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Viagra warnings WHEW!!!! Where to start? I feel like a detective arriving at a crime scene, viagra warnings who found the body? Any witnesses? Ok, viagra warnings start canvassing the area.

Viagra warnings I hadn’t have time to post since Wednesday morning as I’ve had a whirl wind couple of days.

Viagra warnings Wednesday I was granted a media credential. Viagra warnings Yes you read that right, viagra warnings a MEDIA credential. Viagra warnings Never in a million years did I ever think I would walk into Shea Stadium/Citi Field press entrance and say to the receptionist “Good afternoon, viagra warnings I’m Steve Keane of the Eddie Kranepool Society” and have her reply “Hi Mr. Viagra warnings Keane here is your credential, viagra warnings the managers press conference will be starting in few minutes, viagra warnings go right in to the interview room”.

Viagra warnings It was great to have a nice showing of the Mets Blogger-ratzi as Caryn Rose, viagra warnings Kerel Cooper, viagra warnings Ed Marcus, viagra warnings Mike Sliva, viagra warnings Joe Janish and Rob Castellano on Wednesday as we were welcome to attend Terry Collins pre game press conference. Viagra warnings The only stipulation was we weren’t allowed to ask questions which was fine as the media assigned to cover this game does this for a living and have deadlines to meet, viagra warnings believe me it was a kick just having the main stream media looking at us with that “ there goes the neighborhood look.

Viagra warnings After the quickie presser, viagra warnings we were led out to the field to watch batting practice. Viagra warnings It was a bit awkward at times, viagra warnings I’m standing right in front of R.A. Viagra warnings Dickey and I’m like should I say hello? Ask him how his cracked nail is? What are you reading these days?  We were allowed to go into the dugout so as I entered, viagra warnings standing at the bat rack is Daniel Murphy, viagra warnings again I have to restrain myself from going all fanboy there. Viagra warnings From attending events over the winter at Citi Field, viagra warnings I’ve learn (a) don’t wear any Mets gear, viagra warnings which is tough when three quarters of your wardrobe has either Mets or and interlocking blue and orange NY and (b) be prepared with good questions. Viagra warnings I’m not there to swoon; I’m there to get as much information as I can. Viagra warnings I have to say, viagra warnings I let my guard down for a moment though, viagra warnings as Josh Thole was strolling to the dugout, viagra warnings I was standing right at the steps as he came right next to me and I blurted out “Hey Josh how’s it goin”? And Thole put his hand out for handshake and replied “doin’ great how are you”?  I kind of felt, viagra warnings oh no did I break protocol? Then I thought, viagra warnings” Well I’ll say I made a rookie mistake” on me not Thole. Viagra warnings  I then composed myself and went back in to investigative mode and canvassed the area for info and I got some good stuff.

Viagra warnings Many of the folks I talked to were very surprised of course by the awful start of the season the team has had but what they found more shocking was the venom spewed by some of the fan base. Viagra warnings A lot of the talk was about, viagra warnings it’s fine to boo and be pissed off by the early play of the team but the level of nastiness towards the Mets by Mets fans is unprecedented. Viagra warnings  A few people I talked to could not believe the hate coming from what Mets fans were in the Citi Field stands. Viagra warnings  Look, viagra warnings no one would say any Mets fan is wrong for being angry and disillusioned by this awful start, viagra warnings but some of the remarks I’ve heard on opening day and talk radio and on Twitter and Facebook have been a bit outlandish. Viagra warnings  There is no question that the Mets have found more ways to beat themselves and have given away too many games and this start of the season has sucked more than any of us imagined but what was your best case scenario for the team before opening day? I felt, viagra warnings give me 82-84 wins and be in the hunt for the Wild Card spot as my best possible. Viagra warnings Did anyone think this team was better than the Phillies or Braves? I didn’t think so.

Viagra warnings Again please don’t take this as any excuse for the horrendous play in the field by this Mets team. Viagra warnings  This opening home stand has been a embarrassment and every single player on this team needs to step up his game and step up fast. Viagra warnings I’d even include the manager in that as well. Viagra warnings I feel for Terry Collins in the fact that from talking to guys who spent all of spring training covering this team in St. Viagra warnings Lonesome, viagra warnings there was more hands on instruction done in that camp than the last two put together. Viagra warnings Collins main goal was to tighten up the fundamentals that have been lacking with the big league team and in the minor league system for years. Viagra warnings As pissed off as you are as a Mets fan over the recent piss poor play, viagra warnings it’s nothing like the angst the manager is going through. Viagra warnings  So far TC has been composed and has his player’s backs but another few games of this bullshit and I’m sure Mount Collins will erupt.

