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Brand name cialis I was invited out to Citi Field today by the Mets to get a tour of the new Party City Deck in Left Field and also to get a gander at the new outfield dimensions and the beautiful BLUE walls. Brand name cialis I was impressed by all three.

Brand name cialis The ball park looks great as the black outfield walls are now Mets blue. Brand name cialis As I walked into the Part City Deck I was totally amazed how bringing in the left field fence by 12 ft could make such a difference in my perception of the distance from the outfield to home plate. Brand name cialis I’ve stood on the warning track at Citi Field before the alterations and felt home plate was located in Jackson Heights, brand name cialis same thing with the height of the outfield wall, brand name cialis which have been chopped in half from 16 ft. Brand name cialis to 8 ft. Brand name cialis Looking up from the left field warning track I felt like a Chilean miner.

Brand name cialis The Party City Deck looks like a great spot to see a game, brand name cialis the section can accommodate groups of 25 to 102. Brand name cialis The seating is a combination of padded stadium seats along with barstool with a ledge where you can sit and enjoy classic ball park food (hot dogs, brand name cialis burger, brand name cialis chicken tenders, brand name cialis popcorn, brand name cialis peanuts and homemade potato chips) and soft drinks, brand name cialis water and beer, brand name cialis starting two hours before first pitch. Brand name cialis After the second hour of the game, brand name cialis cookies will be served right up to the ninth inning. Brand name cialis All of the food and drink are brought right to your seat waiters and waitresses, brand name cialis so there is no standing in line and missing the action on the field.

Brand name cialis The price of a ticket to The Party City Deck ranges from $100-$200, brand name cialis depending on the opponent. Brand name cialis The area is for group sales but for the final five games of the opening home stand (April 7-11) individual tickets will be on sale.

Brand name cialis It’s good to see the Mets  realize that the dimensions of the outfield were a problem and made the alteration along with ditching the black wall along with the overwhelming  use of black (or soot as I believe is the official name of the color so predominate throughout the ball park)  throughout the park. Brand name cialis It was the first time I walked into Citi Field and felt it was the home of the NY Mets. Brand name cialis Amazing what a little paint can do eh?

Brand name cialis Can’t wait for Thursday. Brand name cialis Let’s Go Mets!!!

Brand name cialis  

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Viagra tablet weight This whole changing of the walls at Citi Field has me a bit perplexed to a point of being a bit pissed off. Viagra tablet weight While I agree with lowering the height of the outfield walls to eight feet, viagra tablet weight which they should have been when the park was first built, viagra tablet weight it seems the lowering of the walls and bringing them in a bit closer to home plate is because some of the Mets starting eight have been traumatized by the outfield dimensions. Viagra tablet weight According to Pitching Coach Old School Warthen, viagra tablet weight his pitchers “got a bit lazy” due to the vast pasture of the Citi Field outfield that they had a hard time pitching in a place like Citizen’s Bank or even the Mall of The South Bronx.  What all this tells me is this team collectively is mentally weak and the pitching coach has no idea how to do his job.

Viagra tablet weight I’ve always been a card carrying member of the David Wright Fan Club but his constant crying about the Citi Field dimensions have me wondering if I want to renew my membership. Viagra tablet weight Same with Jason Bay, viagra tablet weight I was never a fan of his as his signing was just another example of the damage Omar Minaya and Jeffey Skill Sets did to this organization. Viagra tablet weight So now that the fences have been moved in and the walls lowered (I guess it is perfectly clear now that Citi Field was badly planed and put together between the skyscraper outfield walls, viagra tablet weight the lack of a Mets-eccentric feel and the whole homage to the Brooklyn Dodgers that was met with Mets fans ire) there should be no excuse for Wright and Bay to not have monster seasons in 2012. Viagra tablet weight Right? Wright?

Viagra tablet weight As for Warthen his quote :

Viagra tablet weight “We got into being a little bit mentally lazy and overly secure. Viagra tablet weight … I think that caused a lot of the homers this year. Viagra tablet weight I really do. Viagra tablet weight …[The new dimensions] will help us focus and concentrate and not be so ready to go out there and throw a fastball away and hope they hit it to center field.”

Viagra tablet weight As the pitching coach shouldn’t you have nipped this problem in the bud ? By saying this out loud didn’t you realize that you are just feeding into the frenzy of many Mets fans (this one included) that you have no clue on how to fix this staff and should have been relieved of your duties this off season? It’s quotes like this that make me wonder if it’s Warthen fault that Bobby Parnell, viagra tablet weight he of the Howitzer arm, viagra tablet weight had no clue on how to pitch? Same with Mike Pelfrey. Viagra tablet weight Pelf has talent and his a big strong workhorse of a pitcher is that Old School can’t or doesn’t know how to tap into what it takes to make both pitchers the dominate arms we feel they can be?

