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Vega viagra There are loses, vega viagra bad loses and I can’t believe it loses which is where I’d file last night’s stunner. Vega viagra To have a 4-0 lead handed to our Ace against a team that has scored the least runs in all of baseball and to do it with a Buffalo flavored lineup, vega viagra it looked like this would be one the best wins of the season, vega viagra but then in the 7th with one on, vega viagra Santana served up an 87 mph meatball fastball to the Pirates version of Mike Nickeas, vega viagra Mike McKendry, vega viagra that was deposited over the left center field wall to tie the game at 4-4.

Vega viagra Santana seemed to labor from the 4th inning on as he lost command of his fastball and it seemed ironic that Santana who has had a tough time recording a win when he was out pitching the opposition would be in position to get a win in game where he was ordinary at best.

Vega viagra The Mets had a good shot at taking the lead back in the 8th as Kirk Nieuwenhuis got a pinch hit single to lead off the 8th and made it 3rd on a Ronny Cedeno ground out and a wild pitch, vega viagra runner on 3rd 1 out all the Mets need is a fly ball but up steps Mike Nickeas who of course strikes out. Vega viagra I wish Terry Collins would give Rob Johnson the bulk of the playing time while Josh Thole recuperates. Vega viagra Nickeas just cannot hit and his defensive prowess quite frankly is overrated. Vega viagra  I’m guessing that Johnson‘sore thumb is still a problem and the reason he’s not behind the plate every day. Vega viagra  After Nickeas failed to get Nieuwenhuis home, vega viagra it was left to Andres Torres and his icicle of a baseball bat to get the job done and of course he failed as well with his shitty little ground out 4 to 3.

Vega viagra When Nickeas, vega viagra Torres and Ike Davis are in the same lineup they are 3 automatic outs add in the pitchers spot that 4 outs so multiply that by say 4 times through the order, vega viagra that  16 of the 27 outs you get in a game that you are giving away. Vega viagra Nickeas shouldn’t start another game, vega viagra Torres is ready to be regulated to 4th outfield status and Ike it seems is a DL activation away from becoming a Buffalo Bison. Vega viagra When Vinny Rottino gets the nod over you, vega viagra lefty or no lefty, vega viagra it’s safe to say you’ll be headed upstate soon.

Vega viagra Now if the top of the 8th didn’t piss you off enough, vega viagra the Mike Baxter-Kirk Nieuwenhuis mix up of Neil Walker fly ball sure had to. Vega viagra Simple “Fundies” right there, vega viagra it’s the centerfielder is king of the outfield and to their credit both Baxter and Kirk took responsibility for the screw up for what became the winning run on 3rd base. Vega viagra As bad an offensive team as the Bucs are, vega viagra they at least were able to get the runner on 3rd home with less than 2 outs.

Vega viagra  

Vega viagra  

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Original viagra I’m sure many Mets fans bailed out of this game after the 2nd inning, original viagra down 4-0 with Miguel Batista on the mound in Filthadelphia really doesn’t make Mets fans very optimistic but maybe this team and the manager are telling the truth that they don’t listen to the negativity from the media and some in the fan base and they really don’t give a shit what the naysayers think of them.

Original viagra Last night Batista started off shaky but after the 2nd inning, original viagra he settled down to give the team a very good 3.1 innings until he ran out of gas. Original viagra Manny Acosta took over and came up huge getting out of a 2nd and 3rd 1 out jam with a ground out by Joe Blanton and punching out J-Roll to keep the score deficient to 3 runs.

Original viagra I love when a player steps up when all eyes are on them to make decisions by the front office difficult. Original viagra Andres Torres came back to the team when his understudy Kirk Nieuwenhuis broke out as a major contributor to the team. Original viagra  Torres has stepped in and produced both at bat and in the field and now the Mets will have a major decision to make when Jason Bay comes back. Original viagra There is no place for Bay on this team right now and if Bay is force fed into the lineup while this outfield is as productive as it is, original viagra the front office will take a huge credibility hit with the fan base. Original viagra  While Bay’s ribs are healing hopefully Sandy Alderson is exhausting all options to deal Bay. Original viagra Any type of removal from the team of Bay is going to coast money so if the Skill Sets want to prove to the fan base that they are back in the game they will authorize Alderson to move Bay by any means necessary.

