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Buy cialis online When I was first notified of this event I thought it was stupid. Buy cialis online Why? Because it’s pretty obvious that Mets fans don’t want Reyes going anywhere and I don’t think Sandy Alderson wants him to go anywhere and no matter how much you stomp your feet and scream that won’t put funds in the in Mets empty coffers.

Buy cialis online But my view of this event has changed and I now feel this is a great time an opportunity for Mets fans to show the new minority owner that Reyes (and David Wright) needs to be A Met 4 Life. Buy cialis online  Frankly I would love to protest the keeping of Reyes by having a mass walkout of Citi Field during the bottom of the 5th inning of a game, buy cialis online just to show the Skill Sets and Minority Einhorn, buy cialis online what the ball park will look like next year without our beloved shortstop.

Buy cialis online I know I’m putting too much faith in Minority Einhorn to stepped up and kick some Wilpon ass but I have to believe the Stealth Bomber GM (Sandy Alderson) will have a big say in this as well. Buy cialis online  Alderson chucked Ollie Perez and Luis Castillo not only because they sucked but he felt negative fan sentiment was so strong, buy cialis online it was the right thing to do. Buy cialis online Now with that same Mets fan passion in a positive way, buy cialis online Alderson seems to have gotten the message that he needs to be as creative as possible in keeping Reyes a Met. Buy cialis online If he doesn’t then the message will be sent to the Mets fan base, buy cialis online WE DON”T WANT YOU EITHER!

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One day delivery cialis Ollie Perez has signed a MINOR yes MINOR league deal with the Washington Nationals. So when the Mets asked OP to go to the bushes he and Scott Boras said “nada” but when the best deal you can find is a bush league contract with a bottom feeder team it’s a deal.

One day delivery cialis The Nats better hope Ollie-ittes isn’t contagious or they will have more to worry about than Stephen Strasburg’s Tommy John-ed elbow .

One day delivery cialis Enjoy the bus rides, one day delivery cialis Ollie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dangers of viagra There has to be a reason why Sandy Alderson is keeping Oliver Perez around. Dangers of viagra  I haven’t look in detail to the Sunday night Mets bowling league but I know lefties (as I am of that ilk) possess a natural curve when they  bowl so Ollie may be better at getting the 7-10 spilt than inducing the 6-4-3 double play? I mean there has to be a valid explanation on why OP has not been DFA’d.

Dangers of viagra One theory is that since he doesn’t draw a paycheck until opening day and now that he has proven he’s not starter worthy, dangers of viagra a trip to the pen is not really taking innings away from a pitcher that needs work. Dangers of viagra I’m sure any appearance that Perez makes will be in a split squad game away from St. Dangers of viagra Lonesome. Dangers of viagra By keeping him around, dangers of viagra Alderson could be waiting until the last possible day to cut Ollie hoping that a team suffering a pitching injury will be soooooooooo desperate they take Ollie off his hands for 50 cents on the dollar. Dangers of viagra Okay that’s a long shot.

Dangers of viagra The second theory, dangers of viagra and I have not seen or heard this one any place so I will claim it as my own, dangers of viagra Alderson/Collins give Perez a shot as a reliever. Dangers of viagra Perez shits the bed as usual. Dangers of viagra Alderson/Collins have a heart to heart with OP and Scott Boras with Alderson holding two pieces of paper in his hand, dangers of viagra one is his release, dangers of viagra the other an agreement to a minor league assignment. Dangers of viagra Alderson makes it known that he has no problem signing off on the DFA along with a $12 mil severance check but he is willing to allow Perez to save some face and show that he wants to work his way back to the big leagues by either staying in extended spring training using a sudden (wink, dangers of viagra wink) injury or going outright to Triple A a la Steve Trachsel, dangers of viagra thus putting all the pressure on Perez and Boras.

Dangers of viagra Alderson is a smart man; he knows OP has no shot of being a reliever so why not give him one last shot at redemption of taking the demotion that he should have agreed to last season. Dangers of viagra I mean really, dangers of viagra how great is a Buffalo Bison-Scranton Wilkes Barre Yankees Kai Igawa v. Dangers of viagra Ollie Perez matchup?

Dangers of viagra As long as OP is not on the 25 roster come April 1 its fine by me. Dangers of viagra I can see Perez now agreeing to a minor league assignment. Dangers of viagra Alderson has given Perez every chance to show he’s not the suck ass pitcher we all think he is and Perez has not shown one iota of hope that he can pitch competitively in the big leagues. Dangers of viagra I can see Alderson laying this all out to Ollie and Boras, dangers of viagra in fact how great would it be if Alderson made up one of those leather bound books that Boras makes up for his clients when they are free agents. Dangers of viagra Alderson could call it the Book of Suck.

