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six pitchers to win a nine inning baseball game, welcome to the next re-invention of baseball, courtesy of the genius.  The biggest impression I have of the post season is that we are now going from having a setup man and closer as your main relievers to having to have at least seven pitchers who can come out of your pen, game in game out.  Before the post season even started, Sandy Alderson made it known that rebuilding his bullpen would be job one.   The story of Game one changes dramatically if Allen Craig does not come through with that huge pinch hit single to put the Cards ahead 3-2. The second guessers and LaRussa haters (I raise my hand) would have been out in full force. [] Just goes to show the difference between a genius and an asshole in baseball is a fair ball. There was a for greener (backs) pastures. Rubin quotes Mark Simon, ESPN’s numbers cruncher with stats that show me the Mets would be better off with Reyes leaving and Tejada taking over shortstop and using the money saved on pitching. Defensively you really don’t lose much with Tejeda (according to the metrics the Mets would gain with Tejeda at shortstop) it’s on offense where you lose the most. "If you look at it from a WAR [wins above replacement] perspective, Reyes was a 6. 2 last year via Fangraphs. Tejada was a 1. 8, " Simon said. "The question would be: What is Tejada at his best . . . maybe a 3-WAR player? So there is a drop-off. " You’d think that a healthy Ike Davis, David Wright (if he’s not dealt) with the fences of Citi Field lower and closers (and painted blue I hope), and a rejuvenated Jason Bay (a guy can dream can’t he) would make up for the offensive slack lost by the dearly departed Reyes    I think this quote from an NL scout sums it up:   Said one National League scout: "Tejada is ready to play every day. Save the money and go get some pitching. You're not winning anything in 2012 anyway. Find out if the kid can do it. He really has improved with the bat and gotten physically stronger. He's going to need a backup, though, in case he gets hurt or needs a day off” As Mets fans, we need to root for three more Redbird wins in a row so we can get our off season started, the suspense is killing me.

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