Viagra tablet weight Jeffey Skill Sets says, viagra tablet weight not to worry about whom and when these minority shareholders of the Mets come on board. Viagra tablet weight Besides it’s none of your business:

Viagra tablet weight “Some of the people don’t want to be public, viagra tablet weight” Wilpon said. Viagra tablet weight “Some of the people might never be public. Viagra tablet weight I don’t think anybody knows all the minority shareholders in each of the other teams. Viagra tablet weight Do you know all the minority shareholders in Atlanta or Kansas City or St. Viagra tablet weight Louis, viagra tablet weight Cincinnati, viagra tablet weight the Yankees? It’s just not widely known.”

Viagra tablet weight Do I care who holds a minority share in the Braves, viagra tablet weight Royals, viagra tablet weight Cardinals or the Bronx Bastards? No, viagra tablet weight because I don’t root or spend my money on tickets and merchandise on those teams but I do on the Mets. Viagra tablet weight See I want to know as a Mets fan/customer what financial resources the team has to improve the product they are selling to me and my fellow Mets fans. Viagra tablet weight I’m not going to pay Broadway prices for a high school production. Viagra tablet weight  This is just another example of this ownership having not a clue of how to treat or connect with its fan base.

Viagra tablet weight I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween maybe it was because the neighborhood I grew up in was more about ducking flying eggs or avoiding getting jumped by guys with socks full of chalk (usually pulling a knife on the sock hopper curtailed those attacks) than collecting candy but Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus went to a Mets Halloween Party last night and saw some interesting costumes. Viagra tablet weight Oh and by the way Ed, viagra tablet weight the image of you in KISS makeup is disturbing.

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Internet viagra pharmacy Okay, internet viagra pharmacy day 1 without Mets baseball has passed and I’ve gotten over the shakes and cold sweats that Mets withdrawal usually brings on. Internet viagra pharmacy Today, internet viagra pharmacy besides getting ready to root my ass off for the Detroit Tigers (I may even buy a pack of Marlboro to put next to my Gates Brown, internet viagra pharmacy Dick McAuliffe, internet viagra pharmacy Mickey Stanley and Mayo Smith baseball card shrine I’m constructing for this series) and deciding if today is a good day to sneak out of work early to go see Moneyball, internet viagra pharmacy I figured this would be a good day to go over my “Who Stays and Who Go’s” from the Mets 2011 roster. Internet viagra pharmacy So in the words of the late great Bob Murphy, internet viagra pharmacy “Fasten your seatbelts”:

Internet viagra pharmacy Ike Davis-If anything good comes from the freak injury that Ike suffered it will be that Sandy Alderson may have seen the light and will overhaul the Mets training staff. Internet viagra pharmacy A healthy Ike and hitter friendly alterations to Citi Field’ outfield dimensions could shoot Davis to superstar stratosphere. Internet viagra pharmacy Hell Yeah Ike Stays!   

Internet viagra pharmacy Ruben Tejada-Will he be the everyday 2nd baseman or the everyday shortstop that is to be determined what is fact is he’s here to stay and will play every day at one of those position in 2012. Internet viagra pharmacy STAY.

Internet viagra pharmacy Justin Turner-When Turner comes to bat with no one on base, internet viagra pharmacy he’s Mario Mendoza. Internet viagra pharmacy With men in scoring position, internet viagra pharmacy he’s Mr. Internet viagra pharmacy Clutch (.350/.480/.500 w/RISP) Not great range in the field but serviceable bench player. Internet viagra pharmacy STAY

Internet viagra pharmacy Jose Reyes-If Alderson can get creative with options and funky clauses in a contract, internet viagra pharmacy there is a chance that Reyes remains a Met. Internet viagra pharmacy If an owner looks past the hammy issues or feel its training staff can cure Reyes of his leg malaise then Jose may get stupid money thrown at him. Internet viagra pharmacy Alderson has a figure in terms of money and years that he won’t cross to keep Reyes and I still feel he hopes there is a team out there that blows his offer away as Alderson really doesn’t want to burden the organization with another long term deal. Internet viagra pharmacy The heart says stay but the head says GO!

Internet viagra pharmacy David Wright-No player on this team has become a bigger enigma than Wright. Internet viagra pharmacy The only thing keeping me from saying put him on the trading block is the bringing in and lowering of the fences at Citi Field that have spooked Wright since day one. Internet viagra pharmacy With a year left on his deal at $15 mil, internet viagra pharmacy DW is still affordable but his defense has deteriorated as much as his offense. Internet viagra pharmacy Part of me wonders if the Mets would be better off with Daniel Murphy at 3 rd as a better option right now. Internet viagra pharmacy I’ll stay with Wright for 2012 at 3rd base for two reasons; first, internet viagra pharmacy you wouldn’t get max return on him in a deal and two, internet viagra pharmacy with the new hitter friendly Citi Field maybe that will wake up DW stagnant bat. Internet viagra pharmacy  A lukewarm STAY

Internet viagra pharmacy Jason Bay-If Alderson could ever move his suffocating contract; he’d do it in heartbeat. Internet viagra pharmacy Add Bay to the list of players who could be born again by shorter LF wall. Internet viagra pharmacy Bay works hard and is respected in the clubhouse so to deal him for a bad contract would also mean you’re getting a bad guy (Carlos Zambrano or a John Lackey) so I guess what I’m getting at is he’s STAYS.