Dangers of viagra Can’t you see Alderson telling Perez. Dangers of viagra “I’ve done everything you requested when you came to camp, dangers of viagra you asked for a shot at the starting rotation, dangers of viagra and you failed. Dangers of viagra You asked to go to the bullpen and that was a disaster as well. Dangers of viagra  I’ve held back the fans and media and taken the slings and arrows shot at you and what did I get back? A big bucket of suck. Dangers of viagra  So look me in the eye Ollie and tell me why the hell should I even give a shit about you”?

Dangers of viagra Enjoy Buffalo OP!

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Free sample offers in canada Mets stay home in St. Free sample offers in canada Lonesome to play the Tigers at 1:10PM with R.A. Free sample offers in canada Dickey making his second spring start. Free sample offers in canada  Bobby Parnell, free sample offers in canada Tim Byrdak, free sample offers in canada Ryaota Igarashi, free sample offers in canada Mike O’Connor and Jason Isringhausen will pitch today and tomorrow as Terry Collins and Dan Werthen try to formulate the Mets bullpen. Free sample offers in canada Ollie Perez will be on the bus to Kissimmee to face the Astros in what could (should) be his last appearance as a Met.

Free sample offers in canada Luis Castillo will start at 2nd base today but it looks more and more that his days a Met are numbered. Free sample offers in canada Collins loves Daniel Murphy and more and more it looks like Murph is the leader in the 2nd base starter’s competition.

Free sample offers in canada F Mart gets the start in RF and is hoping to add to his en fuego spring as does Jason Bay in LF. Free sample offers in canada Carlos Beltran was thought to have been in the lineup today as DH but he reported to DDP and told Terry Collins he’s sore, free sample offers in canada so Willie Harris starts as DH. Free sample offers in canada Too early to panic on Beltran but it seems he if he’s ready for opening day, free sample offers in canada he won’t be in the lineup every day. Free sample offers in canada  Scott Hairston will play a big role early in the season for the Mets.

Free sample offers in canada I wonder if Nick Evans getting the start at 1B is to let him show his stuff against the Tigers as a possible landing spot for Evans?

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Viagra pill for women If reports are true, viagra pill for women Ollie Perez is pitching for his Mets life this afternoon against the St. Viagra pill for women Louis Cardinals in St. Viagra pill for women Lonesome. Viagra pill for women Terry Collins is saying that this isn’t true that Ollie will pitch again after this start, viagra pill for women but if he has a typical OP start, viagra pill for women command issues, viagra pill for women lack of zip on fastball, viagra pill for women tons of walks then what’s the sense of giving him another start ? At some point you have to stop wasting your time with OP.

Viagra pill for women The Mets money woes may not be as dire as we think. Viagra pill for women The Skill Sets spent $15K on dirt. Viagra pill for women DIRT!!! But it seems like $15K spent wisely.

Viagra pill for women Ed Marcus posts up #6 in his all time Mets list. Viagra pill for women He was baseball’s Marlboro Man and one of my favorite Mets of all time and now he entertains us on TV. Viagra pill for women Just be careful if he asks you to help him move.

Viagra pill for women Adam Rubin posted his idea of what the Mets 25 man roster will look like on opening day. Viagra pill for women He has both Perez and Castillo off the team which is fine by me. Viagra pill for women He has Taylor Buchholz in the pen but notes that Jason Isringhausen is still in the mix and could grab Buchholz spot. Viagra pill for women Nick Evans is not on Rubin’s roster either and that is upsetting as Evans has worked hard to get back to the big league level but he’d have to beat out Chin-lung Hu or Willie Harris for a spot and I don’t see him beating either players out. Viagra pill for women There has to be a team that could use a good righty bat who can play both corner infield positions?

Viagra pill for women Dwight Gooden’s life just gets sadder and sadder. He has now agreed to become a sideshow act for Dr. Viagra pill for women Drew’s Celebrity Rehab show on VH1. Viagra pill for women The show is like a junk yard for D list celeb’s that have their lives have swirled out of control. Viagra pill for women How in the world did Doc become a D-Lister? That is as crushing as his fight with drug and alcohol addiction.

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Get viagra I had the great pleasure of having Kerel Cooper of On The Black on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN podcast which is up and ready on the show page or right here on Kranepool (lower right side bar) or on iTunes. Get viagra Among the topics Kerel and I discussed:

Get viagra Ollie Perez and Luis Castillo will not make 25 man roster they are in camp as showcase (boobie) prize.

Get viagra The Skill Sets showing up at spring camp

Get viagra outlook for season

Get viagra tone of Camp Collins so far

Get viagra TMI coming out of St. Get viagra Lonesome.

