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Viagra dose Just a few loose ends from yesterday’s press conference:

Viagra dose The date for Banner Day will be announced shortly. Viagra dose It will not be between games of a double header (I guess that’s too old school) but after the completion of a game most likely a weekend game.

Viagra dose There is a website dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the Mets, viagra dose, viagra dose where you can enter a contest to win Mets season tickets by submitting your Mets memories

Viagra dose Old Timers Day as we know it will not be on the schedule instead the Mets Alumni will be out in full force throughout the season. Viagra dose If you have ever attended a game and came in through the Jackie Robinson Rotunda while members of the Alumni were on hand you know how special it is to meet and greet the former Mets.

Viagra dose The team is putting together a 5 for 50 ticket plan where you can buy a ticket for 5 games for $50 bucks. Viagra dose Get it? $50 for 5 tickets for the 50th Anniversary

Viagra dose Big thank you to Danielle and Shannon for inviting me to yesterday’s festivities, viagra dose it was nice to see Shannon running around on her healed up ankle but the sight of the day was Ike Davis pushing Jay Horowitz around in his wheelchair as he recovers from a broken ankle.

Viagra dose I have a ton of real work to get to today so this post will be it for now. Viagra dose Enjoy my soft and fuzzy side for today. Viagra dose Tomorrow I’ll get to real baseball stuff with the Mets which means my snarl should be back.

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Viagra st As a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, viagra st I‘ve been asked to make my All-Star selections. Viagra st The All-Star Game used to be a real big deal a long time ago but now unless it’s played in your city and you are involved in the FanFest and stuff like that, viagra st it’s a rather ho-hum three days with out Major League Baseball. Viagra st I’ve always felt instead of an All Star Game, viagra st baseball should make it a 3 Day Festival of Baseball.

Viagra st You could have a day of an Old Timers Day celebrations at all the ball parks, viagra st with each team honoring its history and players of the past by bringing as many former players in  for autograph and picture sessions with the fans. Viagra st Another day could be a triple header of baseball where the organizations top three farm teams could compete in the big league ball parks. Viagra st Here in NYC we could have Buffalo-Scranton/Wilkes Barre, viagra st Binghamton-Trenton, viagra st St. Viagra st Lucie-Tampa play. Viagra st Start the first game at 10AM and go from there. Viagra st It would be a big baseball Block Party. Viagra st On the third day bring the big league team for a Fan Appreciation Day to let the fans and players mingle together.

Viagra st I’d much rather have a three day event like that than to see some superstar get one at bat, viagra st then climb in his limo for a ride to the airport to get out of town as fast as possible.

Viagra st Oh well, viagra st here are my All-Star sections:

Viagra st 1st base

Viagra st NL Albert Pujols

Viagra st AL Kevin Youkilis

Viagra st 2nd base

Viagra st NL Chase Utley

Viagra st AL Robinson Cano

Viagra st 3rd base

Viagra st NL David Wight

Viagra st AL Evan Longoria

Viagra st SS

Viagra st NL Hanley Ramirez

Viagra st AL Marco Scutaro

Viagra st LF

Viagra st NL Ryan Braun

Viagra st AL Josh Hamilton

Viagra st CF

Viagra st NL Angel Pagan

Viagra st AL Torri Hunter

Viagra st RF

Viagra st NL Andre Eithier

Viagra st AL Jose Bautista

Viagra st C

Viagra st NL Miguel Olivo

Viagra st AL Joe Mauer

Viagra st P

Viagra st NL Ubaldo Jimenez

Viagra st AL David Price

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Viagra for women On Pro Baseball Central tonight at 9PM EDST on Blog Talk Radio we will discuss the surging Mets and Johan Santana’s performance in Game 1 of the day/nighter plus we’ll keep an eye on Jon Niese in Game 2. Viagra for women We will tie up the loose ends on the Omar/Tony B fiasco and we will have as our guest Shannon Shark from The Mets Police. Viagra for women We’ ll cover those topics plus Mets uniforms, viagra for women Old Timers Day and a day at $iti Field and you can join in the conversation as well at (646) 595-4462  

Viagra for women If you can’t join us live you can listen to the podcast at our Pro Central Baseball site or right here at TEKS.