Viagra warnings What I’d take the manger to task over and this is not earth shattering as it’s seems to be the overwhelming consensus, viagra warnings is not walking Troy Tulowitzki with 1st base open and 2 outs.  In hind sight, viagra warnings I think Collins would love a mulligan there. Viagra warnings What has me the most annoyed is that Tulo was never made uncomfortable in the batters box at any time in this four game series. Viagra warnings I don’t say throw at his head but for Christ sake couldn’t someone on the pitching staff step up and dust him? This bothers me because when I first met Collins over the winter my first question was will you change the culture of this team letting the opposition come into your home ball park and do whatever they want with you. Viagra warnings I gave him my opinion that the past couple of years the Mets have a rep for being soft and when punched they never punched back. Viagra warnings Collins told me I wasn’t wrong in my assessment and it was something he said he would change. Viagra warnings He even pointed out that if he had been the manager when Chase Utley took out Ruben Tejada last year, viagra warnings he would have led the charge out of the dugout to confront Utley. Viagra warnings   First at bat tonight I’d like to see Larry Jones eat some Georgia clay just to send a message.

Viagra warnings Someone in the Mets P.R. Viagra warnings department needs to tell Collins to cease and desist with the we played hard or how proud he is that the team battled back those replies have to stop like yesterday. Viagra warnings We have heard the Rich Kotie/Art Howe/Willie Randolph refrain more time than we ever need to hear again. Viagra warnings When Sandy Alderson took over and hired Collins for the job, viagra warnings the mantra was that honesty and transparency would be  the bedrock of the new management team, viagra warnings well it’s time to live up to the new company motto and stop with the we battled back, viagra warnings tried hard line of horseshit because playing hard shouldn’t be rewarded it’s to be expected. Viagra warnings  

Viagra warnings Another topic of conversation around the dugout was what will be of Jose Reyes? Will he be traded mid-season if the team is out of contention? If he stays, viagra warnings will the Mets sign him to a long term deal? How is long is too long and how much money is too much money for the Mets? Of a bunch of us discussing this no one had a definitive answer or solution. Viagra warnings Many of us feel, viagra warnings the lack of money will be a bullshit excuse. Viagra warnings If the Skill Sets plead lack of funds then that is a flat out lie. Viagra warnings If it’s years on the contract that would be more of a reasonable topic of debate.

Viagra warnings As far as the Skill Sets legal woes go, viagra warnings word on the street is the players couldn’t give a shit about their problems as long as there are sufficient funds to cash their checks. Viagra warnings The day the bank shouts out “insufficient funds” then they’ll care.

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Still a bit stunned after watching the Celtics lose to the Knicks last night at MSG. Viagra description Memo to Al Harrington, viagra description I know last night was the highlight of your career but remember, viagra description come April you will be sitting on your couch while the C’s are deep into the playoffs so get your popcorn ready. Viagra description I’m pretty sure that the Knicks will be raising banner on the 14th before the game with the Wiz to commemorate the victory over Boston.


So while we wait for Scott Boras/Derek Lowe to produce a counter offer to the Mets let me alert you to the fact that Pro Baseball Central will be back this week on the air this Thursday night at 9PM (EST) on Blog Talk Radio. Viagra description So join Joe McDonald and yours truly for our first PBC of 2009.


Yesterday, viagra description in the Daily News they had a piece on Anthony Young and it was good to see Ol’ A.Y. Viagra description is alive and well and to reflect on his 27 consecutive loses which was a hard to believe 16 years ago.


Over at NYBD Frank Maniscalco has a fantasy baseball column up and some details of a Fantasy League that Frank will be running. Viagra description Also check out the NYBD show from last night on the Hot Stove with Mike Silva and Howard Megdal. Viagra description


Mets Geek has an in-depth piece on RHP Sean Green who came over with J J Putz from the Mariners and will take over the Joe Smith role. Viagra description Green could be a big part of the late inning Mets pen.


I love how the Mets Police has gone on the war path over the awful black Mets jerseys. Viagra description Really, viagra description  with the new ball park opening this year it’s time to ditch the black. Viagra description The Mets should stay with the pinstriped classic uni for home games with either the snow whites for Sunday games with the all blue cap, viagra description orange top button and NY on he front  and the road uni should be left alone but if you want to tweak that you could go with a gray top and pants with orange/blue stripe on the pant leg with the classic orange NY on the left breast. Viagra description I’d even go with the old NY Giants all black cap with the orange NY for the road cap well. Viagra description Anything is better than those awful looking black jersey’s. Viagra description Wow all of a sudden I have the urge to listen to Peter Allen records.


Hopefully by the end of the week (Please Omar sign Lowe/Manny/ Orlando Hudson and trade Gimp Castillo on Thursday) there will be some movement on the free agent logjam or we will all need a good colon cleansing soon



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