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Viagra purchase Greetings from Cape Cod where I will be vacationing for the next week. Viagra purchase Before heading to the Cape last we went to the Brooklyn Cyclones Aberdeen Ironbirds game a Cyclones 6-2 win that was capped off by Brando Nimmo’s Grand Slam to break up a 2-2 tie.

Viagra purchase When I got to the hotel I got a couple of text from friends altering me that David Wright had made the All Star team but will not start as he lost the vote to Pablo Sandoval. Viagra purchase I can understand the outrage but for me I’ll save my ranting and raving for the end of the season when Wright gets robbed of the NL MVP.

Viagra purchase I’m happy for Wright as it’s a well deserved berth to the All Star team but the two Mets I’m ecstatic over making the team are R.A. Viagra purchase Dickey and Terry Collins both men have re-invented themselves and now get their just reward.

Viagra purchase Time to unpack and hit the pool before dinner, viagra purchase Cape Cod speaks fluent baseball, viagra purchase so I know where ever we go for dinner there will be a TV with Mets-Dodgers  plus I have to chart the week to see what Cape Cod League games I want to see and how many baseball scouts I can talk to. Viagra purchase Busy week ahead. Viagra purchase Let’s Go Mets!

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Viagra prescriptions This was in the comments section from my post yesterday where I mentioned this Day of Fan Outrage at Citi Field to let management know they do not want Jose Reyes to be traded:

Viagra prescriptions I am the organizer of the above referenced event for JOSE REYES…so I must write to defend the people who are attending this with me…WE ARE NOT THE UNIFORMED EVIL TWITS that have been tweeting bad stuff about our players nor are we the ones who turn on our players the second they are doing poorly. Viagra prescriptions Yes we all get cranky when the boys are sucking but we are not ignorant or hypictites (sp) SO please do not generalize those that you do not know…HAVE A NICE DAY. Viagra prescriptions Donna

Viagra prescriptions First off, viagra prescriptions thank you Donna I did have a nice day yesterday, viagra prescriptions second, viagra prescriptions I didn’t mean to lump you in with uninformed evil twits who kill the Mets pitch by pitch on Twitter and besides it’s one of the great functions of our democracy to protest what we feel is a wrong that should be righted but I must say holding a SAVE JOSE REYES Rally is silly.

Viagra prescriptions It’s pretty simplistic thinking that mean old Sandy Alderson wants to dump Jose Reyes, viagra prescriptions in fact I bet Alderson wishes he didn’t have to deal with this issued this early in his stewardship as GM of the Mets but the reality is, viagra prescriptions he does and it’s his job to do what is best for the NY Mets organization.

Viagra prescriptions Most Mets fans would love to have Reyes here for years to come and give Jose credit, viagra prescriptions he’s staying healthy and he is doing exactly what you need to do on the field in a walk year and he has put the pressure on the organization to make what could be a franchise changing decision. Viagra prescriptions No one wants to deal Reyes or Beltran at the trade deadline because that means the Mets are also ran’s for another season. Viagra prescriptions If the Mets are in the Wild Card hunt (look at the records of the NL teams in the hunt. Viagra prescriptions There is not much difference, viagra prescriptions in fact the Mets by going 14-8 since that awful 5-13 start have jumped 7 spots in the Wild Card standings. Viagra prescriptions What, viagra prescriptions too soon?) the question will be can the Skill Sets and the Minority Owner To Be Named Later, viagra prescriptions  afford to let Alderson be a buyer.

Viagra prescriptions Instead of getting involved with a fans “look at me moment” I prefer sitting back and watching what will unfold with this ball club over the next month and a half. Viagra prescriptions Let’s enjoy this nice run the team is on now, viagra prescriptions let’s hope the offense can figure out a way to get some hits off the very stingy Josh Johnson tonight and that Ronnie Paulino can do Big Pelf’s thinking for him and take a very important game from the Fish.

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Viagra india What will the Mets beat writers do?  This is not what they envisioned; they were all giddy with the awful start of the season so they could use their best material, viagra indiathe team is broke, viagra india  the team can’t hit, viagra india the starting pitching stinks, viagra india how could Sandy Alderson think he could rebuild a bullpen with cheap knocks offs, viagra india and what’s with this manager ? All this positivity in the clubhouse, viagra india going to each player during the early season losing and giving encouragement, viagra india doesn’t he know he’s the manager of the Mets?

Viagra india I’m sure the beat men will find a way to get an ownership story or a slow ticket sale story in there some way today because why should we Mets fans have joy? Why should we think that this six game winning streak and the way they came back has put a jump in our step today, viagra india and have folks who know of our devotion to the Blue and Orange greet us with “I know your enjoying this” . Viagra india YES, viagra india yes I am and so are all Mets fans, viagra india even Daniel Murphy, viagra india who is the quintessential Met (on offense the fans yell, viagra india” YEAH MURPH”, viagra india on defense the yell “AW SHIT MURPH”) is getting tipsy with the success calling out 100 wins as the goal for the Mets. Viagra india As I say, viagra india I love Murph like he’s a cousin, viagra india but let’s not get crazy, viagra india I love the enthusiasm but YIKES!!!