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Female viagra viagra woman  

Female viagra viagra woman With the New York Highlanders celebrating their annual Old Timers Day today, female viagra viagra woman many Mets are wondering “where’s ours”? And of course managements response is “Yesh, female viagra viagra woman too much work, female viagra viagra woman not interested” Dave the Lawyer who has moved up the organizational ladder from Head Shyster to Minister of Bullshit, female viagra viagra woman claims lack of fan interest, female viagra viagra woman lack of sponsors and it cost too much as reasons for no celebration of the Bruce Boisclair’, female viagra viagra woman Johnny Lewis’ and Roy McMillan ’of our past. Female viagra viagra woman So what the Minster of Bullshit in the Court of Skill is telling the fans is the organization is lazy, female viagra viagra woman unimaginative and really couldn’t give a shit about the teams past as we have seen with our new state of the art park that not until there were embarrassed (yet again) Mets management will address (like moving the retires numbers and the old Home Run Apple from the back of the visitors bullpen to maybe a more heavily trafficked area). Female viagra viagra woman It seems ownership is in denial about the teams past and as is the case most times have no grip on the feelings of their fan base. Female viagra viagra woman If any group of people deserve to be embarrassed it’s Mets fans for having clueless owners in control of our beloved franchise.

Female viagra viagra woman It will be great to see Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan at the 1969 World Championship celebration but the best reunion will be of Nancy Seaver and Ruth Ryan

Female viagra viagra woman Man is still taking heat for his crack on the Mets quacks but as we see Gary Sheffield has gone from cramps in the leg to a tweaked hammy. Female viagra viagra woman I getting to the point where I think Manuel really doesn’t like being here anymore as that remark tells me he is fed up with the overall ineptitude with the organization.

Female viagra viagra woman As much as I think Tim Redding sucks, female viagra viagra woman it’s really not fair what the Mets are doing to the guy just put him out of his misery and stop leaking new to the press then back track but then again what am I thinking only an organization with strong leadership would do that.

Female viagra viagra woman By the way why is Tony B the “high ranking official” on this road trip? Where is Omar? Getting his nursing degree?

Female viagra viagra woman My 13 yr olds have do or die game today at 2PM it’s win or go home and I’m not ready to end this season. Female viagra viagra woman I will be pulling out all stops before the game. Female viagra viagra woman I’ve instructed the kids to be at the field by 1PM. Female viagra viagra woman I have not shaved in two days so I have a good scruff going. Female viagra viagra woman I have a big bag of sunflower seeds that I’ll eat while giving my pep talk and my trusty fungo bat will be in hand and whoever drifts off during my talk will get a shower of shells and the barrel of the fungo pointed at them. Female viagra viagra woman The theme will be THE SEASON WILL END TODAY!!!!! I better make sue I do this all the way out in centerfield, female viagra viagra woman it won’t be pretty

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I have had the pleasure of meeting both Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry and both are delightful guys. Cialis canadian Even with all the troubles they have had in their personnel lives, cialis canadian they are still embraced by Mets fans and they have both found renewed love for the franchise and it’s fans. Cialis canadian A Doc Gooden start at Shea was a happening, cialis canadian a festival a celebration of Mets baseball that has not been matched since. Cialis canadian The sight of Darryl Strawberry whipping that bat and hitting tape measure home runs reminds us of when the Mets were the toast of the town and I am so happy that both guys have come home again and have nuzzled in the Mets family bosoms but with all that I’m not ready to retire their numbers. Cialis canadian


I agree 100 % that management needs to embrace its past more and the one knock I’ve heard about $iti Field is the lack of a presence of Mets history. Cialis canadian I’m still waiting to here what the plans are the 40th Anniversary of one of the most famous teams in baseball history winning the World Series (and why no patch on the uni top sleeve for this anniversary?) . Cialis canadian Not just that, cialis canadian in this the first season of $iti why couldn’t management bring back the old fan favorites like Banner Day or an Old Timers Day (I still like my idea of brining back every player who ever played for the Mets for the opening day ceremony to start a new era in Mets history and passing of the torch if you will)


Maybe someday the Skill Sets will re-connect with its fan base a fan base that is true Orange and Blue and gives way more to the organization than it ever gets in return.


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