Original viagra The word on Josh Thole is not very encouraging. Original viagra It seems Thole has been concussed before so it looks like a stay on the 15 day DL is more realistic than the short stay 7 day concussion DL. Original viagra This will be a huge problem for the Mets in two areas. Original viagra Between Mike Nickeas and Rob Johnson, original viagra the Mets just took a major downgrade in the catching department. Original viagra Nickeas can’t hit but he’s superior to Johnson behind the plate and quite frankly Johnson is only in the big leagues because of the dearth of catching talent in baseball. Original viagra One thing is for sure, original viagra Johnson will not be behind the plate with The Dickster is on the mound as Johnson has a problem catching conventional pitches he’d need a tuna net to catch the knuckle ball.

Original viagra The other obvious problem is replacing Thole’ bat. Original viagra  With Ruben Tejada on the DL, original viagra the bottom third of the Mets batting order could become a Black Hole. Original viagra The Mets have to hope that Valdespin can hit at least .250 and get on base at least MLB average of .315 because what can you expect from Nickeas at the plate a .220 BA ?  When Johan Santana and R.A. Original viagra Dickey start it would not be crazy to bat them 8 and Nickeas 9th.

Original viagra While your sitting at your computer at lunch time checkout Greg Prince’s writeup of the Mets 50th Anniversary Conference at Hofstra University. Original viagra You can thank me later.

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Cheap quality viagra With the word that Cody Ross has signed with the Boston Red Sox with the Mets in contention for his services, cheap quality viagra the question of the day is whom would you rather  have as your 4th outfielder, cheap quality viagra Cody Ross or Scott Hairston?

Cheap quality viagra Ross put a .240/.325/.405/.730 line last season with the Giants in 461 plate appearances. Cheap quality viagra Hairston, cheap quality viagra stepped into the batter’s box, cheap quality viagra a sporadic 145 times to fill a line of .235/.303/.470/.773. Cheap quality viagra while Ross banged out 14 home runs last season Hairston put seven baseballs over the outfield walls in his limited action. Cheap quality viagra When you look at FB/HR rate Hairston’s beats out Ross 13.0% to 9.3 %.

Cheap quality viagra Ross hits lefties very well especially for power with a .912 lifetime OPS to Hairston’ .813 OPS which is impressive as well making it even more a head scratcher on why Terry Collins didn’t use Hairston more before a rib injury at the end of August ended his season.

Cheap quality viagra I would bet that Hairston re-signed with the Mets with the promise of more playing time, cheap quality viagra especially in CF against RHP unless Andres Torres can repeat his 2010 season. Cheap quality viagra But between CF and spelling Lucas Duda in RF and staying healthy, cheap quality viagra Hairston could be a very productive 4th outfielder for the Mets.

Cheap quality viagra Cody Ross would have been a nice choice as well for the Mets but with the Red Sox offer of $3mil plus incentives the Mets will get as much value from Hairston as they would from Ross and Hairston only cost $1.1 mil. Cheap quality viagra No way Cody Ross is worth $2mil+ more than Jerry Hairston.

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Sildenafil citrate warnings  

Sildenafil citrate warnings  

Sildenafil citrate warnings When the Mets off season got under way one of the position I wanted to see an upgraded was center field. Sildenafil citrate warnings I had seen enough of Angel Pagan and it seems Sandy Alderson felt the same way. Sildenafil citrate warnings I was intrigued by Coco Crisp thinking he would be a nice cheap alternative to man the less spacious tundra of the center of the Citi Field outfield. Sildenafil citrate warnings  Alderson felt the better man for the job was Andres Torres, sildenafil citrate warnings a great glove less than potent bat outfielder who came with RHP Ramon Ramirez to the Mets from the Giants for Angel Pagan.

Sildenafil citrate warnings After reading that Crisp re-signed with the A’s for 2yrs/$14 mil, sildenafil citrate warnings a year and cash figure that quite frankly stunned me, sildenafil citrate warnings I went over to Fan Graphs to look at a comparison of both players. 

Sildenafil citrate warnings There isn’t that much of a difference offensively between the two players that would make one about $5 mil better than the other. Sildenafil citrate warnings Crisp will make $7mil a year while Torres made $2.2 mil last year and is under team control for two more seasons.  So even with a raise to say, sildenafil citrate warnings $3mil for Torres, sildenafil citrate warnings having him over Crisp in the Mets outfield is major plus for the Mets.

