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Herbal alternative to cialis 3 days ’till pitchers and catchers

Herbal alternative to cialis So how did you spend your Valentine’s  Day ? Me? I spent mine at Madison Square Garden with my three Valentines watching the NY Rangers play their last game before the Olympic break.

Herbal alternative to cialis Needless to say, herbal alternative to cialis I had a better Valentines Day than this guy, herbal alternative to cialis who supposedly was proposing to his girlfriend. Herbal alternative to cialis I’ve read where this may have been hoax, herbal alternative to cialis but I can tell you at the time it happened The Garden was buzzing for awhile over this rejection. Herbal alternative to cialis Hoax or not it boosted my standing at home as my wife said to me “As bad as you are at least you proposed that right way”

Herbal alternative to cialis In case you were wondering it was New Year’s Eve 1984 at a restaurant at the stroke of midnight on my knee in front of a bunch of strangers.

Herbal alternative to cialis Some things  just amaze me like who gets a job sticking pimentos into olives, herbal alternative to cialis or how can people sit for hours watching cars make continuous left turns but what has me stuns me the most is Bob Raissman actually gets paid to write the crap he does. I’d call Raissman a horse’s but that would an insult to the horse and it’s ass.

Herbal alternative to cialis After seeing that Forbes has ranked the Mets as the 9th most valuable brand in sports and the 2nd most valuable in MLB (guess who’s 1st ?) it makes it tough to take those “the Mets are broke” stories “ seriously.

Herbal alternative to cialis So let me get this straight, herbal alternative to cialis the first base job is an open competition but Luis Castillo has a strangle hold on 2nd base. Herbal alternative to cialis I need to lie down.

Herbal alternative to cialis MetsGrrl makes the point that the Mets do not need some schlock character race to enthuse the Mets faithful. Herbal alternative to cialis Of course I agree 100 % and her take on the whole $iti Field experience is right on, herbal alternative to cialis especially the playing of Sweet Caroline in the 8th inning, herbal alternative to cialis which to the Mets fans credit is booed lustfully when it’s played. Herbal alternative to cialis If I had a say in it, herbal alternative to cialis I’d play Kick Out The Jams by The MC-5 as the 8th inning song.

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Viagra free trial pack Loss in all the Beltran minutia is the fact that the Mets are going to need a centerfield for the first three months of the season, viagra free trial pack and the pickin’s are slim.

Viagra free trial pack I don’t know how some folks have come to the conclusion that Angel Pagan is the centerfielder understudy for Carlos Beltan. Viagra free trial pack What has Angel Pagan done in his career that allows this position to be handed to him this spring? I don’t dislike Pagan, viagra free trial pack I think he’s a good backup, viagra free trial pack his baseball I.Q. Viagra free trial pack sucks but he is a good 4th OF’er. Viagra free trial pack The big knock I have on him is he’s a journeyman with injury issues and quite frankly he has not earned a permanent spot in the starting 8.

Viagra free trial pack When you look at the Mets today January 17, viagra free trial pack the only positions that should be givens are 3B, viagra free trial pack SS, viagra free trial pack LF, viagra free trial pack RF, viagra free trial pack Ace pitcher and closer. Viagra free trial pack Everyother position should be open competition (throw Perpetual Pedro in the lock column as well)

Viagra free trial pack To that issue, viagra free trial pack where is the manger of the Mets, viagra free trial pack the Gangsta’? I wrote a few weeks ago that I felt he should have been at the Jason Bay unveiling and now with Beltran out we haven’t heard from him again. Viagra free trial pack Of all the imbeciles in the Mets organization, viagra free trial pack the one guy I want to hear from has clamed up. Viagra free trial pack Maybe Jerry Manuel has to get permission from the head beer vendor, viagra free trial pack the ladies room matron in the Acela Club and then Jay Horowitz before he can speak about his team? If  I were Jerry Manuel and I know I’ll most likely be out of a job but Memorial Day, viagra free trial pack instead of being a Gansta’ I’d be going all Conan O’Brian on the Mets ass’

Viagra free trial pack I need for Jerry Manuel to come out and say that if Angel Pagan thinks he’s the CF’er he is sorely mistaken. Viagra free trial pack I need for Jerry Manuel to say that the 2nd base job is wide open and the amount of money you make does not influence who plays. Viagra free trial pack I’d make it know to every right handed hitter coming into camp that you would be doing yourself a favor by brining a 1st baseman’ glove with you to spring training. Viagra free trial pack I’d also let it be known that a team that has two collapses and season of indifferent play better be ready to come to work early and stay late. Viagra free trial pack You don’t want to be the first guy clocking out of a spring workout.

Viagra free trial pack But then again this would only happen to a team that is committed to winning. Viagra free trial pack As it stands now I feel that Jerry Manuel is Art Howe with a sense of humor and all the Mets organization cares about is that you renew your Sunday ticket plan.

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