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Who invented viagra Have  I lost my mind? Nope it’s time to make a BOLD move and by trading for Jimmy Rollins is as BOLD a move as you can make. Who invented viagra See my rational below. Who invented viagra  

Who invented viagra It’s been pretty lackluster spring training for the Mets. Who invented viagra Aside from watching the bumper crops of young pitching prosper and which organization is going to hand over a big league shortstop, who invented viagra the position battles we anticipated just haven’t happened.

Who invented viagra The first baseman fight to the finish between Ike Davis and the new and improved Body by Lake Michigan, who invented viagra Lucas Duda has been non-existent. Who invented viagra Both players have gone down with injury for most of the spring with Ike dragging a walking boot around to ease his calf injury and Duda resting a cranky hamstring. Who invented viagra  So instead of who has the best at bats winning the first base job, who invented viagra the player who can walk to the batter box without a medical appliance will win that job.

Who invented viagra We were all sold a bill of goods about the shortstop position as well. Who invented viagra Ruben Tejada was also sent to Michigan boot camp and so far it seems like that was a big waste of time and money. Who invented viagra Tejeda looks as bad as he did last season even with Grandpa Terry telling him how marvelous he is. Who invented viagra While Grandpa Terry is trying to inflate Tejada’s self-esteem, who invented viagra Big Daddy Sandy is dangling young virile pitchers to any team with a shortstop who can move laterally and at least bat .250

Who invented viagra The best move to fill the shortstop spot would be to sign Stephen Drew but Drew doesn’t want to play baseball he wants to be paid millions and then play baseball. Who invented viagra It’s easy to kill Drew’s agent Scott Boras but doesn’t the agent work for the player? If Drew really had the hot desire to play baseball he would have told Agent Boras to get him the best deal out there. Who invented viagra  There is no market for Drew except for one team, who invented viagra our beloved Mets, who invented viagra so if the GM should offer a face saving 1 yr for $14 mil to Drew/Boras and if they balk, who invented viagra lose their number. Who invented viagra Then go into the contacts on your phone and dial Ruben Armaro Jr. Who invented viagra and ask what it would take to deal Jimmy Rollins to the Mets.

Who invented viagra Yeah you read that right, who invented viagra I want to bring Jimmy Rollins to the Mets as their everyday shortstop. Who invented viagra I could care less that he’s a Phillie and that he’s rub our noses in the big stink of defeat for years, who invented viagra that’s exactly why I want him on the Mets. Who invented viagra We need an everyday bad ass and since our every fifth day bad ass, who invented viagra Matt Harvey is out for the season. Who invented viagra With  Rollins we get an everyday shortstop who has been told by his rookie manager that “he ain’t the ballplayer he used to be” and will be doing everything he can to prove him wrong.

Who invented viagra Rollins makes $11 mil for this season and has very reachable clause in his deal to guarantee him $11 mil for 2015. Who invented viagra That’s $22 mil the geriatric Phillies could use to get a player or two under 35 years old. Who invented viagra  Since our owners declare they have cash to spend why not spend it on a guy who has a World Series ring an MVP and a prickly attitude?

Who invented viagra I’m not saying I’d expect the Jimmy Rollins of 2007 his MVP year but if the Mets get Jimmy Rollins of the 2012 vintage it would make the season a lot more interesting .

Who invented viagra Now for all of you, who invented viagra who are against this move remember not a single young stud pitcher will be moved in this transaction. Who invented viagra That alone should get you on board the J-Roll Train.

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No prescription viagra A few Opening Day notes form the NY Mets:

No prescription viagra Last Met to hit a leadoff home run on opening day was Kaz Matsui on 4-6-04 at Turner Field

No prescription viagra In the history of MLB the NY Mets have the best opening day winning percentage of all time at .647 (33-18)

No prescription viagra David Wright has had at least one hit in every opening day game he’s played in for the Mets since his debut in 2005

No prescription viagra There has been only one Mets Grand Slam hit on opening day and that was by Todd Hundley in Colorado on 4-26-1995

No prescription viagra Happy Birthday to Daniel Murphy (#Imwith28 who turns 28) and Rusty Staub (Le Grand Orange) who turns 69 years old and will throw out the first pitch of today’s game.