Viagra india What more can be said about visually challenged  umpire Marvin Hudson’ and the horrific crime he committed against the Mets and Jose Reyes.  After my initial outrage and my simple response to this Tweet from David Lennon, viagra india I noticed from the many replays that not only was Reyes safe and his hand never left the bag but the way Reyes flipped out by tossing his helmet didn’t get him thrown out of the game, viagra india nor did Chip Hale who was Rodman-esque in his box out of Reyes but still got in position to scream in Hudson’s face didn’t get tossed and neither did Terry Collins who got in Hudson’s grill and bumped him when he ran to argue. Viagra india Add in that none of the other shitheads in blue came to Hudson’s defense, viagra india solidifies this major fuck up by Hudson.

Viagra india One thing about the call, viagra india it woke up the club. Viagra india Up to that point, viagra india this was a pedestrian contest  that feature a close to one hour rain delay, viagra india and a sparse crowd that was made up of mainly Mets fans  (on TV replays the whole lower bowl of Nationals Park seemed to be all Mets fans)  and Bob Ross R.A. Viagra india Dickey painting away with just a few happy accidents. Viagra india Then came “The Call” and then Danny Boy Murphy clocking a home run that had Gary Cohen make one of his classic “IT’S OUTTTTTTTAAAAAA HHHEEEEEEREEEEEEE” calls to tie the game.

Viagra india I know, viagra india I know Murph was a spectator on the “double” by Adam LaRoche (something I preach with my kids, viagra india no spectators on the field know where to should be on every play) but the ball was in Bay’s glove and popped out but what gets lost in the inning is the passed ball by Thole that advanced pinch runner Brian Bixler to third allowing him to score the go ahead run on Wilson Ramos Sac Fly. Viagra india Enough blame to spread around.

Viagra india I despise the Black jersey’s but I love the wins and if I have to put up the sight of dreaded black to keep this winning streak going then so be it, viagra india let the Mets be the Princes of Darkness. Viagra india     

Viagra india When Roger McDowell was a Met he was one big goof ball. Viagra india With all the crap that swirled around with the team you never heard anything negative about McDowell . Viagra india Now there is an allegation of McDowell making homophobic slurs and telling a man and his family “that kids don’t belong at the fuckin’ ballpark”. Viagra india If the allegations are true and I say IF and can be proven then the Braves will have to take some sort of disciplinary actions against McDowell. Viagra india  What I find unseemly about this is the alleged victim looks like he’s looking for a payday. Viagra india As soon as you hire Systerest to the Stars, viagra india Gloria Alldred you lose me as an ally. Viagra india If Mr. Viagra india Quinn went to the media with this, viagra india he’d have more creditability with me. Viagra india  McDowell has apologized for his actions but that won’t be enough for the Quinn’s, viagra india but I’m sure the apology with a nice six figured check would suffice. Viagra india  Everyone is a victim until the check clears.

Viagra india Dodgers owner for now, viagra india Frank McCourt , viagra indiawas in the NYC to meet with officials of MLB about the fate of the Hollywood Bums. Viagra india After the meeting, viagra india McCourt was seen strolling along Prospect Park West in Brooklyn checking doorbells for anyone named Ebbits or McKeever.

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Overnight canadian viagra Sandy Alderson could not care less what you think.  He knows if it were up to Mets fans, overnight canadian viagra not only would Wally Backman be the manger of the team but everyone associated with the 1986 Mets, overnight canadian viagra with the exception of Tim McCarver and Steve Zabriskie, overnight canadian viagra would have some kind of meaningful job in the organization. Overnight canadian viagra Alderson knows how much we all worship our last conquering heroes and he couldn’t give a rats ass. Overnight canadian viagra That’s what I like about Sandy Alderson and it’s clear he’s the right man to run the Mets.

Overnight canadian viagra There is no other fan base in this town that is as sentimental about their past than Mets fan. Overnight canadian viagra  We savor and love to reminisce about seasons past, overnight canadian viagra not just the good but the bad as well. Overnight canadian viagra As the years go by, overnight canadian viagra the great seasons become immortalized and the bad seasons start to have redeeming qualities, overnight canadian viagra it’s just how we are; we can’t help it, overnight canadian viagra we’re an emotional bunch. Overnight canadian viagra That’s why we are in no position to say who the next manager of the Mets should be.

Overnight canadian viagra It looks as though Wally Backman will not be considered for the Mets manager’s job. Overnight canadian viagra There will be outrage about this in the Land of Orange and Blue as how dare Sandy Alderson not give us the man we want. Overnight canadian viagra  Make no mistake I love Wally as much as you and that’s the problem.