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Discount brand name cialis Adam Wainwright looks to be headed for Tommy John surgery so now would be the time for Sandy Alderson to put the hard sell on Cardinals GM John Mozeliak taking Oliver Perez off the Mets hands. Discount brand name cialis Think about it, discount brand name cialis Alderson just has gush about having the Genius and the greatest pitching coach in the history of baseball take on the biggest bust in baseball. Discount brand name cialis Who but the great Dave Duncan could rehabilitate the wayward Ollie and turn him in a serviceable ML arm.

Discount brand name cialis Say the Mets eat half of Perez’ $12 million ransom you would think with Wainwright (before you folks kill me more in no way am I saying Perez is a replacement of Wainwright as the only thing they have in common is they are both dues paying members of the MLBPA) out and Alderson having a past relationship with The Genius and the world’s greatest pitching coach, discount brand name cialis he could pursued  them to talk Mozeliak into taking OP on as a their greatest reclamation project ever, discount brand name cialis their very own Billy Ray Valentine.

Discount brand name cialis If Alderson pulls this off I will forever refer to him as Jesus Alderson

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Baby on viagra My God, baby on viagra it’s day one of pitchers and catcher reporting to St Lonesome and I’m already sick of the Ollie Perez stories.

Baby on viagra Perez came to camp and proclaimed he wanted to compete for a starting spot in the Mets rotation.  The Mets plan for Perez was to compete with Tim Byrdak, baby on viagra Mike O’Conner, baby on viagra and Taylor Tankersley for the role of LOOGY in the Alderson/Collins production. Baby on viagra But OP had other plans when he had his sit down with the GM and manager letting them know he wants a shot at the two spots up for grabs.

Baby on viagra Odds are long that Perez is going to out pitch Chris Capuano, baby on viagra Dillon Gee or Chris Young and Terry Collins is concerned about his mind set which shows some nativity on Collins part as no one, baby on viagra not even Perez  knows what’s going on in that noggin.

Baby on viagra What hurts Perez is of course his inability to throw strikes and that’s due to some of the worst mechanics this side of the constantly out of service escalator at the South Ferry subway station. Baby on viagra  Perez is full of bad habits, baby on viagra awful arm angle on release, baby on viagra bad balance in his delivery and not really understanding how to pitch. Baby on viagra Perez is a classic thrower. Baby on viagra Add in two straight years of constant nagging injuries and hard headedness you wonder, baby on viagra why bother with this guy? All these deficiencies lead to the bane of Perez’ problem, baby on viagra  his command and control is awful  which lead to base on balls which lead to loads of base runners, baby on viagra base runners who wind up touching home plate at an alarming rate.

Baby on viagra  The fans can’t stand the sight of him and they’re not wrong. Baby on viagra If OP would have taken management’s advice and agreed to accept a minor league assignment to work out his problems, baby on viagra the fan base would be much more sympathetic and in fact I bet those fans who are repulsed by Perez would rally behind him. Baby on viagra  But Perez in essence told the Mets management and fans “Fuck You” and the fans responded with “Fuck Me”? No. Baby on viagra “Fuck You”

Baby on viagra It would a major upset and disappointment if Perez makes the 25 man roster. Baby on viagra I don’t think he will, baby on viagra in fact he’ s only around because he’s not drawing a paycheck yet for 2011 (players don’t start getting paid until opening day they get per diem during spring) as once he does I’m sure it will be as a former Met.

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Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Looks like you take a day off around here; it takes a while to catch up. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Yesterday my wife and I renewed our wedding vows, mexico pharmacy generic viagra as the church we were married in Regina Pacis in Bensonhurst, mexico pharmacy generic viagra held a day for all couples married at that church to come back and renew their vows with a football wedding reception to follow. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra  It was a load of fun and we met people we hadn’t seen in a while and my kids were subjected to “Brooklyn is the greatest place on earth” stories for the millionth time. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra By the way, mexico pharmacy generic viagra that’s how I get my kids to do their homework, mexico pharmacy generic viagra when they are watching TV I go into the living room and say “You know when I was a kid……………..” and they run to their rooms. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Works every time.

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra After a terrific weekend I turn on my computer and I see this:

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra What I read was “The Mets today Released Ollie Perez” not “all stories talking about Perez MUST CEASE UNTIL OLLIE IS RELEASED.”

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra This was my response to Sherman’s tweet.

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra By the way, mexico pharmacy generic viagra Ollie is in camp and by the look on Terry Collins from this post from Adam Rubin it looks like he saying “Shit, mexico pharmacy generic viagra I thought I locked all the doors”

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Daniel Murphy is in camp and has told Terry Collins he is here to do whatever is asked from him to help this team win. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Get ready for a lot of Murphy love from me.