No prescription viagra The Mets will honor the first responders who did outstanding work during Hurricane Sandy.

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Pc100 viagra This has got to be the most ho-hum spring training I’ve experienced as a Mets fan in a long long time.  I guess with the exception of Matt Harvey and to an extent Collin Cowgill have made me sit up and take notice. Pc100 viagra It seems as if jobs are being given to players not on merit but because they are best of a mediocre at best lot. Pc100 viagra In fact let’s look at who’s who on this team that should head North in 9 days:

Pc100 viagra Ike Davis-Will this be the Summer of Ike? Is this THE breakout season we’ve been waiting for from the talented first baseman? Can he give us that 30 HR 100 RBI season we’ve dreamed of? I sure hope so.

Pc100 viagra Daniel Murphy-hard not to root for Murph. Pc100 viagra He gives you an honest effort every time out and while he’s not a home run hitter his 40 doubles is a-ok. Pc100 viagra Since Murph is not a home run hitter he needs to get on base more so his walk total needs to improve. Pc100 viagra Love to see him get that OBA back up to the .360 or better. Pc100 viagra Since he turns 28 (and on the DL) on opening day this is the season Murphy needs to make his mark to stay a Met .

Pc100 viagra Ruben Tejada-This may be one of those “it’s not you it’s me” situations when it comes to Tejada as he doesn’t stoke my excitement when I watch him play. Pc100 viagra He can’t lead off since he doesn’t get on base enough and his defense is acceptable. Pc100 viagra I hope he gains a little toughness this season and learns the difference between being hurt and being injured. Pc100 viagra I can’t wait for the Gavin Cecchini Era.

Pc100 viagra David Wright-So the organization decided to name David Wright Captain. Pc100 viagra This is the equivalent of turning on a facet and seeing water come out. Pc100 viagra Wright has gone above and beyond for this organization from the first day he arrived in Flushing.  The one player on the roster that Mets have no worries that he will produce.

Pc100 viagra Justin Turner-Like Billy Martin was Casey Stengel’s boy, pc100 viagra Turner is Terry Collins boy

Pc100 viagra Jordany Vladespin-I never thought there was a question about JV1 making the big league team. Pc100 viagra Now that he has a lock on a roster spot he needs to grow up this year. Pc100 viagra If you’re going to be a pain in the ass you better be a productive pain in the ass. Pc100 viagra I think Valdespin will finally realize he needs to man up and will have a solid season as an outfielder/infield fill in.

Pc100 viagra Brian Bixler-I think he makes the team because of Murphy hitting the DL to start the season. Pc100 viagra He could make a case to say if he can be a productive right handed bat off the bench

Pc100 viagra Omar Quintanilia-solid infielder also makes it North  to back up Tejada.

Pc100 viagra Lucas Duda-Please, pc100 viagra please, pc100 viagra please let this offensive surge that Duda has had of late carry over into the season. Pc100 viagra I don’t think it’s an over statement when I say a breakout season at the plate from Duda is the difference from another play out the string season  and being the most interesting Mets season in five years.

Pc100 viagra Colin Cowgill-Cowgill has done what guys like Cowgill need to do, pc100 viagra impress the brass with solid hitting fielding and balls to the wall hustle. Pc100 viagra He’s not only done that but it looks like he’s won the right handed hitting spot of the center field job (JV1 or MDD the left handed hitting spot) and looks like he will be a Citi Field fav.

