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Getting cialis from canada If you’re looking for Mets news looks like you’ll have to wait until after the New Year, getting cialis from canada and quite frankly, getting cialis from canada Greg Prince hit it right on the head, getting cialis from canada we’ve been overdosing on  Mets news this month, getting cialis from canada there isn’t much more to dissect. Getting cialis from canada  Starting pitching, getting cialis from canada relievers, getting cialis from canada a fourth outfielder and a open tryout for second base has be talked about and talked about and talked about……………………you get my drift (by the way like Greg, getting cialis from canada I am still battling an awful head cold that has made me more cranky and ornery as usual so the slightest little thing can set me off, getting cialis from canada you’ve been warned!) but of course there are still a few topics that can be discussed and Adam Rubin did a nice chat over at ESPNNY yesterday and a couple of Q’s & A’s got my interest.

Getting cialis from canada As much as the, getting cialis from canada to deal or not to deal when it comes to Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes will be an ongoing saga this coming season, getting cialis from canada I feel the Frankie Rodriguez “55” will be blog fodder come the dog days of summer. Getting cialis from canada Matt  Cerrone stated on Metsblog that the Mets tried to trade K-Rod and found out he’s radioactive. Getting cialis from canada  Rubin in his chat answer feels the Mets will use Rodriguez as closer even if the team is just treading water. Getting cialis from canada I strongly disagree with that. Getting cialis from canada If anything I can see Terry Collins with the blessing of Sandy Alderson letting Rodriguez know that he might be seeing work in the 7th or 8th inning with Bobby Parnell getting the 9th inning job. Getting cialis from canada In a perfect world the Mets would tell their relievers that they will be used when the situation call for their talents, getting cialis from canada games can be won or lost in the 7th or 8th inning as well as the 9th. Getting cialis from canada As far as I can see, getting cialis from canada Rodriguez has no recourse but to toe the line. Getting cialis from canada The team wishes he would go away. Getting cialis from canada There are teammates who still hold a grudge about what Rodriguez did in front of their families, getting cialis from canada and the fans hate his guts.  If the GM takes a hard line stance with Rodriguez, getting cialis from canada he’d have the backing of the majority of the fan base. Getting cialis from canada If the Mets are lucky, getting cialis from canada Rodriguez will have a melt down and become insubordinate, getting cialis from canada forcing the team to suspend him once again. Getting cialis from canada Sure he could grieve this but I’m sure the Mets will put up a enough of a defense to show Rodriguez and his agent he’s not wanted and he’s better off starting over elsewhere, getting cialis from canada maybe at some betting sites like BetUS.

Getting cialis from canada Another question that came up was the status of Lucas Duda. Getting cialis from canada Rubin claims that Terry Collins (for now until he’s no longer manager, getting cialis from canada Terry Collins will be known here as TC) has stated that Duda will not be a bench player for the 2011 Mets. Getting cialis from canada I agree 100% with TC. Getting cialis from canada Reed Johnson or Fred Lewis and Nick Evans can be the perfect 4th outfielder, getting cialis from canada Duda should not look at going to Buffalo as a demotion but a way to play every day, getting cialis from canada so when one of the regular outfielder’s goes down with the inevitable injury, getting cialis from canada Duda can come up and go right into the starting lineup.

Getting cialis from canada The fella’s at Amazin’ Avenue are prepping for the 2011 Amazin’ Avenue Annual. It will be hard to top last year’s Annual but I’m sure they will in fact I’d be my R.A. Getting cialis from canada Dickey on it.

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