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra I’m being very cautious on Terry Collins. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra I’ve spoken to him twice this post season and he’s intense and comes off as a real live and die by baseball, mexico pharmacy generic viagra kind of guy. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra  He has spoken extensively about preparation all winter and running his camp with order and efficiency. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra When I spoke to young guys like Josh Thole, mexico pharmacy generic viagra Bobby Parnell and Dillion Gee they all dealt with Collins as Mets Minor League Coordinator and they all are glad he is their manager at the big league level. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra R.A. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Dickey and Mike Pelfrey both mentioned “energy” when asked about Collins. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Pelf told us that even during lunch with Collins, mexico pharmacy generic viagra that the manager spent the whole time diagraming defensive positioning on cut off throws from the outfield and on what pitchers are responsible for on defense and where they should be in different situations. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Pelfrey marveled at Collins’ energy and passion. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra All that is great but the fact is he quit two of the three managerial jobs he had and that’s a huge caveat to me.

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra After reading Andy Martino’s terrific piece in the NY Daily News yesterday, mexico pharmacy generic viagra I’m hoping Collins is right that he has learned from all the stops and has changed for the better. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Collins mentor is Jim Leyland and he realizes he made some bad mistakes in communication with his players, mexico pharmacy generic viagra that times have changed and he needed to change with the times and that this is his last shot at managerial redemption.

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Viagra price germany Let me offer my condolences to you NY Jets fans out there and I know the Mets/Jets connection runs deep (most people when they hear I’m a Mets/Giants fans seem very surprised. Viagra price germany What surprises me are the number of people I know who are Highlander/Jets fans those are really rare birds) and team just could not overcome that brutal first half. Viagra price germany  

Viagra price germany Meanwhile, viagra price germany just 22 days until pitchers and catchers so while you long time Jets fans but those Richard Caster jersey’s in moth balls and the bandwagon jumpers run to Models to get their money back on their SANCHEZ 6 shirts they wore yesterday, viagra price germany let’s turn our attention to our favorite baseball team, viagra price germany besides it’s 7 degrees in NYC today so thoughts of warm breezes and palm trees are in order:

Viagra price germany Ed Ryan writes about how keeping Ollie Perez around is bad karma and in a way I agree. Viagra price germany If I had my way both Perez and Castillo would be bad memories and the fact is neither one of these slugs will make the team, viagra price germany the question is can the Mets get even a low level minor leaguer for either player and that’s why they’re still around. Viagra price germany The Mets have a better shot of getting something of low value for Castillo, viagra price germany especially if a team loses a second baseman during spring training. Viagra price germany Perez looks unmovable as no fan base would ever accept their team taking on this lead weight. Viagra price germany  The funny part is last week when Mike Pelfrey was asked about Perez, viagra price germany he was quite diplomatic saying the understood it’s been rough for him but Pelf claims Ollie would report every day and workout and go to the bullpen and not really make any waves. Viagra price germany Pelf hinted it would have been nice if Perez took the assignment to Buffalo and if he just showed up and ate seeds in the dugout that would have been a problem. Viagra price germany Still it’s a thorn in all Mets fans sides seeing both Castillo and Perez in blue and orange and none of us will be happy until we see DFA next to both their names.

Viagra price germany The Mets Police asks the question ‘Would you want a Mets FanFest” Well, viagra price germany since I’ve be advocating this for a few years now I guess my answer is HELL YEAH!!!!! Mets PoPo also asks where should it be held and what players, viagra price germany current and former, viagra price germany would you like to see at this event. Viagra price germany Most fans would say have it at Citi Field on a Saturday but I think the Javits Center would be better and make a weekend deal out it. Viagra price germany You would love to have all the current players attend and as many former one’s as you can. Viagra price germany The Mets could sell a lot of merchandise and season tickets at the event as well. Viagra price germany You could have Gary Cohen and Howie Rose hold a Mets trivia contest too. Viagra price germany I hope you’re reading this David Newman. Viagra price germany      

Viagra price germany Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times has a follow up to his 15 Worst Endings To A Regular Season Game with 10 Worst Endings to Postseason Games. Viagra price germany Both posts are based on a column by Joe Posnanski on The Agony of Defeat but in his posts, viagra price germany Chris doesn’t use any of the items that Joe Pos had. Viagra price germany The Mets made the list twice. Viagra price germany Guess which games they are?

Viagra price germany I got some exciting news from Bill Ivie of I-70 Baseball Radio:

Viagra price germany  I-70 Baseball Radio will air tonight and announce to the world one of
the largest and most unique baseball sites to come about in a long
time.  The site will go live in a few weeks but tonight we will make
everyone aware that it is on it’s way.

Viagra price germany In addition, viagra price germany we will feature a “I Miss Baseball” discussion and talk
to quite a few writers for the new site on the air about their passion
for this game.  We will also open the phone lines to anyone that wants
to call in and talk about why they love baseball.  Writers for the new
site are coming from all directions and backgrounds from people that
are new to the writing game to some of the most successful writers on
the internet today.

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