Overnight canadian viagra Last year going to Brooklyn Cyclones game was better than any of the previous seasons going to the ball park on Coney Island because I was so pumped up about Backman being the manager. Overnight canadian viagra I bored my son to tears with stories about Wally and how he and Lenny Dykstra were the one-two punch at the top of the order that set up a kick ass middle of the lineup of Hernandez-Carter-Strawberry and how Backman never had a clean uniform and would anything on the field to win. Overnight canadian viagra It’s this kind fanboy admiration that makes me recues myself on picking the next Mets manager. Overnight canadian viagra  Of course my heart says Wally Backman but my head says let a guy with no ties to the organization and a guy who has succeed in this job before pick the manager that he sees will fit to carry out his plan.

Overnight canadian viagra There are some in the younger demographics of Mets fans who are anti-Backman and who are tired of hearing about the 86’ers. Overnight canadian viagra I can see their point. Overnight canadian viagra It’s similar to my late mother who one day when friends of hers and my father had come to visit and part of the conversation swung to the “good old days”. Overnight canadian viagra Nothing got my mother’ ire up when the “old biddies” pined for the ‘good old days” when bread was three cents and milk was a nickel.  My mother would tell them “yeah and when you got the flu it killed you” which was followed with an eye roll and then a lecture later that those biddies were horse’s arse’s.  But  while the those Mets teams of the mid 80’s should have won more than they did, overnight canadian viagra I can’t forget that going to Shea Stadium back in the day was like celebrating New Years Eve, overnight canadian viagra Spring Break and Madi Grais every night , overnight canadian viagra it was THE place to be. Overnight canadian viagra Maybe $iti Field will be that way someday instead of being the catering hall/shopping mall it is now. Overnight canadian viagra But I digress……

Overnight canadian viagra Whoever Sandy Alderson and his All Star Band of front office folks pick to manage the Mets there will be outrage by this passionate of all passionate fan bases. Overnight canadian viagra  If it were up to the fans, overnight canadian viagra Backman would be manager, overnight canadian viagra Doc Gooden the pitching coach, overnight canadian viagra Darryl Strawberry the hitting coach and Lenny Dykstra the 3rd base coach and Mazz as Wally’s bench coach. Overnight canadian viagra That’s thinking with your heart and with unbridled emotion. Overnight canadian viagra Alderson is thinking with his head and is taking his time to make his decision because (a) it doesn’t look like any other manager hires are in the works (if you want to count the Pirates job fine) and (b) the manager right now is not important because the Mets will not be signing any big ticket free agents  this off season.

Overnight canadian viagra All I can say is let’s put some faith in Alderson, overnight canadian viagra a man with a winning track record that he’ll make the right choice of manager . Overnight canadian viagra Of course the first time the Mets go on a five game losing streak all bets are off.

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Dirt cheap viagra At this point in the Mets season, dirt cheap viagra my mood has gone from outrage to amusement. Dirt cheap viagra The outrage was over the start of the second half of the season when the team decided it was time to pack it in, dirt cheap viagra the amusement is listening to players and the GM tried to tell us the team is still in contention. Dirt cheap viagra ROFLMYFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dirt cheap viagra Listening to Omar Minaya discuss the Mets, dirt cheap viagra is like hearing a child try to explain why filling the bathtub with water and Jell-O was a good idea. Dirt cheap viagra You’re so pissed off at them as you survey the situation but the more they try to explain themselves and try to wriggle out of bad situation, dirt cheap viagra it starts to become comical.

Dirt cheap viagra Omar is trying very very hard to convince the fan base that this team is still in contention when we all know this team talks tough but when it comes down to fighting for a post season spot, dirt cheap viagra they are a collection of conscientious objectors. Dirt cheap viagra As much as I’m a fan of D-Wright just once I’d like to hear him say in his after a loss post game statement, dirt cheap viagra that the team needs to get some players who are mentally tough. Dirt cheap viagra Who is he worried about pissing off? The manager is clueless and the GM insults our intelligence and the owner is scare shit to be seen in public. Dirt cheap viagra Please can someone just say the truth in that clubhouse? Is it that hard to say it? The truth will set your sorry ass’s free.

Dirt cheap viagra I bet if Omar came out and said “All this mess is on me. Dirt cheap viagra I miscalculated on a lot of the personnel here and I gave out contracts that will haunt me and the organization. Dirt cheap viagra I’ve learn a valuable lesson about over paying players and with the help of my front office staff, dirt cheap viagra we are ready to regroup and re-invent they way personnel moves are made with this team”  If he would make a statement like that, dirt cheap viagra I bet talks of fan boycotts would go away. Dirt cheap viagra In fact if he made a statement like that and was retained by ownership for another year, dirt cheap viagra the out cry for his head, dirt cheap viagra would die down a bit. Dirt cheap viagra But if he keeps going with this tired comedy act of his then he needs to be shown the door. 