Sildenafil citrate warnings Crisp, sildenafil citrate warnings 32 years old, sildenafil citrate warnings has a lifetime .264/.314/.379 with an ISO of .115 in 583 plate appearances. Sildenafil citrate warnings  Torres, sildenafil citrate warnings 34 years old has a lifetime .221/.312/.330 with an ISO of .109 in 398 plate appearances. Sildenafil citrate warnings We are not talking offensive juggernauts here. Sildenafil citrate warnings Crisp is more the base stealer than Torres swiping 49 bags in his big league career to 19 for Torres. Sildenafil citrate warnings Both players walks rates are close Crisp take a base on balls 7.0% of his plate appearances to Torres’ 10.6 % rate. Sildenafil citrate warnings Torres K’s too much at 23.9 % while Crisp is more disciplined at 11.1 %. 

Sildenafil citrate warnings Back in 2010, sildenafil citrate warnings Torres had a fine season putting up a line of .268/.343/.479 with 16 HR 43 2B and 63 RBI for the World Champion San Francisco Giants. Sildenafil citrate warnings The last real good offensive season that Crisp has had was back in 2005. Sildenafil citrate warnings So the odds are much better of Torres giving the Mets a bounce back season than Crisp putting up big numbers.

Sildenafil citrate warnings Crsip’ defense has been in decline the last couple of years whereas Torres has continued to play a stellar centerfielder.

Sildenafil citrate warnings So for a difference of say $5mil, sildenafil citrate warnings who made the better deal, sildenafil citrate warnings Billy Beane by signing Crisp or Sandy Alderson dealing for Torres? It looks like advantage Alderson to me especially is Ramirez is a decent reliever then this deal could be a huge positive for the Mets.

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Adviser finance order viagra

Adviser finance order viagra  

Adviser finance order viagra If Angel Pagan is the Mets opening day center fielder I’m going to be pissed off. Adviser finance order viagra  A lot of my angst over Pagan has to do with his inconsistent play especially in the outfield and some of it has to do with what is perceived as a “me” attitude that looks as if it chaps the mangers ass as well. Adviser finance order viagra Terry Collins was miffed when Pagan took himself out of a game last year claiming he had a stomach virus and was dehydrated but never told the manger he was headed to the porcelain palace in the clubhouse as his turn to bat was up. Adviser finance order viagra Pagan also bitched and moaned about batting leadoff when Jose Reyes was out with his blown up hammy, adviser finance order viagra solidifying his rep as a selfish player

Adviser finance order viagra Mike Silva wrote a piece on how Pagan may be the best of what’s out there as far as centerfielders go, adviser finance order viagra but why do the Mets always have to settle?  If it’s going to cost at least $5mil to sign Pagan why not go a couple of million more and sign David DeJesus?

Adviser finance order viagra DeJesus would be a upgrade over Pagan in the outfield for sure and  an upgrade in the lineup as well as DeJesus has a better ability to get on base than that of Pagan.

Adviser finance order viagra Sandy Alderson has targeted the pitching staff, adviser finance order viagra zeroing in on the bullpen, adviser finance order viagra as job one this off season but he also needs to address the defense which was one of the worst in baseball last year. Adviser finance order viagra  The up the middle D was especially poor (Jose Reyes by the way was -11 in Runs Saved ) so if the organization can’t afford to go all out to get some decent arms then maybe an upgrade on the defensive side would help the arms the Mets have now?

Adviser finance order viagra I think this post by Shannon at  Mets Police says it all about being a Mets fan.

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Bio viagra herbal I’m looking forward to getting out to Citi Field this evening to watch R.A Dickey battle Aaron Harang and the Pads as it’s been awhile since I’ve been out there. Bio viagra herbal Between work, bio viagra herbal vacations and baseball coaching obligations (our season ended by the way with my team losing in the Championship Series 2 games to 1, bio viagra herbal we finished in 1st place but giving up 4 and 5 out innings in the final round killed us) and the team on a long road trip, bio viagra herbal a trip to Flushing has been long overdue, bio viagra herbal I’m pumped up to get  out there tonight.