Pc100 viagra Matt Den Dekker/Mike Baxter-Already a first class defender, pc100 viagra question is will his bat be potent enough to keep him in the line up? Kirk Nieuwenhuis injury open the door for MDD that and the dearth of outfield completion in this spring camp as well. Pc100 viagra Baxter has had a dreadful spring it will interest to see if he stays and MDD goes to LV which is a distinct possibility since MDD has options and Baxter doesn’t.

Pc100 viagra John Buck-number one catcher for now as Buck holds the spot for Travis d’Arnaud. Pc100 viagra Buck seems to have meshed well with the pitching staff this spring and he does hit home runs and is an obvious upgrade over the woeful backstops of last year. Pc100 viagra  Once d’Arnaud  comes up to the team he and Buck will form a catching tandem that will be one of the Mets strengths after years of being a major liability.

Pc100 viagra Anthony Recker-I’ve got nothing

Pc100 viagra  

Pc100 viagra Jon Niese-Congratualtion on the opening day start. Pc100 viagra As good as Niese is this will probably be the first and last OD start of his Mets career.  That’s not a knock on Niese it just shows that the Mets will have 3 top flight pitchers leading them to years to come with Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler. Pc100 viagra Niese gets the nod as Johan Santana will start the season on the DL and I’ve already placed Santana in my mind as a former Met.

Pc100 viagra Matt Harvey-Harvey’ starts will be must see events. Pc100 viagra Looks like the total package a physical specimen and tough as nails mentality. Pc100 viagra Could there be a wine vineyard in his future?

Pc100 viagra Dillon Gee-good solid 3-4 starter who looks to be recovered for blood clot in his arm he suffered from last year. Pc100 viagra Gee if 100% should give the Mets hopefully he stays sound, pc100 viagra them 190+ innings pitched

Pc100 viagra Jeremy Hefner-good guy to root for as he’s one of these bang around the bushes type that realizes how lucky he is to make a big league start.  Just needs to be serviceable to be an asset.

Pc100 viagra Shaun Marcum-what can we expect from Marcum? He’s got a sore shoulder which he claims is not a big deal, pc100 viagra nothing a little cortisone can’t cure.  Let’s hope the Mets get 2011 Shaun Marcum and not 2012’s version.

Pc100 viagra Bobby Parnell-Meet the new closer. Pc100 viagra With Frank Francisco on the DL Parnell gets another shot of closing out games for the Mets. Pc100 viagra I hope he succeeds and I hope he has found that sumthin’ sumthin” that all successful closers have.

Pc100 viagra Brandon Lyon-solid pick up for the Mets as Lyon has closed and should be perfect set-up man for Parnell. Pc100 viagra  No secret the bullpen was the major reason for the awful season the Mets had last year. Pc100 viagra Last year’s pen was right at the bottom of every stat there was for pitching and who knows, pc100 viagra if they were a middle of the road pen maybe Mets fans wouldn’t have the miserable attitude they have towards this team.

Pc100 viagra Scott Atchinson-As Collin Cowgill will be the position player fan favorite, pc100 viagra Atchinson could be the pitching fan favorite. Pc100 viagra When was the last time the Mets fan embraced a reliever? Jesse Orosco and Roger McDowell???? If Atchinson can duplicate his 80 % stranded base runner rate this season, pc100 viagra this team could have a better result than we all expect.

Pc100 viagra Josh Edgin-needs to get batters to chase that slider out of the strike zone and get that LOB% to at least 75% to become more than a LOOGY

Pc100 viagra Robert Carson/Pedro Feliciano –one of them is making this team as Terry Collins has stated he will go with two lefties in the pen. Pc100 viagra Feliciano hasn’t pitched in year and Mets have to make decision to either keep him or pay him $100K to take a trip to Vegas, pc100 viagra which could be the move allowing Carson to make it North as the LOOGY.

Pc100 viagra LaTroy Hawkins-here for veteran leadership and direction to his pen mates

Pc100 viagra Greg Burke-got to love a guy who pitches from the land down under.

