ollie P straight that will cost them as I’m THE EDGE not JESUS.



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Thoughts on last nights painful 9-7 win:


You know how I know I love the Mets? I sat through every excruciating pitch of last night’s game. Cialis cheap Thank God for Gary, cialis cheap Keith and Ron as they kept us informed and entertained in a four hour root canal of a game, cialis cheap especially Gary coming up with the story of the Rodney Dangerfield day after opening promotion. Cialis cheap That’s back in the day when the Mets marketing staff was imaginative.


Big Pelf looked real uncomfortable on the mound, cialis cheap I mean he had that underwear up the crack of your butt look, cialis cheap as he worked soooooooo slow and kept licking his hand. Cialis cheap All that stretchimg of his arm and licking of the fingers couldn’t help him gain command of his sinking fastball in the strike zone. Cialis cheap But you have to be encouraged that Pelf had nothing in the first inning but either with adjustments by Old School Dan Werthen and Brian Schneider (wow love for Schneider, cialis cheap you know it’s a new year around here) or just that that his hands warmed up to get a better grip on the ball, cialis cheap Pelfrey went on to give the Mets 4 solid innings and saved J-Man going to the pen early.


You know you’re in for a rough night when Angel Hernandez is the home plate ump. Cialis cheap Sucking would be an improvement for Hernandez who has no clue of how to call balls and strikes. Cialis cheap The man is an embarrassment.


Is it too early to talk contract extension for Carlos Delgado? Forget the monster HR in the top of 1 the hit of the night was his base hit to LF (going the other way is a beautiful thing) in the 7th


The bottom of the 5th had to give J-Man a few more gray hairs as Pelf was going along strong and steady until Jay Bruce singled and moved Joey Votto to 3rd with 2 outs and Pelf hitting that magic 100 pitch mark. Cialis cheap Manuel made his decision to let Plefrey go after Edwin Encarnarcion. Cialis cheap It showed the confidence that Manuel has in Pelfrey and a reward for overcoming a bad first inning and try to get him on the plus side of decision. Cialis cheap Plef got out of the inning with the last play in the world you’d think would ever work the fake to third and throw to first that Castillo grabbed and threw home to nail Votto.


Why didn’t the Reds bring in a lefty (Danny Herrera or 87 year old Arthur Lee Rhodes) to pitch to Schneider with the bases loaded and one out? Oh yeah I forgot, cialis cheap Dusty Baker is the Reds manager <doh!>


Bill Welke blew that call in the 9th as Delgado looked to be on the bag making a difficult outing for Frankie Rodriguez even tougher. Cialis cheap As bad as Welke is he doesn’t suck as bad as Angel Hernandez.


Ollie P today at high noon, cialis cheap let’s hope we all don’t lose our lunch. Cialis cheap          



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