Bio viagra herbal Seems the MSM is as usual a little late in picking up the fact that Mets fans really like this team. Bio viagra herbal Better late than never I guess. Bio viagra herbal One quote in this piece by Larry Brooks in the Post today made me smile when I read it, bio viagra herbal it comes from Ginger Turner:

Bio viagra herbal “I don’t know why anyone would have thought our team would throw in the towel or give up, bio viagra herbal” Justin Turner told The Post. Bio viagra herbal “That’s kind of a slap in the face to the guys who are here.

Bio viagra herbal “Players get traded and players get hurt. Bio viagra herbal That’s part of baseball. Bio viagra herbal We’ve got 25 guys in here busting their butts to try to win games and who believe in ourselves and our team.”

Bio viagra herbal Can’t you tell that Turner is new around here? Maybe it because the last two season the team has laid down and played dead but thankfully those days are gone. Bio viagra herbal Did you see Terry Collins jumping up and down in the dugout the other night after Lucas Duda’ game winning single? That is passion.

Bio viagra herbal Good news on Johan Santana as it “only” fatigue in the shoulder not anything structural that’s derailed is rehab from shoulder surgery.

Bio viagra herbal Great story in the Times today (guess they had to make up for Jim Luttrells’ hack piece the other day) on Mike Baxter who will get a start in the outfield today. Bio viagra herbal I love the part about Baxter organizing the purchase of championships rings for his Archbishop Molloy team and that legendary coach, bio viagra herbal Tom Curran still wears his every day. Bio viagra herbal That is impressive.

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Discount cialis After last night’s debacle in Atlanta, discount cialis one piece of news that hasn’t been played up is the injury to Brian McCann.  McCann has been placed on the DL with the dreaded oblique strain that could take up to three weeks to heal. Discount cialis Not only is McCann the best bat in the Braves lineup, discount cialis he also plays the premium position of catcher.

Discount cialis I’m sure Braves GM Frank Wren was up all night trying to figure out how to add a bat and as we all know the Mets are sitting on the best bat in all the baseball land that is for sale in Carlos Beltran.

Discount cialis Sandy Alderson is showing amazing patience in consummating the obvious, discount cialis making Beltran an ex-Met, discount cialis so with the injury to McCann, discount cialis his methodical ways just might pay off .

Discount cialis My first thought was to add Ronny Paulino in a deal with the Braves to see if that would force Wren’s hand to add a top pitching prospect but looking things over, discount cialis Paulino would be no use to the Braves once McCann gets back plus it would weaken the Mets at a spot where they lack both depth and talent.

Discount cialis It seems the Braves could use some outfield help so would adding Angel Pagan in a deal be enough of a sweetener to land a top prospect plus a B and C farm hand as well?

Discount cialis Alderson is really holding his cards close to the vest and it looks as if he will hold out at the last possible minute before he deals Beltran but with the appearance of Jeffey Skill Sets in Cincinnati, discount cialis you could draw the conclusion that Alderson has alerted ownership that a deal is imminent, discount cialis unless Jeffey took it upon himself to visit the Queens City as he had a craving for Skyline Chili.

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Herbal v viagra study

Herbal v viagra study  Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times has another great post today as he goes in depth on the Mets-Reds game that was played 25 years ago today. Herbal v viagra study This game is famous for the Davey Johnson use of Jesse Orosco and Roger McDowell shuttle from pitcher’s mound to the outfield and for one of the best baseball fights ever when Ray Knight knocked out Eric Davis for sliding into him at 3rd base.

Herbal v viagra study I don’t know if this game has been available to SNY for its Mets Classics but if not, herbal v viagra study they need to pay whatever amount need be to obtain it even if it’s the Cincinnati feed because this was one of the best games ever!

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Viagra seizures

Viagra seizures I’ve been trying to decipher the Carlos Beltran summit with Sandy Alderson and what I gather from this sit down, viagra seizures Alderson has let Beltran know that unlike his predecessor, viagra seizures he’s an upfront kind of guy so this meeting is to explain to Beltran what his options are.

Viagra seizures With Beltran still sporting a brace on his knee and one year left on his contract (and Mets career) Alderson has laid out a few scenarios for Beltran for the upcoming season  (the man always has a plan) and it’s up to Carlos to choose which path he’d like to go.

