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Viagra good morning As we head into the last game (thankfully) of the 2012 Mets season, viagra good morning we are looking at an off season that could make our heads spin. Viagra good morning As we Mets fans question why the manager and his coaching staff gets to come back intact for the 2013 season, viagra good morning I think the answer is clear, viagra good morning Sandy Alderson is holding the players responsible for this lousy season.

Viagra good morning All we’ve ever heard as sports fans for lousy teams is you can’t fire all the players so fire the coach or manager, viagra good morning well it seems Alderson is going to reverse that old bromide as it looks like a big majority of the roster will be traded or released.

Viagra good morning I side with the majority of Mets fans who can figure out how Dan Warthen gets to come back. Viagra good morning It seems as though the starting pitchers, viagra good morning especially R.A. Viagra good morning Dickey and Johan Santana, viagra good morning are Warthen allies as is the manager but I doubt you will find and Mets relievers who are members of the Dan Warthen Fan Club. Viagra good morning  Granted most of the Mets bullpen problems were caused by sucky relievers but Warthen has to take a hit for not having open lines of communications with his relief pitchers. Viagra good morning Terry Collins needs to take some accountability on this as well for not providing any structure with how guys are used and assigning roles. Viagra good morning It’s great for us as fans to say it’s a bunch of bullshit that every reliever should be ready when called on but again you need to know your personnel and if they are pining for leadership from the manger and pitching coach then it’s up to them to provide that.

Viagra good morning Just when you think R.A. Viagra good morning Dickey can’t add to his legacy we find out now that he has pitched much of the season with a torn abdominal muscle that requires surgery. Viagra good morning Are you kidding me? Last year Dickey pitched with a plantar fasciitis injury that required him to be shot with pain killers before pitching. Viagra good morning And you don’t want to sign this guy to an extension? You’re thinking of trading him? Are you fucking kidding me? Dickey isn’t looking for a big time deal, viagra good morning I would guess if you add two years to his option for next season he’d sign on the bottom line and if you have to give him $20mil for those two years you do it. Viagra good morning If the money is that tight with the Skill Sets that you can’t keep a guy who not only excels on the field but is the best representative you have off the field then you deserve every hateful comment that will come your way.

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Viagra users First thing I read this morning pissed me off to the point I had to fire off an angry Tweet to the author, viagra users Rob Parker of ESPNNY.com. See when you lack the creativity gene, viagra users you end up writing shit like this. Viagra users What the Mets have to do with the current mess on Yawkey Way is more than puzzling, viagra users in fact even with all the happy horseshit going on in Flushing, viagra users the Mets are in much better shape than the Old Town Team.

Viagra users Speaking of that piece in the Boston Globe yesterday, viagra users the worst part of the story wasn’t that the team disintegrated down the stretch to where the majority of the players flat out quit, viagra users the worst part was the ownership taking personal pot shots at Terry Francona and the admitting that they had no idea how bad the situation was with the club. Viagra users The attacks on Francona were as vile as could be bringing up his marital problems and use of pain killers for his destroyed knees, viagra users but to bring up the fact that Francona was concerned about his son and son in law, viagra users stationed in Afghanistan as a reason he wasn’t focused on his job, viagra users just showed the lack of class that trio possesses.

Viagra users As angry as I was this morning, viagra users when I clicked on Metstradamus to check on todays, viagra users Hall of Hate matchup between the #1 seed The Wilpons vs. Viagra users play in winner Matt Cain, viagra users I was greeted by one of the great paragraph’s I’ve seen on any Mets blog in a long, viagra users long time:

Viagra users Oh, viagra users come on. Viagra users I really gotta explain it to you? If I have to explain to you why you should hate Mets owner Fred Wilpon and his son Kim Kardashian, viagra users then this is obviously your first visit to any Mets blog, viagra users ever. Viagra users This is the Wilpons’ first appearance on the hate list vote and they debut as a one seed. Viagra users Honestly, viagra users the Wilpons can hang out in the clubhouse eating chicken, viagra users drinking beer, viagra users and playing MLB The Show on Playstation, viagra users and win this vote by a hefty margin.

Viagra users O-o-o-o-o MY GOD!!!!!! Fred Wilpon and his son Kim Kardashian, viagra usersO-o-o-o My God!!!!!! My side still hurts from that one, viagra users

Viagra users Great news today on Gary Carter’s health Keep Fighting Kid.

Viagra users The Cleveland Indians are trying to figure out what to do with centerfielder Grady Sizemore and RHP Fausto Carmona as both have expensive option up coming. Viagra users Sizemore has been racked with injuries the last three seasons and last week underwent knee surgery, viagra users has a club option for $9mil that will not be picked up but the $500K buyout most likely will. Viagra users I would take a flyer on Sizemore if I were the Mets and sign him to an incentive laden deal along with signing David DeJesus to patrol centerfield for the club. Viagra users As for Carmona, viagra users he’s a Mike Pelfrey clone so that would be a NO!

Viagra users The Pirates are in the same boat with LHP Paul Maholm who the Bucs owe $9.75M but have $750K buyout. Viagra users Maholm would look nice in a Mets uni but is the price prohibitive?

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