Pc100 viagra There is more pessimism with this Mets team for the coming season than I’ve seen in a long time. Pc100 viagra The 2013 Mets are far, pc100 viagra far from being one of the worst I’ve ever seen; the Joe Torre years of the late 70’s still give me night sweats.  Those teams were not just a disaster but the whole organization was in a downward spiral. Pc100 viagra Sure The Skill Sets money woes are still prevalent but at least there is some serious talent on the horizon.

Pc100 viagra Two things will make this season better than you and I think it will be. Pc100 viagra The bullpen has to become a strength and the corners have to produce some power. Pc100 viagra If that happens this summer will be much better that we all think it’ll be. Pc100 viagra YA GOTTA BELIEVE! I guess.

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Viagra prescription drug  

Viagra prescription drug The NY Mets hired a new Strength and Conditioning coach for 2013, viagra prescription drug his name is Jim Malone. Viagra prescription drug Malone was hired in early November in an effort to upgrade the way the players in the organization physically conditions themselves for the 2013 season and beyond, viagra prescription drug especially when little nagging aches and pains have some guys taking time off due to soreness not injury, viagra prescription drug you would also think his first duties as the S&C coach would be to meet with Johan Santana and oversee a workout plan for him after the abrupt end of his season. Viagra prescription drug I mean, viagra prescription drug it stands to reason right that Santana’s health would be of optimum importance to the Mets?

Viagra prescription drug I don’t just look at Santana as the Ace of this Mets staff, viagra prescription drug I also look at him as Sandy Alderson’s prime blue ribbon steer, viagra prescription drug the one commodity that Alderson has left to sell off for some much needed calf’s to restock the Mets farm. Viagra prescription drug Santana should have been given the best feed and a comprehensive workout program that would strengthen his surgically repaired shoulder and his endurance. Viagra prescription drug He was given none of that by the Mets, viagra prescription drug and now Alderson is surprised that Johan Santana cannot make the proclamation that 99.9 % of players make when they report to spring camp that “he is in the best shape of his life”.

Viagra prescription drug Talk about not doing due diligence, viagra prescription drug how in the world did the Mets not monitor the lefties off season workout activities?  I would think that every player in the organization sits down with the training staff and strength and conditioning staff and charts out a winter routine to make sure guys report to St. Viagra prescription drug Lonesome in tip top shape. Viagra prescription drug This isn’t reserve clause era baseball anymore where players have to take jobs selling insurance or laying brick, viagra prescription drug the biggest job most players have is staying out of their wives way, viagra prescription drug so I’m sure vast majority of baseball players hit the gym in the winter time, viagra prescription drug because as I said in the above paragraph all we here from players today at reporting time is they are “in the best shape of their lives”.

Viagra prescription drug All the talk now is about getting Santana ready for an opening day start at Citi Field. Viagra prescription drug Seriously, viagra prescription drug that should not be the top priority, viagra prescription drug no the Mets need for Santana to work at getting that left shoulder strong and if that means he doesn’t come up North until the beginning of May then so be it. Viagra prescription drug Santana’s value to the Mets isn’t what he brings in his starts, viagra prescription drug no, viagra prescription drug his importance to the Mets is what he can bring back in trade.

Viagra prescription drug Johan Santana is the last of the high priced players of the Omar Minaya era and the last real trade chip Sandy Alderson has left that isn’t named Harvey or Wheeler, viagra prescription drug if he is healthy. Viagra prescription drug  Right now the Mets need Santana and Malone to sit down and work out a conditioning plan that gets him back on the mound with a strong left wing that throws strikes. Viagra prescription drug If it takes the next 4 weeks of spring and a DL stint and a couple of rehab starts in Las Vegas then so be it.