Dirt cheap viagra I think it has finally sunk into Luis Castillo’ head that he has no future here in Queens. Dirt cheap viagra I do feel for the guy for at least he puts up a fight to get in the lineup and has some pride unlike the miserable fuck, dirt cheap viagra Oliver Perez, dirt cheap viagra who is no different from Bernie Madoff as first class scam artist.

Dirt cheap viagra See if the organization had the brains and passion of Taryn Cooper Mets fans would never complain again (SHOCKING!!! I know) last night she organized the Citi Field Sit Out where fans were asked to NOT attend last night game. Dirt cheap viagra Coop herself made the sacrifice of not using her tickets or putting them up for sale. Dirt cheap viagra The protest I’d like is where everyone shows up at Citi Field and in the third inning we all get up and walkout. Dirt cheap viagra I wonder if State run SNY TV would cover something like that?

Dirt cheap viagra I’ve always been a fan of the HBO show Hard Knocks, dirt cheap viagra but having the Jets and Rex Ryan on this season had made the show appointment TV. Dirt cheap viagra Last night was outstanding and the more I watch, dirt cheap viagra the more of a Rex Ryan fan I’m becoming. Dirt cheap viagra I always though Ryan was just a big blowhard but the way he interacts with his coaches and players is classic. Dirt cheap viagra He pats players on the back and he tells them when they suck. Dirt cheap viagra His confrontation with a D-lineman on the bubble after he finds out that DE Ropati Pitotua blew out his Achilles was riveting as he tells the lineman about Pitotua’ injury and asks him if “he wants to make the fuckin’ team or do I have get someone off the street” was Happy Rex morphing into Darth Vader Rex. Dirt cheap viagra Special Teams coach Mike Westoff needs his own show, dirt cheap viagra he’s the Paulie Walnuts of Hard Knox.

Dirt cheap viagra For your reading pleasure please read this post by Ms. Dirt cheap viagra Jacqueline Conrad at Cardinal Diamond Diaries about her Grandmothers influence on her becoming a baseball fan.

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The Mets Police (they are inside of my head) has come up with a campaign that we should all get behind whether we are fortunate enough to have ticket or will watch on TV , canada online pharmacy viagraThe Mets, canada online pharmacy viagra MLB, canada online pharmacy viagra ESPN and the San Diego Padres need to agree to switch the opening of game at $iti Field to a 1:05 start instead of the 7:05 PM  it is scheduled for right now. Canada online pharmacy viagra Mets Police has links to all the people you need to contact to voice your outrage and he makes a great point that MLB and ESPN (which is getting it’s ass kicked by the MLB Network as the place to go for your baseball news) have no problem disrupting your life to move games from day to night so they can’t use the excuse that they can’t make the switch. Canada online pharmacy viagra As for the Padres not being able to play after playing a day game Sunday then flying cross country and playing a day game Monday, canada online pharmacy viagra why play Monday? Play it Tuesday when there is an off day. Canada online pharmacy viagra


There is no reason for this game to be a night game and as much as I can’t wait to get to $iti Field, canada online pharmacy viagra my first time at $iti Field I want romance I want to take my time and stroll all around the park and caress every corner and be dazzled. Canada online pharmacy viagra I can’t do that if my McNuggets are freezing, canada online pharmacy viagra no I need to do so it in the sunshine.


Even if the game was a Shea, canada online pharmacy viagra  it’s Opening DAY!!!! It’s a holiday (I’ve tried to get excused absence from work due to religious beliefs but that hasn’t worked. Canada online pharmacy viagra I have to give Norman Siegel at the ACLU a call to see if my civil rights have been violatoted ) KEEP THIS DAY HOLY!!!!!!!!!!  

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Online viagra next day delivery On last night’s installment of Pro Baseball Central Joe McDonald and I disscused the Francisco Rodriguez story plus the rumor of Brian Schneider to the Red Sox deal. Online viagra next day delivery We also disscued CC Sabathia and the how the problems of the Highlanders run deeper than starting pitching and a center fielder, online viagra next day delivery plus we spoke about Joe Gordon’s election to the Hall of Fame and my outrage that Gil Hodges got  the shaft again by the Vets committee. Online viagra next day delivery You can listen to last nights show by clicking on the link on the right or at Pro Baseball Central site.

Online viagra next day delivery Tonight we will be back on the air as Joe is in Las Vegas and hopefully we will be discussing the Frankie Rodriguez as the Mets new closer and what’s next on Omar’s shopping list. Online viagra next day delivery So join us tonight at 10PM EST and join in by calling us at (646) 595-4462 at Pro Baseball Central at Blog Talk Radio.

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