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Viagra joke Stop whatever it is you’re doing and tune in to our Kult of Mets Personalities Podcast from last night. Viagra joke Our special guest was Mets great and my all time favorite player Ed Kranepool. Viagra joke Eddie did not hold back on his opinions and told some great stories of his days under Casey Stengel and of course Gil Hodges. Viagra joke Krane also talked about why he felt the Mets never were able to sustain their winning ways after winning in 1969

Viagra joke The best story of the podcast though is Kranepool telling us how he was thisclose to being a big part of a new ownership group who was ready to buy the club from Lorinda de Roulet and who his bombshell choice would have been to manage the Mets.

Viagra joke If you want to hear a no bullshit podcast from passionate Mets fans whose only agenda is rooting for the orange and blue, viagra joke then Kult of Mets Personalities is the podcast for you

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Viagra free trial pack Marc Carig who covers the Mets for NEWSDAY after working the Highlanders beat asked a question on Twitter the other day about the Mets of 2012 and how they compared to the Mets of the late 1970’s. Viagra free trial pack The late 70’s had the same feeling of despair and by 1979 Shea Stadium had become a place Mets fans avoided (attendance of 7, viagra free trial pack000 a game were the norm back then) The negativity from Mets fans still centered over the trading of Tom Seaver to the Reds in 1977. Viagra free trial pack That alone makes the late 70’s far far worse in my eyes than what’s happening now in Flushing.

Viagra free trial pack There are some stark parallels between the 70’s and what’s going on now in Flushing, viagra free trial pack ownership was a problem then as it is now. Viagra free trial pack In October of 1975, viagra free trial pack Joan Whitney Payson died and nearly took the Mets franchise with her to the beyond. Viagra free trial pack Her husband Charles Payson wanted no part of running the Mets so it was left to his daughter Lorinda de Roulet and the dastardly rat bastard M. Viagra free trial pack Donald Grant. Viagra free trial pack Where Mrs. Viagra free trial pack Payson had no trouble spending money on the team, viagra free trial pack( she wanted desperately to bring Willie Mays back to NYC after see acquired the Mets she made an offer to Horace Stoneham to name his price for the contract of Mays. Viagra free trial pack  In one of the few times that Stoneham was lucid he turned the offer down) Grant held on to every penny.

Viagra free trial pack Today the Mets biggest problem is ownership and its lack of financial resources, viagra free trial pack not just to add talent but to make mistakes disappear like Jason Bay. Viagra free trial pack The team is in a free fall right now that has a very 70’s feel t to it and what makes this second half gag job so bad is 2013 looks no better. Viagra free trial pack Why?, viagra free trial pack because no one in the Mets ownership group can come out and tell the truth about the teams financial status. Viagra free trial pack Management wants its most prize possession, viagra free trial pack its season ticket holders, viagra free trial pack to make a financial investment in the team in the form of purchasing tickets but won’t let them know what they are buying into, viagra free trial pack so why would anyone buy in?

Viagra free trial pack The biggest problem with this ownership is their lack of transparency as opposed to the 70’s when we knew that M. Viagra free trial pack Donald Grant was a miserable pick and he had no problem living up to that reputation. Viagra free trial pack  This lack of being truthful with the fan base has turned Sandy Alderson into Fred Astaire. Viagra free trial pack Whenever Alderson is interviewed, viagra free trial pack the first question is always about payroll and what it will be next season, viagra free trial pack at this point is when Alderson pulls out the straw hat and cane and does the ol’ Wilpon soft shoe. Viagra free trial pack  

Viagra free trial pack I’ve never understood why the Skill Sets could never be honest with their fan base? You would think that someone in the organization would try to get them to change the way they disseminate their message?  I’ll give the Skill Sets this much, viagra free trial pack as inept and awfully clandestine they are in conducting their baseball business , viagra free trial pack they haven’t reached M.Donald Grant status yet on my despicable meter but knowing them they’ll keep trying.

Viagra free trial pack If you haven’t read Jason Fry’s piece on the Faith and Fear site please go read it now. Viagra free trial pack Hopefully someone in the organization will show this to Freddy Skill Sets and try to get him to realize the Mets fans may be leaving the piss off stage of fandom to the apathetic stage of who gives a shit?

Viagra free trial pack I don’t know how Terry Collins does it night in and night out trying to put a positive spin on the ineptness of his team. Viagra free trial pack  Collins is treading on dangerous ground here going from a guy protecting his players to looking like he has no clue. Viagra free trial pack Bobby Ojeda has been as big a Collins supporter as there is but last night even he couldn’t take it anymore calling out the players for sitting out claiming they’re tired. Viagra free trial pack Ojeda went on a rant about how that’s the difference between a winning team and a losing team. Viagra free trial pack He was 1, viagra free trial pack000 % on point. Viagra free trial pack For once I’d love for Collins to come out and say that he’s let his team know that the difference between being a winning team and a losing team is desire. Viagra free trial pack Right now the Mets seem to have no desire to finish strong, viagra free trial pack something Collins has been preaching during this second half slide. Viagra free trial pack It’s not throwing his players under the bus; it’s holding them accountable by calling them out for playing lousy baseball.

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