Viagra prescription drug This is not to disparage Santana or to call him out for not working out this winter, viagra prescription drug not at all. Viagra prescription drug Santana when healthy was a force with the Mets  a guy who not just competed but rose to challenges  when faced with them. Viagra prescription drug  Of course there was last years no hitter which will leave Santana (and Mike Baxter) mark on Mets history. Viagra prescription drug  His first year with the Mets on July 27th 2008, viagra prescription drug a day after the Mets used every pitcher on the roster in a 14 inning loss to the Cardinals; Santana pitched a complete game and beat the Cards 9-1. Viagra prescription drug Then on September 27th Santana beat the Marlins 3 hit shutout on 3 days rest to keep the Mets playoff chances alive. Viagra prescription drug Oh yeah he did that with a torn meniscus in his knee as well.

Viagra prescription drug Santana is as tough as a two dollar steak, viagra prescription drug coming back from the meniscus tear, viagra prescription drug elbow chips and reconstructive shoulder surgery. Viagra prescription drug No question Santana will now work to get back into the rotation but now in the last year of his contract with the Mets, viagra prescription drug the cold reality is, viagra prescription drug he’s a short timer. Viagra prescription drug  The question Mets fans should have about Santana isn’t if he will make the opening day start, viagra prescription drug it should be can Sandy Alderson move Santana to a contending team for a blue chip outfield prospect by the July trade deadline.

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Viagra clones If you are in the area by Bryant Park (42 St bet.  5th and 6th Ave) today between 12PM and 1PM who can meet former Mets stars Darryl Strawberry and John Franco who will be on hand for the kickoff of the Citi card holders pre-sale for 2013 Mets tickets.

Viagra clones The three day exclusive presale will begin on Monday, viagra clones February 25 and run until Wednesday, viagra clones February 27 at 11:59 PM. Viagra clones Citi customers will have special access to purchase single home game tickets online at http://mets.com/Citipresale, viagra clones Citi Field or any Mets Clubhouse Shop.

Viagra clones The Citi exclusive presale is the first opportunity for fans to purchase Opening Day, viagra clones as well as Subway Series tickets. Viagra clones Fans must use their Citi credit or debit card to take advantage of this special offer.

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Discount phentermine viagra See this why we are Mets fans. Discount phentermine viagra I remember watching the Ed Sullivan Show when the World Champion NY Mets performed this live. Discount phentermine viagra I also have the vinyl album. Discount phentermine viagra This should be played at Citi Field on Opening Day.

Discount phentermine viagra “you gotta have heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrt, discount phentermine viagra lots and lots of heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttt”………….

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Cialis overnight delivery  I’m pretty sure the hold up in the R.A. Cialis overnight delivery Dickey, cialis overnight delivery David Wright contract negotiations is how to deal with the Sanity Claus  

Cialis overnight delivery I’ve been off the blogging grid the past week so I missed out on commenting on some Mets news of the past few days. Cialis overnight delivery So with sometime to pontificate let me do so without further ado.

Cialis overnight delivery The $63 opening day Promenade Reserved ticket price was received by the Mets fan base as expected, cialis overnight delivery with anger, cialis overnight delivery vile threats, cialis overnight delivery and calls for ownership to get the hell out of the baseball business also known as business as usual.

Cialis overnight delivery Seriously, cialis overnight delivery how did the policy makers of the Mets organization think this would go over?  I was SHOCKED when I clicked on the BUY TICKETS icon to secure a couple of opening day tickets as Christmas presents but when I saw the $63 price tag (that’s before the all-important handling charges and the fee that that you are charged to print your tickets at home using your own computer, cialis overnight delivery printer and ink…I need more coffee….I’ll be right back….) I thought I clicked on the wrong section or was I suffering from a sudden case of dyslexia but low and behold that was the” outrageous inflated you’ve got to be fucking kidding me” price. Cialis overnight delivery Thank you but I’ll pass.

Cialis overnight delivery The Mets can charge whatever price they want for tickets and you and I as Mets fans/consumers can either buy or pass em’ by and from the reaction of sticker shock by Mets fans it seems they are ready to pass em’ by.