Viagra seizures The best plan for the Mets would be Beltran moves to right field allowing Angel Pagan to go back to centerfield where he excelled during Beltran’ absence.  You get the better fielder in the most important outfield position, viagra seizures who get a potent bat in your offence and it helps the wear and tear on Beltran’ arthritic knee.

Viagra seizures If Beltran balks at that plan, viagra seizures then Alderson it seems has requested that Beltran waive his no trade clause and the Mets will try to move him, viagra seizures but only to the Mets advantage. Viagra seizures Now the problem will be if Beltran is adamant about playing centerfield but it seems that’s a remote possibility due to the fact the Mets are in control here.

Viagra seizures No matter what happens we know this is Beltran’ last season as a Met which is not a swipe at Beltran it’s just a fact that Carlos will turn 34 years old just after opening day and his knees will just get worse. Viagra seizures It’s not personnel, viagra seizures its business. Viagra seizures     

Viagra seizures Moving Beltran and for that matter Jose Reyes would not be in the Mets best interest at this point as both players are worth more to the Mets than what they would bring back in return but in Beltran’ case it’s nice that Sandy Alderson has met with him and it shows that Alderson knows how to deal with players better than Omar but make no mistake Beltran was not given a choice, viagra seizures he’s the Mets right fielder in 2011.

Viagra seizures As much having Wally Backman as manager of the Mets would be fine by me, viagra seizures I just find that the more hysterical Mets fans are getting about Backman and his “fiery, viagra seizures I’ll kick your ass attitude” I’m starting to wonder do they want a baseball manager or a bouncer.  It’s good for Backman that he’s getting a call back but I don’t think he will be the man to get the big job as Terry Collins looks to be the favorite and if it’s Collins I won’t scream as I’ve got to put my faith in this new front office that they have done their due diligence and hired who they feel is the best man available. Viagra seizures I could see Backman getting a coaching spot on the big league club and quite frankly I think he’d be fine with that.

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Viagra instructions

Viagra instructions It’s not the loss that has me pissed, viagra instructions it the way it happened that makes me wonder if under the stewardship on Mr. Viagra instructions Jerry Manuel, viagra instructions this team can make the post season as the manager has absolutely no feel for in game managing.

Viagra instructions First there was the lineup. Viagra instructions With both Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan ailing, viagra instructions was it wise to give Jason Bay the day off? I’ve advocated giving Chris Carter some playing time but again the manager has to have a feel for knowing when to play guys and when to let them sit, viagra instructions you can’t keep Bay out the line up when your two offensive catalysts are sitting. Viagra instructions Wouldn’t giving Bay a game off in Puerto Rico be more beneficial since he wouldn’t have to run on an artificial turf laded outfield?

Viagra instructions Then we have this whole “I wanted to get Johan out on a positive note” line of bullshit? Santana pitched his best game in over a month and not just that he is still the Ace of the staff. Viagra instructions Maybe it’s just a figurehead title but can you imagine Roy Halladay, viagra instructions Tim Lincecum, viagra instructions CC Sabathia or Cliff Lee coming out of a game like last night? I know Johan said he wanted to stay in the game but acquiesced to the managers move, viagra instructions maybe he should have demanded to stay in I bet those pitchers I mentioned would get into a fist fight with their skipper to finish a game like that.

Viagra instructions The 9th inning was just a pure disaster as Manuel let Ryota Igarashi, viagra instructions a guy who walks as many batters as he strikes out, viagra instructions pitch in bases loaded spot one out and Ryan Zimmerman up. Viagra instructions I can buy the notion of saving Frankie Rodriguez for the save spot as the Mets are the road team, viagra instructions but if you’re not going to use Bobby Parnell in that spot, viagra instructions then why is Parnell here?    

Viagra instructions You could hear the disgust in Ron Darling’ voice as Igarashi fell behind 2-0 to Zimmerman by throwing tow breaking balls, viagra instructions when the situation called for challenging the hitter with fastballs. Viagra instructions That’s why this situation cried out for Parnell to be brought in. Viagra instructions If Zim hits a 98 mph fastball for a game winning hit, viagra instructions tip your hat and move on. Viagra instructions I just wonder if Igarashi would have walked in the winning run, viagra instructions would that be grounds for the manager’s dismissal?

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