Internet viagra pharmacy Angel Pagan-The expiration date on Pagan’s big league career has been achieved. Internet viagra pharmacy Pagan 2011 was nothing like Pagan 2010 but more like Pagan 2009 which not a vintage year. Internet viagra pharmacy GO.

Internet viagra pharmacy Lucas Duda-If Duda can become just a serviceable right fielder (which means not tripping over his own feet or turning left when he should turn right) to go with his power bat and run production ability, internet viagra pharmacy the Mets will have an All Star for years to come. Internet viagra pharmacy In fact Duda and Ike can become the new faces of the franchise. Internet viagra pharmacy STAY.

Internet viagra pharmacy Josh Thole-Great guy, internet viagra pharmacy decent contact hitter, internet viagra pharmacy disaster behind the plate. Internet viagra pharmacy Catcher is a position that the Mets need to shore up badly as Casey Stengel said “You need a catcher because without one there would be a lot of passed balls” unfortunately even with Thole behind the plate there were a ton of PB’s (16) yes I know we have R.A Dickey and his knuckler on staff but shit 16 PASSED BALLS? COM’ON. Internet viagra pharmacy   Thole is serviceable with a decent bat and more importantly he works cheap. Internet viagra pharmacy STAY

Internet viagra pharmacy Ronnie Paulino– Word on the street is Paulino has poor work habits and is not very good at working with the pitching staff on going over hitters tendencies. Internet viagra pharmacy Add his deficiencies along with Thole’s and you can see that the organization has a big problem behind the plate. Internet viagra pharmacy With a lot of young arms here and on the way the need for a solid veteran defensive catcher should be item #2 on Alderson’s to do list this offseason right after dealing with Jose Reyes. Internet viagra pharmacy GO.

Internet viagra pharmacy Daniel Murphy-Safe to say you can add Adlerson and Terry Collins to the #ImWith28 Club. Internet viagra pharmacy Murph will STAY and Collins will find a way to play him as much as he can. Internet viagra pharmacy Where that is? That’s why Collins gets the big bucks. Internet viagra pharmacy  If it weren’t for his injury Murph would have finished in the top 10 in batting average no doubt about it. Internet viagra pharmacy STAY.

Internet viagra pharmacy Willie Harris-Started off his Mets career very shaky but rebounded to become a valuable bench player. Internet viagra pharmacy Has a good ability to get on base and can play multiple positions. Internet viagra pharmacy Harris also become a leader in the clubhouse and helped make it a better place. Internet viagra pharmacy Harris wants to come back and the Mets should bring him back but Alderson won’t make that a top priority. Internet viagra pharmacy A halfhearted STAY   

Internet viagra pharmacy Scott Hairston-I nearly forgot about Hairston as he’s been out all of September with a knee injury and played sporadically when he was healthy. Internet viagra pharmacy GO

Internet viagra pharmacy Nick Evans-I’d love to ask Evans what is it like to be DFA on five different occasions and not have one team put a claim in for you? You would think it would be a blow to anyone’s self-esteem but Evans kept going back to Buffalo and produced and kept getting the call to the big leagues, internet viagra pharmacy the man is the picture of perseverance. Internet viagra pharmacy I have a lot of respect for Evans and he can play either corner spot on the field. Internet viagra pharmacy Someday a team will wake up and give him a chance on a big league roster. Internet viagra pharmacy I just don’t think it will be the Mets. Internet viagra pharmacy With regrets I say GO.

Internet viagra pharmacy Jason Pridie-No great shakes in CF, internet viagra pharmacy can’t hit for shit and has an ugly beard. Internet viagra pharmacy GO.

Internet viagra pharmacy Mike Baxter-If I am fortunate to speak to Terry Collins in the off season the first question I want ask him is “What did Mike Baxter do to piss you off to the point of burying on the bench”? I would have loved to see more of Baxter. Internet viagra pharmacy On the final day of the season I was happy he hit the home run but I was more impressed with the way he busted his ass down the 1st base line on a groundball. Internet viagra pharmacy Baxter also looks pretty good in RF as well. Internet viagra pharmacy Baxter played a bit of CF in the minors which is why I’m puzzled why Collins played Pridie over him. Internet viagra pharmacy What was there to lose? I hope Baxter gets a shot in spring training but it seems he has Buffalo written all over him. Internet viagra pharmacy A shaky STAY   

Internet viagra pharmacy    On Monday I’ll go over the pitchers who get to stay or should be sent packing

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