Cialis overnight delivery Buying tickets for Mets games has become a real chore.  I would love to buy a weekend plan except you are not guaranteed the time of the game on your ticket is the time the game will start. Cialis overnight delivery How many times have you bought a ticket for a 1PM Saturday afternoon game and thought this is great, cialis overnight delivery I can go to the game and still have time to plan a late afternoon early evening date with friends or other event. Cialis overnight delivery But then you find out that the game has been taken hostage by FOX and game time is now 4PM. Cialis overnight delivery So now you have to rearrange your plans which as us married folks/parents know is a huge pain in the ass. Cialis overnight delivery Even worse is buying a Sunday game that was advertised as a 1PM game only to be hijacked by ESPN for the very family unfriendly and extremely unpopular 8PM start time. Cialis overnight delivery I don’t know about you but I’m fed up.

Cialis overnight delivery No more buying tickets in advance for me, cialis overnight delivery I’ll pick the games I want to see and I’ll go to Stub Hub on that day and buy my tickets. Cialis overnight delivery It’s the beauty of supply and demand and I’m not going out on a limp when I say when it comes to Mets tickets they will be a huge supply and little demand in 2013.

Cialis overnight delivery Jeffy Skill Sets strikes again. Cialis overnight delivery Jeffy went out with Johan Santana to Coney Island  (word id Uncle Saul Katz was upset to find out that Nathan’s has not re-opened yet as he wanted Jeffy to bring back an order of frogs legs)  and with Matt Harvey to Far Rockaway to serve food to those still suffering from Hurricane Sandy (what? Staten Island wasn’t on the team’s radar? I would have personally squired young Jeffery down to South Beach for a photo op) a noble gesture indeed by the ball club. Cialis overnight delivery But as usually happens when Jeffy is left alone without parental accompaniment, cialis overnight delivery he starts talking “Wilponese” and makes everyone’s head spin:

Cialis overnight delivery But chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon said Tuesday that trades would be only a last resort, cialis overnight delivery and that if deals can’t be reached, cialis overnight delivery he’d rather have both play out the final year of their deals. Cialis overnight delivery The goal remains signing both to long-term extensions.

Cialis overnight delivery  

Cialis overnight delivery “That’s the first preference; that has been the first preference, cialis overnight delivery” Wilpon said. Cialis overnight delivery “Second preference is probably keep them and have them play out the season. Cialis overnight delivery Third preference would be to trade them. Cialis overnight delivery They’re both very important to the franchise; they’re both fan favorites, cialis overnight delivery so we’d like to keep it that way.”

Cialis overnight delivery Wilpon declined to elaborate on why he believes trades are the least desirable option.

Cialis overnight delivery “We’re dealing in hypothetical now, cialis overnight delivery” he said. Cialis overnight delivery “So I don’t want to go there. Cialis overnight delivery In terms of right now, cialis overnight delivery the process is ongoing, cialis overnight delivery and we want to get something done.”

Cialis overnight delivery Oh brother!!!! I love the last paragraph as it seems Jeffy realizes that he is talking out of turn and knows that Big Daddy Fred has the Time Out chair waiting for him when he gets home. Cialis overnight delivery The guy just can’t help himself, cialis overnight delivery instead of telling the media at the event that he was here to give food and comfort to those whose lives have been affected by the storm and this was not the appropriate time or place to talk about baseball and his daddy’s line “Talk to Sandy about that” Jeffy did what Jeffy does, cialis overnight delivery talk nonsense.

Cialis overnight delivery There are only two options, cialis overnight delivery re-signed Wright and Dickey or trade Wright and Dickey. Cialis overnight delivery No way both players make opening day as Mets without new deals. Cialis overnight delivery Now should both players get new deals? That’s the great debate. Cialis overnight delivery  I’d love to have both players in the fold for the long term but what I’d like better is for Sandy Alderson to make a solid baseball decision. Cialis overnight delivery If trading Dickey or Wright brings back pieces of solid value then make a deal. Cialis overnight delivery  Sure I’d miss them and the fan out cry would be fierce but I want Alderson to do what is best for the NY Mets in the long term not appease the fan base and worry about selling tickets. Cialis overnight delivery If Dickey and Wright can bring back a young power hitting outfielder, cialis overnight delivery a front line catcher and some bullpen depth then pull the trigger.

Cialis overnight delivery Congratulations to Ike Davis who will be honored at the 33rd Annual Thurman Munson Dinner on Tuesday February 5th at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Cialis overnight delivery Davis will be given an award for his work with charities that help children stricken with cancer. Cialis overnight delivery For tickets and information about the dinner call (212) 249-6188

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Brand viagra  

Brand viagra  

Brand viagra I’m getting ready to head out to Citi Field for opening day so I really don’t have the time to go into a detailed post but hopefully I will have a nice recap of the day events this evening.

Brand viagra Couple of things though:

Brand viagra Two Boots Pizza will now be severed at Citi Field. Brand viagra This is great news for tow reasons, brand viagra one, brand viagra it delicious pizza and two, brand viagra the owner of Two Boots Phil Hartman is a lifelong Mets fan so it’s nice to see the Mets take care of one of our own, brand viagra

Brand viagra The Mets players, brand viagra coaches and Terry Collins will be wearing CARTER 8 BP jersey’s today before the game. Brand viagra The pre-game ceremony will be quite emotional today as Carter’s family will throw out the first pitch. Brand viagra Bring lost of Kleenex.

Brand viagra Seems the Skill Sets were the villains  in the scheduling of the home and home games against the Highlanders to close out spring training. Brand viagra A real stupid and greedy move.

Brand viagra The organization should re-think the selling of tickets for the Party City Deck in left field from group sales to individual tickets. Brand viagra From the feedback I’m getting, brand viagra if sold for $100 a ticket with all the amenities included would make it the most popular seat in Citi Field.

Brand viagra Later everyone, brand viagra LET’S GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brand viagra  

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Buy viagra uk I know we are a day away from opening day, buy viagra uk and believe me if it were up to me I’d camp out in the Citi Field parking lot tonight, buy viagra uk but others in my family don’t share my overzealous Mets fandom, buy viagra uk but I must digress from the Mets for a moment to revel in the NY Rangers clinching the #1 seed in the NHL Eastern Conference (some fans are a bit confused, buy viagra uk the Rangers are not the Eastern Division Champs, buy viagra uk at least not yet) with a rockem’-sockem’ win over the Filthadelphia Flyers last night.

Buy viagra uk It’s been awhile since I enjoyed a Rangers season as much as this one and I can not wait for the Stanley Cup tournament begins . Buy viagra uk The Rangers have a great shot at wining the Stanley Cup and yet it won’t be easy but no matter what all Rangers fans know one thing, buy viagra uk this team will not be out work or out prepared.

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Buy viagra in england There are times when I’m glad I was wrong, buy viagra in england and this is one of them and I have a lot of company. Buy viagra in england Not many Mets fans thought Johan Santana would be ready to take the mound at Citi Field on April 5th but the word out of St. Buy viagra in england Lonesome is Santana will indeed be the NY Mets opening day pitcher. Buy viagra in england Maybe that will movtivate some Mets fans to buy a ticket for opening day.

Buy viagra in england This is a big step for Johan and the Mets as it gives the fan base some hope that this will not be the dismal season many predict and hopefully a healthy and productive Santana will help raise the game of the rest of his teammates. Buy viagra in england Don’t underestimate the fact the Mets ace will pitch on opening day, buy viagra in england I can guarantee you the teams of the NL East and rest of MLB look at the NY Mets a lot differently than they did a month ago.

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